Weekly Rounds: Tachikoma, F91, More FigShooting, Xeres and Nerds

Now that I’m inching ever closer to true freedom, I got the urge to buy a few model kits to do up during my projected free time next year. I got myself the F91 Master Grade kit as well as Wave’s 1/24 Tachikoma. F91 is like strangely unpopular, even though for some reason, it happens to be my favourite Gundam. I got Tachikoma because a team of us nerds are planning to form a Tachikoma army, each contributing one painted machine.

The F91 comes with an awesome base, a part of the Rafflesia aka the final boss of the movie. The Gundam is more or less the predecessor of the Saviour and Destiny Gundams used in Seed Destiny, with its twin back cannons and wings of light.

I also picked up Xeres Adjourni of Scryed from Treasureland. She’s the only point of the whole show. Other goods include Bleach volume 24 and Conan 55. Will Conan ever end? I stopped reading at 52 but will marathon someday.

I didn’t really have any figure to photograph today, so I let LianYL and Tsubaki do all the work. The former brought his freshly-purchased Mig-60 Mecha Musume, while the artsy nerd had his Ignis and Rindoh Rina.

Tsubaki chose a rather crowded area outside Sim Lim Square to do his shoot and this attracted 241231 curious on-lookers but he was so pleased by his Ignis, that some barrier of anti-shame formed around him.

Curious onlookers perplexed by blatant otakuism

Unshameful Psycho Nerd

Ignis is hot.

Rina is jaundiced.

Mig-60-tan is bald!!!!!!!!!!111oneone. Maybe she isn’t Russian, but Manchurian.

Finally, this week’s contribution from Urban Attic for review is Yakin Byoutou’s Yagami Yuu. This is about as safe for work as a cup of semen.

She doesn’t appear in the OVA! I haven’t seen her before.

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  • You didn’t bother hiding the faces. lol Tsubaki got pwned.

  • reason why she doesnt appear is because this is the 2nd night shift nurses game :o

  • that tachikoma looks to be worth the price for the box alone… lol…

  • Zzz, at least put the lauging man insignia on the faces. Now the whole world knows. Or maybe not.

    And shouldn’t it be rightfully called Busou Shinki instead of Mecha Musume since it’s the larger version? Oh well, just hide the faces, rofl.

    Btw, a word of advice to people who are interested in buying the Tachikoma injection kit: Don’t buy if you don’t want to paint it, it really looks like crap in its basic mold colors.

  • F91 sucks

    (had to say it)

  • F91′s good; MG crossbone’s better though he doesnt have a stand for him to pose.

  • Asoukai >> Busou Shinki != Mecha Musume.

    Mecha Musume is a genre whereas Busou Shinki is just a toy line under Konami about to get its own online game. And judging from the Busou Shinki toys I’ve bought thus far, Busou Shinki does not fall under the Mecha Musume genre. More like “moé girls piloting mechas”. However I have nothing to say about the December hideous releases.

  • Oh. So bigger sized versions of Mecha Musume != Busou Shinki, ok. I got things mixed up a while there.

    Ignis pwns. Too bad the mirror base is so crappy. Zzz. Got cheated of $5 too, I’m not gonna preorder Haruhi, but rather wait for it to come out then go to TreasureLand and grab it off the shelf. Also serves as a good excuse to save money if I’m not able to get my hands on it. Woohoo.

  • What the hell is wrong with the Busou Shinki’s forehead?! Please don’t tell me it was made that way and you just decided to mess with it.

  • She comes with a Nekomimi hat that is supposed to cover her head. And so the makers decided to cut costs and not have hair for her. That is completely gay btw. We didn’t do anything to it.


  • I ended up buying four of those tachikoma kits when they came out, one to practice on, one to practice on again, and the other two to hopefully do up properly XD

    Have you seen the most recent tachikomas that are about to come out? Hot! Stunning! GIRLY SQUEAL WANTS!

  • Zeb you are insane! You don’t need practice for that… Even if you do, two is enough. And yeah, Im getting the perfect piece Tachikoma.

  • omg that must be the worse shot of tsu ever. lets hope it stays here for good.

  • Yikes! My Rina has a yellow tint, but she’s not that yellow.

  • tj_han yes I do ;_;
    After having seen some of the amazingly painted tachis out there, I decided I want to get that good too. Problem is, I’ve never painted and put together something like this in my life XD

    Whee *rss feeds RIUVA*

  • I’m definitely looking forward to a photo set of Yagumi Yuu. (You are going to do one, aren’t you? Please please please?)

  • That is a cool figure. The psycho nerd is scary.

  • Oh, I saw that Yagami fig on a shelf in my local fig shop.

    Not the best thing to pull out and look at when 20 people are right behind you.

  • how much did you pay for your tachikoma. where to get the cheapest?

  • I got it from Latendo for sheer convenience. With the discounts and all, it was about 27 bucks.

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