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End of Year Cosplay Event Part 2: Presenting… the Players!

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Pizza Hut sponsors Code Geass, Burger King sponsors the world. The fucking BK bags appear in almost every picture. WTF!! Anyway, my previous post screwed up because I thought I had 99 pictures. Truth was, I had 135 of them. So here are some that didn’t manage to make it into the first post.

Al Azif tends to her little friends.

Buy original, this poster urges! Don’t buy pirated stuff! Yeah, do that. I never buy pirated stuff anyway.

In this post, I shall talk about the steak of the event - the cosplayers.

A few quick impressions before I delve into the pictures:

Some people recycle their costumes. This isn’t very nice, but I suppose it’s for getting greater mileage out of that suit. I mean, if I spend half a year doing a costume, I’m not so sure I would want to discard it after a couple of hours wear. Then again, there are the perfectionists who would sell/destroy their costumes after one use.

I actually recognise some familiar faces. Excluding those in the same costume. A Soi Fong of Cosfest was the Bone Guy in Naruto this time around. Ok, that’s all I remember. A great pity Lenneth, the Saya Cosplayer didn’t attend this event. Would’ve loved to see what good stuff she’ve come up with, considering her Kino and Saya costumes were such works of win.

I’m not sure if the number of cosplayers was higher or what, because I probably photographed like fifty percent only. Other blogs have pictures of cute girls which I don’t! This is a disgraceful day. But I pwn them anyway.

Let me just pick out and comment on my personal favourites first! I wouldn’t go as far as to rank these hobbyists, who have put their dignity and pride on the line. My criteria is :

Costume aesthetics. It doesn’t have to be accurate but rather, aesthetically pleasing. This is like Genshiken’s Tanaka, who did a costume for Kasukabe Saki as Chairman Ritsuko, and added a lot of original touches. Sometimes, anime/manga styles just don’t transfer well to real life, and this is where improvisation and ingenuity play a part. Another thing is, it’s not the grandeur of the costume that matters. Simple ones are just as good, such as that Lenneth Saya one.

Taste in women. Every reader of this site should know that I like three attributes of (imaginary) females - mysteriously mature sexy women (like Itoko, Maj Kusanagi), boyishly handsome girls (Souseiseki) and silent types (Nagato Yuki, Vanilla H, Jo). So anyone who displays such attributes will find their way into this list of fame. YEAH IM BIASED!!

Poses and partners. Interesting poses, facial expressions and team members can help add flavour and dynamicism to a picture and hence score points.

My own photographic skill and timing. If I get a good picture of the subject, chances are, I’ll like her/him. If I don’t see you, I can’t like you!

With that put aside, first up would be the Shana cosplayer who looks as Dolfie as a Dolfie. While we all know that there’s enough makeup on her face to be used as a birthday cake, it’s still a fact that her doll-like facial perfection surpasses even that bratty Shana. Never mind that she seems to be missing Alastor, her Nietono no Shana has become a Nietono no Shana-tan, she’s a bit too broad-shouldered, hair-style’s completely different, skirt’s too long and blah blah. Riuva’s policy is, as long as we know the character straightaway, and she looks good, it’s a goal!!

This Shana, whose real name or nic eludes me, was in constant companionship of Ringo from Air Gear. These two together pretty much look straight out of a high level Japanese cosplay event. But I never did like Ringo from Air Gear. I don’t like any of the Air Gear characters, maybe except Itsuki’s tuner.

She has the Sleeping Forest emblem! But I seriously laughed at Shana’s pose.. her sword is 30 cm from the ground!

I must say I took rather flattering pictures of this duo. Look at Tsubaki’s pictures below for a comparison.

Highlighting why most of our pictures are of their upper bodies.

Tsubaki forcefully separated the girls and added his own umehiko into the mix. Ha, look at the difference in picture quality!

Whew, that was a mountain of pictures for just one cosplayer. I suppose it is unfair, but that’s how the world works. Btw she’s not my favourite of this event.

Next up we have a pair from god knows where. I know not where these characters come from, which probably means it’s a game. I don’t play games outside the FF, Xeno and Suikoden franchises. I particularly like the boyish good looks of the crouching lady, as well as their synergy. The weapons are intricately made too, with both size and form.

These girls have absolutely the best weapons in the whole event. Five thumbs up! I love the following two pictures because they possess a great sense of contrast - the simple vs the grand, standing vs crouching, left vs right, front vs back. Plus big ass weapons! And have I mentioned how handsome these girls look? This is why cosplay is a predominantly female thing - even the males have to be played by girls. Their posing is fantastic, which probably shows how much effort these ladies put into preparing a proper stance. BEST WEAPONs, BEST POSE!

Btw, do you know that the best poses normally don’t involve looking into the camera? Just look at interviewees on TV, they are never staring straight at you. This is why photographers always strive to take unexpected shots. People are more relaxed and look better. Also, a slight angle makes the subject slimmer and more interesting. But most people don’t understand this concept. I have gotten a lot of angry shouts because "they weren’t ready" or "I wasn’t looking", FUCKING NOOOOOBS!

But when a barrage of photographers are assaulting you, sometimes we get pictures where the pupils are in weird locations. Now that sucks.

Ok, this is my favourite pair in the whole event.

Judging from this picture, my guess is Kingdom Hearts. But what character is the left most one? U.N.C.L.E.

Man she’s just so clean-cutly handsome that I think if I were a girl, I would marry her. Wait, that didn’t make sense.

Next is a character from the fanservicey Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, Kadaj. Did you know that Kadaj spelt backwards is actually Jadak?

So like, where’s your bike? I won’t be surprised if some hardcore fanboy with technical knowhow actually builds that monster from scratch. Anyway, this cosplayer is pretty fine-looking albeit with a horrible weapon. I appreciate the badass leather and silky silver hair though. Oh yeah, I said I liked boyishly handsome girls, so on the other hand, I also loathe stupid pouty whiny poser pretty boys, which accounts for most of the popular male characters. But it’s ok if they are females in disguise.

If only the legs in the background were trees or rocks.

Behead that stinkin’ pretty boy Cloud! This pose is quite hot.

I must wonder why her hilt is in her mouth really.

I think she won second place in the competition. But considering first place’s prize is a trophy (clear piece of what seems to be polyethane) and a box of VCDs which nobody wants, I fear for her prize. Probably like, 10 percent off Burger King? You know what the prize should be? A book containing the phone numbers of all the cosplayers… so they can make friends and chat about their common interests.

And then we have a female Anbu. There was a swarm of these anbu girls, but nobody’s complaining cos ninjas are the modern day Jesus and girls rock, so the combination is pretty much a sign for celebration. Some of these girls need to build some muscle though.

People have this misconception that revealing skin is sexy. But sometimes, covering up is sexier. Nobody exemplifies this better than Rider of Fate Stay Night, with her mask. And this Kunoichi has a mask! Masks make females fall into the category of mature mysterious and sexy. Especially if you have razor-sharp eyes like hers. Her costume is terribly unspectacular, but as I said, it’s the sum of the parts, not the individual parts. And a mask is worth a lot of parts. To clarify, I don’t consider that foxmask a mask. The mouth-covering dark blue cloth is the mask. The fox is just an accessory.

If IIRC, this girl was a masked Japanese biker gang member at the previous Cosquest event. She always seem masked.

In the same clan is this little girl with a real sword. She really should watch Kenichi, to learn how to grasp a blade properly. Despite that, Ninja 2 scores points for her Kurenai-ish hair and sulky demeanor.

Ninja 3 is a darker one who does well in the following picture. I like how the picture turned out, having a sense of camouflage among the crowd.

The gang of ninjas.

OK I AM SLEEPY IT IS 4 AM GOOD NIGHT. CONTINUED IN PART THREEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! There are more great cosplayers to come.

Popularity: 7% [?]

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24 Responses to “End of Year Cosplay Event Part 2: Presenting… the Players!”  

  1. 1 DiGiKerot 50 comments

    I think those two you don’t recognise are Shaoran and Fai from Tsubasa - I know Shaoran held a staff rather than a sword on the covers of the early manga volumes.

  2. 2 Waterfall 122 comments

    Shana is hot.. was there a flame-haze mode?
    It’s a stealth of ninjas. =P

  3. 3 Deathy 17 comments

    The ninja girl with the real sword is very nice, cute indeed.

  4. 4 緋村剣心 3 comments

    I thought carrying real swords (although blunt) is prohibited?

    And yeah. Those two are Syaoran and Fye from Tsubasa Chronicles O_O

  5. 5 TedFox 85 comments

    Some cosplayers don’t do anything without masks. go figure

  6. 6 Tsubaki 512 comments

    Noob, don’t you know Shaoran and Fey?

    And stop calling that ANBU team ninjas. They are modified versions of ANBU, which they have by far the best combo.

  7. 7 min 1 comment

    Yes, your favourite is Syaoran and Fye from Tsubasa Chronicles, and yes, that’s also Kingdom Hearts (Halloween Town) :)

  8. 8 elohir 28 comments

    Really liked those FF7 costumes. Black leather wins(though some looked a little odd..)!

  9. 9 Posner 4 comments

    Ah ha ha, you didn’t know the Tsubasa characters? That’s funny!

  10. 10 jinyamato 89 comments

    hmm tjhan can u zip up all your pics??? so that we can bask in the glory of your new cam

  11. 11 tj_han 1234 comments

    Oh I think Clamp are rotten tomatoes. The only thing CLAMP I thought was decent to be a non-rotten tomato was XXXholic. And Code Geass in a different sense.

    So why would I have seen or even heard about Tsubasa Chronicles?

    Jin: It’s not my camera actually. It’s your dad’s. Or rather, the nation’s. Damn. I won’t zip up the pics because I would rather make people painstakingly save them one by one.

    Elohir: I am starting to loathe FF7 due to the immense number of fans (including myself).

  12. 12 kaoru 2 comments

    love all ur shots
    im the little girl with a real sword.
    thanks for the pics. xD
    haha.. my sword is a display sword actually.. quite blunt ^^
    sorry for my bad skill in holding a sword this is a 1st time i ever touches 1.

    ps. looking at ur pics, i realised how messy was my fringe.. opps…

  13. 13 tj_han 1234 comments

    Btw Kaoru, did you know that carrying a metal blade around is illegal, even if its blunt?

  14. 14 Deathy 17 comments

    Since everyone bashed the EOY, I doubt that anyone would care a bit, even if the sword was real.

    But yeah, I guess it’s illegal everyone to carry a katana and go slashing everyone you see…too bad. =/ LOL

  15. 15 plhu 1 comment

    hi i’m that syaoran. you took really nice photos! thanks for the compliments about us.

  16. 16 kaoru 2 comments

    Yup.. i got it hidden be4 going into expo…

  17. 17 tj_han 1234 comments

    Deathy: The POLICE would care.

    Plhu: Hey that’s cool! Apparently the average hotness of my readership just went up. But yeah, you and your friend’s costumes were very good.

  18. 18 osyris 1 comment

    i was wondering if u haf pictures of L frm deathnote at the cosplay too..not the one with M and N…

  19. 19 Zer0 113 comments

    Yo bro, I borrow one of your pix, the one with Shana and Nagato. can?

  20. 20 tj_han 1234 comments

    Sure Zero.

  21. 21 Waterfall 122 comments

    Zero wants the photo to perform voodoo on. =P

  22. 22 kyun 3 comments

    hey sorry, can i borrow some of the photos for a school project? sorry but i lost my cosplay photos. i’ll delete them as soon as the project is over.

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Summary Shishidou Akiha was told by her elder sister that she was getting married, and told her to pick a wedding dress now. However, she escaped to school, and her oldest sister sent Nami to give chase. Akiha told her servant, &#8220;Imo-chan&#8221;, a small critter that was controlling a robotic girl to drive her to school. Nami gave chase but lost Akiha when Akiha drove into a subway. On the other hand, debris from ancient human civilization was flying in space, and the &#8220;Supernatural department (ICP)&#8221; was concerned about it. Kannagi Itsuki, the main member of this division, was concerned about the amount of debris but was asked to withdraw by her superior. Back to Akiha, she reached a checkpoint and did not have her student ID. However, her friends came over and she was able to drive on to school. They talked about her sudden marriage. Nami, who was giving chase, was starting to have a case of claustrophobia after being stopped at the same checkpoint. After class, Akiha and Imo-chan was on a pod to look at space. Imo-chan described her desire to travel to more places, while Akiha said she had no goals in life. Akiha then complained that Sakura (her sister) should be the one getting married, but Imo-chan said that her sister was merely worried for her. While they talked, they realized the great number of debris and they were sucked by the vacuum space created by the sudden appearance of an automated spacecraft. Due to the pressure, they were sucked into the spacecraft. The ICP also noticed the sudden appearance of the spacecraft, and it was reported to the military department for emergency reinforcements. Itsuki reported that it might be like O&#8217;Neil number 3 (a self-sufficient all-automated colony ship). Akiha then explored the area and entered an automated railway train. As they reached the depot, they realized it was called Leopard station. Itsuki also asked for permission to investigate the spacecraft. Akiha moved on and found a strange-looking robot (Leopard) bragging about his ability to himself. He then used a laser to scan red tea. Akiha tried to drink it and suddenly spitted it out. The robot realized that Akiha was around, and started panicking. It then asked if it was considered indirect kissing. Itsuki found the tracks made by Akiha too. Itsuki appeared and told them that the situation was controlled by the ICP. However, Leopard just created a hole to drop Itsuki. The human fleet then appeared to warn Leopard, and he was hyped up to show them his ability. He then asked Akiha to hold a gun, and was ready to blast a laser cannon. However, the cannon misfired and Leopard burned. Akiha told him not to worry about such a mistake, and he said that he wanted to die. He started rushing toward Earth to suicide. Akiha pointed out that innocent people would die in Earth and told Leopard that she did not want to die. Leopard seemingly did not realize it wanted to kill itself, but he was unable to stop the spacecraft because he did not have enough fuel. Leopard blamed Akiha and dropped Akiha into a QT-Arms. Leopard told Akiha to remove the high-tension lever to re-energize him. Itsuki said it was too late, but Akiha convinced her to help with the removal. Eventually, they managed to do it and disaster was averted. As Akiha came back to the control station, Kawai Honoka pointed that yellow gun at Akiha. Thoughts I did not like it. I am not sure if anyone has watched this show yet, but I was perplexed how ridiculous the whole storytelling went for this show. I mean, nothing absolutely made sense and I actually watched the episode a few times. I think the main issue with the show came because the directors seemed to think that cramping 1000 ideas in 20 minutes (ok, I jest, there are only 999 ideas) was a good idea. Moreover, viewers are so intelligent that they can have their own thought processes on how these ideas connect to each other. You know, I suddenly feel stupid because I don&#8217;t get it and this show just feels like it is trying too hard to impress me. Psgels seemed to feel the same way too with his quick impression post on the anime . Here comes a girl who is a typical student that went through a sudden marriage without any fricking explanation, enters a new strange unknown automated spacecraft with zero fear, happily explores it and is almost lack of thinking ability when she held the gun that might kill the whole fleet and then became a talented mecha pilot that is so darn confident about her skills. If the previous sentence is long and disjointed, it is meant to be because it is how CONFUSING AND RIDICULOUS the first episode is. I mean, WTF, this is so convoluted and introduces more than 12 characters in the first episode just for the sake of appearances. Seriously. Obviously, because of the story, I have no clue how this is going to go. There is no direction and focus in the show because there are so many unrelated parallels that probably requires an explanation in the next few episodes. However, something has to be done with the character development and inconsistencies. Honestly, Akiha is either oblivious, lacks any ability to process fear or just plain stupid. I am not sure if I can stand her because I have a pet peeve when it comes to being totally oblivious to danger. Which girl, in their right mind, will drink red tea right behind a robot that she has no clue about and happily announced her existence to this possible hostile Leopard? The sudden marriage right at the start without any warning should have told me that this is classic Sunrise territory. If it helps, I did not know that it was Sunrise until I complained in IRC that the story plot makes no sense. After that, someone just told me, &#8220;it&#8217;s Sunrise.&#8221; and everything makes sense now. The story is trying too hard, and it shows. That said, it might still be good because there are many major plots that will be interesting. I am not sure if I will be able to contain the number of &#8220;WTFs&#8221; before I quit on this. In terms of the other characters, Leopard helped to make this show more tolerable with its insane nonsensical speech. The interaction between Leopard and Akiha is surreal though and I actually like Imo-chan because she is so strangely eccentric. I mean, a small critter appearing from a human-looking robotic maid is just downright awesome. It sounds great and it looks great too. If you take your time to read Panther&#8217;s impressions of the show , the seiyuu cast are among the A-listers of anime seiyuus and will be a plus factor too. Names like Aya Endo, Yui Makino, Yukana and Yukari Tamura should be familiar names to those who are acquainted with seiyuu knowledge. Animation is top-notch and perhaps the best animated series for all the series I have watched for the current winter season. I have to say that there is a lot of unwanted fanservice. Perhaps Code Geass could have been an influence for the show because they are probably trying to make a Kallen from Itsuki. Honestly, what is up with the fricking suit? She&#8217;s like almost completely naked. I do not need silly fanservice to detract from my plot and viewing pleasure. Whenever a show deliberately puts in unneeded fanservice to please viewers, I feel completely insulted and it is a total turn off for me. That said, the animation for even the giant Leopard spacecraft is done in a fluid manner and I do not think that there should be any issue with animation for this show at least. So, despite my rather negative impression of the show, it might work still. Sunrise&#8217;s animation is fluid and beautiful. If it is able to tone down the grandeur attempt to explore a million plots at one go, Sora wa Kakeru Shoujo might just work. I do not know how to recommend this to anyone for now though. It is way too disjointed, confusing and strikingly weird for a first episode, and requires additional episodes to verify its worthiness for viewing.', 'http://that.animeblogger.net/2009/01/08/impz-first-winter-impressions-sora-wa-kakeru-shoujo-sunrise-original/', '1231427139', '1231435520' )

