New Camera! W0000 POWER!

These pictures were taken under crap fluorescent lighting even the Powershot S3 IS couldn’t get good pics under. The power of 30,000 dollars.

Actually, my office bought a truck load of new equipment. We have 2 Canon EOS-30Ds, about 8 lenses and two Powershot S3s. I’m going to steal them for figurine use of course. Look at the pretty pretty wide angles… and such nice colours even under horrible lighting. Pity we don’t have Danny Choo‘s favoured 10-22mm super wide angle, or 18mm macro.

Oh and use the Gatsuby Menthol Facial Foam after sports! It’s totally refreshing, leaving your face cool with the minty sensation of menthol. The following pics were taken with the 30D and the lens was the 24-105mm one, which comes with a macro setting.

I can’t wait to try this camera out on the Yakin Byoutou Yagami Yu figure! The depth of field is so shallow that I don’t even need to care about choosing a backdrop.

I thought this was excellent. But not anymore. It does have Super Macro of 0 cm though.

The screen is tiny and shitty though. The 30D has the same screen size as my Z2!

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