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Creating an Environment for Siscon Experimentation

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This is just a random thought, but since Stripey is married, he can first make a son, and then a daughter, so he can teach the son the ways of the siscon. I can just imagine his dismay if the first-born was a daughter, or worse, he gets two sons. Then he may have to go adopt a girl, to attain the non-blood related route.

It’s certainly much easier to lusting after Lunamaria. And Hirano Aya is dead.

And yes, this is an editorial to forge camaraderie and espirit-de-corps between members of the blogging community. For those new to the blogging world of anime, the current hoo-ha has been done 8 months ago and it saw a surge in editorial articles. Looks like you guys need another whip up the backside or something.

Popularity: 8% [?]

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15 Responses to “Creating an Environment for Siscon Experimentation”  

  1. 1 Kurogane 121 comments

    LOL. You really went and blogged about it!

    I can’t wait to see Stripey’s reaction when he sees this…

    Even better, when his wife sees this.

  2. 2 Crusader 10 comments

    If the First Lord of Sis-con wants to live up to his title then surely the pinnacle of his Tao of Sis-con would be to make it work both ways right? Sure since he is of the loli persuasion and more partial to imoutos than onee-sans, but one must work with what one has and not what one wnats. Then again is he going to risk his nascent collection to suggest this to his wife? Getting married probably took a lot of luck and its going to take more for this to come to pass. Though you are right Stripey would adopt for only the aforementioned reason… ;)

  3. 3 Zzz... 28 comments

    …if you think about it…

    …can siscon be taught by a parental figure…

    …I mean much of siscon material features absent parents or at least very absentminded parents…

    …more research on this subject must be done…

  4. 4 Tess 16 comments

    I want a girl to dress her up gothloli, but if I end up with a son he’s going to grow up thinking he’s a girl. .__.; I think the best result would be two girls, or even better yet twin girls. Confuse one to thinking their male! Then we can try for yuri siscon/twincest. That wasn’t very coherent, but I’m sure you got the idea.


  5. 5 Zyl 24 comments

    On the bright side, lusting after Lunamaria doesn’t cause any problems under Section 376A of the Penal Code. ;)

  6. 6 Stripey 45 comments

    Ahh…. with the advent of traps, reverse traps, double traps etc, gender is no longer a stumbling block to my great plan for a siscon tradition.


  7. 7 Waterfall 122 comments

    Hi tj_han,

    Re: Twincest

    Stripey to recreate (Big breath) RomanianBAR-usingaxeweildinggothlolicrossdressingvampiretraptwincest?

    Ok, but can you add nekomimi as well? =P


  8. 8 Tsubaki 518 comments

    Okay, your short entries are totally unlike your style.

  9. 9 Impzie 21 comments

    non-blood related sister, woohoo, moe~?

    ermm, okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. This is bad. Stripey is a fiend at large…already.

  10. 10 tj_han 1439 comments

    My style is imba.

  11. 11 RDrake 69 comments

    Too imba, it seems. Less comments than usual, looks like. As if many other fringe community bloggers have been scared off already…

  12. 12 waterfall 122 comments

    To tj_han,

    So when are you going to adopt a sister?


  13. 13 shiachan 57 comments

    what i would recommend is the dacapo growth project, 2 families each producing either a girl and the other a boy or vice versa, around the same age, and make them think they are family. and keep pushing them 2gether so that they are always together, then try to make it so they go to the same school same class and it beside each other and let them grow up 2gether , :D

  14. 14 Zer0 135 comments

    Looks like the next in-thing will be mothercon:


  15. 15 Tyciol 1 comment

    This is so bigoty! There’s nothing wrong with older sisters, that sort of shotacon is totally awesome. It’s also empowering and stuff. You can still have a loli be an older sister.

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