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Girl Power: Tsukamoto Yakumo (School Rumble)

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The second girl in the GP series also comes from School Rumble and is none other than the embodiment of the perfect Oriental female - Tskumoto Yakumo.

It was with such a concept that she was created and she more than fulfills it. But first, let me explain the widely-accepted definition of a traditional Oriental perfect woman.

Oriental women, traditionally, always play a supportive role towards their men. She has to support her man, whatever she does, quietly and never step into the foreground. A ditz will not do, as she must have the abilities to help the man when he’s in trouble. Thus, attributes like intelligence and literary and artistic skills are essential to a perfect Oriental woman. This comes into effect when the man shows his wife off to his friends. How elegant and virtuous a man’s wife is is directly proportionate to his reputation and status.

As for personality, she should be shy, introverted, letting the man feel protective of her. Yet she cannot be over-reliant on him and must be able to take care of herself as well as her family. That is of course, another way to say she has to do the chores and take care of the kids. The perfect Oriental woman suffers without a word of complaint and is quietly resolute in the face of adversity. She is also expected to know exactly what he thinks or wants, without ever having to ask him. She is kind, compassionate towards all living beings and sympathetic towards others. She does not have personal goals, just the desire to serve her family. She also has great tolerance.

Despite popular opinion now, Oriental women who had well-rounded hips and breasts are much coveted compared to their waif counterparts. They were believed to be better at producing offspring. Mass media these days have made skeletons more popular though. Voluptuous Oriental women are also much rarer. Even in this modern age of good nutrition, the average cup size of Orientals is a B (the equivalent of an A in the US), hence the busty, rounded types are well-liked.

Good skin is always the most important. Good means to be as fair as possible, with zero blemishes, scars and pimples. Orientals, traditionally, do not have double eyelids, so they tend to have small eyes. Large, intelligent-exuding eyes aka Phoenix Eyes are thus always desired. The mouth is also important as Asians believe that big lips and mouths are a sign of a gossip-monger.

She speaks softly and slowly but always calmly. Her voice soothes all who listen. There are no great fluctuations in tone, volume and pitch, which show that she is composed and mature. She is polite, doesn’t use unlady-like language and remains silent when she doesn’t have to speak.

Now, that is roughly an idea of what Oriental men think an ideal female should be. Note that the modern male’s ideals have evolved thanks to gender equality, smaller families, MTV etc, but in general, everybody will like a woman with the values listed above.

Some may say that they like tsundere, nekomimi, meido, imouto, genki or whatever. But these types are only likeable in the anime world. Seriously, if your girlfriend abuses you all the time but deep down she thinks, “Oh I like you a lot but have to express my love secretly,” you wouldn’t like her as much as if she was an anime character. Why? That is because real life has no thought bubbles and pink blushes! And real women grow old, would you want an old meido, nekimimi, imouto? The POW (Perfect Oriental Woman) remains perfect in old age.

Are you convinced that Yakumo is a POW? If not, here’s the evidence. Try to match each of her qualities below, to the profile of the POW.

Yakumo puts her family before herself and is always looking out for her sister’s well-being and safety. She doesn’t ever get mad at Tenma, and listens to her advice, in spite of it normally being nonsensical. Yakumo really loves her sister! Sweet.

Yakumo is very obedient to her sister’s wishes, even if it’s against her common sense.

Protecting Tenma is Yakumo’s first priority in life.

She doesn’t even get mad when dumb Tenma blocks her favourite TV show!

Yakumo is omni-potent. Be it sports, studies, games or any other skill, she’s perfect.

Ranked 8th in her year academically! A Cooking Master Girl too. And Yakumo no Go.

No wonder she’s popular. But still single.

Eight guys have been rejected so far. Kindly of course.

But her true power is the ability to understand the thoughts of those who like her. It’s an unwanted power to her though as poor innocent Yakumo is sullied by these dirty dirty boys’ dirty dirty thoughts.

She knows it when you are trying to make an impression. But she’s too nice to embarrass you.

She’s skilled in the art of dodging retards. And judo too.

Yakumo’s love for animals are second only to her love for her family. Nature-loving girls are always gentle and kind.

Yakumo not only feeds Iori, but saves him when he’s stuck on a tree, selflessly protecting him with her body. My heroine.

She stands fearlessly even before guns, supported only by her love for animals.

Yakumo can be selfless to a fault, risking her own safety all the time. But her greatness moves like-minded people into helping her.

Yakumo takes on the mad dog but needs help from her best friend Sara.

I really like cats too. I also like girls who like cats.

A true sleeping Cat goddess.

Yakumo is always helpful, taking the initiative when she feels she can help.

Poor Yakumo unwittingly helps herself to big trouble.

