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Figure Gallery: Messerschmitt 109 FighterBabe

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This figure probably has the hardest name to remember. Her full name is Me-109E-3 German Luftwaffe Maschenung Fighter. Me for Messerschmitt of course. Produced by Fox Shuppan (not the American one), this 1/9 scale figure (17 cm) comes with a extensive booklet on other fighters such as the Spitfire and information on the Battle of Britain. The Me-109 is the main fighter plane used by the German Air force during WWII and flown by the ace pilot with the most kills in history, Erich Hartmann (352 frags).

Her? For a plane? Naturally, for she’s a mecha musume.

This figure is LianYL’s. Photos by me and him fighting for my camera. Btw this LianYL is also Darkmirage’s arch enemy. They do battle online but both are too meek in real life to do anything else. Nerds. LOL.

Me109 is a slim girl, toting an MG42 machinegun. Her legs are remnants of the plane fuselage, with a propeller on each leg. Both are spinnable. While she has some German insignias printed on, there are no swastikas in sight obviously. She also sports a bushy tail, for some reason. Mecha Musume are actually hybrids of girls, war machines and animals.

The painting is soso, a bit too flat for my liking. I don’t really like the colour scheme as well but I suppose it’s the most realistic out of all the Mecha Musume. Her outfit consists of only a top, with no bottom. A high cut behind also shows off the tail, with the side effect being her butt totally exposed as well.

Me109 sports a twin tail hairstyle and a pair of green ears. Her pose is of the power type, armed and ready with her weapon at the side. She comes with a base printed with her name on it and attached via plugs.

I don’t really like the sculpt and painting that much, but the concept rocks. The original price was 4000 yen and she was released in February 2005.

Popularity: 4% [?]

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8 Responses to “Figure Gallery: Messerschmitt 109 FighterBabe”  

  1. 1 Sasa 55 comments

    Well yeah, she looks like a dog with those ears. So cute! Her butt is kinda bleh though, too bad.
    I agree with you on the painting, but it’s the only bigger flaw though. Everything else is just lovely.

  2. 2 abao 30 comments

    Doesnt give the feel of an Me-109… except that its slenderness. Me-109 is single-engined/ 1propeller; comes with 2MG and 1Cannon mounted at the nose. Or 2Cannon and 2MG.

  3. 3 LianYL 457 comments

    I thought it was intentional that she has inu mimi? The next in line, that weird-haired white mecha musume has neko mimi. So I think it’s intentional. Why am I surfing net in a LAN shop and not playing UT2K4?

  4. 4 Tsubaki 410 comments

    @LianYL Because you saw your girl on RIUVA?

  5. 5 Crayotic Rockwell 37 comments

    Hmm, good to see that it’s not just Japanese girls who have big thighs.

  6. 6 Zzz... 26 comments

    This one really doesn’t make much sense. The most distinctive features appearance-wise for the Me-109 would be its very rounded nose cone with the cannon poking out of it and the heavily armored/framed cockpit…

  7. 7 Boshy 1 comment

    that’s not right, the rounded nose of the Bf-109 (Actual, Me-109 wasn’t the official name) was round since the 109F series, but this is a 109E. Same thing with the nose cannon.

  8. 8 adenread 3 comments

    Damn, i want one

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