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Background Senator Orrin Hatch, the bill’s sponsor and moral authority douchebag A bit of preliminaries here, the model citizen in question was convicted under the cutely named PROTECT Act passed by Congress in 2003. Don’t think this was Congress’ first time at the child porn rodeo however. The Supreme Court had already struck down large swaths of its predecessors, namely the Communications Decency Act, the Child Pornography Prevention Act, and the Child Online Protection Act. But Congress was not about to let the Constitution to get in the way of getting votes, and once again voted to “protect the children.” The law imposes criminal sanctions on anyone who knowingly possesses a visual depiction of any kind, including a drawing, cartoon, sculpture, or painting, that: 1) Depicts a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct and is obscene; or 2) Depicts an image that is, or appears to be, of a minor engaging in graphic bestiality, sadistic or masochistic abuse, or sexual intercourse, including genital-genital, oral-genital, anal-genital, or oral-anal, whether between persons of the same or opposite sex and lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value Also note that “it is not a required element of any offense under this section that the minor depicted actually exist” and that Mr. Whorley was convicted under the bolded clause. Note that many of the words in this statute do not mean what the dictionary says; they are legal terms of art that can only be explained through case law. And Congress was very, very particular in this drafting to skirt around the Supreme Court’s prior rulings, something that this Fourth Circuit court endorses. Because in Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition , as the court here points out, the Supreme Court held that “a statutory provision prohibiting any visual depiction that ‘is, or appears to be, of a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct’ violated the First Amendment insofar as it prohibited virtual imagery of minors that was neither obscene nor involved actual children.” This distinction is explored two sections below. II. Facts of the Case In 1999 Mr. Whorley was convicted of other crimes involving the download of child pornography (of real children I believe). However, he apparently was not able to “make a good faith effort to control his sexual deviance.” He repeatedly violated his supervised release which forbid him from using computers without permission and required him to get a job and attend various child porn rehab programs, none of which he did. The court also soberly noted that Mr. Whorley was often found “at local malls and public libraries frequented by children in direct disobedience of his probation officer’s instructions.” This fellow was basically a bona fide pedophile. As for the conviction at issue in this particular case, the facts are roughly as follows. The defendant went to the local state employment office and used the on-site computers for his porn fix. In view of everyone, at a public terminal, he both viewed and printed out underage hentai. Unsurprisingly, the staff noticed and stopped him, seizing the materials in the process and kicking him out. However, his Yahoo e-mail account was left open and the staff printed out several dirty e-mails (which is probably an illegal search, but his attorney failed to object at trial, and the FBI went after the e-mail account themselves regardless) in addition. After the incident was reported, the FBI investigated him thoroughly, finding that he conducted internet searches for “child sex play” and obtained explicit images of both real and drawn minors, all of this at the public terminal. A pretty open and shut case from an evidentiary standpoint, and unsurprisingly he was convicted on multiple counts. III. Essential Distinctions- Obscenity The First Amendment may say that “Congress shall make no law . . . abridging the freedom of speech” but it doesn’t really mean what it says. There are several exceptions to freedom of speech, including obscenity (others include incitement, fighting words, and libel), which the Supreme Court has concluded are not the types of speech the framers aimed to protect. The government is allowed to regulate those types of speech that are not protected, subject to court review. For those of you unfamiliar with the way things work in the States, Congress can write any law it feels like, but the courts can throw it out if it doesn’t follow the rules laid out in the Constitution. I won’t spend a lot of time on whether possession of child pornography depicting actual children is illegal, because the Supreme Court long ago found it so, albeit with certain restrictions. There are also some other holdings here on what constitutes possession and receiving that I’m going to skip over. My focus is on the holdings regarding whether the government can restrict pornography depicting children that are not real. First, child pornography depicting real children can be restricted by the government regardless of whether or not it is considered “obscene,” as decided in New York v. Ferber . On the other hand the court here cites the more recent Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition , which as previously stated, held that a statute that did not distinguish between real or actual children “violated the First Amendment insofar as it prohibited virtual imagery of minors that was neither obscene nor involved actual children.” The court reads that to indicate that the PROTECT Act language stating that “it is not a required element of any offense under this section that the minor depicted actually exist” is constitutionally valid because the crimes Mr. Whorley is charged with under the Act dealing with depictions of non-existent children require the depiction to be obscene. Note that Mr. Whorley was only convicted under 1466A(a)(1) (“receives or possesses with intent to distribute . . . depicts a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct and is obscene”) and not (a)(2), (b)(1) or (b)(2). The court makes no ruling on the constitutionality of those sections since the question was not before them. So the question becomes whether or not the depictions at issue are obscene, a word which has a long history of cases behind it. The widely cited Miller test from Miller v. California lays out the three guidelines for obscenity: 1) Whether the average reasonable person applying contemporary community standards would find that the work, taken as a whole, appeals to prurient interests 2) Whether the work depicts or describes sexual conduct in a patently offensive way, either actual or simulated, such as sexual intercourse, sexual bestiality, masturbation, sadism, masochism, excretion or lewd exhibitions of the genitals, or “hard core.” 3) Whether, considered in its entirety, the work lacks serious literary, artistic, political or scientific value Wow, that’s a lot of BS huh? Obscenity is one of the most flimsy areas of constitutional law, as Justice Stevens famously remarked that there isn’t a real standard for obscenity, but that he’d know it when he saw it. And each of those standards has its own line of cases defining the “rules” that would take me a very long time to talk about. What I think you should come away from this is that it’s really not that difficult to find that most hentai would be considered obscene if you really tried. Do you trust the overzealous U.S. Attorney who’s eyeing a run for Congress on a law and order platform and the “family values” judge with lifetime tenure you may get? I wouldn’t, frankly. I guess the more story your porn has the better you’d feel, as the classic examples of depictions of Constitutionally kosher children and sex with literary value are Lolita and Romeo and Juliet . Overly Simplified Post- Whorley Table for the Lazy/TL;DR Types Actual Child? Obscene? Protected? Actual Children Obscene Not Protected Actual Children Not Obscene Not Protected Not Actual Children Obscene Not Protected Not Actual Children Not Obscene Protected IV. The Future Who knows, right? Well I suppose we can always guess. First note that this ruling is technically only binding on the Fourth Circuit (see the map here for the states involved). However, it is also important to note that most of the time the other circuits will come to similar conclusions. There’s also a decent likelihood that if Mr. Whorley’s lawyers decide to appeal this that the Supreme Court would take it up, and such a ruling would be binding on the entire country. They have ruled on the constitutionality of all of the PROTECT Act’s predecessors (striking vast portions of them down, as previously noted). I’d certainly like them to take it up and strike it down because I feel that the Whorley opinion and the PROTECT Act go against what the Supreme Court was trying to say in Ashcroft , but that’s hard to predict. Today’s court is much different from the court that decided Ashcroft , with an extra couple of conservatives now sitting on the Court. Now some of you may be thinking, well is the FBI going to come and arrest me for my porn collection? Well first think of the situation here. This individual was an actual pedophile who was previously convicted of possessing real child porn, and in fact was convicted of possessing real child porn in addition to hentai in this case. He also was accessing it on a public computer; it was not the result of one of the FBI’s child porn sting operations. Consider also that there are domestic commercial hentai out there that depict minors, many of them with really great stories ( Crescendo or Figures of Happiness , for example) and I haven’t heard of anyone being arrested for them. Both depict high schoolers having sex, along with the laughable statement that everyone in it is 18 (which holds very little weight in court). On the other hand there’s plenty of tentacle rape hentai with no story that are probably obscene in this context. You may also want to consider another recent case of an Iowa man charged under the same statute for importing some sort of underage hentai. He got caught not because he was on a public terminal, but because he was importing manga from Japan and some bored post office officials decided to inspect it. The article indicates that the lower court ruled some parts of the PROTECT Act unconstitutional, but you can pretty much ignore that since it’s at the lowest level and the other judges can merely ignore it (not to mention it only affects Iowa’s district). I can’t really provide much insight into that case as I have no access to more of the details of the case. In the end I think readers should realize that maintaining freedom of speech is a continuous fight for us. We take many things for granted in today’s society, forgetting the struggles of our past and the things our predecessors had to endure to enable our freedoms. How far do you think it’s ok to push the sexual envelope? Is loli ok but not scat porn? Do you think that people should have their fetishes judged by others? Do these fetishes harm other people? Whether it’s your gang rape loli hentai or Bono saying “fuck” on live television, First Amendment jurisprudence is alive and kicking. Don’t let it pass you buy without understanding your rights.', 'http://that.animeblogger.net/2009/01/07/united-states-v-whorley-hentai-and-the-first-amendment/', '1231386354', '1231435520' )

