New Poll: How did You First Come Across Riuva?

As it says. Vote on the right side bar please!

Also, if you have time, try answering some of the following questions so I can improve this site.

If you voted for RSS aggregator, do you still use it to check on updates for this site? Or do you check manually with a bookmark and actual pageloading? Or an RSS reader/live bookmark?

If you voted for forum or image board link, which forums did you come from?

If you voted for other sites and bloggers, name those honorable men who linked me.

If you voted for google, what did you search for and which article caught your fancy? And which feature of this site made you bookmark it rather than just close the page?

If you voted for a sudden urge to type "", was it because of the subliminal advertising (my scribbling of the url on all toilet walls and busstops?)

If you voted that you’re the webmaster, you are me.

57 Responses to “New Poll: How did You First Come Across Riuva?”

  • I believe it was a link from Matthew’s Anime Blog that first brought me here…

  • No. I definitely didn’t see your scribbling in toilets and busstops. Our local cleaners work too hard for too little…

    Who linked to you then?…Hmmm…I can’t remember, serious, but it was most likely hopeless who did. Or at least he had a link to you under your name in one of his posts, which I blindly followed…

  • I use the RSS feed to check your site and I have to say the pictures not loading are a pain in the ass.

  • Macounet: Ah that’s a sideeffect of the hotlink prevention system. Since gay ass people were stealing my stuff. Since my site is heavily picture-based and the text sucks, you’re missing out!

    RDrake: You didn’t look hard enough.

    Gary: Ah Matthew. Looks like blogrolls do work.

  • Linked from Darkmirage o_O

  • None of the above. I first came here because you posted a comment on my blog. :)

  • Someone linked me here, but I forgot who :V

  • I was bored browsing blogs, and linked here from lolikit.

  • About the same time I discovered AnimeNano

  • I think I first came here through blogsuki. I only use animenano these days though and I rarely use bookmarks, unless I haven’t checked ano for a couple of days.

  • I type “Figurine porn” and discovered your site.

  • Anime Nano only for me

  • To tj_han,

    Re: 1st experience with RIUVA

    I came here from a Heisei Democracy link.


  • From your best buddy site, Anime Desho.

  • Why is there no option for me?

  • For you? Lian cos you are lame.

    Interestingly, so far there are 7 webmasters. No wonder there are so many posts each day.

  • Either you or someone posted a link to this site on the forums. This is a site I have bookmarked and check that way.

  • I got here from DarkMirage, after reading the DoReMi fiasco.

  • From tsubaki’s site. And found his site searching for mai-hime, it was an article about mai hime poster spread on the city. I still want that Natsuki poster.

  • Linked by tsubaki-nii. Off LJ o.o

    (btw, you have the money to buy newtype for someone else? My birthday is coming *wide grin*)

  • rats: Ah I knew my plugging of my own site on forums would come in useful one day.

    Looks like I have been tapping on Tsubaki’s people skills quite a bit. Umehiko, I don’t buy stuff for yaoi fan girls.

  • ADD…
    well, that’s not the first, it’s from my friend (which shows the ‘(de)motivational poster’, but I’m not aware of it :P
    so I vote the last one xD (LOL)

  • Found it somewhere on a blogroll, but really started reading it when I subscribed to animenano’s global rss feed. This feed has become my preferred place for checking anime related blogs. Once I see a post title that interests me, I usually go read it on the corresponding website.

  • Well..searched E7 on google….and of course your Eureka seveN article is what drew me in.

  • >>From blogsuki.

    I lol’ed.

    >>Interestingly, so far there are 7 webmasters. No wonder there are so many posts each day.

    I was the 6th.. looks like 5 more came after me.

    >>I type “Figurine porn” and discovered your site.

    This should’ve been an option, srsly.

  • I’m the 8th webmaster! We are yours hidden personalities. Just like sensui from Yuyu Hakusho. But he only have 7 alter egos. You have 8…so far…more to come probably :)

  • Why is there no “I am the keymaster” option?

  • To tj_han,

    Re: I love this site

    This is the best blog ever! More upskirt figurine shots please!


  • Blogsuki for me. I remember the good ol days of grey and orange with you saying “I’ll get my digital camera soon”.

  • I knew this site because of a Gankutsuou figurine you spoke of.

    I searched like crazy for figures of Gankutsuou and I wound up here… Now its one of my fas sites.

