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Megahaul: The Day Manga was Counted in Kilograms

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The haul

That’s right, I don’t know how many manga I bought today. What I do know is, they were rather heavy. Chuang Yi, the only distributor/publisher of manga here in Singapore, is having a bazaar, which is actually a nicer way of saying "I wanna sell the dusty old stock that’s been stuck in the warehouses for the better part of the last century". The good news is, unlike most sales that exaggerate the discount, CY is true to their word in selling manga for 50 cents. That’s a 90 percent off but only applying to the really old series, some of which are about just as old as me.

The sale is held at their HQ, Alexandria Distripark, a rather rundown compound of warehouses and it takes a bit of effort to find the place. Tsubaki, Umehiko and I had no problems because all we had to do was to FOLLOW THE NERDS.

At the sale, there are two separate sections - the mega-cheap old archaic stuff and newer releases. The megacheap old stuff is where I got most of my books. And when I say old, I mean old… I bet some of the books there were printed in the early 90s! Lots of dust and dirt of course, but I ended up just shoving stuff into my shopping bag without much though. The really really old stuff are going for a dollar each but if you got 10 of them, it was five dollars. The less old stuff are 2 bucks each but 10 books for 10 bucks. The usual price is about 5 dollars each.

I ended up getting 1-12 of Umizaru aka Sea Monkeys, the series that spawned the drama and movies. I have no idea if it’ll be good, but chances are good. I also got the full set bar volume 15 and 16 of MONSTER, which I’ve read but didn’t own. And for nostalgia, 1-25 (or something) of Psychometer Eiji, also with a couple of books in the middle missing. Now to scour other stores to fill up the missing books. Beyond these, I picked up the first volume (which I was missing) of Buddha Zone, a manga by the Shaman King author Takei Hiroyuki prior to SK and 1-3 of Level E, Hunter x Hunter’s author Togashi Yoshihiro. All these for 43 dollars. I’m guessing it’s about 50 or so books. Haven’t counted.

The recent release section wasn’t as heavily discounted for obvious reasons, though a 20 percent off still was attractive. I reckon a 20% off would still profit CY, since they are skipping the middleman retailers for this sale. Here in this section, every single recent release could be found and there were tonnes of stuff I wanted to get. Unfortunately, the more sane price meant I couldn’t just shove everything into the bag. Ended up getting Shinangyo Onshi 14, Speed Grapher 3, Harlem Beat 18,  Vagabond 4, Prince of Tennis 35 and Karakuri Circus 1-5. Yup, that’s the same Karakuri Circus whose figures I reviewed. The art is horrible but I’m giving it a chance.

My manga backlog just exploded

Couldn’t lug the whole chunk of woodpulp back home so I had to call my mum and ask for a lift home. At the sale, tonnes of people were staring at the other merchandise we were holding and the braver ones came up to ask stuff like "Can these be bought here? Where did you get them? How much are these?"  Looks like figurines are not mainstream at all! Most people don’t even know where to get them. For your info, I was holding onto Kamisaka Haruhi, Mine Blue and Shoka while Tsubaki had his HJ special Bikini Rider and a Ryuk Statue. The Deathgod really attracted the fan girls who secretly stole glances at it.

Stay tuned for a glut of reviews! Tomorrow, Tsubaki and I will be going to the beach for some figurine photoshooting. I’m so broke I can’t even use the ATM anymore. They don’t allow withdrawals of amounts less than twenty. LOL.

Initial Impressions: Haruhi rocks, Shoka is on loan but very nice, Mine Blue is a fucking sham

Popularity: 4% [?]

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18 Responses to “Megahaul: The Day Manga was Counted in Kilograms”  

  1. 1 LianYL 617 comments


  2. 2 rdrake 69 comments

    Urghh…my poor shoulders…I suspect my full haul (which I had to fit into two bags) weighed in at around a dozen kilos…no, probably even more…

    @LianYL: Have I been the only sg blogger pronouncing the sale? I’ve had two posts up talking about it already…writing a third one up as a report…

  3. 3 Tsubaki 481 comments


  4. 4 Lupus 67 comments

    Wow that’s a shit ton of manga. And really cheap prices… it’s impossible to buy them that cheap even here in HK.

  5. 5 Kurigiri 16 comments

    lol. reminds me of when I bought about 50 manga volumes myself. took me 2 thousand and something NIS and my school backpack, extra bag and half of my friend’ backpack.

    I read it all in a week an a half, woke up an 6AM and read a volume or two before going to school.

  6. 6 Juice 49 comments

    Harlem Beat is nice :D

  7. 7 Zeroblade 137 comments

    God, Singapore keeps getting all these sales and crap, and I’m still stuck with 600 Peso manga :V

  8. 8 tj_han 1086 comments

    Zero: Year-end seems to be the period for sales. It’s good news but I’m also terribly broke. It’s one of the reasons why I prefer Singapore to Australia.

    Juice: Actually, Harlem Beat is pretty crap but I rarely drop manga series.

    Kurigiri: What’s a NIS? I rarely buy so much manga anymore, especially since I picked up figure collecting. A few years ago I used to buy manga by the truckload as well.

    Lupus: Yup, on average HK has it cheaper but today’s sale was immense. Pity it was mostly stuff I didn’t need. The real good ones weren’t that much on discount.

    rdrake: I wonder if we saw you there? What time did you go?

    Liayl: It’s on till payday aka dec 10. I’m heading down again on Dec 10.

  9. 9 LianYL 617 comments

    I’m going to hunt down Paaman and Astroboy.

  10. 10 Jesse 23 comments

    “because all we had to do was to FOLLOW THE NERDS.”

    You talk as if you fall under a different category.

  11. 11 baka 56 comments

    actually on average, singapore CY ver (if it’s still S$5) will be cheaper than HK ver
    But HK will be a lot cheaper and faster than singapore when it comes to taiwan ver

  12. 12 RDrake 69 comments

    @tj_han: You couldn’t have seen me, I think. Umehiko said something about going on Saturday. Meanwhile, I went on Friday morning. You should have gone then too, much less crowded…

  13. 13 Cyberpukish 15 comments

    So it is still on? anyone know know the address and where can i park my car?

  14. 14 Cyberpukish 15 comments

    ok. more details on their website www.chuangyi.com.sg

  15. 15 kyun 3 comments

    Are you the guy/girl who went with in a group of three on the first sat of the chuang yi bazaar? 2 guys and a girl? Because i kept looking at your bags, and I was so envious.

    And yes, follow the nerds, really.

  16. 16 Chicken

    wow thats alot of comics.

  17. 17 tj_han 1086 comments

    Kyun: I would expect the three to be us. Didn’t see anyone else carrying merchandise. Damn we’re nerds.

    Chicken: Yup, that’s a lot. Cheap too.

  18. 18 FlyinAngelzz 1 comment

    WOW, that’s alot of mangas. When i wanted to buy a manga called Gakuen Alice in MPH there were so many books n when i went to the comic/manga section it was much lesser than the other sections n they didnt have the manga i wanted.. T_T

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