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INSERT INTO wp_bdprss_items (item_feed_url, item_name, ref_number, text, item_url, item_time, item_update_time) VALUES ('http://that.animeblogger.net/feed/', 'Preemptive ABA 2009 Nominations', '3', 'Black is lelangir. ←[ 107 ] see lolikit&#8217;s here . Blue is lolikitsune. &#8220;Ne, lelangir-san, lelangir-san~!&#8221; &#8220;Nani, eruke?&#8221; &#8220;For the awards, do you nominate your favorites or the &#8216;objective&#8217; best?&#8221; &#8220;wut&#8221; Here, lolikit and lelangir take a look around the &#8217;sphere and discuss whom they would nominate for what if the Anime Blog Awards were to take place this instant. We only address those categories we thought would give us things to talk about, and, of those, some are more organized than others. Please weigh in with your own thoughts on the topics at hand in the comments, as this is more than a popularity contest. Best Editorial Editorial is a broad term. I guess in my own view, you have the bateszi / IKnight / Lawson style of commentary, and then there are the more analytic pieces. Not that styles and bloggers are mutually exclusive, of course. Lawson-style is, in more cases than not, just fanboying about something with airy diction that makes said fanboying sound harmless. All the while it infects his readers and turns them into automatons of love and moe! It is a disease! A diseeeeeeeease!! Favorite (non-meta) commentary: IKnight &amp; bateszi. I&#8217;m not surprised it&#8217;s the brits with the flowerly writing. I don&#8217;t read bateszi, I think because Owen &#8217;s hero-worship turned me off. If you hold him in such high regard, maybe I should change my ways? I guess it&#8217;s like eating, as IKnight would say, a very dark, rich chocolate cake. Well. I&#8217;m going to throw some nomnomnominations the way of Mike and jpmeyer , because I am living in the past. Take that! I remember jvaldez being an enjoyable read, but he&#8217;s been kinda dead lately. Most Thought-Provoking For little old me, thought-provoking in the &#8217;sphere has come to mean &#8220; RyanA , ghostlightning , Cuchlann , and lelangir debating something on a grossly meta level , replete with literary references and the names of psychologists.&#8221; That gives me over nine thousand directions to go in for listing blogs, as we&#8217;ve got RyanA&#8217;s one blog, Cuchlann&#8217;s two, ghostlightning&#8217;s three four, and&#8230; well, I can&#8217;t even begin counting all the blogs lelangir posts at. Ten, I think . If you were to put a gun to my head, however, I&#8217;d list the following three for most thought-provoking: Super Fanicom It&#8217;s a powerhouse of insight. It&#8217;s got three of the deepest writers in the &#8217;sphere. I must admit that I am not too familiar with Kaiserpingvin, but to be fair he&#8217;s only written on the site twice. I&#8217;m a special fanboy of Pontifus because he waxes literary on Aria from time to time , which gets me bothered and hot. I&#8217;d say, no offense to ponti-dono, that Cuchlann is easily the most thought-provoking blogger in the &#8217;sphere. I think OVER 9000 WORDS can attest&#8230;if you&#8217;ve read it. He basically kicks my ass and proceeds to rape me. I never said Pontifus was deeper. Just sexier. Not everyone has a rape fetish (to the relief of my next pick!). LOL, I finally get that joke after reading &#8220;public enemy #2&#8243; ; priceless, really. Anime Almanac No, this isn&#8217;t a joke. Nor is it a troll. The reasoning behind this pick might not be what our &#8220;ever lovable blogger&#8221; SVS might hope for, but I think it&#8217;s justified: Anime Almanac gets me thinking about why certain lines of thinking fail and why certain styles of blogging are better than others. I guess it&#8217;s harsh to say &#8220;your failure has made my mind stronger,&#8221; but it&#8217;s true. Thanks, Scott. Ah, you see, this is one reason why the category &#8220;thought-provoking&#8221; fails. A blog you find stupid can be very thought-provoking. Hell, I find Sankaku Complex fairly thought-provoking at times. Does that mean it fails? I don&#8217;t think so. We still have &#8220;Best Editorial&#8221; for those blogs that have truly good&#8230; well, editorials. We Remember Love ghostlightning, beyond collaborating with lelangir and others (myself included), has helped me reexamine my place in the &#8217;sphere. He has given me reason to continue applying &#8220;lolikitean understanding&#8221; ( IcyStorm&#8217;s testicular prespiration helps (ønlÿ For WôRMs LIKE Yöu who dó nOT Under st and !) ) in my reading of anime, and he has caused me on multiple occasions to pause and&#8230; for lack of a better word&#8230; think about things more than I otherwise would. In other words, he&#8217;s kept me in check, kept me pondering, kept me sharp. That&#8217;s thought-provoking, and that&#8217;s ghostlightning&#8217;s ever lovable (no joke here) blog. Well, what would you expect from a 30 year old dude who&#8217;s studied philosophy and literature? You could say, &#8220;just as planned.&#8221; He&#8217;s like the Kamina to my Simon&#8230; Coburn at Claiming Ground Coburn was one of the first blogs I frequented when I was starting out. What I like about his writing is that it is very theoretical, often providing frameworks with which to analyze anime. I don&#8217;t see this very often, but another great case is IKnight&#8217;s seminal pieces on GAR. I will specifically mention coburn&#8217;s &#8220; Reaction Porn &#8221; theory which insightfully distinguishes between character &#8220;development&#8221; and &#8220;revealment,&#8221; though he&#8217;s told me elsewhere the distinction thereof has more to be said. Best Meta If there&#8217;s one important lesson that the recent crop of metablogging has yielded, it&#8217;s that &#8220;blogs&#8221; don&#8217;t define blogosphere content as well as &#8220;bloggers&#8221; do. As such, it would almost be counter to the teachings of meta-anibloggery to nominate blogs in this category. Actually, fuck hedging. It would be counter to the teachings of meta-anibloggery. [but that&#8217;s why I said the ABA should nominate bloggers not blogs&#8230;] There, I said it. And I make no nominations. I think you&#8217;re forgetting ani-nouto and anitations . Yes, author is probably the best meta-blogger out there. If you don&#8217;t like his trolling, don&#8217;t take him seriously. I&#8217;d like to say anitations has great meta value because it&#8217;s a proxy. I lens content, as RyanA would say. So far, these are two of a kind&#8230; I don&#8217;t know if I&#8217;m forgetting them; mostly I&#8217;m thinking about you guys as bloggers rather than blogs. I don&#8217;t see how that makes a difference&#8230; It&#8217;s hard to divorce lelangir from lelangiricism. Meta-anibloggery essentially preaches separation of aniblog and aniblogger. Wait, we need to expand &#8220;meta&#8221;. I&#8217;d take &#8220;meta&#8221; for discourse on discourse. Introspection counts too. And in that case, I&#8217;d nominate usagijen for her awesome introspections. BigN and Jacob Martin come in close as well. Doesn&#8217;t TheBigN say the same thing everytime, though? Something about love, peace, and pancakes? No, =p =p =p =p eace =p ancakes Q.E.D.. Best Music I&#8217;ll let you handle this one, lelangir. I don&#8217;t read music aniblogs; as far as I&#8217;ve heard there aren&#8217;t many, they aren&#8217;t diverse, and they tend to suck. All yours, capitan. Zzeroparticle . He&#8217;s like, the only person that writes consistent music reviews. I don&#8217;t think I&#8217;ve ever seen musical analysis besides mine either&#8230; Then we are agreed: this is a category that actually fails. Yes, that&#8217;s kind of a shame, because the music community is so pathetically underdeveloped. I wish it were developed, but sadly, it isn&#8217;t&#8230; I&#8217;d love to see that, too—I hear you&#8217;re thinking of starting something up? But - and this is a constant debate in the metaverse - society isn&#8217;t up to the level of technology. Usually technology is a product of society. But I can&#8217;t just go make a music blog if there&#8217;s no plausible readership or niche there. It&#8217;s like that Heisei Democracy post where there&#8217;s this manga cafe in San Francisco. It can&#8217;t work because they&#8217;re attempting to transplate Japanese culture in America - they&#8217;re trying to force society to adapt to them, and it&#8217;s like trying to move an elephant with a toothpick. Makes sense, yeah. Well, best of luck should you try in the future! Rookie of the Year ghostlightning, digitalboy , and lelangir all seem like fairly solid choices to me. I&#8217;m not familiar with too many of the newer blogs, but those three are all rookies who bring a fuckton of positive energy to the table. ghostlightning is Mizunashi Akari if she were to fangirl about something. digitalboy is Mizunashi Akari if she were to make home videos and introduce profanity into her vocabulary. lelangir is Mizunashi Akari if she were the biggest slut ever. And as you all know, I love Mizunashi Akari . Yes I am a whore. What? &#8230; digitalboy isn&#8217;t a rookie? Older than one year. Fuck that shit. He&#8217;s a noob, and I&#8217;ve got no one to refill his place. The halo glows away&#8230; You&#8217;re forgetting coburn , pontifus and itsubun - they&#8217;re my three picks. It&#8217;s a shame that itsubun died off so quickly, but she made quite a large impact on me when I was starting out, especially with the dorama surrounding her and Sasa, lol. The pointless, idiotic drama between two idiots who just can&#8217;t leave well enough alone&#8230; sigh. Do they at least get points in the drama category? You&#8217;d be surprised, I took quite a bit out of some posts, as they really were great food for thought. That was not the impression I got from reading Sasa&#8217;s posts and talking to Mr. Pippers. The impression I did get was that some people were overreacting to each other and accomplishing little. There was one post by adventure_killy which was one of the most insightful posts I&#8217;ve read to date. It really got me thinking about the &#8220;location&#8221; of the otaku, and how we use loan words and how culture is transplanted. I can&#8217;t say much for coburn nor do him justice, only that his intelligent editorials are always a pleasure to read. Best Multiple-Author Blog Oi! Hayaku [hands down] [my hands are down too] Yes, you may think that OH is really a team blog but their content isn&#8217;t - as far as the reader is concerned - heterogeneous. I have heard there is quite a bit of teamwork behind the scenes, but if that teamwork is used only to produce homogenous content, I can&#8217;t see much difference. In any case, OH has the most awesome content (and at a prodigous rate) on an aggregate blog I&#8217;ve seen in a while. Did you somehow miss the two weeks of team posts ( lame example )? In any event, you&#8217;ll be changing your tune by the ABAs&#8230; OH! has some sick shit to unleash! I&#8217;m concerned about these GATTAI posts, whether they&#8217;re actually any good or not&#8230;oh shi- They would be if Riex had us using Google Docs for collaboration. Talk about underused utility! Aaaand&#8230; who else? I&#8217;m disinclined to give awards to the would-be shoe-ins THAT or Yukan (THAT isn&#8217;t even qualified this year, right?), for the sole reason that they&#8217;re just same-old, same-old. An aggregate blog gets a bit tedious after a while, especially if the authors come and go without changing much. How&#8217;s it like over at Calamitous Intents ? To be honest I don&#8217;t read them much, but they seem fresher than THAT-spawn. I don&#8217;t read them much either since I don&#8217;t follow the media they blog, VN&#8217;s and the Naruto manga. Super Fanicom is good aggregation I guess, since it&#8217;s the home of a lot of awesome posts by a lot of awesome people. And what, ghostlightning hopped on board while we were writing this post? Shit man, this is what I mean by a &#8220;fast-paced&#8221; aniblogosphere . Shall we move onto true team blogs now? Best Team Blog I&#8217;m stumped. Did we decide there are no true team blogs? OH! is trying to be one, other aggregate blogs aren&#8217;t trying, and whorish team bloggers are sort of wrecking the status quo&#8217;s shit. Fun stuff! Yes, I haven&#8217;t seen any true tream blogs, per se (I don&#8217;t know if epicwin counts), though many blogs and their constituent bloggers exhibit teamwork. Oh. Epic Win! Why did I forget them? They definitely count. GO TO EPIC WIN!! GO TO EPIC WIN!! I&#8217;ll show you the true meaning of epic win&#8230; Most Influential I&#8217;m calling #1 right now - derailedbydarry.com Its influence should be obvious; &#8220;we hold these things self-evident.&#8221; And my favorite influential blog would be lovelykitsune.com I&#8217;ve said this a million times in a million posts, none of which I&#8217;ll link here, that Lovely Kitsune was the one person who introduced me to anime blogs. While Jason Miao is technically the catalyst of the reaction that created &#8220;lolikitsune,&#8221; if it weren&#8217;t for LK-senpai I never would have even gotten that far. I never would have discovered the then-AOMM, I never would have begun blogging, and, as I point out in my most digustingly self-loving post ever , the aniblogosphere would have developed very, very differently. You make a point - it&#8217;s hard to determine &#8220;influence.&#8221; I can&#8217;t say I directly copy or strive to emulate any particular blogger to the point of fetishism, and because I don&#8217;t read Danny Choo or Dark Mirage or Jason Miao I&#8217;m kind of clueless on how these big guys have influenced the entire sphere over the years. It&#8217;s not that we aspire to emulate (though I did emulate Miao as a joke for a while), it&#8217;s that these people used to be big players in a very small sphere. Now that the &#8217;sphere has grown, the percentage of said sphere that is these Ancient Ones&#8217; penises is smaller. So they&#8217;re less directly influential on new people&#8230; but they shaped the sphere in big ways. Hm, well, I guess I have to give credit for IKnight for being my gateway blogger. If it weren&#8217;t for his MAL profile and &#8220;Colonial Code Geass &amp; Narnian Nerve Gas&#8221; I might not be here today. I can see IKnight being a huge influence, especially for the editorial types who came before him and were like &#8220;OMG! I gotta shape up!&#8221; (here&#8217;s looking at you, Mike *clink*). I&#8230;I&#8230;I..it&#8217;s n..n..not that I&#8217;d call blogging about soap influential or anything! Best Dorama I make a point of ignoring this shit as best I can because more often than not it&#8217;s sparked by spiteful elitists. My favorite drama would be Omo x Owen on Twitter , but does that count? I don&#8217;t know; it&#8217;s certainly not a blog, though. Perhaps we could award Owen with something for sparking so much drama (he was getting me good, at least, in mid-November), but that might be erring on the side of &#8220;too close to home.&#8221; Actually, these past few months, I&#8217;d give best dorama to a sort of plane of bloggers revolving around the fansub thing, Von Schilling et al. It even gets IcyStorm all hot and bothered. Oh yeah. SVS. Sigh. I guess&#8230; I guess I WOULD give him this award. (Let&#8217;s see how that affects his self-perception as &#8220;ever lovable.&#8221;) Best Satire Obviously I think I should win in this category. I won&#8217;t make any nominations here because I don&#8217;t want it to look like I&#8217;m setting up losers, but I will gladly comment on lelangir&#8217;s picks. I also like lolikit&#8217;s satire because, while it is hilarious, it is also lucid and insightful. Though I enjoy lolikit&#8217;s meta-satire moreso than when he satires anime. Of course Baka-Raptor is up there when he makes fun of anime. Who&#8217;m I kidding? Baka-Raptor is a king of satire. Hinano is also quite sharp quite frequently, as is JP ( and now that they&#8217;re on a single blog it&#8217;s only one nomination ! Take that, blogger&#8217;s bloggers!). I was never really into HINANO RAEG&#8230; Her blog posts are usually better than her tweets. Maybe it&#8217;s just the emoticons? They make me laugh while thinking, &#8220;man, this shit she&#8217;s posting about, it&#8217;s so shitty.&#8221; You know I&#8217;d put IKnight up here too. His satire is subtle (it&#8217;s British), but boy is it hilarious. Didn&#8217;t he quit blogging or something? lol he&#8217;s been alive for quite a few posts now. He was pretty active while in blogohiberation anyway. Not to say inactivity&#8217;s going to stop me from making my third nomination in this category&#8230; LovelyKitsune.com I&#8217;ve beaten this dead horse to the metaphorical pulp, but I&#8217;ll beat it again. Lovely Kitsune is my hero. If it weren&#8217;t for him, I never would have discovered three important things: loli, yuri, and a sense of humor. Oh, and a fourth: the aniblogosphere. He&#8217;s a shoe-in for most influential, but the important thing here is how he roped me in, and that would be masterful satire played to its fullest. His wit broadened the anus of my sense of humor and left me wanting more. &#8230; &#8220;dial-up would never suffice again.&#8221; OmoxOwen aka HarukaxYuuta Yeah, well, him and Owen having sex is pretty funny to watch. Especially on twitter. Agreed, but refer to what I wrote under Best Dorama. Their bickering isn&#8217;t satire&#8230; it&#8217;s high school girl idiocy. &#8220;WHORE! WHORE!&#8221; AAAAAND that&#8217;s it. This is lolikit bee tee dubz, stealing lelangir&#8217;s color briefly. Just wanted to wrap stuff up with extremely awkward and un-funny words such as these. I hope you read everything, as there&#8217;s some good stuff up in there. Again, please weigh in on the &#8220;discussion&#8221;—this is more than a popularity contest; there&#8217;re issues addressed in the above with implications affecting the entire &#8217;sphere. Also, could we get some applause for Google Documents? An omiclap , perhaps? Thank you.', 'http://that.animeblogger.net/2009/01/07/preemptive-aba-2009-nominations/', '1231360761', '1231435520' )

