Sunrise is Very Very Clever. Very Very Clever.

Question: How do you make an anime widely loved and instantly popularly with even the most hardcore anime viewer, despite them knowing that in truth, the show sucks?

Answer: Use the Sunset repertoire of Sure-Win devices. Full list below.

Hire stars for OP and ED.

Impressive evil antagonist mecha IN RED with useless add-ons like a CLOAK. This strikes fear and awe into the viewers’ hearts.

Reviving dead characters mysteriously and having a bitter-sweet relationship happen between pretty boy and girl. Note the clothes on the ground for added sexual innuendo. This tricks viewers’ into a sense of relief and intensifies their character love.

Boost your budget with ads. This avoids Seed Destiny fate. Start early.

Pink-haired ditzy girl meets beautiful feminine young man by SHEER COINCIDENCE. Lets viewers fantasise that this may one day happen to them.

The dashing young man spews idealistic crap that 12 year olds will agree on. Remember the sunset. Viewers will realise how mature these 18 year olds are and support their impending world domination.

Young pink woman turns out to be royalty and a bigwig who admires the idealistic young man and gets him to work for her. (LACUSSS) Viewers will feel a top-down relationship is romantic, and a knight in shining armour effect is achieved.

Love triangle. (LUNAMARIA) This creates faction wars which boost character loyalty and hence merchandise sales (ZYL ZYL)

Romantic entanglements that arise from nowhere, involving a tough yet innocent chick (CAGALLI). Tsundere is always a plus.

Butt and cleavage shots of beautiful people. Sublimal merchandise advertisement.

Striking poses of invincible mecha with the most vibrant colours piloted by girly men. (FRREEEDOM) OVERT merchandise advertisement.

Said invincible mecha owns the world, despite pilot being 18 years old and a n00b. (KIRA GOD YAMATO) REALLY OVERT merchanise advertisement.

Girly dashing young man, with wounds for manliness, transfers into the school, for school drama. Fangirl trap.

With all these, there is no way anyone can not like Code Geass. It’s simply the most-anticipated show of the season. I know in my logical mind that it is bullshit but it’s still the most entertaining show for real this season.

17 Responses to “Sunrise is Very Very Clever. Very Very Clever.”

  • everything is true…

  • And if the fansubbers don’t get on the stick, I’m going to have to learn Japanese, dammit! I don’t care about the silly and obvious retread story bits; it’s the plot twists they’ve thrown in at the end of the first two episodes that have riveted my attention.

    But really, a cloak on a mecha? That’s even stupider than earrings. (Godannar)

  • cloaks on mecha makes them more cooler , dont u remember watching shows like getter with the cloak too ? or Master Gundam with the cloak , they dont serve any purpose but to flap in non existant wind :D and in this case , RED is 3 times faster :D

  • A cloak? Now all that mecha needs is a Char Aznable mask and our Gundam references will be more firmly established than ever!

  • You’re really obsessed with Gundam SEED DESTINY, aren’t ya?

  • Those 5 episodes were more entertaining than the whole season of Gundam Seed Destiny… So it works for me (though I hope the rest of the show will remain awesome).
    And it’s not really the most-anticipated show of the season. It’s not that hyped except for the pizza part.

  • I demand pre-Shinn/Impulse Zaku-era Lunamaria back! *sobs*

  • Crossbone Gundam had a cloak :V

  • Lol, my goodness, all so true yet I never realized while watching…

  • You’re giving away the secret of commercial storytelling!

  • Pizza Hut ad appeared on the train in the previous ep too. Which is odd considering that brand names are usually ‘censored’ in anime. (E.g. “Hescafe” instead of Nescafe in Ouran) And in the next ep, C.C. is still eating Pizza Hut.

    Suzaku x Euphemia = Kira x Lacus FOR SURE.

    How come no one mentioned that the mecha in the first picture is like Escaflowne? D:

  • To tj_han,

    Re: Code Geass is GSD?

    Code Geass knows what anime fanboys want. Mecha, girls, very defined characters and plot-twist. Also having CLAMP do the character design just to make sure. Can’t wait for the end… Wait? SUNRISE? Damn, the ending is already ruined. =P


  • “It’s simply the most-anticipated show of the season.”

    Wait, I thought Kanon was the most anticipated show. :V

    Well, at least CLAMP’s character design might (partially) save it from all its shitty-ness.

  • I think people misunderstood when I meant “most anticipated”. I meant it in the sense of, “can’t wait for the next episode to come out so I can watch!’ kind of anticipation.

  • I must say that the concept is very Orz.

    gia lai pian ghin nah eh….

  • /drops a nuke from orbit and runs for it…

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