Figure Review: Xeres is a Hot Bimbo!

You know how in almost every office or classroom, there’s a cute or sexy girl who seems to do nothing but gets great appraisals and grades? Everyone hates those people but we’ll still buy figurines of them. And then strip off their skirts for phototaking. Outdoors.

Scryed was an awful waste of my time and a disgrace to the term "action anime". And Xeres was totally useless in the whole show, save for one final swansong which was soooo Deus Ex Machina the writers probably thought of it on the spot. BUT! She’s cute and adorable. It helps that throughout the whole show, the only competition she gets for Cutest Girl is the Water chick, Ayase. But all the female Scryed characters were useless with half their lines made up of the male characters’ names – "Ryuhou! Kazuma!"

Anyway, I saw this Megahouse Real Action Heroines DX version of Xeres released alongside the more familiar Sara Kodama from Overman King Gainer. Both series are Sunrise productions. The latter is tragically ugly for a heroine because Cynthia is the only hot girl in OKG. So I didn’t buy her. HLJ has expanded their discounts section – Sara is on sale there for half price haha. Speaking of which, I bought myself Solty Revant 1/8 for half price as well. The power of discounts. When I read either Zyl or Stripey (they are the same person anyway) review on Xeres, her cuteness made me watch Scryed. Bad move yeah but after the first episode, I knew I had to get this Xeres figure.

She costs 3800 yen and comes with the trademark Megahouse characteristics – a simple base with the logo of the show embossed and unspectacular painting. Megahouse seems like the middle range of figurine quality. They make good but not great stuff at mid-range prices, which is alright for me. It’s nice of them to pick obscure characters too, that’s what I like about them. We don’t need more Sabers. But thanks to their rare character choices, if you look at most discount bins in stores both real and online, you’ll most likely find a large portion of them being Megahouse goods. Turn A Gundam’s Loran and Sara being good examples. I don’t think anyone bought Loran at all because I saw a store letting him go for like, 10 percent of the price and still nobody was interested.

The setting for this shoot was an adjacent condominum’s front entrance. It’s pretty awesome how they landscaped the place to look like Scryed’s Lost Ground. Ok maybe just the rocks. It was a cloudy day with no direct sunlight, which is really the best time to shoot outdoor fig pics. The clouds act as a natural diffuser.

This figure is very simple and no-frills. There isn’t even a removable skirt! Or rather, there’s no skirt to remove. Xere’s HOLY uniform is a one piece. You can still take out the torso to reveal her pants and this is similar to the show where she runs around in black tight shorts. Her uniform is pretty decently painted, with a few misses here and there, such as on the edge of her skirt. There are a few seam lines as well, most notably the one dissecting the HOLY emblem on her left shoulder.

The best parts of this figure is the face and the pose. Xeres’ cute face is perfectly recreated in its glorious cuteness. You can tell its her, such is the accuracy of the features. Her trademark mischievous smile and big bright eyes make even the most hardened moe-haters squeal. Xeres also has a well-sculpted nose, that is adequately eloganted to make her face more 3D.

The hair is a mixed bag. See how shiny and plain it is? It’s almost like unpainted dyed PVC and feels rubbery. A far cry from the toned and detailed Maxfac or Alter figurines. But a saving grace is the sharp and crisp sculpt and mould of the fringe. These are well-made as you can see from the pictures.

The pose is a not-so-subtle act-cute stance. Xeres is holding onto the end of her skirt and her other hand’s resting on her tits with her thumb almost touching her lips. Very girly and youthful!

Btw Vegeta from Dragonball called, he wants his boots back.

The pictures don’t show it, but Xeres has a cameltoe. And a hotass. I don’t ever recall her having such enormous breasts in the show. Not at all. They are a bit odd but I could live with that.


Xeres is a simple and affordable figurine and accurately captures the liveliness and genki cuteness of the character. The likeness is startling and it’s good that the sculptor didn’t mess around with the style and just faithfully replicated her.

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  • To tj_han,

    Re: Xeres

    I bet you were disppointed at the biker shorts. No pantsu for you!


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    Re: Xeres is a hot Bimbo

    This is an uncreative attempt at mimicking an uncreative attempt at creative posting.

    Regards/Yours Sincerely/OMGWTFBBQ,
    Your hot gh3y sex partner

  • I think it’s still nice to shoot when the sun’s glazing the figure. It gives our figures a natural glow, compared to a cloudy shot.

    And she’s cute, and she’s got a fucking ugly base.

  • So you do have a rocky scenery near you to use! Unlike me it’s a 15 minute drive to get to there :(

  • But yours is more rocky! I need to start thinking of creating my own sets already. Level up.

  • So, erm… where’s the cameltoe shot then?

  • You’re getting much better at framing the shot and using perspective in a way that she doesn’t look 8 inches tall, but is normal sized. This set especially.

  • black panties… ooooooo

  • dropping in two years later to call you a homo and/or woman for not enjoying the greatest god damn anime ever made. And not only that, you watched it subbed. Gaaay. And if that wasn’t enough, the sub people you used were too stupid to translate Scheris’ name anywhere near correctly. You blow.

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