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INSERT INTO wp_bdprss_items (item_feed_url, item_name, ref_number, text, item_url, item_time, item_update_time) VALUES ('http://that.animeblogger.net/feed/', 'Maria-sama ga Miteru S4 - 01: Drama in Your in Drama', '4', 'Crusader: black text lelangir: blue text ←[ 105 ] Note: In an effort to remedy the current lack of team work I hope you all don&#8217;t mind me conscripting Comrade lelangir for this one, I normally have trouble blogging about non mecha shows and this time it was easier since lelangir is a rabid marimite fan. I thank him for his cooperation and hopefully we can do this again sometime. I hope that the format we used is realtively easy to follow. So far so good even if the ED is spoilerific as hell I suppose that at least Kanako seems to get a conciliatory prize in the OP. I thought the ED was very trashy, and the song was awesome - awesome wah and cheese synths are awesome. Still the OP was like hey did Yumi just get magical powers or something, must have been a subtle knife or some such. Well Cuchlann said how the new pop OP suited the matriculation well - leave the classical music behind for the seniors, the new girls are in power now. Well at least it will be a bloodless coup I suppose. I also see that we have some minor consistency issues still, but this washed out color pallet seems a bit weird. if memory serves me correct it use to be a bit brighter, might be the sub though. I still see little resemblance between Yuki and Yumi though. They&#8217;re using the art style they used in the third season OVAs, which I actually prefer. I suppose so still for a genderbend it&#8217;s just not as fun as I was hoping it would be, though pretty much everything is subdued. Well the cat&#8217;s out of the bag already&#8230; Will they finally kiss this year? It&#8217;s tradition&#8230; One day Yoshino will be writing fan fics about this&#8230; I thought this episode did a fairly good job of painting Kanako as a &#8216;tragic&#8217; character. It&#8217;s also good because they didn&#8217;t have to start from scratch, as they had three previous expository seasons at their base. I would have been more partial to Kanako being petite soeur, but I guess with Touko it&#8217;s borderline selfscest. The boys on the other hand, well at least it is still not about them so much. Nevertheless Yuki in Kimono is very much glam band cross dressing. You have to wonder though what kind of parents would name their kid Alice. Oh Alice&#8230;I don&#8217;t know what to make of him. His presence in the previous seasons wasn&#8217;t memorable and he was parodied a bit in the DVD funny specials. I wasn&#8217;t particularly fond of Kanako&#8217;s blatant sexism. Besides that, it&#8217;s an obvious ploy for later character development, but feels rather contrived. She&#8217;s right you know men are scum, I know them very well, hell I am one . Any way since the cat is out of the bag anyway they have to peel her off some how. The only guy in the show I didn&#8217;t like was Sachiko&#8217;s incestual cousin or whatever. Pretty full of himself, trying to come onto Sei. According to Wiki he&#8217;s gay for Yuki&#8230;any way the guy is an ass, they ought to trade him for Hosaka. Haha oh lord Hosaka&#8230; She totally ate your lunch dude. Yuki has a much to learn about the Oyama way. I fail to see the resemblance as well. Looks like Mako-cakes and Maria will not have to worry about competition here. What did you think about Touko&#8217;s appearances? Liked the (no pun intended) drama? As for myself, well, I always like twin-drill tsunderes. But Touko&#8217;s &#8220;natural&#8221; grace was nicely complemented by Yumi&#8217;s internal thoughts, especially when she notes how Touko is a natural liar. So there, they set up a nice contrast between Kanako and Touko. You could say both are introverted, while one is silent, the other is blatantly false. Well I guess Touko wants to be a manly man for Yumi, the Drama Club thing was kind of meh. Still I understand why she felt that she could not show her face there. Touko has a lot of pride. One interesting thing was how Kanako reacts to Sachiko&#8217;s bidding. Of course Sachiko is the big boss around there, and Kanako was acting incredibly submissive, putting on a disgustingly insincere smile. And while Sachiko can easily see through Touko&#8217;s masks, could she see through Kanako&#8217;s? Practicality trumps pride any day, though you are right Touko is proud to the point of arrogance sometimes. Kanako is a bit harder for Sachiko to read, after all they hardly know each other despite both being tall dark and bishoujo. Still for now they seem similar in some respect, I like that Kanako is at least trying to kill every man she sees. Some like Rule 63 more than others&#8230; Touko makes funny faces too. Varying degrees of want? Honestly though I kind of wanted a &#8220;YOU SHALL NOT PASS!&#8221; when Yumi confronted Touko. Oh man that scene was LOL. What was Yumi doing? - I was clearly waiting for a bitch slapfest. It&#8217;s freaking marimite, a bitch slap is as likely as a colony drop, still I wonder if they are going to do Little Women, after all relatively speaking Touko is rather little. I mean, Yumi&#8217;s antics are pretty hyperbolic (and they satire that in the DVD specials too), which is why I enjoy watching her. She&#8217;s very moe, I suppose, a quintessential klutz. Touko does at least have the funny face similarity going for her, come to think of it it seems the House of Chinensis is populated with dojikkos of one sort or another, only Yoko wasn&#8217;t in the habit of embarrassing herself. Even if Yumi is hyperbolic I suppose that is the mark of a politician, and there does seem to be a Chinensis Dynasty. Yeah, you could call Sachiko hyperbolic in ways, subdued hyperbolism, especially her drama (particularly season one), though Sachiko really seems in control of herself this season, the true mark of maturity, perhaps? - so you can see how we&#8217;ve been through three years of students, and this rite of passage theme is always evident. The generational thing is an aspect I do like, in most cases time seems to stand still for other slice of life type shows. That one&#8217;s enthusiastic to say the least. Would you kindly? A man chooses, a Yumi obeys&#8230; I wonder if we are going to get Yakk Deculture Touko and Sachiko when they finally visit Yumi in her natural habitat. Well I think Sachiko&#8217;s already been exposed and attuned to Yumi&#8217;s rather wild-side, especially when they go jeans-hunting in the first season. But I think the Yakk Deculture might come around for either Sachiko or Kanako when they have to confront each other. This will be important because Yumi has to decide between Kanako and Touko, so you&#8217;re going to have Sachiko, the grandmother, incur her divine matriarchal intervention somewhere along the line. As if Sachiko is ever going to give up Yumi. Well, I mean that this first episode was a really good exposition in that it clearly established the Kanako/Touko dichotomy. What is left is how Yumi is going to deal with it, therefore setting herself up for some intruiging character development . I have no idea what the solution will be but I doubt it will be orthodox. I suppose though given the preview it will be time to meet some one&#8217;s parents, probably Kanako&#8217;s. It&#8217;s certainly off to a good start, though with a series this venerable I don&#8217;t think much will change, not sure if it will draw in any new fans though since it was not beginner friendly and requires the viewer to be privvy to some past events as well. Yeah, one thing I like about this anime is that parents actually exist, however marginally. Overall I think that at least given the spate of parental problems in the stuff I have been watching or at least noticing, it&#8217;s nice to see parents that are fairly normal in that they do not intervene heavily into the lives of their children. The Girl That Leapt Through Time also displayed this in a very nice manner, IMO. We rarely see Yumi&#8217;s parents, but it was funny when they showed up during the sports fest and there was a whole bunch of irony going on; just a typical &#8220;my parents embarass me!&#8221; moment. To be honest kids embarrass their parents plenty in return&#8230; In case you missed it. Nervous eh? So moe you died? Because we&#8217;re not finished with the school festival, we&#8217;ll still see how effective Sachiko&#8217;s ploy is - she&#8217;s just trying to use dramatic genderbending as a means for extroversion, but it&#8217;s backfiring for Kanako. It hasn&#8217;t backfired fully yet, and she was sort of agonizing over two tickets, I can already guess who they are meant for though. Hah! - well, I think the genderbending trick can&#8217;t go wrong. However it ends, it will produce some sort of drama that leads to character development, though this development - regardless of the drama the path takes - will probaby be the same. Indeed in marimite as much things change many things stay the same, or you could call it two steps forward one step back! Would you kindly? I think Touko is very similar to Yumi&#8230; Very similar&#8230;', 'http://that.animeblogger.net/2009/01/07/maria-sama-ga-miteru-s4-01-drama-in-your-in-drama/', '1231317328', '1231435520' )

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INSERT INTO wp_bdprss_items (item_feed_url, item_name, ref_number, text, item_url, item_time, item_update_time) VALUES ('http://that.animeblogger.net/feed/', 'White Album 01: I smell a shitstorm&#8230;', '5', 'Okay Boys looks like we have to raid the Super Special bus&#8230; So while there seems to be a rather tepid and hostile reaction to White Album I was utterly delighted to see that for the short term we have the greatest wretched hive of scum and villainy dumb and emo all in one show. Sure it already looks dated with the pay phones and a strong US Dollar, but nevertheless while these characters are boring and look rather samey, they do have one thing going for them, emotional “problems.” Yes this alone will attract Tanukis that remember Kimi ga Nozomu Eien and fans of Takayuki. Maybe it will surprise me but for now I have decided to study these subjects with a ghillie suit armed with liberal amounts of sneering contempt. Also Pardon the Suchong Accent . Observation Log 001 Corpsman Crusader, Subject: Toya Fuji Too dumb to phone home&#8230; Young man is loser always late for work, he woke up at noon and did not have enough balls to tell his supervisor in person about how he over slept. Subject got fired, to think that a bunch of people were turned down for the job only for him to bitch about girlfriend is galling. Stupid boy no understand real suffering complains more than professional activist about CIA conspiracy. He saw his girlfriend some up coming fetish fuel that is rather boring, he not have feelings enough to kiss her or anything, he calls her his “everyday.” Must be reference to how often he faps to her picture. Keeps his so called best friend sexually frustrated by being third wheel, with friends like Fuji who need enemy? Also have fear of girl on TV, talks a lot of shit about people he don’t know let alone meet. Subject hates his father but called home to beg for money, while he failed to show up on anniversary of his mother’s death. Subject seems like a douche. Observation Log 002 Corpsman Crusader, Subject: Haruka Kawashima She charges for bike ride. Girl on bike suicidal, part of me wish she slid out and hit dumb boy and break her neck. Worse thing about love triangle as that almost every other girl want to make it a harem. Her cousin Ami is so much cuter, regardless subject is hard on for dead “nii-san” but now she try to get into pants of best friend’s lover. Look like Tanuki can suck on egg he no get sis-con. Such a waste throwing her talent away mourning like she’s the only one who had to bury a relation. Usually sports girl have brain or at least strong this one weak like straw. Possible necrophiliac. Observation Log 003 Corpsman Crusader, Subject: Yuki Morikawa As soon as she cries it will look authentic. Fetish fuel is obviously an invertebrate given lack of spine, it also have trouble with basic motor function and can barely do her job right. Supposedly she’s up and coming, though I can easily imagine her suffering fate of Ranka, manager is however quite useless. So subject is safe for now from remixes and Breras. It buy cans of juice for its natural predators, the red hyenas, but lacked brain cells to put velocity with the mass she brought back as defensive measure. I estimate that severe and crippling damage could have been done given frail frame of predator species and size of cans. Recently dressed like high school drama club, will add in small razor to see if there will be reaction, should have cut away middle from generic white dress of bad design to expose midriff; wasted opportunity. Possible Hippie. Observation Log 004 Corpsman Crusader, Subject: Rina Ogata LISTEN TO HER SONG! Interesting subject this one, limited observation time probably meant less chance for Ogata to fuck up. Seems to be alpha female and top predator of food chain, ate red hyenas for breakfast, subject seems universally feared. Current hypothesis is pheromones so strong that they can pass through native TV. Manager seems old and fat, perhaps it is her pet or farm animal? Subject seems to tolerate Yuki like lion playing with food, subject promoting dead end relationship for Yuki with stalker. Hopefully subject is not predatory and will show signs of yuri-lust. Voice and haircut seem /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:&quot;Table Normal&quot;; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-parent:&quot;&quot;; mso-padding-alt:0in 5.4pt 0in 5.4pt; mso-para-margin:0in; mso-para-margin-bottom:.0001pt; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:10.0pt; font-family:&quot;Times New Roman&quot;;} more interesting.', 'http://that.animeblogger.net/2009/01/06/white-album-01-i-smell-a-shitstorm/', '1231297500', '1231435520' )

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INSERT INTO wp_bdprss_items (item_feed_url, item_name, ref_number, text, item_url, item_time, item_update_time) VALUES ('http://that.animeblogger.net/feed/', 'A Christmas Dialogue Round 1', '6', '←[ 104 ] This was a round-robin by lelangir , Lbrevis , ghostlightning and usagijen . In it, we start by discussing Christmas (we started a while ago heh&#8230;) and how it&#8217;s turned into such a commercial enterprise. We use Kannagi and Lucky Star as vehicles for our discussion. This round robin took place in the form of a chain letter. I wrote a short remark, and emailed to the next participant. I hoped that this would develop a linear dialogue, although that&#8217;s only part true. Round 1. See Round 2 Here lelangir : So, in relation to Christmas and religion, one interesting case is in Kannagi , specifically Zange (which wiki tells me means &#8220;penitence&#8221; or &#8220;confession&#8221; in Japanese). In essence, Zange chooses her host, a Christian nun, because it is a more popular religion, and so all the faith she receives is what nourishes her existence. Nagi, on the other hand, comes from an ancient religion, which is not so monolithic in itself, &#8220; Shintoism &#8221; being an agglomerative representation of many tribal religions. This is also shown in Natsume Yuujin-chou 02, where a god continuously shrinks until he vanishes because his only worshipper and source of faith, an elderly lady, dies. People have mentioned how Kannagi is social commentary on religion and cultural idolatry. And this is supported by, literally, the idolization of Nagi, manifested quite clearly in the OP . Lbrevis : I think it all comes down to the fact that generally speaking the Japanese are not religious, at least not in the way the West is. Just the other day I saw a bumper sticker that said &#8220;Keep Christ in Christmas.&#8221; The driver would undoubtedly be horrified to know that in Japan Christmas is a commercial event where the Christmas cake is far more important than a baby in a manger. So getting back to shrine maidens, it&#8217;s not surprising that Kannagi mixes pop culture with religion in a way that would be sacrilegious to everyone else&#8230; in America! (thank you, Bandit Keith). It may be, for better or for worse, that Nagi has really hit on something here and this is the only way to make an ancient religion like Shintoism relevant. ghostlightning : The Philippines is the largest Christian (Catholic) country in Asia, and over here, the Christmas season begins in&#8230; September! So imagine the eerie juxtapositions of Santa Clause and Jack o&#8217; Lanterns during Halloween. Here however, despite the overt colonization into Christianity, we appropriated Catholicism right back - in very animistic ways. Patron saints bless locales the same way Nagi the patron goddess of her area. You&#8217;ll really see oddities, such as the Black Jesus in the heart of Manila (Quiapo district). The people, the worshippers, by appropriating religion to fit within their own understanding and comfort levels, perpetuate religion. I&#8217;m pretty sure Jesus isn&#8217;t black, and neither are Filipinos, but the Catholic church didn&#8217;t/couldn&#8217;t declare this sacrilegious. Nagi may be on to something. usagijen : I recently thought about how Japanese can&#8217;t say the pun-ny line &#8216;Christ puts &#8220;Christ&#8221; in Christmas&#8217; because of how they represented Christmas in their language &#8212; クリスマス &#8212; simply KURISUMASU, with no Christ in sight, and I guess that would make more sense when you take into account what Lbrevis said. They could&#8217;ve opted for the Chinese equivalent, 聖誕節, if they really wanted to show its religious roots, but they didn&#8217;t, as though they just adapted Christmas for the sake of its &#8220;modern-day rituals&#8221;. In the words of ghostlightning, it&#8217;s like they simply appropriated Christmas to fit their own understanding, in the same way religion works, or pop culture for that matter. There&#8217;s a reason why idols, both in religion and pop culture, are called as such. And when you see the incredible feats my fellow countrymen &#8212; the Filipino devotees &#8212; go through just to touch their beloved Nazarene idol each year (illustrated in the pic provided by ghostlightning), no less than the die-hard fans of, say, Michael Jackson or Miley Cyrus (or other phenomenal craze), who cry, faint, and fall head over heels for their beloved pop star idol, the intersection between the two becomes even more vague. Do we call the religious devotees&#8217; act sacrilegious, or simply an admirable display of faith and devotion? How about the overzealous act of fans? The thin line that separates them is the sanctity aspect of religion, which is quite ambiguous in and of itself. Religion is a mainstream pop culture , after all. Now if my confusion serves to affirm the social commentary present in Kannagi, then all I can say is, Nagi may be on to something indeed. Concluding questions for the reader 1. Are you a religious person in any way? Does your anime watching conflict with or support your beliefs? 2. Are you comfortable with how religion is portrayed in anime? If so, does it make the show interesting? entertaining? 3. If you were to draw a line, what is/should be taboo?', 'http://that.animeblogger.net/2009/01/05/a-christmas-dialogue-round-1/', '1231205629', '1231435520' )

