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The guy in charge of the Maxfac Suzumiya Haruhi project has spoken up at the Maxfac Staff Blog. This man, aptly named Tanaka, spouts the usual corporate bullshit like "Thanks for your immense support and feedback". I bet what he wants to say is, "FUCK OFF YOU LOSERS AND GET OFF OUR BACKS! IS 10000 NOT ENOUGH FOR YOU RAVING FANBOYS?"

Faced with much criticism over a perceived aritificial ceiling on supply, rumours are flying that the manufacturing plant is at fault because "in the January-February period, the Chinese New Year festivities means that the sweatshop Chinese will not be as motivated to work 28 hour shifts". OK he didn’t actually say that but he THOUGHT that.

Tanaka also talked about the upcoming figures in the Haruhi lineup. Due to the re-release in April of Haruhi, it looks like the rest will be coming later. Mikuru and Yuki are in prototype production. Naturally, since Haruhi has the "Super Director" mode, the other two girls will have costumes that will match that and you’ll be able to line up all 3 in a situationally-correct setting. (I’m predicting/hoping that Yuki is in her mage costume with a wand and an option book but I really would like her in a guitar) Tanaka can’t show us any pics, so the frothing rabids will have to wait.

And other figurines in production will be "rescheduled" for Haruhi’s sake. Max really does seem overextended in its manufacturing capabilities.















マックスファクトリー タナカ

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7 Responses to “Figure News: More Information on Max’s Haruhi Lineup”  

  1. 1 Kurogane 121 comments

    I sure hope that they won’t pull another “Sader” or “MOK-KOS” in an attempt to meet the overwhelming demand.

    I can already see the hordes of fans rioting outside MaxFac’s office if that happens.

  2. 2 kacpy 31 comments

    Why? Sader rocked with that excalib0rk. :p Wouldn’t Haruhi like that be sweet?

  3. 3 Tsubaki 518 comments

    And that would in turn become Crapruhi.

    But meh, I was unable to pre-order mine. Fuck maxfac if I don’t get this figurine. BOYCOTTTZZZZ

  4. 4 LianYL 780 comments

    I want my a Kyon. Kyon is like the only male with enough pwnage to maintain my female figurine harem.

  5. 5 LianYL 780 comments

    Looking at how I make mistakes during commenting makes DM’s speculation of me having two personalities feasible.

  6. 6 Tsubaki 518 comments


  7. 7 RDrake 69 comments

    My goodness…as long as some Haruhi’s trickle down eventually…

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