She’s trusting and sensitive to others’ feelings.

Yakumo takes good care of her new younger brother.

Yakumo believes that good begets good and vice versa.

Yakumo supports her man (it’s questionable whether he is her man though) without complaints, even role-playing as Tenma, skipping her studying for her own exams and enduring a storm in a blackout. Yet she doesn’t claim any credit at all, and even invites trouble when everyone misunderstands their relationship. She could’ve made it clear by just revealing that Harima’s doing manga, but she chose to honour her promise instead, and bearing the brunt of everyone’s teasing.

Yakkumo makes so many sacrifices for Harima.

Essential to a POW are facial features and a perfect figure. Looks like Yakumo need not worry about these, she stole the good genes from Tenma already.

Yakumo has nice breasts. That’s an understatement. Even Tenma is proud of them.

Perfect feet are important too.

More important than body is the face. Yakumo scores big big points in this area too.

Phoenix/cat eyes! Sharp nose! Small mouth! Fair skin! A masterpiece of Oriental genes.

The casting of Noto Mamiko is completely, 100%, totally, perfect. Noto has an airy, elegant, shy voice that fits Yakumo. Speaking politely all the time, with short but meaningful sentences, Yakumo’s voice is music. I can just compile a mp3 of Yakumo’s memorable lines and play it on my mp3 player all day. Sigh.

An interesting point of note is that Yakumo doesn’t talk much, so many a time her mouth is not drawn in the manga. This fits the quiet POW profile.

The Eri Connection
As a POW, Yakumo is in direct contrast to Eri, who is a modern type girl. Kobayashi Jin cleverly pits these 2 against each other for the battle to win Harima. Their contrasting character designs and personalities complement each other, producing many memorable scenes that brings these two closer to the fans’ hearts.

Character Stats
Finally, we come to her stats. This is from the official SR website.

  • Height: 166 cm
  • Likes: Sister
  • Unable to deal with: Dogs
  • Likes to hang out at: Places with Sunlight
  • Troubles: Her falling asleep everywhere
  • Skills: Cooking and taking care of her sister
  • Points to note: She can see the thoughts of those who like her. Her cat is named Iori.

I finally reach this point after about 5 hours spent going through the entire season and OVA yet again, getting and sorting the screen caps, captioning, writing etc. Why do I do this? Because she is worth it.

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Popularity: 14% [?]

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31 Responses to “Girl Power: Tsukamoto Yakumo (School Rumble)”  

  1. 1 scottfrye 17 comments

    I’m so glad that you did my favorite School Rumble girl. I believe that my favorite part about her is her voice and her beauty, especially when asleep. The only problem I have with the POW stereotype is that it’s a stereotype. The POW description sounds a little oppressive however true that it may be. I hate to say it but I find the stereotypical Oriental woman attractive.

  2. 2 tik 55 comments

    What can I say other than agreeing that Yakumo rocks too. She is indeed perfect.I used to think that Noto Mamiko is monotonic, but I have grown to like her airy (and healing to some extent) voice as well, so the choice of Noto Mamiko as the seiyuu for Yakumo is definitely a plus for me. How can anyone dislike any character voiced by Noto Mamiko right :P能登かわいいよ能登   :P

  3. 3 Hung 18 comments

    Uh, it’s "Asian," not "Oriental." Not that I myself am particularly offended by the use of "Oriental," but others may be. And yeah, I’m Asian.There’s sort of a write-up about the difference here: http://www.modelminority.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=183

  4. 4 T_T||| 589 comments

    My definition of Oriental has always been Asian people living in the Northeastern part of Asia. eg. China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Japan etc. I don’t think tjhan here wants to include the rest of Asia in his post, ‘cos it would just be weird. And regarding that write-up, it’s just an opinion by another guy. Not some official English dictionary, Thesaurus, Ci Hai, bla bla bla
    Thus I find nothing wrong with the usage of Oriental.

  5. 5 tj_han86 1062 comments

    I used the word Asian at first but decided that Oriental would be a more apt word as it narrows the field down to the East Asian region. I understand that Europeans, British people in particular, think of Asian as people from the Indian sub-continent and Oriental as people from East Asia. As we all know, Asia is too large a place. I’m not too pendantic with my language, so if the word "Oriental" offends anyone, I apologise.

    However, this is mainly a community that can accept siscon, lolicon, tentacles and teacher-student love. I certainly do not expect US to be offended hahaha.

    As for stereotypes and oppression, note that it is traditional. I am merely stating what men wanted and still want, even if it sounds a bit chauvinistic. But POW is not a stereotype. IT IS AN IDEAL.