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INSERT INTO wp_bdprss_items (item_feed_url, item_name, ref_number, text, item_url, item_time, item_update_time) VALUES ('http://that.animeblogger.net/feed/', 'WHAT Impz Hate about Anime: &#8220;Cooking Moe&#8221;', '7', 'Being an anime blogger for a few years now, I realized that the amount of hate I accumulated over many things that are unique to anime settings have gone near the levels of Hinano hate of crap anime . Of course, if I ever reach the levels of Hinano hate, that will mean that I am a very disgruntled guy that will complain to my significant other about this shit, only to realize that the significant other is already pointing the middle finger at the screen. Thinking of that, I realized it is a good idea to just write some of my many dislikes (currently at the count of 178 and increasing as we speak) on the blog. To premiere this collection of hate about anime, I will start off with something that I can never apprehend: Cooking Moe. No, I am not talking about anime girls who can cook. I am talking about those anime girls who are considered to be moe because they manage to waste a whole bunch of ingredients into carbon. If you ask any self-justified anime fan, you will find that many of them find this clumsy characteristic of the girl to be so moe-inducing that they just fall deeper in love with the character. Read that right: The inability to carry out something from a cookbook is supposed to be an act of cuteness. What is wrong with you guys? Someone who waste ingredients on a perfectly simple meal deserves to be scolded and reprimanded for her incompetence. I mean, do you ever find a girl who cannot cook to save her life in real life cute. Do you find her so adorable that you pray for her to be unable to cook for her entire life? I don&#8217;t get it because I find the inability to cook to be a distinct liability regardless of gender. That is why I cannot understand this fetish at all since an act of stupidity is meant to be cute. I guess these people will worship Fuuko for the same level of stupidity she exhibits. However, that will be the topic for the next post in this series. Next Entry: I will talk about retarded moe, one of the most complex moe that I will never get. Also check out the poll on the sidebar. It&#8217;s the perfect use of the poll now.', 'http://that.animeblogger.net/2009/01/05/what-impz-hate-about-anime-cooking-moe/', '1231169644', '1231435520' )

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INSERT INTO wp_bdprss_items (item_feed_url, item_name, ref_number, text, item_url, item_time, item_update_time) VALUES ('http://that.animeblogger.net/feed/', 'Impz&#8217;s first Winter impressions - White Album, another IDOL show?', '8', 'If you are wondering where Impz went, he was engulfed into the sea of PSP. The sweet and wonderful Thirteensugars (my girlfriend) bought me a PSP for Christmas, and I received it two days ago. Needless to say, I literally abandoned every single thing that has been bothering me in my activities, and dropped them to play PSP for the whole day. Finally, the addiction has eased down quite a bit, and I am ready to blog anime. The next show I am dealing with is White Album. White Album. Wonderful. I am going to have so much fun with this review. Summary Touya dreamed of Yuki, his girlfriend who was a singer. In his dream, he could not hear the noise projected from some loud rock music nearby. Eventually in the dream, Yuki left him to perform on a stage. When he woke up, he found that Yuki was talking about Ogata Rina, a senior in the same agency, on television. Touya realized he was late for university and ran off for classes. At the entrance of the university, he met up with Yuki but she was pestered to leave almost immediately by her manager. Upon reaching his university, Touya meets his friends Nanase Akira and Sawakura Misaki. Misaki offers the book of Robert Browning, &#8220;The Pied Piper of Hamelin&#8221;, for a read. They were in a conversation that veered toward the amount of time he had with Yuki. It made him realized that he had to catch up with Yuki more before they completely lost touch with each other. As he walked with Akira to his new workplace at Echoes (a pub), he pointed the obvious fact that Akira was never able to confess his feelings to Misaki. The two meet a girl named Kawashima Haruka next, who wishes to spend some time with Touya. When Akira brings up a comment about playing tennis with him instead though, she takes off on her bike. We realized that Haruka stopped playing tennis after her brother died, and Touya reprimanded Akira for his insensitivity. On the train, Touya told Akira that Yuki moved to a new apartment, and she did not have a phone line or a phone connection. Akira noted that Yuki was really on her way to the world of the idols. At a studio, Rina walked past a all-female band and entered Yuki&#8217;s dressing room. She realized that it was the band who deliberately spilled coffee on Yuki&#8217;s dress. Rina realized that it was her lecture on them during last week&#8217;s show that prompted them to take revenge on something related to Rina. Rina wanted to help, but Yuki said she would take care of it herself. Touya also spent some time at his workplace. A man named Ogata Eiji, a person working with Yuki, appeared. Touya tried to follow him, but Eiji left before Touya could catch up. Akira then came over to inform that work is over. Akira also explained that just before Eiji was usually with Yuki did not mean that she would be with him all the time. Touya watches Yuki and Rina’s performance on the TV that night (they were showing the episode filmed last week). He then surprisingly getting a call from Yuki while it airs. As the two discuss what has happening with each other recently, it is revealed that Yuki solved that stained skirt problem by transforming her dress into something that had a completely different image. Rina interrupts Yuki during her phone call. When she learns that Yuki was talking to her boyfriend, she requests to meet him. Thoughts All right, where should I start? This is exactly the type of show that I will stubbornly watch for a few episodes and find myself enjoying it mildly. At least, it did show that there are a few interesting quirks that makes for refreshing takes on this popular melodrama genre, but I doubt that it will move far from the conventional plot. Unless White Album proves to be very different from the general details of this genre, I expect Touya to jump from girl to girl, with each different girl having some emotional problem that requires Touya to open the key to happiness. Or something. With that, the make or break issue with this anime is the characters. If the characters are immediately appealing (like Noe of True Tears), you find yourself totally suck into the show. Most of the time, the guy in the show is just a paper-thin character that can be ignored, even though it is obviously good if he manages to avoid the common problem of being a totally indecisive retard with the girls. I almost wonder if there is a male lead in this genre that has any spine. Touya might get a good start, since he is ALREADY ATTACHED . That&#8217;s at least something to applaud for this series. This might seem like this show is going to be great. I beg to differ because this series suffers from a fundamental problem. The problem with the series, the BIGGEST PROBLEM, is that none of the female characters contain any tangible appeal at all. In such series, you generally try to root for a certain girl, and the appeal of the girls tend to be very easily detected right at the start. For now, all the girls feel exactly the same with little differences at all. That makes it hard for me to care because they felt so generic. I mean, if one of them is less energetic, and another one is perhaps &#8230;more ditsy, it might make them a bit different. For now, they are just like clones to each other, and that is BAD FOR A SERIES who wants us to care about the girls. The animation, by far, is rather average for a series of melodrama (aka the girls must be appealing). It might be because I am spoiled after the excellent animation of True Tears (P.A WORKS), but these girls do not look half-attractive for me. It felt somewhat lazy and boring, and there is little to be excited about. Of course, the biggest attraction must be the seiyuu. With Yuki playing Aya Hirano and Mizuki Nana playing as Rina, the fanboys will just jump into the series bandwagon orgasming about the series even if it would suck. In the end, they will just blame the bad scripting and move on while praising Aya and Nana&#8217;s ability. I personally felt that the OP was distinctively Nana&#8217;s territory, and it is done with some style too. That is perhaps the strongest part of the anime series: the seiyuus. So, would I recommend it? I am not sure. On one hand, if they manage to make the love triangle (come on, it&#8217;s so darn obvious already) interesting, I might go on. However, for now, the characters are just way too bland for me to bother about this at all. Recommended for those who likes romance and melodrama, everyone else might want to think first before jumping into this.', 'http://that.animeblogger.net/2009/01/04/impzs-first-winter-impressions-white-album-another-idol-show/', '1231119448', '1231435520' )

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INSERT INTO wp_bdprss_items (item_feed_url, item_name, ref_number, text, item_url, item_time, item_update_time) VALUES ('http://that.animeblogger.net/feed/', '[Team Blue] Team blogging is not the future for anime blogging. Not now, not ever. [now with lelangir&#8217;s inserted thoughts which amount to the fact that it doesn&#8217;t take a team blog to do team blogging]', '9', 'lelangir: my thoughts are in blue I recently joined Team Blue , a group of informal friends in real life and on the web. As many of the group members are united by anime (be it otaku levels or pretty nonchalant like me), some of them have an anime blog to their credit. Recently, they started a Round Robin where members would be coerced invited to join in this exercise so that there will be cross-reading between blogs in Team Blue. Of course, you are more than welcome to chat in the #TeamBlue channel . The topic for the inaugural Team Blue Round Robin is whether the anime blogging future belongs to team blogging. As part of a team blog that has been around for a while, I think that I can answer that accurately to a certain extent. This post can be broken down into two categories: the logical fallacies of team blogging, and how team blogging can or cannot succeed. In short: Maybe, in some cases. In long: Read on. For the most non-TL;DR writing of this topic, do check out Scorio&#8217;s entry on his blog or Gargron&#8217;s entry . Now, tell me if he&#8217;s not succinct enough. The logical fallacies of team blogging First off, I don&#8217;t think &#8220;team blog&#8221; is a very operative term. To be brutally honest (no offense to the butthurt), here&#8217;s a basic list of blogs that I don&#8217;t really think are &#8220;team blogs&#8221;: THAT, Yukan, Drastic, RandomC, Seaslugs, Calamitous Intents, Scrumptious, Hey Say Anime. And here&#8217;s a list of blogs I think are actually &#8220;team blogs&#8221;: Epicwin, OH. [I&#8217;m tempted to put superfani here just because of OVER 9000 meaningless words and the Superfani Voice Module, but those are the only two cases.] THAT et al. aren&#8217;t team blogs because, while there is a generalized diversity in voice (me vis-a-vis RV), there isn&#8217;t nearly any collaborative effort at the level of content . Just because a blog HOSTS a &#8220;diversity of opinion&#8221; doesn&#8217;t in any way make it a &#8220;team&#8221; effort. THAT to me appears as simply a blog host with a shitload of readers rather than a place to collaborate with people. Don&#8217;t yell at me though, I&#8217;ve talked to Maipeisu about blogging Natsume SII in an Epicwin (literally) style. And I am even hesitant to call Cawalain appending his thoughts to the end of angry Crusader posts &#8220;teamwork&#8221;. I am even hesitant to call what I am doing now as &#8220;teamwork&#8221;, as I could just as easily copy the same exact content on another blog. Superfani, Epicwin and OH are team blogs because their content is sometimes produced by multiple voices. Consider the blog post the consitituent, empirical unit of the blog. If the empirical unit is homogeneous (crafted by one voice), it will attract a certain readership. If the empirical unit is penned by several people, a readership prone to one author cannot sift out the other voices to find his favorite author because the post will then make very little or a lot less sense. In short, where&#8217;s the teamwork in team blogs? Team blogging has become increasingly popular. If you take a look at the blogs that are being created, you will definitely find that there is a growing significant number of blogs that are starting out as team blogs. Despite possibly lumping a lot of blogs into very generic stereotypes, the formation of a team blog often derives from certain specific motivations. These motivations include. 1. It&#8217;s an easy way to start anime blogging. 2. A site started up by friends who is using the blog as a social exchange of communication between themselves. 3. Clueless critter who are lazy and thinks team blogs mean someone will be pressurized to blog. 4. It&#8217;s a fast track to popularity. 5. Creating a diverse discussion of topics as an one-stop blogging platform by already established solo bloggers. Some of these motivations do make a lot of sense at a quick glance. Let&#8217;s examine some of the underlying assumptions that are likely to be based on those motivations above. First of all, team blogs create this social responsibility within each member to write something to fill in the space. Correct, that&#8217;s not true, except for OH, which has deadlines . Second, with more people, it seems to make perfect logic that there will be a higher frequency of posts that generate activity. Third, team blogs are a good way to communicate not only between friends, but to a whole web of readers when the blog eventually becomes popular. And as I said previously, this is definitely a misconception . In addition, with others along with you, blogging becomes easier because you do not worry about having an identity. Lol. However, if anyone assumes that team blogs are the &#8220;Band-aid&#8221; to making a blog popular, you are solely mistaken. In fact, I will say that team blogs set up by the first four reasons are more likely to fail than single blogs. This needs a bit of clarification. The birth of a single-author blog is dependant on a few factors, all of which we cannot simply label as successful pre hoc just because it&#8217;s not a Team Blog. Take, for instance, ghostlightning&#8217;s We Remember Love, which was a huge success due to (1) the fact that he was a lurker ; (2) he whored it around traffic-dense blogs (trackbacks to THAT); (3) he is a good writer with good content. Also, look at the formation of IKnight&#8217;s Animanachronism, another hugely successful blog due to his pre-nascent lurker-status (so I&#8217;ve heard, his MAL blog helps as well). Also, take gaguri&#8217;s new blog , which seems to be doing fine because bateszi linked to it on twitter. Simply starting a blog out of nowhere from scratch without lurking is not easy to develop to heights. I can attest to that. Do not mind me for my pessimism but the likelihood of a team blog that are set up for the first four reasons are lately to disappear after a few months. Try to figure out the major logical fallacies with the above assumptions. Sad to say, many of these new team blogs recently were set up simply because of the first four reasons. Really, I can see difference only in scale between THAT et al. and dasaku.net or animeblogger.net. These dime-a-dozen blogs lack any direction in their blogging, and are merely a regurgitation of content where readers can get it from established blogs. I know this comment will hurt some egos out there, but it&#8217;s simply following the idea of preferential attachment in a scale-free network. For a dilettante, blogging might be fun for a few weeks before turning into a major chore. This is shown in a collective manner in team blogs. When the ship is floating, everyone stays around. Who stays below a ship that is sinking (when it does not look like the blog is getting popular or nowhere)? The possibility is high because few blogs succeed, and starting out as a team blog pulls you down based on two reasons: personality and more specifically in the current climate: the delusion that it allows the lack of innovation. Team blogs are NOT the way to succeed if you are starting out totally from scratch, and your blog is even more likely than a solo blog to die off. I think we need to clarify between joining and creating a team blog. Obviously, I am not saying that popularity of a blog should be the means to the end. If you just want a team blog for the sake of friendship between a small circle of buddies, go ahead. This is referring more about those who feel that team blogging is the best way to go for popularity. Sadly, it isn&#8217;t. How can team blogging work then? How can team blogging work then? Realize that it doesn&#8217;t take a team blog to do team blogging . We&#8217;re so caught up in the farce of centralized content that we forget about the significance of the author which is not an inert entity . Itsubun&#8217;s round robin is one example of content and a macro level. It briefly established a content-oriented microsphere. CCY&#8217;s 12 days thing is also another case, as well as the flurry of posts on Salinger&#8217;s The Catcher in August. Some of the major issues with team blogging are the exact things that will hinder the proliferation of big and long-staying team blogs. Of course, any blog can succeed with the right strategy in advertising and expanding through public relations, but that cannot save any blog without the right content. People who set up team blogs often assume that readers will come eventually because of the rapid number of posts. However, new blogs often find it hard to start off without any good strategy to advertise themselves. To explain this, it is best to use an actual example by a blog that I deemed to have succeeded from scratch. Oi Hayaku would be my example here. The difference here, as Impz says, is that the blog did not start from scratch. That makes all the difference because the readership for its constituent authors already existed prior to the construction of the aesthetic container in which the BLOGGERS are housed . The key difference between an &#8220;abortion&#8221; blog (like my original lelangir.wordpress blog) and a &#8220;surrogate&#8221; blog (like OH) is that my readership did not exist. I had to forge my own, while OH comes replete with its made already. The unintended dorama and the stringent manner to get established writers in their team blog were key ways to generate publicity. These bloggers in Oi Hayaku are already established writers in their own blog genre, and are easily among a small circle of prominent communicators who would eventually spread the word out to others about this new team blog. This generates a vicious cycle of publicity (negative/positive) and perhaps one of the key ways to get popular, and fast. Needless to say, Oi Hayaku is one of the more up-and-coming team blogs out there. How many new team blogs have the fortune to have such a big advantage at the start? A larger problem that hinder the possible growth of most team blogs is how they often start off on the wrong footing by recruiting anyone who is willing to come. COUGH, looks at Yukan, cough . That is the sure way to disaster because you create a mash of writers that lack any writing direction. Of course, you might run into luck by picking some great writer that will be awesome. What are the chances, I wonder, of him/her eventually flying solo or quitting on you after five posts due to his/her loss of interest? In THAT for example, we have a policy where the writer must contribute significantly in a different way to current writers, and be a better writer than most of the existing writers before they are accepted. You can call it an elitist view of recruitment, but team blogging requires even stronger personalities than a solo blog. I think that Impz should instate a &#8220;trial period&#8221; much like Riex&#8217;s because I haven&#8217;t seen Mr. Prince/Jiff/Phuzy post in ages. In that same way I&#8217;d be pretty fucked for several of my other blogs&#8230; Writers of weak personalities easily get consumed within the team blog, and people get bored when the voices sound just like everyone else. What we need to realize is that THAT has not one readership, but several constituent author-centric readerships. Your EOY post confirmed this. Readers come for Crusader, not THAT. Compare this to a blog whose empirical content is diverse in and of itself - the readership must intrinsically come for all authors that collaborate on such heterogeneous content. Think about forming a unified readership. If you want your blog to work out, why have a team blog that repeats the same old thing (episodic summaries)? It&#8217;d be awesome if THAT had two front pages, one column for currently airing shows or summaries, another for everything else. No one will care enough for a team episodic blog because you already have Random Curiosity churning out summaries as much as McDonald&#8217;s 60 second promise. I will dare say that team blogs that generate a mix of content not including episodic summaries are likely to succeed, and below is why. An important element that must exist in a successful team blog is the mix of forceful personalities in the blog. I am not sure if you read as vivaciously as me, but it is probably hard to read a team blog where there are no distinct personalities within a team blog . It&#8217;s even better when the authors have different personalites but are centered around one theme, like Superfani. Bunch of esoteric crap but we have very diverse opinions on theory. So our discussion is very localized and narrow, but diverse at the same time. That&#8217;s much different than simply having Crusader and Reverse Vampire hosted on the same blog&#8230;where&#8217;s the teamwork? Call it a mascot, a leader, a dictator or a chief, any team blog often requires someone with a strong personality or character to bring the blog around. In THAT, you will probably know the characteristics of the prominent bloggers here, be it the military/mecha man Crusader, fanservice loving Calawain or shoujo-loving Impz. People know that we have a very strong like or dislike, and hence have distinctive opinions about certain anime. That makes it easy for people to see that this is a team blog that have enough diversity that they need not go to another blog for information. One major issue that is pertaining to the current climate of blogging is the lack of innovation in team blogs. They rest on their laurels that having a team will succeed, without understanding the underlying reasoning for a team blog to work. A team blog only works when the mix of personalities and views create a sphere of different content that caters to different reader groups out there. It&#8217;s useless if you have three writers writing on shounen, and have similar views. What for? Simple logic tells you that people like novelty, and the current new team blogs other than a select few are not giving them that. On a personal level, I still see solo-blogging as the best means of communication. Hypothetically, insofar as THAT v4 had several front pages, that would constitute solo-blogging. The fact that readers quickly gaze over your content adjacent to someone else&#8217;s is incidental to your classification as a &#8220;team blog&#8221; - might as well call it aggregator . You are your own tyrant, and your personality flows through easily in the entry because it is uniform. If public relations and advertising is the way to create publicity for a new blog, the clear personality in your writing on the blog is the way to keep these readers there. A new team blog, without any time to create that personality, will often falter due to the mixed voice in their writing unless there are established writers that are willing to be the mainstay. Why dilute yourself and lose your own voice in a team blog when you can establish yourself with your unique ideas through your very own possessive blog? I feel that team blogs are really popular because it has the perception that it is easy. I hope I dispel that image because it&#8217;s a whole can of worms when you start to open it up. I will advice any new writer to start out as a single blogger to see if blogging is for you. If you eventually think that goal number 5 is your primary goal to having a team blog, go ahead. Hopefully, with that experience your solo-blogging got you, it will bring you success. It&#8217;s often that you get success by planning ahead, and team blogging is a whole bunch of diplomacy.', 'http://that.animeblogger.net/2009/01/04/team-blue-team-blogging-is-not-the-future-for-anime-blogging-not-now-not-ever/', '1231084290', '1231435520' )

