Figure Review: Traffic-Stopping Rei

This is wayyyy overdue. It’s like handing in your June holiday homework just in time for the year end break. I got this figure back in September and did a photoshoot in the busy streets of the city but never got around to posting these up.

Again, SEGA is the culprit behind yet another version of the originally-delicious Ayanami Rei. And following their attack policies of targeting the lower-end spectrum of the market, the price is a measely 1500 yen which lets them get away with almost anything. If Biker Rei was the pinnacle of this series’ power, and Yukata Rei (unless weird cross-eye fetish is part of your delights) scrapes the bottom of the barrel, then Police Rei is square in the middle. Why? Because she is Jekyll and Hyde.

Take a look of the mysterious, cool and sexy left side of the Rei.

Now prepare a barf bag and turn over to her right side.

Looks a bit like Claus from Last Exile actually.

SEGA can get away with a ton of shit because they charge half the price of their nearest competitors for the low-income market – Yujin. And Yujin sucks more balls than Riku of Tokimeki Memorial.

The Good
1. It’s Rei. Rei is like, the grandmother of Nagato Yuki. We have to treat the elders with care and respect.

2. She’s so cheap you could drop her in the bin and not feel all pissed off. 1500 yen buys you a bowl of slightly expensive ramen in Japan.

3. The concept and pose is fantastic. Our Rei, seen in so many costumes, is now a policewoman handcuffed to a signpost! That’s like triple fetish – police uniform fetish, bondage fetish and role reversal fetish. Her arms and leg are chained to the signpost, leaving the silent one with no choice but to pose provocatively. The funny thing is, she’s wearing that "One-Day Police Chief" drape that Petoko from Peto-Peto-san also wore.

4. The words, both on the sign and her, are printed very clearly. The sign says, "Final Battle Weapon Warzone", a bad translation but I couldn’t figure out how to change the meaning to English. And it’s an Eva outline on the sign.

5. Stable like a four-legged cow.  The top half of the post is actually removable and the base is a  realistic chunk of road. Two screws hold her in place along with a couple of pegs.

6. A good left view is better than no view.

7. Sexy legs.

She’s resigned to her fate.

The Bad
1. Argh, more Rei? There are probably more Reis than Singaporeans in this world.

2. The paint job is done by a excited China lad with Parkinson’s disease. Look at the freakin’ eyes! She’s doing some optical bleeding!

3. Her hair is way too brightly coloured.

4. No upskirt shot, no matter how hard I tried. Her skirt’s as deep as Mariana’s trench and the material’s as hard as Shinji’s penis at the start of the Eva movie. So too bad!

5. The right side of her face is comparable to the legendary SADER.

6. Like, there’s a hat on the ground. Why? Is it sexy? Is it some unwritten ritual where in SM you have to deposit your headgear on the ground? Would’ve preferred it on.
For hardcore fans of Eva or the really newbie buyers only. The concept is great as is the pose, but as usual SEGA blows it with awesomely bad painting and sculpting. I like the gimmicky signpost and base. Now I realise how good the Tennis duo‘s quality was in comparison to the crud that pops out of SEGA’s backhole normally. You may be thinking why I still buy Rei figures even if I know they suck. I have since stopped because the upcoming ones look bad even in the promo pictures. At least those I buy look good on paper.


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  • If you put it in a corner of your room where only the left side is visible, and look at it from afar, it’d be awesome.


    Or rather, opposite Sunshine. Hmmmm.

  • Actually, opposite Nafa would be a more accurate description. Lol.

    And LOL at her droopy eye. Wins so hard.

  • lol the rei looks a little dusty

  • Do people give you weird looks when they see you taking pics of figures on the side of the road?

  • When actually trying to stop traffic by placing it in the middle of the road…

    Show cars the left side and it will stop traffic.
    Show them the right, and you will end up an unhappy man.

  • “That’s like triple fetish – police uniform fetish, bondage fetish and role reversal fetish.”

    What the hell. Yet quite true…

  • Lupus: Indeed. It’s like Balalaika – look at her one side only.

    CHICKEN: It’s not dust, just bits of the styrofoam reflector board attracted to the plastic due to static.

    OK USA!: I doubt. It’s very common in this country to see people taking pictures of their favourite everyday objects by the road side.

    Zero: One of these days I will do it. Maybe in a RIUVA XTREME! type figurine post.

    Hotchanbot: Very true. Fetishism is the way of Japan.

  • Such a pity… truely a good idea, super poor implementation

    since when is it very common to see people taking pictures of their favorite everyday objects by the road side. I’ve yet to see any

  • To tj_han,

    Re: Traffric cop Rei

    It’s a nice idea but Sega cut corners to make it cheap. =/
    Oh well, enjoy the kagaroos!


  • Yes I see NAFA in the background. Tj, an idea. Like, let us know where and when your next outdoor photo shoot will be so that we can all traipse down there and block the natural lighting by crowding around you and your figure. Then get the police called down for illegal gathering.

  • Porsche 911 is the best show car that i know, it is pretty expensive too.~*

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