Commencing Hikikomori Week 2

For those not in the know, I have a tendency to hide at home when I have the chance, for extended durations. As a student, this was during school holidays and the classmates’ll be wondering what ever happened to this guy for 1-2 months who’ll only appear for the occasional LAN party. Unfortunately, work gets no such massive holiday and only 14 days of leave. Having already done a "Hikikomori Week" a few months back, it is now time for the final one before the end of the year (and FREEDOM).

Strictly speaking, it’s not hikikomori per se because I do step out of my room, just not my house. Only reasons for leaving home: Figurine photoshoot, merchandise purchase.

For this week, I prepared a list of things to do as usual.

  • Watch Escaflowne (am at 14 now)
  • Complete FF12!
  • Complete one of Infinite Ryvius, Witch Hunter Robin, Texnolyze, Someday’s Dreamers, Kaleido Star, Summer Days, Wolf’s Rain, the Big O or something else.
  • Continue with the ongoing anime

20 Responses to “Commencing Hikikomori Week 2”

  • FF12. LOL. Oops.

  • I’ve never tested it before, but…

    Does the sun start burning if you’re indoors too long and suddenly decide to come out?

  • Don’t you also go out to buy food ? Or do you store enough in your house for a week ? Or maybe you’re so absorbed by your activities that you forget to eat…

  • Jesse and Skh: “decide to come out” There is no such thing. Sitting at home requirs so few calories that I eat once a day. My normal outdoor calory intake is about 2000, so going by that I cut it by half for Hikikomori Week. And yes, I store enough for a week.

  • Oh I finished Escaflowne. It was only a B- anime in the end. The best parts were the Escaflowne and its three forms, plus the OP. The shitty parts were the constant love musical chairs and passing around of women, and Allen the scumbag. I also despise anime that conclude with “the power of love/thought”, like the main character finally understands some half-baked moral principle and then the bad guys lose.

  • Escaflowne was done in a time whereby there were not many “power of love” cliche shit, so your remark was rather unfair. But it’s still the only anime I’ve seen so far whereby a single person can hold off a mecha with a bigass sword.

  • You should try to finish Big O soon for it’s mindfuck ending, probably equal to Eva’s. Still an awesome series though. Wolf Rain’s was pretty good also, but I though the ending sucked buts that just my opinion.

  • Escaflowne was made in 1996. By then there were plenty of “the power of love” shit.

  • Complete FF12? The things friggin huge, and has a kilogram guidebook to match.
    I’ll probably complete it post 1st year of NS, if I luck out.

    Being a hikki for the week doesn’t cut it. 3 months would be a challenge.

  • No shit. I’m trying to go without the guides for once. Damn looks like in the interest of time, it won’t be possible.

  • FF12 isn’t that big. 50 hours max. if you don’t do any side-quests. Now if you try to do those you can add another 40h since the game don’t have any ballance at all…stupid bosses. -_-

  • The Decepticons also go into Hikkikomori mode. I think they call it “Siege Mode”


  • I’m now 6 hours into FF12, completed Escaflowne. Right on track!

    And Tsubaki, after next month, I got my 8 months of holiday….

    I used to try to get master games for RPGs. But nowadays, I just want the story.

  • Talk about clearing leave… Must be good to return to school. No worries about finding a job. *Sigh*

    I spent my 4 months “holiday” catching up on my anime backlog, and it’s still not finished. Upon entering the working world, it’s getting worse, no thanks to ever increasing fall season series.

  • @LianYL

    Genjimaru killed 2 mechs by himself with a slightly over-sized sword in Utewarerumono.

  • If you want to become a true hikikomori, then start playing WoW. I had a friend who actually quit his job just so he could play WoW and he never leaves his house.

  • Don’t hold high hopes for FFXII if you’re expecting to be wowed by anything other than the epic-scale world and battle system. Maybe it’s just me, but I found FFXII’s story, characters, character developments, sidequest extremely mediocre.

    Kaleido Star is a damn good watch. Unless you’re not into girl-overcomes-odds and finds-success aka Phoenix From the Ashes kind of story.

  • Maverick >> Was it as bigass a sword as the one the old guy was wielding in Escaflowne? One other thing I liked about Escaflowne is the directing. The director’s a pro at battle scenes. If I’m not wrong, he directed Noein, the anime with battle scenes cooler than your freezer. Even Naruto ep 45 can’t compare.

    Yeah the only things I remember about Naruto is ep 45, ep 101 and the Curry of Life. Or maybe Rasengan Ramen. I realised once again I hate Naruto.

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