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INSERT INTO wp_bdprss_items (item_feed_url, item_name, ref_number, text, item_url, item_time, item_update_time) VALUES ('http://that.animeblogger.net/feed/', 'AMVerse - speculations on a &#8217;sphere', '11', '←[ 101 ] The majority of AMV&#8217;s suck. Few are good. But the ones that are good have the potential to be trailers. Yes, there&#8217;s not much difference between a PR trailer produced by a company and a fan-made AMV. However, the difference that is evident is subtle yet has much larger implications. So let me list out some things: 1. AMV&#8217;s are a means and ends in itself by (a) being fun to make and (b) encouraging people to buy the original work. 2. However, if the art of AMV-making becomes so advanced that fans are able to produce with relative ease an AMV that views the anime through very rose-colored lenses, people that rely on AMV&#8217;s as previews will become skeptical (after they waste their precious money) and possibly turn back to fansubs etc. 3. #2 is wholly feasible, under certain circumstances. There is really little incentive to making AMV&#8217;s. Of course there are contests at conventions, and this is where the majority of stellar AMV&#8217;s I&#8217;ve seen originate from. This means that companies need to branch out and, perhaps, give AMV material (the series itself) to fans. This is a win-win situation really: the company gets free PR , possible sales increase, and development in both &#8217;spheres. I think this is already happening though, and on a small scale thank goodness. 4. AMV&#8217;s need to remain short. They should remain proxies . They shouldn&#8217;t develop to the point of doujin, where the proxy transforms itself into a substitute, therefore decreasing sales. 5. Of course it&#8217;s totally possible that AMV&#8217;s increase piracy. 6. And that&#8217;s why there needs to be more collaboration between the companies and the fans. I think this really necessitates the existence (if it&#8217;s already out there) of an AMV sphere. AMV blogs and AMV forums, discussion about proper software to use, film techniques, film theory, discussion on effective music, etc. Really, this hypothetical AMV sphere isn&#8217;t much different than out own aniblogging sphere - it&#8217;s just the content of our discussion. And insofar as this AMV &#8217;sphere exists, companies, using whatever social networking media, can contact the big guns of the AMV sphere and give them free material as incentive to produce bitching PR. Everyone&#8217;s happy. 7. In fact, a company could start a feedback mechanism. They can distribute a set amount of free content (a few episodes perhaps, or specialized, segmented content) available for download - and it would be doubly effective if they distributed the first episode (as &#8220;teaser&#8221; in itself) - for fans to make AMV&#8217;s out of. The winner(s) of the contest receive free material on a future unreleased series, out of public eye. Those fans with the SACRED MATERIAL then produce AMV&#8217;s, public trailers with which to tease fans into buying them when they come out. 8. On second thought this is very hard to perceive, because to make a bitchin&#8217; AMV, the maker may need to know the series inside and out to really capture its essence. Thankfully, because these would be &#8220;secret&#8221;, the AMV-maker doesn&#8217;t need to know its inside jokes and tropes to make comic AMV&#8217;s that funny. In fact, if angled the right way, a comedy series AMV can use memes to broadcast itself to an even larger audience. 9. #7 I think is very effective because the material comes from the fans themselves, making it so much more accessible/believable and &#8220;down to earth&#8221;. This itself perpetuates social incentive (&#8217;sphere development) for AMV production - &#8220;hey, this looks fun, I can do this too!&#8221; 10. This is where the whole speculative AMV sphere is realized - it only works insofar as people buy the real thing and not download fansubs. So companies (Gonzo, etc.) need to step up more with the digital distribution of &#8220;professionally&#8221; subbed material to disintegrate the fansubbing industry. 11. A last remark - when using AMV&#8217;s as proxy material, we must inevitably question its authenticity and deviance from the source. AMV&#8217;s may be a personal art, but in the context I have lined out, its purpose is also political. The obscuration factor of AMV&#8217;s can be cleared on the company&#8217;s side by authorizing only AMV&#8217;s they see depict the series in a good way, which would probably be the most rose-colored, but let&#8217;s not hope for that. On the fan side, mavericks will pop up (in youtube comments or elsewhere) proclaiming that the &#8220;objectivity&#8221; (oh jeez) of an AMV is questionable. This would be for older series because other people will have seen the show at hand, and possibly for new series if company employees actually go out and comment on these fan-based productions. I think that has greater implications for how the public perceives companies (corporations, etc.) as faceless things or with actual human employees that are accessible. 12. I would make a remark about the globalization of anime and how outsourcing is and can be involved&#8230;but I don&#8217;t know anything about economics. Forgive my ignorance if all this is in progress already, i..i&#8230;it&#8230;it&#8217;s not like I care about AMV&#8217;s or anything! Here&#8217;s a Samurai Champloo I enjoyed a lot.', 'http://that.animeblogger.net/2009/01/02/amverse-speculations-on-a-sphere/', '1230906902', '1231435520' )

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INSERT INTO wp_bdprss_items (item_feed_url, item_name, ref_number, text, item_url, item_time, item_update_time) VALUES ('http://that.animeblogger.net/feed/', 'Vampire Knight Guilty Ep 13- Why? WHY? Why does it have to end like this?', '12', 'Zero comes to Yuki&#8217;s rescue. No, he won&#8217;t be taking any girls with him. I swear that this is going to be my very LAST post of 2008 and the FIRST post of 2009. Please bear with it. Arg&#8230;stupid. Baka Zero. Kaname just have to play mastermind and controls Zero like his worthless chess pawn in his favorite game just to kill Rido. And the way they kill Rido was definitely EPIC FAIL. If it was supposed to be easy they would have done it long ago, even before Rido became awake again. If you&#8217;re wondering why I&#8217;m still here, I only came here only on one condition; it&#8217;s to finish writing all my reviews without me getting all guilty there when I go back to school. I wonder why things are so hectic on my first day. *sigh* Note: Spoilers up ahead the &#8216;Read More&#8217; button. Read it, at your own risk. You either love it, or hate the last episode. You need to lose weight, Rido-sama. Too much blood might make you obese and ugly. Zero unleashes his ultimate weapon: Bloody Rose, Version 5.0 (With plant vines included.) and shoots recklessly with any vampire he comes with contact with (Minus Yuki and the Night Class students). Rido, trying to stall for time, runs away from their sight and without a doubt, Zero goes after him. Oh man, even if I take Yuki out of the last few episodes, things won&#8217;t change anyways. She just goes out with Kaname and left Zero all alone in Cross Academy. Poor Zero, he need to open up and make friends. Emo Zero, now a hero, but without his Yuki, he&#8217;s all alone. I, Zero Kiryuu, will finish you off like stepping on tiny ants. Desperately to get more blood, Rido goes out to the woods to suck more and more blood until Kaname interrupts with his rushed blood &#8216;feast&#8217;. Kaname blasts him with few of his owned attacks, Rido recovers, Kaname unleashes Zero&#8217;s ultimate power before blasting Rido into glass or sand&#8230;whatever the material is, fragments. Haha, owned. Seiren makes a better liar than you, Idol-senpai. Ok, we exist to protect Yuki&#8230;WHAT? We&#8217;re loyal, obedient and most importantly, respectful to you Kaname-sama and you treat us like worthless soldiers? Man, you need a life. Gay much. Period. And yes, Rima and Shiki are pretty useless for the final battle. They don&#8217;t even seem to move a finger on killing Rido&#8217;s army of minions and just take a stroll to see Rido, the Almighty Pureblood and witness Zero pwned him like an insect as if they are taking a walk in the park. Even if I remove them from the final battle, everything would still remain intact and it would be indifferent from anyone else. They should just stay at the Night Class Dorms, have million sticks of Pocky and have a romantic night without realizing that they&#8217;re friends are in danger, protecting Yuki the Kuran Princess with all their might. But I still think they are a great pair for the entire 2 seasons duration. Mmm&#8230;blood&#8230;taste very sweet? Zero, don&#8217;t cry. You&#8217;ll get a girlfriend someday. Yuki packs all her stuff, sharing fluffy moments with Kaname before kissing&#8230;no they did not. Of all things, why is the kiss censored/edited/not shown at all. I could hear Kaname X Yuki fangirls screaming angrily from afar&#8230;I wish I could be Zero&#8217;s girlfriend when the anime ends, but I can&#8217;t since he and I are from two different world. He&#8217;s in the world of fantasy when everything is 2D in there while I&#8217;m in the world of reality, all things 3D. And Kaname Kuran is also included in my list of &#8216;10 bishounen fangirls will scream frantically upon not seeing Yuki and Kaname kiss.&#8217; Bye bye, Zero. So Yuki makes her decision: She decides to leave with Kaname along with the rest of the Night Class students, while Zero stays in Cross Academy all alone and reminds that Yuki will always stay in his mind. For the last time, Rima and Shiki were hanging around the crumbled building and saw Takuma&#8217;s katana on the floor. It&#8217;s pretty obvious what happened to him with his grandfather when this happen. The Day Class students are allowed to go outside again after the fight with Rido-sama ends. At the same time, Yagari and the vampire hunters who came to Cross Academy under the gay President&#8217;s orders came to help up, taking the remaining out of the academy. All ends well. The End. Impressions and whole review: KAIEN!!! YOU&#8217;RE BACK!!! Yuki, call Kaien your father, now! He can&#8217;t bear to part with you. Finally, they have a mind on their own. R.I.P: Takuma Ichijou. He&#8217;s a great vampire. So after all those emo-ness whipping around Zero, Yuki having to fit in when she was awaken as a vampire and Kaname&#8217;s sister/betrothed/lover, I could consider the ending could be bittersweet, good, bad by what you think of the show so far. Zero, someday you&#8217;ll have a girlfriend by not acting so emo and fierce at the Day Class girls. One thing I found the situations a little out of hand was Kaname not doing anything except watching Zero become powerful enough to swat Rido like a bug. At least he could handle the Level E vampires, and yet he stands at the sideline, doing absolutely nothing AT ALL. Yuki still stands a chance; even though she can&#8217;t fight vampires due to her awoken powers, AT LEAST she still tries. Zero should kick his ass to get himself running and saving Yuki form any trouble instead of surrendering himself to Yagari and Kaien when he was confined at the basement level of the school. Are all of them useless or clueless what was going on? SAMURAI SHIKI! And no, the sword doesn&#8217;t suit you one bit. Zero misses Yuki after all. DAY CLASS STUDENTS: GO BACK TO YOUR DORMS! Regarding to the animation, story and music itself; the animation in the second season has improved, though it&#8217;s not my style of art if you ask me. By looking closely at the animation quality, it&#8217;s not very consistent (Zero&#8217;s hair length, body proportions etc) but it&#8217;s true. Sorry. While the plot in the first season goes too quickly, the speed for the second season was a little slow but still in a good pace. There&#8217;s still some questions that left us unanswered but probably fans of this show would hope there will be a movie or an OVA coming out soon if responses are high. Talk about music, using instruments in the baroque and classical era was too dry but I am glad that both the OP and the ED songs for the second season left a decent impact on me. Overall, the second season got most of us intrigued by it&#8217;s plotline and animation. Overall (Sub): 8.5/10 (It&#8217;s not bad already. So stop complaining.) Story: 8.0/10 Animation: 7.5/10 Art Quality: 8.0/10 Music: 7.0/10 Voice-over work: 8.0/10 (Kaname&#8217;s seiyuu almost caught me asleep whenever I hear his draggy lines) So see you 11 months from now!', 'http://that.animeblogger.net/2009/01/01/vampire-knight-guilty-ep-13-why-why-why-does-it-have-to-end-like-this/', '1230806651', '1231435520' )

