Which Girl do You Support?! Out of These Shows

The question is simple. Which Girl do you support? You’ll have to back up your statement with a one liner.

The shows I picked all have multiple female characters hounding the males. And I excluded the crappier shows like Feena, Kanon, Gift and Lovely Idol.

  • Sumomomomomomo
  • Code Geass
  • Happiness
  • Otome wa Boku wo Koishiteru

I’ll start the ball rolling!

I support:

Sumomomomo’s NOBODY! They all freak me out, especially after episode 5.

Code Geass’s Karen! She’s tsundere, tough, seen naked in the shower and voiced by Koshimizu Ami who does the best "Gyaa" ever.

Happiness’s Haruhi! She’s good at blowing trumpets, a perfect Yamato Nadeshiko and has a permanant blush!

Otoboku’s Takako! Her fear of ghosts and resulting stutter is a cute contrast to her otherwise strict personality, and she’s hot too.

So what say you?

25 Responses to “Which Girl do You Support?! Out of These Shows”

  • Oh god you exclude Kanon and Gift yet you include Happiness!? Well for me it’d be Karen, since she’s the hottest.

  • do traps count ? if so, i would say Mizuho , because she is more of a girl then most of the other girls >.>

    if not … well momoko for her honest/straight personality

  • WHERE IS MY AYU AND SHANA? And where’s the mature content?

  • Having the same name as that of a god-like entity and a reverse trap automatically wins for me. Haruhi has the right amount of niceness too.

    I don’t hate Jun though, but… y’know… the thought of the “plumbing” scares me away. ^_^;

  • Karen, since red-head terrorists are hot.

  • Karen. Strictly because of Ami Koshimizu

  • Go otoboku’s Mizuho! and let me forget that it’s a trap :P

  • Jun… Definately Jun. Suteki resolves plumbing business easily. _>

  • Oh please. Feena pwns Haruhi anytime. Too bad the anime doesn’t do her justice.

    Cagalli Yula… I mean Karen Stadtfield please. But then again all of the female characters designed by Clamp for Code Geass are amazingly hot. Oh well.

  • man, haruhi from Happiness! is a total fail. Boring female lead completely.

    For me, i will say Mariya from otoboku for her hyper flirty and yuri attacks ^ ^

  • Kallen/Karen. I like tough chicks.

    Well I guess I’d say Karen, she’s hot and she’s powerful

  • People have gone mad. Must a girl be gimmicky like Jun to be attractive? Oops, “girl”. Haruhi is a nice, down-to-earth, loyal, level-headed, kind, attractive, busty, shy, sweet and normal girl. Seems like in the world of anime where such qualities are abundant, people tend to look for weirdness for differentiation.

    And I actually phrased the post wrongly LOL. I meant, everyone had to pick a favourite girl in EACH series, not out of the few I chose. Sheesh, I read my post again and realised my post was misleading.

  • I only watched Sumomo first episode, and hated it.
    And I haven’t watched Geass yet…

    Other then that, well.. Mizuho and Jun :P

  • C.C from Geass. She has green hair.

    Iroha from Sumomomo momomo. She’s just as weird as Momoko, but she’s a lot cuter.

    Ichiko from Otoboku. Lesbian Ghost voiced by an energetic Gotou Yuuko? But I really like Takano too…

    I personally like Haruhi too. She’s normal and cute.

  • I’m with Impzie, “haruhi from Happiness! is a total fail.” It’s bad news when the cutest girl in a series is actually a GUY! Jun needs to be Kashimashi’ed immediately. Second place in Happiness! would be the MILF running the Cafeteria though.

  • I despise all of them. Each of these girls are either ugly, unintelligent, or both.

  • I like Momoko from Sumomomomomomo. She’s gut-punching fun.

    But I just can’t be bothered to watch more than 1 episode from the other 3 shows (and only 2 eps of Sumomo). And it’s not that they suck that bad either (I think Code Geass is pretty ok, and Otoboku is interesting), but they’re so generic that if I blindly threw a dart in a room full of anime girl figurines, whatever the dart hits is going to be about as good if not better than anybody I can pick from these 4 shows.

  • Geass: When in doubt, pick the green-haired one. Especially if she has the ability to survive a bullet to the head, and can give you incredible powers.

    Momoko: I ran as far away from this series as I could get. Don’t care.

    Happiness: Not watching.

    Otome: Only up to episode 2 so far, since I am dependant on fansubs. So far, there is nothing hawter than Shion. Unless it’s Mizuho….

    And if you want to exclude Kanon and Crescent Love, I’ll just handle those. :-P

  • A Kohinata Otoha is fine too.
    Read the “Suteki will resolve plumbing business bit” _>

    A Nano Nano Pudding is also fine.

  • You lie about posting wrongly. You’re just trying to find an excuse to hide your elitism.

    Oh wait, everyone knows you’re elitist. What am I saying.

  • ill agree with you leaving Lovely Idol out (a disgrace to Navel, for shame), but i want to vote for Saiyuri and Shana! where are they!?

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