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[NOT SAFE 4 WORK] Figure Review: Night Shift Nurses’s Yagami Yuu

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This post marks many firsts in the history of Riuva. It’s the first time an ero-figure is being reviewed; the first time the Canon Powershot S3 IS was used for photographs; and the first time a plain background has been used instead of outdoor scenery.

No, Riuva is not becoming a porn site for otaku. It’s just a coincidence that two posts in a row have been unsafe for work and portray the image that this webmaster is a socially inept plastic-pervert (not true).

This figure is of Yagami Yuu from the Yakin Byoutou (Nightshift Nurses) game. She does not appear in the anime, which I’m a fan of, so I haven’t seen her in action. Can anyone share what her personality is like and how she was conquered? On a side note, my favourites in the anime are Ren and Hikaru.

The figure is by Toys Planning and was released in January 2006. She’s available from Urban Attic for S$109. She’s 1/8 scale and measures 13 cm long. There is no accompanying base, strangely.

I have to say I’m rather disappointed with the Canon S3. Most of the pictures didn’t turn out well and were grainy even at ISO 200. The colours were rather dull and the tiny LCD screen made it hard to tell where the focal point was. The "Super Macro" mode that boasted of 0 cm macro did not produce very clear images. I guess I’ll use it a few more times to familarise more with its functions before complaining further. My main gripe was the low-res and tiny LCD screen compared to my brilliant 3-inch Ixus 800 screen.

I brainstormed several ideas for this photoshoot. One was setting up a table, like a diorama. I also wanted to make the atmosphere a bit darker and less colourful than usual, to sync with the evil nature of the series. In the end, I did none of these but used a cool XL-sized DKNY T-shirt, threw it on the ground and started taking the pictures. So much for planning. The pictures didn’t turn out great so I photoshopped them a bit, mainly color balancing it to remove the excessive yellow. Near the end of the shoot, I used the idea some others provided in the Yurika post, using a waterspray to add some droplets.

I have mixed feelings about this figure. The sculpt and painting are decent, the pose is great and best of all, there are tits. But the bad news is, the tits look so fake, Jordan and Pamela Anderson would be proud.

Yuu is in a rather typical Yakin Byoutou position - flat on back, legs spread and raised. You could say it’s the perfect posture for an examination. Yuu has lost her bra, but still in her uniform which has been ripped open to expose her breasts. The pose is pure eroticism - nobody thinks of anything besides sex when such a pose is adopted. Ok, maybe childbirth. Most figures do not have lying-down poses, so this is a breath of fresh air. And hey, no leaning problems!

Yuu has her hands clasped behind her head, arching her back and pushing out her tits. Her feet are pointed and her knees raised. Her hair and parts of her uniform in contact with the ground are flat at the bottom for stability. This doesn’t look so good though. I would’ve much preferred Toys Planning to include a diorama bed that’s concaved to fit her (like Konami’s Waitress Ichigo Mashimaro set). Otherwise the hair is pretty well done, with enough detail. Her light purplish-pink hair colour complements the pink uniform well and its painting is decent, not particularly outstanding.

Yuu’s head is slightly raised and she’s looking to her left with a melancholic expression. You can’t be a happy nurse if you work under Dr. Hisaka, that’s for sure! The eye decals are well-applied, though I suspect a more matte finish like Dark Saber’s would be more suitable, to render a sad vibe.

There are no major issues with seamlines or defects, though the baseless approach causes the bottom of the figure to be rather dirty. I don’t like how the legs are sculpted though. The parts where her calves contact her hamstrings are moulded together and it appears as though she has a flap of skin between like a bat wing.

And now onto the parts you’ve been waiting for - the tits and bits. Yuu has strange breasts, and that’s an understatement. We’ve seen how the Candy Girls have amazing ones and Yuu just pales in comparison. She’s like.. Pamela Anderson. When a girl lies on her back and her nipples point straight up despite the breasts being the size of a football, you know she’s the plastic surgeon’s best friend. In fact, they look like meatbuns. Surprisingly, the best titty shape so far has to be Biker Rei. Now that is natural-looking. Yuu’s nipples are slightly pink, with faint areolas painted on. They are erect and pointy.

As for panties, Yuu is in a white orthodox pair with quite massive cameltoe. I’ve always been intrigued by cameltoe. Remember a while back, Miss Universe Australia (a year or two ago) participated in the swimsuit segment and had a cameltoe the size of the Sahara desert? Now those were the days. But again, Yuu defies physics by having a cameltoe with cotton panties. It’s impossible damn it. But such is hentai - it makes the impossible possible. A teacher getting raped by her students soon starts enjoying it… yeah right. A midnight express train reserved for just gropers and the prey they bring… yeah right. A taxi driver blackmailing 4-5 high school girls into becoming his slaves.. yeah right.

For some reason, Yuu has a totally enormous butt. Comparing her to fellow 1/8s, her butt is about 1/3 larger. I suppose this is where realism steps in.

If you’re into animated pornography, be sure to purchase this figure! Personally, I wouldn’t recommend the popular "semenonfigure" (don’t click if you’re a wimp or prude) act, but she’ll be a good subject.



Popularity: 12% [?]

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7 Responses to “[NOT SAFE 4 WORK] Figure Review: Night Shift Nurses’s Yagami Yuu”  

  1. 1 Zeroblade 132 comments

    I found myself switching back between Google and this for about 20 minutes just so I could read it lol.
    I would agree that the camera did take below average pictures though, despite what I heard about it.

  2. 2 LianYL 595 comments

    RIUVA is now rated Mature.

  3. 3 Tsubaki 466 comments

    Ugly for a ero-figure. There’s no class in her sex appeal.

  4. 4 kokanaden 79 comments

    They put too much silicon in those breasts. Ah han welcome to the “sell porn vcd” club. Not literally, but the “open” society type.

    In addition to mamee and erm… chicken wings?

  5. 5 Jim Burdo 1 comment
  6. 6 hen figure collector 1 comment


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