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Now since this post is aimed at showing you the many opinions of the authors here at THAT, I&#8217;ll keep mine simplified and just split my vote into two. Code Geass definitely qualifies as &#8220;best,&#8221; as it is the only show of 2008 to earn a perfect 10 from me. However, it earned it more for it&#8217;s entertainment value rather than it&#8217;s quality, which I discussed at length in this post . This show managed to entertain almost every week, continually making the utmost effort to remind us that in no way should we take this shit seriously. Some have tried to treat it seriously (something that is possible for the first season), but looked ridiculous trying to do so for the second season. We are not likely to soon forget the unquestionable top source of lulz and memes for 2008. On the other hand Kannagi would be my vote for the best quality show of the year. My favorite genre of anime, and of entertainment in general, is comedy. Kannagi brought together great characters along with supremely effective comedic devices ranging from standard gags to shocked silence. When I first read about the show preparing the fall preview I gave it a rather lackluster chance, and I did not have the faith of some others out there. But wow was I blown away starting with the opening sequence. Yutaka Yamamoto&#8217;s wonderful directing job brought out an amazing set of characters that were well drawn and, for lack of a better word, had unique &#8220;character.&#8221; I have my personal favorites amongst the cast (Takako and Nagi of course), but they each played an essential part and none felt like merely a sidekick to be the butt of some jokes. I can only hope that the mangaka recovers and is able to continue this wonderful work. Impz- One Outs Some people define a top anime as one that is well received by a popular mass. Some might consider great storytelling or perhaps superb and fluid animation. However, to me, the best anime should simply engage the viewer so much that he or she just cannot wait to find out what will happen in the very next episode. FOR EVERY SINGLE EPISODE . One outs is probably the anime that most people would not watch. It has many things going against it. First, it is not exactly well animated unlike the works of SHAFT or Kyoto Animation. Second, it is a sport series, and you can tell the allergy of anime fans about sports anime in general. There are no moe stuff in the show, and it does not even have girls in the first place! That eliminates a huge group of anime viewers who will watch this show. However, for those who are ready to throw away their preconceptions, they are well treated to perhaps the top show of 2008. Deep, insightful and mind-twisting, One Outs is not a series that appears to be that way at the start. However, Toua Tokuchi steals the whole show as a very complex person that enjoys the adrenalin of gambling yet still pursuing victory in the league of baseball. There is this quiet anticipation when an episode is going to be released, and I think the reason is because you will always wonder Toua will do to wriggle out of a situation that is impossible to conquer. Just in the latest episode, he met his nemesis with a sprinter base stealer and an intelligent coach. As his pitch is a slow 83mph fastball, it meant that it was almost impossible for him to prevent the steal. However, through the means of strategy and deceit, he managed to beat that man twice after allowing him to score the first time round. One outs is a series that is probably not the &#8220;greatest&#8221;, but it manages to be MY best anime of 2008 because it is the only series that has made me want to find out what will go on at the next episode. Every single episode has a good cliffhanger, and it has managed to capture my attention to name it here. Crusader- Macross Frontier, True Tears, and VOTOMS: Pailsen Files It was good year overall, and I hate picking favorites but I am capable of cheating on such trivial matters. Suffice to say it was a good year for mecha, on the shoujo side of things Ita-kiss started to drag a bit in the end and while I am still agonizing over the final thoughts post for it I can&#8217;t say it blew everything else out of the water. Tytania is still chugging along same with Gundam 00 so until its all over an done with final verdict will have to wait. Minami-ke was fun but had that annoying Fuyuki kid to piss all over it, though next year might be a 180 turn for the better. I have declared my undying love for Macross Frontier on numerous occasions and look forward to Do You Remember Hime in summer of 2009. True Tears was a great ride and while poor Noe martyred herself, at least Noble Nobuse got his feelings across in the end. Pailsen Files was just simply short, simple, and sweet. While they might not be making the top lists fo many others out there I like each of these for doing some specific things well. Macross Frontier boasted a great sound track for those who were not allergic to J-pop and gave us some of the most beautiful dogfights I have ever had the privilege to see, and to top it off gave us all a wonderful finale with 2.25 Macross Class Ships duking it out for supremacy. Also Kikuko Inoue was simply marvelous as Grace, I hope she gets more evil roles in the future. Too bad it was dogged by QUALITY animation for most of the middle. True Tears also boasted a formidable sound track as well, and included one of the better instances of harem I have seen in some time for an anime drama I hope it will be long remembered for doing things competently. Good luck to PA Works on their next project, I shall follow their stint with great interest. Finally an old trooper from 2007 was finally finished with the release of the last episode of Pailsen Files, while it started in 2007 it only ended a few months ago for me. While the least complicated of the series released and finished this year it was still a great OVA. While it&#8217;s praise was little sung on the interwebs, it boasted some great visuals along with a finale that would have made Heinlein proud. It&#8217;s more of a niche series for the real robot faction of mecha who can tolerate a bit of grimdark instead of the now more typical teenage pilot fare. Shokkeru- Kure-nai, Kannagi Coincidentally, I wasn&#8217;t expecting either show to be as good as they were based on initial impressions. I&#8217;ve been pleasantly surprised by both shows and out of the not-so-many shows I&#8217;ve watched this year, these have to be at the top of my list. Calawain has already gone over how great of a show Kannagi is so I won&#8217;t reiterate what he&#8217;s said. For me, Kure-nai was a good mix of drama, comedy, and action. The plot was decent and the story moved along at a slow pace. But what really impressed me by the show was the &#8220;everyday&#8221; interactions between Shinkurou, Murasaki and the rest of the cast. The most &#8220;awesome&#8221; episode has to be the &#8220;musical&#8221; episode where everyone breaks into a song and dance towards the end. Not only was this totally unexpected, but it was so cheesy and over-the-top that I can&#8217;t help but laugh my ass off whenever I see it. I really think shows like these are great because of the interesting characters and their interactions with each other. It&#8217;s really hard to appreciate this series if you&#8217;re not into that kind of stuff and want more action or in-depth plot. You could say that it&#8217;s boring, but something about it is genuinely satisfying and entertaining. Lupus- Ookiku Furikabut- oh, best show released this year? Eve no Jikan Ookiku Furikabutte is the best show I watched this year. I can hear the cries of &#8220;LOL SPORTS ANIMU DO NOT WANT&#8221; echoing down the intertubes, but Ookiku Furikabutte is a simply marvelous show that I can recommend to everyone, regardless of what you feel for baseball or sports in general. I don&#8217;t care about baseball either, it&#8217;s a slow, boring game beaten out in the slow and boring departments only by crap like cricket and lawn bowling. Now I&#8217;d like to see someone make an interesting cricket or lawn bowling animu. WATCH THAT BALL ROLL TOWARDS THAT OTHER BALL IN SUPER SLOW MOTION SURROUNDED BY AWESOME MOTION LINES! Seriously, even if Mihashi is one of the most insufferable male leads in the history of mankind, the quick pacing, catchy music, solid animation and burning GUTS and PASSION make this the best show I watched all year. Even if you don&#8217;t take into account the fact that it&#8217;s A-1&#8217;s first solo anime, it&#8217;s still an all-round amazing piece of work. It&#8217;s a 2007 show though, so let&#8217;s talk 2008. What about Eve no Jikan ? It&#8217;s a completely different kind of show, one I&#8217;d probably place on the opposite end of the spectrum from Ookiku , if one can devise a spectrum for kinds of anime. An ONA (original net animation) by the director of Pale Cacoon , Eve explores, amongst other things, the concept of what makes us humans through the tried and tired setting of a society where humanoid androids have come into common usage. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and sounds like a duck, it&#8217;s probably a duck, right? Not so in the Time of Eve. From the very first scene I was hooked. It&#8217;s a close up of a young man and young woman sitting next to each other, yet they&#8217;re not looking at each other. Instead, Rikuo is staring into his mobile phone, absorbed by its content. It is clear, through their lack of conversation, that these two characters are distant from each other. Not only does their physical proximity do nothing to close the gap, but it serves to emphasize it. Then the camera zooms out, and we find out exactly just how distant they are - Sammy is an android, and Rikuo is examining her movement data with his mobile phone. It&#8217;s a twist that foretells the one towards the end of this first episode, and it sets the tone of the show - in the Time of Eve, nothing is as it seems. Not only does Eve offer us some great ideas to think over, but it&#8217;s very well executed. The shaky, handy-cam like quality of the camera work makes the show feel personal, like you&#8217;re right there watching the story unfold. The 3D sets is simply the best use of 3D CG I&#8217;ve seen in an anime since Moyashimon&#8217;s OP. The use of music and sound compliments the mood of each scene perfectly, with the deliberate exclusion of ambient noise in a scene in episode two being particularly memorable. Then there&#8217;s also the charismatic characters, the humour, the imagery and symbolism&#8230; the list of things done right in this show is so long it deserves its own post. In fact, the only down side that I can think of to this show is the months long wait in between episodes, but that&#8217;s nothing compared to the more than 3 FUCKING GODDAMN years I&#8217;ve waited for A Dance with Dragons . I can only hope George R. R. Martin doesn&#8217;t follow in the footsteps of Robert Jordan. P.S. I haven&#8217;t been able to find any information on the book Code:Life, but reading other&#8217;s posts on this series, it seems like a fairly famous book. If anyone can give me a link to information about this book, I&#8217;ll be extremely grateful. Jiff - Detroit Metal City I thought 2008 was a pretty good year for anime, but I thought it was a great year for film and OVAs. Eve no Jikan, Candy Boy, and Kara no Kyōkai were all excellent, blending wonderful stories with beautiful animation - I especially loved the animation and art direction on Candy Boy. But the one that towered above the rest was, for me, Detroit Metal City. I truly can&#8217;t remember the last time I watched anything that made me laugh as consistently as this show. Every week brought another gut-busting episode, and with every passing week I had to tell more and more of my friends about it. At first, I told only my friends that were also into anime, but by the end of the show&#8217;s run I had told pretty much everyone I knew, and everyone was loving it. Even after watching an episode - the first one, for instance - several times with several different people, I never stopped laughing, nor even laughed less. That highlights the best thing about DMC: it is pure comedy, perfectly distilled by Japanese scientists and injected into our brains, and it can be enjoyed by practically anyone, anime fan or not. I would be remiss not to mention Clannad, the show that has quickly become my favorite show of all time. Though the show came out last year, and the VN some 4 years ago, my enjoyment of the series led me to try the VN, and that led to a new interest in the visual novel in general. Amongst others, I have been reading Chaos;Head this winter, and I am glad that I am branching out into other sides of the otakusphere. I have big plans for 2009, perhaps venturing to my first con and buying my first figurine lelangir - Eve no Jikan, Toradora, Kannagi, Kimikiss Yes, I picked too many, for I cannot reduce &#8220;best&#8221; to a single one - too many paradigm shifts. But let me briefly append my [late] thoughts on these shows. Eve : I find that Eve does a stellar job at perspective. Whenever androids are depicted as very human-like, they never show the synthetic halo. Eve subverts typified notions of humanity by presenting challenging notions of &#8220;the human&#8221; - and the cafe is the locus of this subversion. This is especially poignant in episode three, where the two androids don&#8217;t even realize they are artificial beings, yet their love is sincere, it is &#8220;true&#8221; or &#8220;real&#8221;, it is no different than human love. In that respect, we cannot even call it a &#8220;different kind&#8221; of love, reverting to scare-quoting that hides are hesitancy to objectify the android as if it is not capable of love. Eve kicks reason to the curb. Toradora : What sets Toradora apart from other drama-oriented shows (like Clannad) is that there is little pandering and fan-service. Oh you could argue that Ami is fanservice, and she is, but in a much different meaning. In Clannad, moe is not related to the environment or social terrain. When the creators attempt to justify this disconnect, it is half-baked. Kotomi is depicted as a socially fragile creature, a product of her parent&#8217;s predicament in the first season. But this is only for her arc. After she&#8217;s completely fine, but, alas, this is the dilemma of trying to adapt visual novels, and a similar problem is evident in Kanon 2006 - it&#8217;s just too fast. It&#8217;s not so much the resolution as it is the transition from resolution to tension, the establishment of dissonance. Toradora, however, gives a very substantiating reason and precondition for archetypes like the tsundere. In fact, the dichotomy between Taiga and Ami is peculiar because they&#8217;re both spoiled well-to-do girls. Taiga&#8217;s tsundereness is a product of her environment and history; it isn&#8217;t just blindly thrown out there to pander to the audience as an ahistoric character trait with no basis (like Kyou). Typical personalities are not avoided in Toradora, but they are substantiated and characteristically validated. It is also noteworthy to mention the theme of family, Toradora vis-a-vis Clannad. I&#8217;m especially fond of the juxtaposition of the dramatic use of the father&#8230; Kannagi : &#8220;You&#8217;re looking too deep into this&#8221; claims notwithstanding, Kannagi is the most effective social commentary I&#8217;ve seen in a while. It even deploys a bit of meta-satire, obviously &#8220;lolikko cutie&#8221; being a play off Nagi&#8217;s idolatry. What I really loved was how Zange was &#8220;demonized&#8221; via commodification. Zange means literally &#8220;confession&#8221;, and there was quite a pun on this, as j1mone tells us, 100 yen per &#8220;confession&#8221; is also taken as 100 yen per Zange-chan. The character Zange is equated to money, she sells herself! And in the last episode, we see Zange publicizing her latest album, encouraging people to buy it. I forget what the album was about though. In the end, I think Kannagi tells us, also, to kick reason to the curb. While Nagi is the nameless goddess of a portable shrine, she finds conviction in her lack of identity. Jin finds meaning not in her hazy history but in the fun times they had together. However, Nagi&#8217;s duty as protector of Kannagi is achieved incidentally here because Jin becomes happy: really, it&#8217;s a win-win situation in that by ignoring the purpose of the goddess, its purpose is inevitably achieved. Kimikiss : Well, I can&#8217;t complain much when I actually see some straight-ahead jazz references. Despite Now&#8217;s The Time being as cliche as you can possibly be in regards to standard jazz repertoire, it was nice to see Kai depicted as a learner, precisely what a jazz musician is always. Besides this, Kimikiss was a straight up, straight-up romance. Pulled little punches, was very mediocre, but that&#8217;s what made it great.', 'http://that.animeblogger.net/2008/12/31/thats-official-best-anime-of-2008-post-please-add-yours-post-going-up-1231/', '1230782452', '1231435520' )