  • i joined forums, and met Moy. thru Moy, found your blog

    recently bookmarked it, visit often. great stuff =)

  • Surprisingly, contrary to popular belief, RSS aggregators aren’t the most important source of publicity, though still an important one. Personally I use Animenano for all my read, except a few who aren’t on it.

    Zanza: Damn I haven’t been there in ages. But not much activity there isnt it.

    CDan: I remember that article which I scanned from Hobby Japan. Back then I still did that because I could actually afford the magazine lol.

    Os: LOL!! THat was Riuva 1.0. The grey and orange were quite the disaster. But Riuva 2.0 was the K2 with the Kasumi pic. Then Eureka and now this girl. The digital cameraless days just seems so far away now.

    Seth: Because the ghostbusters have died.

    Kuro: The ones from Blogsuki tend to be really old acquaintances like Os and Anga and some really ancient names.

    Homeless: I have a lot of content on e7 cos I was really into it back then. Lyrics and everything. Still yet to take pics of my e7 toys though!

  • From none other than tsubaki’s ADD -.-

  • It was from another blog. Probably Zyl’s since its at the top my favorites in my blog folder.

  • I first happened upon riuva when I googled for the lyrics to Himitsu Kichi. This was before you posted the lyrics, but google came up with your post about the top 10 J-songs. Despite not finding what I wanted, I chose to read the post and was entertained by your intelligent wit and good taste in music. Interestingly enough, I didn’t check this site very regularly back then, and I completely missed when you did post up the lyrics. I never knew you posted them until about 20 minutes ago. So, thanks for posting them, especially since I never found any other place that had them.

  • Intelligent wit?? Me?? Someone else must have wrote that post, I swear haha. Anyway, I saw that many were coming through google for Himitsu Kichi’s lyrics, so I just posted it. Same went for Ouran’s Shissou.

    I should organise my lyrics page better.

  • You have a lyrics page?!

  • …You know, I actually don’t remember. I was pretty sure I came from SGcafe forums.

  • Heh. I found you through Anime Desho Desho. When tsubaki was flaming you.

  • i found your site by mistake on danny choo’s site
    was gonna click on some panty shots, but found you

  • I discovered this website through Tsubaki ^^

  • Through your own shameless promotion to us. HAHA.

  • this is somewhat a mistery to me, lol
    I remember I came into RIUVA from a blog that reviews about this site
    I’m still remember some of the sentences in that blog is something like “to understand the meaning of life, one must go through the same suffering as kamio misuzu”
    but I totally forget the name of that blog >_>

  • You have to thank Tsubaki for that. :)

  • >>Blogsuki for me. I remember the good ol days of grey and orange with you saying “I’ll get my digital camera soon”.

    indeed, indeed… i still remember the ‘Red Trio’ of gadgets u had. there were also a bunch of football analysis stuff as well if memory serves.

  • Iirc, someone linked me to here in an MSN conversation to show me one of the figures reviewed on here…for what else is there to discuss on MSN but Riuva?

  • Claude: LOL!! Btw I stopped using “Speed Grapher”, the red camera. I forgot to name my two new ones! Thanks for the reminder. And I need to post more on football but nobody seems like be fans here.

    ethreal: Hmm, I don’t recall ever going on sgcafes to promote though. Would like more local viewers really.

    Sedna: Your hands must have been trembling from the excitement.

  • I think I found this site from IRC, where people cross link amusing images and blogs and videos and whatever. “Word of mouth” I guess.

  • To tj_han,

    Re: Speed Grapher

    You use the SG camera to get (figurine) girls on film. Do they explode afterwards? That’s a bad choice of name of a camera. I still can’t believe that gangoru gun girl became a nurse at the end. =P


  • No, I think I came across someone linking your site there or something. Sgcafe is the only forum I go to, but I only check the merchandise and selling posts/threads, because most of other posts/threads are filled with Singlish. I mean, Singaporean Pride, yaaaaah but it’s not like I understand some of the Chinese dialects anyway. *malay*

  • Sherman, the Ramni

    DarkMirage. ’nuff said.

  • I actually found riuva while trying to make a plain translation from GenShiKen to English.

  • Was reading up on Lenneth’s interview by tj han! :)

  • From Karoshi’s blog roll @_@;; *noooooob*

  • There are 93 people who are you?

  • ==> Google …
    Was looking for the Lyrics of Colors from Code Geass to put in my website xD, tought i need to translate to portuguese before putting in it :P

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