Figure Review: Yujin Bonfire Party Part 2 – Souseiseki

Thank Buddha that Souseiseki is a few times better than the previous Yujin installment of a Rozen Maiden – Suigintou. But that doesn’t mean Souseiseki is any good. It just shows how bad that JUNK was.

Souseiseki is my favourite Rozen Maiden – she’s so cute with her hat, boyish voice and big scissors. It’s a disgrace that Yujin got the license to make this figurine really. Remember, cameras make the figurines look a few times as good.

The Good

  1. It’s Souseiseki! She’s the best!
  2. You can take off her hat and part of her clothing. But she looks a bit plain without them.
  3. Her shears can sort of work, and has a pivot to open and close them.
  4. The price is low at about 2700 yen.

The Bad

  1. She leans after exactly 1.45 seconds. Why? Because her base has only one peg and the material used is so soft, her ankle warps immediately.
  2. The shears break into two pieces all the time. It becomes sort of like a double sword style.
  3. Sou’s head is just way too big and her face is weird.
  4. The paintjob sucks.
  5. The hands warp after holding onto the scissors for a while and she can’t hold them tight at all.
  6. There are way too many mould lines.
  7. Her base is a plain blue piece of ABS, which does not even serve it’s only function – support.

Since there aren’t any Souseiseki figures out at all, this is a good appetiser for the hardcore fans of this cute girl. Otherwise, stay away at all costs or you’ll have to join the Yujin bonfire party.

11 Responses to “Figure Review: Yujin Bonfire Party Part 2 – Souseiseki”

  • Nice photos, bad colour combination. IMO that is. But you had a certified director with you so you must be correct.

  • *sarcasm* you’re getting all lucky with figurines lately*/sarcasm*

  • @LianYL Then you must fuck mother nature for bad color combination of the greens and blues we see all the time in nature.

  • The only Yujin Rozen Maiden figure I’ve got is the Suiseiseki one, which isn’t actually all that bad. Well, thats aside from, you know, falling apart if you breathe on it too hard (OK, thats an exaggeration, you have to touch it before it falls apart). It at least hasn’t distorted horrifically.

    Are these figures still coming in those annoying blister packs, meaning you don’t actually have a proper box to put them back into after you discover you can’t display them without wreaking them? I hate that.

  • Digi: Yup, still same old Blisterpacks save for Suigintou which came in a real box. I hate those but at least theirs can be put back with a bit of tape. Kaiyodo’s BOME series has really pretty blister packs that are totally impossible to open without destroying.

    Lian hates blue and green? Anyway I took all these downstairs alone. These don’t warrant a full photoshoot.

  • Ack, you beat me to doing my review (probably because I’m rather lazy atm) Oh well. Just another sucky figure from Yujin. Funny how yours has leaned already, mine hasn’t at all.

  • To tj_han,

    Meh, I prefer this version ->
    It sucks when the best part of the figurine is the scissors. XD

    Boycott Yujin!


  • man, you and your buddy post amazing pics of figures. i should hire you to take pics when i update my blog hehehe

  • @Tsubaki I did so. She was good.

  • To tj_han,

    Souseiseki Drama CD is out!


  • Doesn’t she remind you of the BMW logo?

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