Figure Review: DreamParty’s Shouka is a Celtic Fan

After going through the DreamParty website and reading all the info there, many myths have been dispelled. Contrary to popular belief, It’s not a game, not an anime, not a manga, not a maid cafe. From what I get from the site, it’s an exhibition that showcases the best of the Akiba-type stuff. DP seems to be pretty massive as well, being held at the Tokyo Big Site and all that. It’s scheduled for 22 December, so I’m guessing the Japanese bloggers like Danny Choo, Shingo and the others will be heading down.

In conjunction with this exhibition, tonnes of goods were created and this figure is one of them. The girl, Shouka, is the kanban musume of the event. There are two versions of this figure – one is event only and the other is mail-order only. Pretty exclusive, considering that each version will only have a run of 500 figures. Event-only version has dark black hair and eyes while the mail-order version is blonde with blue eyes.

Urban Attic has a couple of these for sale at S$119. If you’re buying one, just tell the owner, Weiye, of this site and you may just get some benefits.

This figure is based on an illustration by Kimizuka Aoi of A.O.I Program. The sculptor is Misumaru Mashii of Aggressive. Misumaru’s latest work looks great as well, that bunny loli.

An original character, Shouka (咲花), has no story or character to speak of, so the figure will have to make prospective buyers want it through pure aesthetics. Does it succeed?

Probably. Shouka is essentially, an Akiba-type maid that utilises the modern techniques of Moe-seduction. Let’s run through the checklist.

  1. Pretty, cheerful and sweet face? Check.
  2. Frilly maid costume? Check.
  3. Leggings and short skirt combo to show off the Absolute Area (Zettai Ryouiki)? Check.
  4. A willingness to serve the otaku master? Check.
  5. Long flowing hair? Check.
  6. Most important, Striped Pantsu? Check. Check Check Check.

See the pictures below and you’ll get what I mean. I’m personally not into this moe bullshit so I’m out of the target audience. I like the mature sexy types (Rider, Itoko), the Mukuchi types (Vanilla, Yuki), the School Rumbles (Eri, Yakumo, Akira) and the cute (Ichigo Mashimaro). But for the moe fans, you need this.

Face OK! The right mix of meat for a moe look.

Maid costumes always look better in unreal life.

The Zettai Ryouiki is to a girl what foie gras is to a goose, or so they say.

In the real world, this is called very long hair. But in the Akiba world, this is medium length.

The highlight of this figure.

Shouka is standing one-legged and posing with a mop. Honestly,  I fear for the long-term stability of Shouka, as she’s connected to her base the same way as all of the Kotobukiya Galaxy Angels 1/8 figures, namely through a slightly-raised footstand with a long peg into her heel and larger shorter one into the front of her foot. The Koto GA figures ALL lean very badly and they even come with auxillary support stands, albeit useless ones. As I write this I already notice white stress marks on the longer peg of Shouka’s base. Whoops.

The mop is quite a cute touch. To attach it, you have to place the mophead onto the base, where it fits onto a peg. Then you slot the stick through her hands. Then you realise the stick isn’t long enough to reach the mophead. The solution is, bend the stick forward with brute force. I checked the instructions on Misumaru’s page, it’s supposed to be this way. The bentness apparently adds more motion effect.

Her hair is pretty nice as well. The strands are quite well-defined and sculpted, and her fringe is a rather unique straight cut unlike the more common spiky styles. As an exponent of the art of moe, she obviously sports ahoge. You just can’t leave home without it if you’re in the Akiba industry.

The wrinkles and creases on her clothes are actually very good and extensive. There’s a bunch of models on the main website wearing a real version of it, so you should check it out. The figure version makes them look like Jabba the Hutt.

The standard issue of a girl figure these days is the removable skirt. Shouka goes one step beyond and has striped panties on. In real life, this would really suck because stripes (technically, they are hoops right, not stripes) make things look wider. So real girls in shimapantsu look like they have giant asses. But somehow, these mad otaku just love the lines. Shouka’s stripes are painted on very perfectly and the colour even resembles the football jerseys of Celtic!

This is a pretty good figure that epitomises the current moe maid fad. While the price is slightly expensive, it being a limited edition sort of justifies it. The pose and panties are probably the highlights of the figure. Just watch out for any possible leaning!

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  • it seems kidna nice … except for its pose … which i’m sure will start leaning badly after a while

  • To tj_han,

    For the maid fanboys!
    I don’t usually like blondes with blue eyes but the lighter colours match the pink and white better than the dark haired one.

    tj_han, did you buy this or is was this loaned for the photography?


  • This figure looks nice. The mob should support her from leaning :D

  • I was thinking you might want to show off your camping bag stuffed with cheap manga.

  • @DarkMirage Exactly where you took your Saber to.

    Tj, you didn’t mention that upon feeling the pantsu, you can feel the strip lines!

  • Ala: I think so too. I forgot to mention how her lowered head also casts a shadow on her face, which is irritating cos she looks like Sunako then.

    Juice: The mop doesn’t support any weight at all.

    Waterfall: Blondes with blue eyes rock! But purple and red eyes are even better!

    DM: Yes. The merlion is so ugly.

  • Is it just me or is her head really small?

  • I always do wonder how do you take off the skirts for these figurines.

  • Is the Alternative colour version a Celtic fan as well?


  • Rats: Nah, it’s jsut the pose. Her head is stooped.

    Windbell: You pull up her upper body and it separates from her hips. Then you remove the skirt.

    Water: Yes, both are.

  • Urban Attic are under construction through every link on their site. Don’t know where the figures are then! O_O Don’t want to spend so much money on a figure unless it’s like Haruhi by Bubba! (I have that)

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