Figure Expedition: It’s Time to Expand Our Backgrounds to Kangerooland

That’s right, I’ll be going over to Australia for a week and a half to get some fresh backdrops for my figurine shoots. Meanwhile, this site will be taking a break.

I’m heading to Rockhampton actually, I bet none of you guys live there since the place is tiny with nothing but dancing naked women who all look like Tatiana Wisla.

My list of equipment is as follows:

Air Stewardess Miu (to keep me company on the plane) God, thanks to the holiday season I had to go to Melbourne first, then Brisbane and then Rockhampton because all the flights were booked by screaming soiled-panty babies and their conniving mothers.

Solty Revant, because she has a very compact pose and I got her on a discount so there’s no fear of her getting lost or dirtied from the dingoes of the outback.

Anyway, see you guys when I get back! I’m looking forward to plenty of blue sky, scorching sun and warm bushfires, with the occasional stingray.

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  • Not another Steve Irwin jibe.

    I have had enough of those in Southpark.

    Anyway, have fun, don’t die from trying to prove that stingrays are harmless.


  • When in doubt, test the stingrays on your figures first.

  • Well well…I’ll say welcome to Melbourne first ahead of the rest.

    Just make sure you bring light clothing since its ‘wonderfully’ warm now and tag along a light jacket just in case the wind plus cold swirls (and it will, Melbourne being Melbourne).

    Feel free to any questions or even e-mail me. And haha, you dun hear much from me on this blog but I keep myself updated ever so often.


  • Goodluck n Have Fun. safe trip

  • Welcome to Aussieland. So farking hot, my panties are soaked.

  • My sister is studying in Melbourne as well but the transit is only about an hour or so. I doubt I’ll even get to see any part of the city.

    I’m not going to be connected to the net for almost the whole duration of the trip, so that sucks. Internet is the blood of the modern man.

  • Oh dear, where will we get our perverted panty shots now?

    well, at least for a week or two :V

  • Wow. If I were you, I would have brought my GameBoy Advance or something like that to keep me busy so that I wouldn’t get bored in the plane. =\

    And yeah, have fun in Aussie. No internet is okay once in a while. XD

  • Awww, if only you came to Sydney, we would’ve met up.

  • so much for saying ur a hikkikomori…

  • be careful of stingrays attacking ur figurines….

  • Abao: I was never a hiki. I just like indoor life. But sometimes, you don’t have a choice in life.

    Jinyamato: Unfortunately, the area I’m going to has as much water as Master Carbon’s average dish. So i doubt I’ll see even a single fish, much less a ray. Or a Rei.

    Adun: Most of the anime guys live in Sydney dont they? I thought Melbourne had the largest asian population and hence should correspondingly have the greatest number of Japanophiles.

    Kristal: I dont have any sort of portable entertainment except for an mp3 player. And no internet is NOT ok. I’m missing the Man U vs Chelsea football match!! OMG!

    Zero: Take your own. It’s easy.

  • I went to Rockhampton once. Well, through Rockhampton. The train goes through the centre of town.. right up the main street.

    As for Sydney vs. Melbourne for anime… Not sure. I live in Sydney, and there seems to be more anime activity in Sydney, but that might just be because Melbourne is just boring in general.

  • LOL PIXY: That is so right. I notice Waterfall, an Aussie himself, spelt it wrong too. We suck.

  • LOL…Supanova was a bore. Melbourne still remains the anime capital of Australia. You guys can have the beaches and the seafood.

  • I actually didn’t go to any of the anime conventions this year, even though there were three major ones in Sydney, and I didn’t have any scheduling conflicts. And I think there might even have been one on in Melbourne while I was down there.

    I have three terabytes of fansubs. Why do I need to go to cons?

    Okay, apart from the hot cosplay chicks, why do I need to go to cons?

  • Ahh the Beef capital of Australia. I live about 7 hours drive North of Rocky (as you will hear the locals call it). It will be hot and dry, just like 80% of the rest of Australia.

    Hope you enjoy your stay.

  • when you want sarcasm, then Southpark is perfect for you _

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