  6. 6 scottfrye 17 comments

    Yeah, it is really more of an ideal. I really doubt that there is a woman that really perfectly matches POW or really matches it all. But no matter what POW is, it doesn’t change the fact that Yakumo-chan is just plain awesome. I can say that I really love her. Also I really love any character where Noto Mamiko is the voice actor.

  7. 7 EZzy 1 comment


    Thx for writing about my fav girl from School Rumble as well. As a fan from South East Asia (so, am I Oriental or Asian? :D ) I agree that POW makes the perfect wife, although my brother picks Sawachika as his perfect girl. Yakumo seems to share similar trait with another of my fav girl, Belldandy of Oh My Goddess, who seems to be another POW type (my brother likes Urd more in that series so you can see a pattern there). Anyway, nice article, and keep up the good work.

  8. 8 admire her 1 comment

    cute, nice, kind, pretty, gorgeous, gold-hearted, soft spoken….
    any other synonyms i missed??

    If only yakumo was real.. :)

  9. 9 ban 1 comment

    asian please.

    oriental sounds wrong.

    “T_T||| Mar 25th, 2006 at 8:53 am

    My definition of Oriental has always been Asian people living in the Northeastern part of Asia. eg. China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Japan etc. I don’t think tjhan here wants to include the rest of Asia in his post, ‘cos it would just be weird. And regarding that write-up, it’s just an opinion by another guy. Not some official English dictionary, Thesaurus, Ci Hai, bla bla bla
    Thus I find nothing wrong with the usage of Oriental.”

    China, Hong Kong, Taiwan. are made up of mostly Chinese.
    Why are Chinese living in Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, left out of the equation here?
    Why is Southeastern Asia left out?

    Clearly, there is great ignorance in your defintion of Oreintal. If the owner of the blog had wanted to define it clearly, he could have used the word Japanese. Since the anime is based in Japan, but of course he would have to back up his point with evidence that Yakumo is the best type of wife one can find in Japan.

    On the other hand, if he doesn’t I feel that he should use the word Asian, because isnt it also true for other countries located in Asia?

    Do Indians not feel the same? Do Nepalese not feel the same?

    Why leave them out?

    Tsukamoto Yakumo rocks btw. Someone make a blog skin of her damn it.

  10. 10 tj_han 1062 comments

    I like yellow people. Oriental = yellow people. I don’t use the word Asian because it is far too broad. Middle Eastern, Indian subcontinental, SE Asian and East Asian all have different values of women they prefer. But generally, yellow-skinned people aka Orientals (not chinese,Japanese, or Korean only) have similar ideals of perfect women.

  11. 11 jk 1 comment

    oh man i like this a pretty good description of the pow
    to tell you the truth i thought a pow was sorta against women but yakumo makes it look so nice…mmm…damn…i just wish there was actually a girl like that and not just an anime of a pow hehe….

    and why fight about oriental and asian? im korean i dont care, everybody seems to understand, and it doesnt matter

    but thank you for writing this!! yakumo is so moshisuh

  12. 12 nurelahi 1 comment

    Yakumo is also my Favourite Schhol Rumble Girl. She is perfect her soft voice, pretty smile, sleepy face everything about her is mindblowing.

    She is an ideal younger sister, a nice cook and one of the best character Anime has produced.

    Yakumo Rulz…
    me, watin for the 3rd term, for even more Yakumo

    School RUMBLE Forever!!!

  13. 13 hiddenpuma 2 comments

    yakumo is my fav!!!!!!!
    go yaku!!!!!!!!

  14. 14 ckman 1 comment

    I love Yakumo!! sometimes i pretend she is my gf.. well.. not sometimes.. all the time!!

  15. 15 JayDude 2 comments

    Tsukamoto Yakumo is a really good anime character. im currently waiting for the 3rd you have any idea when its comming out? hit me back on my email The anime was really nice i loved it

  16. 16 Wes 1 comment

    The problem of POW is… they’re too good for regular guys like us. Hahaha…
    Now, let’s lower our expectation…

  17. 17 harima 1 comment

    i luv yakumo , my dream girl

  18. 18 Leon Xenarax 2 comments

    I couldn’t agree more with you. Yakumo is definitely the ideal wife or girlfriend. Being highly attractive and well-mannered, she would attract any guy that set eyes on her. Ever since i watched school rumble (which may i add is my most favourite anime), i have fallen for her beauty and most of all, her attitude. She is my dream girl. Sadly though, it will be challenge to get her to feel the same way for you as her mind reading skills will prove to be a huge obstacle. Either way, she is still the best anime character and i believe that there isn’t and never will be a woman in this world equivalent to Yakumo… Red eyes, black hair….she’s perfect…

  19. 19 Jaydude 2 comments

    lols when is 3 comming out again i come here recently so yea

  20. 20 DotA_Master 4 comments

    hey, didn’t u notice that at episode 20 1st season, the face of Sawachika Eri looks similar with Yakumo’s !!! the conclusions is, sawachika and yakumo are twins !!! if u don’t trust me, please look it by yourself.

