Figure Review: Rider @ the Beach

Ok I’m pissed now. Looks like my run of bad luck is continuing. I wrote this figure review up completely and posted it. To prevent wordpress from eating posts, I have a habit of copying the entire code until I confirm that it has been posted. I did this and while updating the Figure Reviews page, I noticed the post vanished. And I had replaced the clipboard text with the url of the link image already. WTF!

I don’t have time or the mood to do the whole 1000 word post again so I’ll just summarise it in one bad poem.

Rider is hot
This bikini version is mail order
From Hobby Japan
You can get it from Urban Attic
And Tsubaki has one.
I love Rider.

16 Responses to “Figure Review: Rider @ the Beach”

  • It’s pure coincidence lah.

    Stop blaming everything on your bad luck!

  • Don’t worry, as we Chinese believe, after a streak of bad luck, good luck will sure come.

    Why not try a hand at 4D? ;)

  • How much did u pay for this rider?

  • I hate it when that happens! I started using a small program called “Hamsin Clipboard” (I’m sure there are other equivalent ones) which basically collects a “history” of your last cut/copy items, so that you can go back to up to the tenth last thing you copied. I’ve found it very useful in allowing me to recover things after I absentmindedly overwrite my last Ctrl C – perhaps you’d find something like that useful?

    Anyway, this short and succint post gets the point across. Great photos!

  • Whoops, forgot to mention (AGAIN) that it was Tsubaki who did the photos and he owns the figurine too. I remember he paid about 120 or so for it.

    Symphwind: Thanks, I’ll check out the programme.

    Kuro: I’m not Chinese.

    Tsubaki: It’s the bad luck!

  • tjhan’s an Afro Samurai.

  • 120 for a limited one isnt that bad.

  • Eh? I don’t remember seeing one at Urban Attic today…or are they yet to be stocked?

  • hahaha, i love these photoshoots, i’ve never seen this kind before

    do you guys go out in public with your figure and do the photoshoot? at first, i thought you photoshopped them into the image but, after hearing about how you lost an arm or something in between two rocks, looks like you guys shoot on site. soooo cool, keep it up!

  • Bikini-girl figurines prevail! Mooha.

  • Zee: Truly.

    Zanza: Our images are almost never photoshopped. All these are on-location! This is what makes us unique.

    rdrake: I think stocks coming this week end lol.

  • She is too expensive for me! Waaa! :*(
    She is super cute, but with that money I could buy two, perhaps three, nice figurines!

  • Tjhan’s not chinese, he’s mixed blood. What some would call a pedigree. Half Maltese, Quarter Terrier, 1/5 Schnauzer, 1/10 Siberian Husky, 1/20 Chow Chow, 1/30 Chi Wah Wah (spelled wrongly on purrrrrpose).

    What I’m saying is, Tjhan’s a bitch. ROFL.

  • I think this is coming out through PVC mass production mid-2007, I believe. I saw a post on a Japanese website that’s devoted to doing news on Wonder Festival and the like, and they had a post that said that this Rider was being scheduled for PVC release sometime then. If so, wow! ^^

    As for what you are, you are human, and we all make mistakes! :P

  • Omg, thats freaking awesome…

  • I love rider, in fact more than saber. This figurine is well done in term of the body and the hair. But her eyes doesn’t appeal to me very much hence i never bought it. I prefer the eyes to be more engaging instead of staring blankly and spectacles would be sexy for her. Till now, i am still waiting for more rider figurines to come out but it is slow.

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