Having finished watching the horrible Scryed, I felt compelled to get the recently released Megahouse version of Xeres. She’s cute yeah. The show was great for the early and middle parts but the ending was so bad, it made Love Idol look like Last Exile. How the fuck can you end the story at episode 24 and have the main characters fighting nonsensically for two episodes? The show started sinking at about episode 20 onwards though.

Anyway, there’ll be some spoilers because of the nature of the topic. Is it any different buying figurines of characters that you know are dead?

Obviously anime characters can’t really die, since they aren’t real. But you are led to believe they are dead, so they are, at least to you. Is buying a figurine of say, Souseiseki, any different from getting one of Suiseiseki?

Before that, we’ll have to look into the reasons for buying anime figurines. There are essentially two main reasons for buying a figurine.

The most common is an attraction to its aesthetics. This is why Melissa Seraphy and most of Range Murata’s figurines are purchased. It’s akin to buying a vase to decorate your home. There is no emotional attachment, only a visual attraction.

In most other cases, it would be an attraction to the character being figurised. In this case, the push to purchase stems from your love for the particular character and hence the desire to have a physical symbol of that love around to remember and admire. An example prominent recently would be the Max Fac Haruhi. Sure, it’s a nice figure, but the real reason everyone wants it is because they love Haruhi. Would an equally nice figure of Tsuyokiss’s Sunao be as popular? Not at all.

So how do the above relate to buying a figurine of a dead anime character? Not much, it seems. Because if someone likes a certain sculpt of Souseiseki, he may buy it for the aesthetics. And if another is a fan of the scissors tomboydoll, he’ll buy it as a symbol of his fan status. That much is pretty normal.

But doesn’t the "DEAD" status of characters bother you? I know Xeres and Souseiseki are DEAD but if I make them appear on my desk in all living glory (in PVC no less) with smiles and cute poses, will I be cheapening their deaths in my own memories? Or will these figures be less vases and more tombstones, for us to forever immortalise these heroines who met with tragic ends?

Looking through my current collection, I note a few figures of dead characters. Rei x 5, Burst Angel’s Jo (status pending the OVA though), Sephiroth, Tidus, Auron, Rider (anime-wise) and a couple of the Gundam Seed girls like the ViceCaptain and Aisha but none of these were really emo or certain deaths besides the FFX dudes. And they died like a few years back. Character deaths are only ever memorable if you liked them in the first place.

So the incoming Xeres and Souseiseki would be the first two figurines of dead characters I really liked. I wonder if more sentimentality would be attached to them because of their status. Would be the same as displaying portraits of famous dead people, busts of Mozart and Beethoven or even that of Sir Stamford Raffles so proudly displayed in my Alma Mater?

And yes, this is Nerd Psycho at the keyboard.

So what say you, the horde of fanboys who have bought 2 kilograms worth of Meer Campbell figures? And are there anymore figurines of notable dead characters to suggest?

I can think of mostly Gundam Characters, since they die the most and yet have the most merchandise. Four Murasame comes to mind.

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  1. 1 Lazyshinigami

    Thjan you’re drinking too much coffee LOL
    Buy the damn Xeres anyway. She is cute and the only good thing about that annoying show

  2. 2 Seth

    The Scryed manga is filled with really really retarded homo innuendo. It’s sort of sadly hilarious. Some of it *might* have been the translation, but I don’ thtink so.

    “My pole will defeat your balls, because my pole…CAN EXTEND!”

  3. 3 Waterfall

    To tj_han,

    Re: Figurines of the dead

    It is not morbid and not limited to anime. Society builds structures to commerate the dead. Each country has a memorial for the soldiers. We have graveyards with tombstones or ash jars with photos to remember those that have fallen.

    As long as they are remembered, they are not dead. Rest in peace.


  4. 4 Alafista

    well if u have figurines of nurses weilding whips … i dun see why u can’t buy figurines of dead characters

  5. 5 Antony Chow

    The point of the ending of Scryed is to warn about the horrors of war and conflict, and that it’s a never ending struggle. Some people like that kind of ending, and others (like yourself) won’t.

  6. 6 tj_han

    What? The last episode went like Ryuhou and Kazuma smashing each other up for no particular reason, the former even chopping off Kazuma’s arm (which magically regenerated even though the arm itself was no Alter) and this is about the horrors of war and conflict? The only sane person, Mimori, couldn’t understand why they were fighting and Kanami just went like “Boys will be boys”.

    Why were they wasting energy smashing each other when the mainland would naturally send more troops?

    And in what way did the horrors of war and conflict relate to the ending? Other than the word “horrors” that is. Sunrise itself has other anime, Igloo comes to mind, that does what you claim Scryed does. The majority of the show was decent but the ending few episodes were so bad. Plus the super costumes are ugly.

  7. 7 Os

    Oh, I meant to tell you in the IRC but I keep on forgetting. Apparently Scryed was horribly cliched on purpose. It was supposedly a parody on all action shows, which would explain quite a bit. Either than or my friend is just trying to make up an excuse.

    oh and LOLOLOL. You like to look at dead people! Necrophiliac! Ahhh, all joking aside, I want a Melissa Seraphy.

  8. 8 tj_han

    Sunrise parody? That’s like saying Mai-Otome is a parody. Claiming something is a parody is like, “HAHA I LOST TO YOU ON PURPOSE BECAUSE I DONT WANT TO SHOW MY TRUE POWERS”. Sunrise did Yakitate Japan. Now that has parodies.

    Maybe some people are saying that Gundam Seed D is a parody lol.

  9. 9 LianYL

    What time did you wake up today?

  10. 10 Xak

    Ya…isn’t sleep for the weak? u missed the photo shoot!

  11. 11 ethreal

    Hah! I had the same reaction. I watched the first half and it was fine, but then it gets weird and I ended up skimming through the last few eps and was “What, they’re fighting again?” at Ryuuhou and Kazuma at the end.

    Just buy the figure! I wanted one too, and that other girl from another series…

  12. 12 Tsubaki


  13. 13 Lazyshinigami

    Thjan would you throw away a photo of a familiar or a friend only cause he is dead??? Don’t you wanna keep the good memories? As long as the character is alive in you heart is fine…..hmmmmmmm……now i see I’M the one drinking too much coffee o.O

    Tsubaki parody or not i want another mai-whatever series

  14. 14 Lazyshinigami

    Thjan if you don’t buy it, her spirit will not rest in peace and will come to haunt you, making the mail drop all you figures packages. So you are warned ! O_O

  15. 15 HalcyonDF


    technically speaking, Necrophilia is the sexual arousion to corpses, not dead people. So getting turned on by Marilyn Monroe in her old movies is one thing. Digging up her grave and playing with her bones…. thats another.

  16. 16 Antony Chow

    Conflict on TV = good. Conflict in RL = bad. :P

    Hal> nice post on the necro definition. But a corpse could be a newly deceased person and still fit that def.

  17. 17 Eric

    I think it’s dumb if you have to think over whether it’s right to buy a figure of a character that’s dead in a series. People buy memorabilia of deceased people all the time.

  18. 18 Saviour

    I’ll admit the final villain part was not great at all, but the last fight between Ryuho and Kazuya was so satisfying. I live off Sunrise material. Oh well, action animes are regrettably few and far between, while all the harem types blossom… even if 90% of them actually really suck.

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