Figure Review: Bestest Bestest Gundam Heroine Aina

Until the recent MS Igloo, 08th MS Team was by far the best Gundam series ever created. Aina Saharin is just one of the many reasons why. She’s the love interest/rival of the hero, Shirou Amada and is not only hot, but is also a pretty skilful MS pilot herself. I watched the first half of 08th uncensored so it had titties but the 2nd half my version was censored so there was one big mystery I never solved. DID AINA SHOW HER TITS AT THE HOT SPRING CREATED BY THE BEAM SABER? I know Kiki did, when she first appeared swimming in the stream.

The problem with most Gundam heroines is that they are either dead, retarded or insanely unrealistic. Aina is an exception and her hotness naturally places her as number 1 Gundam Heroine. Cagalli used to be great in Seed but she got inflicted with a brain-eating bug in Destiny. The rest aren’t even worth mentioning – a popstar cum diva cum ruler cum fleet commander?

So when Megahouse announced their production of this Aina figure a few months ago, everyone creamed their pants. There has never been a PVC mass-produced figurine of Aina and Megahouse, as usual, picks a figure-virgin character. What is awesome about Megahouse is their willingness to figurise less famous/recent characters. Examples include Busou Renkin’s Tokiko, Karakuri Circus’ Shirogane and Talanda, Blood+’s Saya, all of which are exclusives. Of course, the downside of this company is their rather mediocre quality but they do sell their stuff cheap.

Thankfully, Aina suffers no such slipshod quality. She’s onehalf of the Robot Action Heroes – DX Gundam Archives  series released recently – the other half being the unhot Haman Kahn (still stuck on shelves while Aina sold out quickly). Aina is 1/8, released in September 2006 and costs 4000 yen.

I took these pictures about 3 weeks ago in front of what I think is the Singapore Cricket Club. Strangely, despite the timeslot being the same as the Tokiko shoot with an overhead sun, the pictures actually turned out pretty good. A reflector was used.

I posted only 15 pictures because the angles were boring and repetitive.

Umehiko was complaining that Aina’s normalsuit (gundam space suit) looks like a tube of Colgate toothpaste. But I don’t think so because Colgate isn’t hot, it’s just a bit minty. Anyway, Aina is in her suit with the front unzipped all the way down to her crotch. This is blazingly sexy, showing off the legendary Collarbone (see Kyou no Go no Ni), toned abs and tits. She’s wearing a black tanktop inside but as Moeyo shows, it is removable (permanently though) to reveal bosom (no nipples unfortunately). Aina comes with a helmet that can be hooked onto her right hand but this isn’t wearable, neither for you nor her.

This rather simple costume suits her, since all the memorable scenes of Aina has her donned in such. The figure hugging suit also accentuates her impossibly perfect curves. Man, just look at those hips. Even Barbie would be proud. The details on her suit aren’t consistently applied though, so when viewed closely, look rather shoddy. Aina’s wearing a backpack as well.

Aina’s face is decent. While it’s a rather good likeness, I’m slightly put off by the eyes. The decals were not that well-applied. Nevertheless, overall face shape, colour and features are nice. Her shoulder length hair looks great in pictures but a closer examination reveals less-than-stellar moulding and painting, with a bit of flash between the edges. What is commendable is the lack of the usual headseam. Instead, the three piece hair design conceals the seams well. There’s quite a lot of detail on her hair as well but it’s a pity the ends weren’t as crisp and sharp as they could’ve been. There is shading but rather sloppily done, just patches of darker green which do not blend in well. Her long fringe partially obscures her face too, so a reflector was essential in getting her eyes visible. I like the mouth – it’s a light smile but the cut is rather deep and her lips are well-painted on.

The pose is an excellent one. I much prefer "free" poses like these that do not require base attachment to stand. Aina looks all womanly kneeling in a very closed position, with her left hand touching her chest and right grasping her helmet. There’s decent stability but she does fall forward if a force is applied from the back. She comes with the usual Megahouse base. It’s a dark blue translucent ABS base without any attachment points. The giant mecha she pilots at the end and the "08th MS Team" is embossed on it. I won’t be using this, that’s for sure.


No upskirt so we’ll just have a bit of downblouse.

This affordable figure not only looks good, but is also reasonably priced. Great character, great pose, great buy!

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  • I think it’s rare for a fixed pose figure to be able to give you more than 10-12 shots that are different enough to not seem like repeats. You can get away with a couple more shots than I can, since you like to vary your locations and part of the appeal of your shots are that they are on location.

  • O_o The colgate ko!

    See? The body is red and white, thus it is a tube of colgate. The hair is minty green, so it is the green type of colgate toothpaste! :D *shot*

  • now i feel like buying. damn.

  • People have different taste in girls, you.

  • I actually prefer the Hamaan Karn half of this figure set. She has a good pose and sense of personality that I don’t see in a lot of female figures.

    Although it could also be that, since I’m not a guy, the T A aspect is lost on me somewhat…

    Gotta give kudos to Megahouse for doing obscure characters though.

  • where can i get this figurine in singapore?

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