  21. 21 Yakumo_Kenji 1 comment



  22. 22 Yakumo_fans_club 6 comments

    when i first saw this siries, my eyes had been focus only to yakumo only, shes perfect what else can i say? maybe shes perfect than belldandy? i wish my future wife would be like yakumo

  23. 23 Yakumo_fans_club 6 comments

    btw, i wish harimas leading lady would be yakumo XD

  24. 24 GiJaws 1 comment

    Wat a girl she is! Oh! My Yakumo, heh heh heh… Describing a girl like that makes me wonder if someone like her exist in Asia (from Phlippines). Its so lucky for a being to have an excellent genetical benefactor (the truth is I will prefer to be born very very poor but have good gen. benefac. rather than to be very very rich but be world’s one very inferior being [im glad im not 100% Filipino]). You will be born with above average capacity at many things (maybe at school, sports or physically). I have cousins whose pure Filipino. Im observing them via psychological parameter. And im comparing them with other races in the world (firstly/prioritively, with Europeans [In my thoughts, they r the superior race in the world as shown in achievements and early civilizations]). I wish I could meet a girl like Yakumo (or Tomoyo). Speaking of genetics, Naruto and Gundam Seed shows a big part of it.

  25. 25 bersek 1 comment

    her eyes man… they look so warm, i wish i culd find a stear like that.

  26. 26 Heroichi 2 comments



  27. 27 Jeff 1 comment

    You are sooooo right about her.. I love Yakumo Tsukamoto… Really

  28. 28 ken_jed 5 comments

    a very nice subject and a very darn point u`ve proven TJ , realy liked it

    yakumo is something yep she is, u`ve covered about all the good parts she had

    but i realy disagree with u about not loveing a tsundere girl like ERI in real life, well its as u said there is no thought bubbles and pink blushes! to know what the other person is thinking, but there is alot of things thats makes u know how she feels about u

    and btw tesundere love is only shown when the other side of love didnt get confessed 2 by the 1st side (so its only when they dont realy know the other side feeling) tsundere is a type of contacting the other side, tsundere true meaning is to act cold (not showing ur true feeling) from the out side but has everything going inside ur brains. from that i can say that tenma is also a tsunderekko with karasma !!. lol got off subject

    well what iam trying to say is a tsundere love is the earliest time in a relationship between 2 pepole who may love each other and 2 me that time is the best time in any love relationship the longer it lasts the stronger the love will be ofcource its not a rule, so how can u discover a tsundere love 2 u? (answer: by any signs of love 2 u) trying to be with u, laughing at ur jokes, lots of resspect, looking at u when not knowing and ofcource the aggressive way for some pepole with some other signs ofc (and i realy dont think it will be that aggresive)

    the moment the other person finds out about the love and tell him/her its the moment that the tsundere love vanish and its a new kind of relationship now. take suzuka for example, Yamato Akitsuki & Suzuka Asahina & Honoka Sakurai in the 1st eposodes was a real tsundere triangle until honoka came and kissed yamato it bcame a tsundere between only asahina and yamato from asahina`s side and then asahina confessed to yamato thats when there were no tsundere in the anime and it became a DAM BOOOORING ONE afterwords didnt even bother to complete it

    tsundere in real life
    lol i realy dont stick to a subject do i ^^ hehe, well in the tsundere relation ship usually the one who has those feeling to the other will do the Best he could to have even a *hi* word from the other person, for the tsundere pepole may do un-expected things just for the love, tsundere usually happens when someone is afraid to confess his feelings to the other person with words, so he trys about anything and may even become super strong like in kenichi anime or even harima with tenma, so tsundere are all signs or actions from the lover that may make the 2nd person realize him or even love him. and as harima`s 1st thing that made him begins to be a mangaka and put alot of effort and even went to jail for it, its tsundere love >

  29. 29 ken_jed 5 comments

    ?? it wasn`t sent all ?? here is the rest sorry for makeing it long tho

    its tsundere love >

  30. 30 ken_jed 5 comments

    again it didnt …

    after love i said
    (poor harima)

    some times both persons have tsundere love to each other (thats when its the best imo) every person is doing the impassible for the other and for some stupid reason they still dont know or not sure of the true feelings behind the other. for me i were darn enjoying it ^^.

    and sorry yakumo tho u look (so pure,kind,cute,friendly …) i realy admire that but the life with someone like u isnt very exaiting like liveing with somone who is like ERI or Tenma (those who knows how to have fun) yep Tenma knows how to make things pretty intresting and funny hehe that baka :0

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