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INSERT INTO wp_bdprss_items (item_feed_url, item_name, ref_number, text, item_url, item_time, item_update_time) VALUES ('http://that.animeblogger.net/feed/', 'Impz&#8217;s winter first impressions - Kurokami, the show of a hot fighting chick', '14', 'Sunrise often takes a lot of libertes with their work, and divides the fans and the haters. Here comes a show that is made by Sunrise working on a manga adaptation drawn by Korean artists. A possible hit or a miss by a mile? Continue to read for more details. Summary At night, a group of people were searching for a &#8220;Mototsumitama.&#8221; Keita is a high school student who lost his mother at a very young age. As he woke up, her neighbors noted that a lady was involved in a minor accident. The neighbor then apologized since they remember how Keita&#8217;s mother died (in a car accident). Keita was late for class, and met Risa her classmate on the way to school. Keita was clearly trying to keep his distance away from his friends. He saw a person that looked exactly like his deceased mother boarding a train. At a concert, Risa saw a girl exactly like her in a concert and she mischievously mentioned that it was her doppelganger. Surprised at the appearance of that look-a-like, Keita tried to give chase to the train before losing sight eventually. The next day, Keita murmured that he could never forget that day. Later that evening, he continued his routine of eating ramen at the shop. A strange girl appeared and wanted to eat ramen, but she did not have enough money to buy ramen. As she eyed Keita with a sparkle, Keita decided to treat the girl. The ramen owner offered to treat Keita, but he said it was all right. The owner asked whether Keita was living alone, and asked about his parents. Keita started asking the owner about doppelganger. The strange girl corrected him, stating that the world was like Doppel liner. A person exists in three forms, a root and two doppelgangers. When the root met with the doppelganger, the doppelganger will die almost soon. Her speech was interrupted by the appearance of a man, who swung a baseball bat right at the girl&#8217;s head. He then called her a &#8220;Mototsumitama.&#8221; When the man was about to swing at her, Keita tried to stop him. The man easily dispatched Keita, and told him not to interfere. The girl murmured that she was annoyed that her ramen was spilled since it was a rare occasion for her to be treated. The girl and the man started to fight viciously. After a huge struggle, she eventually beat the man to a pulp. The girl then mysteriously disappeared. Back at home, Akane asked if Keita was trying to avoid human relationships because of the accident. However, a news flash showed her friend Risa dying in an accident. The next day, Maya his neighbor&#8217;s child told Keita that she met a girl that looked like her. Maya immediately died soon after rushing onto a car. The mysterious girl appeared again, saying that the child was not the root. Thoughts Ok, Sunrise definitely surprised me. I thought they are only good at butchering the plot but this is probably a bloody exciting show. I can understand why Calawain has a strong interest in this show because it is based on a very interesting premise. I like the whole idea about a person existing in three forms to provide a balance of life. In a way, it explains how the life force of human kinds continue to be constant in this world by passing the life force of the substitutes to the root. I bet that they will eventually explore the death of Keita&#8217;s mother too, and that will be an episode I cannot wait to watch. I am also happy that they manage to open up some ideas that have quite a few loopholes that might be explored eventually. I did not read the manga at all, but there are surely some situations where some people might have illegal methods to break the balance of this world. I do wonder how they will explore the story, and why this strange girl decided to appear to Keita. Keita might have something to do with the balance of the world (if it follows normal story conventions unlike Ga Rei Zero&#8217;s first episode). Characters are not illuminating by any measure. Keita is the typical brooding high school boy who fears to get close to anyone after his mother died. I have no clue why he did that, but it feels like a very strange reason to keep his distance away after so many years. The trauma is obviously big, but it felt a bit surrealistic. Akane is just clingy and ditsy. I am not sure if she has any significant role to play other than being a huge-breasted woman. Other than that, we have the generic &#8220;I am a bad guy.&#8221; That said, Kuro&#8217;s character does interest me a lot due to the mysterious element. Since this is an early release, there is no OP but I have heard that Kuribayashi Minami is the one in charge of the song. That will be a very interesting choice and Panther professed that she is a very good singer. I will see during the official first episode whether he is speaking the truth or not. In terms of ambiance, I felt that Sunrise has done a pretty good job on the show. The sounds fit nicely and the music during that excellent fighting scene is also done tastefully. Now, the animation is just pretty darn good. It might not be crystal clear due to the low resolution of the raw I got, but the fighting scene between Kuro and the baseball guy is very fluid and exciting. I can actually feel myself going &#8220;Wow, this fight scene is pretty darn good animation.&#8221; Sunrise has made a good piece of anime, and it seems like the manga is pretty interesting as well. If they can build on the good concept and explore the themes of balance and the world, this will be a good thing to watch if you have nothing better to do.', 'http://that.animeblogger.net/2008/12/31/impzs-winter-first-impressions-kurokami-the-show-of-a-hot-fighting-chick/', '1230756100', '1231435520' )

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The religious content was a plot - nagi accumulating faith had to be, incidentally or otherwise because the metaphor sets it up so that everything contributes to the subplot, incidentally or otherwise. So&#8230; Part 1: Ghostlightning &#038; lelangir on Kannagi Show &#9660; 1:39 AM lelangir: you there? 1:40 AM Ghostlightning : yeah lelangir: cool, I need help thinking through this post Ghostlightning : how goes? okay lelangir: so from what I&#8217;ve seen, Kannagi&#8217;s reception is that the plot sucks but I&#8217;m arguing that it doesn 1:41 AM and so I was thinking Ghostlightning : glad to help because i have a long term project that i need your assistance in a big way okay lelangir: what is the relationship between plot and genre? lemme email you what i have so far Ghostlightning : fire lelangir: ok Ghostlightning : my quick impression: the plot is generic, but it doesn&#8217;t make it bad 1:42 AM lelangir: hmmm Ghostlightning : how many unique plots are there anyway? lelangir: well kannagi is interesting Ghostlightning : the disconnect that people feel i think lelangir: you could say its plot in and of itself is a double entendre are we thinking of it as social commentary? incidental? or&#8230;typical harem crap? Ghostlightning : is because teh execution in the chemistry is SO GOOD lelangir: the latter, then there is no plot the former, the plot is VERY intricate 1:43 AM Ghostlightning : but at the expense of a rushed conclusion, that seems forced lelangir: and so the harm mush is predicated on its &#8220;incidental social commentary&#8221; Ghostlightning : making people say: bad plot lelangir: hehe but wiat its not rushed Ghostlightning : about what you&#8217;re saying: lelangir: because the &#8220;lack of plot&#8221; was the plot itself Ghostlightning : but there is a plot: boy meets girl girl has big reveal: she&#8217;s a goddess conflict: IS SHE REALLY? 1:44 AM lelangir: I think the fanservice superficial plot is more vehicular to the metaphorical content Ghostlightning : consequence of conflict: complication of ordinary high school life lelangir: in the anime, what we see first and foremost is Nagi years ago Ghostlightning : the metaphorical content does not equal plot lelangir: clad in traditional clothing as goddess hmm Ghostlightning : plot can be &#8216;bad&#8217; but metaphorical content can be awesome 1:45 AM kannagi&#8217;s metaphorical content is awesome imo plot is ordinary not a value judgment lelangir: but the metaphorical content is so well lined up that I dont think it cant be anything but plot Ghostlightning : hmmm lelangir: the aspects of Kannagi that are mainstream &#8220;broadcasted&#8221; are whats incidental Ghostlightning : let&#8217;s distinguish the metaphorical content lelangir: IMO the point of Kannagi was Nagi&#8217;s idolatry 1:46 AM and no one picks this up Ghostlightning : i would approach it as a &#8220;reading&#8221; lelangir: that&#8217;s because they&#8217;re too caught up in what you define as &#8220;plot&#8221; but I think here it&#8217;s switched Ghostlightning : and not as a statement against those who dismiss kannagi an xist reading of kannagi 1:47 AM lelangir: that&#8217;s good, since we know it has to make money Ghostlightning : the rest of the sphere are STUCK in their formalist reading methodology lelangir: and it has industry, etc. Ghostlightning : plot, character, etc forms structure lelangir: well its metaphors and &#8220;plot&#8221; are coextensive Ghostlightning : so they can argue good plot, bad plot 1:48 AM and you can read it from a framework of religion/idolatry lelangir: but while its &#8220;plot&#8221; seems stupid and &#8220;inert&#8221; (as in not going anywhere, slice of life), this is precisely what propels its metaphorical content, nagi&#8217;s search for idolatry Ghostlightning : if it were me, i would downplay plot &#8216;valuation&#8217; lelangir: i dont get it Ghostlightning : the commentary will appropriate your reading and then people will use your arguments 1:49 AM to say that kannagi has a good plot lol lelangir: I still think its metaphorical content is sufficient enough to upset the canon of plot Ghostlightning : okay please explain &#8216;canon of plot&#8217; lelangir: well that &#8220;plot&#8221; is superficial 1:50 AM like you said, boy meets girl, etc. Ghostlightning : yes lelangir: vs. idolatry, &#8220;metaphores&#8221; which constitutes &#8220;plot&#8221;? is plot the same as &#8220;watching&#8221;? Ghostlightning : okay, you in your reading will re-valuate formal plot elements, vs metaphorical content lelangir: actually yeah&#8230; plot is watching hmm 1:51 AM well we can then say that kannagi also has a secondary, subtle plot Ghostlightning : plot, strictly speaking is a formal element lelangir: to supplement its &#8220;fanservice&#8221; Ghostlightning : the sequencing of the narrative, the conflict and resolution lelangir: (double entendre ,pun intended) Ghostlightning : haha lelangir: yes so in your definition, my view also works 1:52 AM Ghostlightning : yes only that i&#8217;m more comfortable that the content is distinguished from plot/structure the plot merely &#8216;frames&#8217; the content &#8216;how things happen&#8217; the content is&#8230; what the events &#8216;mean&#8217; lelangir: in very&#8230;uh..&#8221;non post-modern&#8221; situations? 1:53 AM Ghostlightning : yes lelangir: i guess cowboybebop, faulkner, etc. complicate that Ghostlightning : non-postmodern formalism sucks, imo - only that it is very useful in the study of craft lelangir: hmm so now I enjoy thinking of Kannagi simply as having two coextensive plots 1:54 AM one just more metaphorical than the other Ghostlightning : that can work too! i like it lelangir: ooooo, the superficiality serves as a framework for its metaphor Ghostlightning : yes lelangir: ok that&#8217;s good solved that sheesh, it&#8217;s sooooo much easier talking it through with someone Ghostlightning : yes 1:55 AM i have mechafetish irl for this, or rather, he has me lelangir: my uni actually has a class on anime next semester lol Ghostlightning : whoa lelangir: this is going to sound arrogant, but I think the blogosphere would still be wayyy more insightful Ghostlightning : what&#8217;s the content? not history i hope or genre surveying 1:56 AM lelangir: oh lol Ghostlightning : yes, but of course it would lelangir: i was about to say that the class is probably more focused on history Ghostlightning : yes, an introduction to the medium you will be smarter than everyone it will be hell i remember my good friend, when he took an elective on SF lelangir: and it&#8217;d be boring &#8217;cause it wouldn&#8217;t view currently airing shows so its not as &#8220;cultural&#8221; or memetic w/e 1:57 AM copyright issues, etc. Ghostlightning : oh lol he said to the class: &#8220;you cretins, i am erudite! i read more science fiction books than all of you have read books!&#8221; lelangir: uh huh 1:58 AM Ghostlightning : so i anticipate that you will be in a similar spot lelangir: lol i&#8217;m not well-read&#8230;.or at least as not as I&#8217;d like to be I wish I were more in tune with japanese history Ghostlightning : in relation to anime lelangir: so my aniblogging had much more substance or foundation, etc. Ghostlightning : you&#8217;d know more than anyone in the class but it still may be worth taking 1:59 AM lelangir: &#8217;cause the general populace is more attuned to viewing anime microscopically Ghostlightning : because if the teacher is good, it will be very good lelangir: which is why there&#8217;s all this talk about &#8220;viewing things deeply&#8221; Ghostlightning : and you&#8217;ll be able to influence her lelangir: whereas I enjoy looking at anime from a bird&#8217;s eye view Ghostlightning : and contribute to education in some way lelangir: intertextually, vis-a-vis one another and cultures, positions of viewing I think the prof. had a website he looked cool 2:00 AM but not a PhD so i dunno Ghostlightning : yes, that&#8217;s why i&#8217;m not so inclined to do so because you&#8217;re around lol you do it better than me lelangir: nobody likes reading those posts though lol Ghostlightning : i can play off your posts, etc. without having to lay foundations lelangir: oh and the lucky star english dub is soooo interesting they retain the japanese honorifics Ghostlightning : o rly? tell me 2:01 AM lelangir: and even phonetics differ Ghostlightning : ah i think i read a tweet or note of yours lelangir: i&#8217;ve noticed that in recent dubs, they keep the flapped R and in LS, some keep the flapped R while others anglicize it crazy Ghostlightning : whoa lelangir: and there&#8217;s the whole thing about trying to sound like the original VA Ghostlightning : i wonder how they discussed this lelangir: yeah 2:02 AM it&#8217;s related to how its steeped in otaku culture Ghostlightning : well, it may be just trying to appeal to the fan of subs lelangir: I&#8217;m sure yeah I&#8217;d have to read into suzumiya haruhi sales in USA as LS is definitely its successor (or giant advertisement) 2:03 AM Ghostlightning : your post reads good, so far 2:04 AM lelangir: that was the 2nd thing i needed help on the relationship between style/genre and plot/progression Ghostlightning : okay, frame your need lelangir: it it&#8217;s hard&#8230;hmmmm I&#8217;m conceptualizing this as&#8230;. a hierarchy between the two, genre and plot 2:05 AM which &#8220;contains&#8221; the other which has more prevalence Ghostlightning : ohhhh hohoho lelangir: =p you have answer! Ghostlightning : people i think choose subjects by genre first lelangir: definitely Ghostlightning : plot is secondary lelangir: in terms of the viewer 2:06 AM Ghostlightning : but plot can &#8216;ruin&#8217; the experience or &#8216;elevate&#8217;t it i think lelangir: yeah one sec&#8230;diagram time Ghostlightning : characters and settings can elevate the subject but plot is more destructive (a badly plotted story) 2:07 AM a good plot, can elevate unlikable characters (but not uninteresting) i need examples 08th MS Team boy meets girl capulets and montagues war 2:08 AM (subplots are: coming of age, shaking off one&#8217;s past - shinigami, hopes in wartime) the plot(s) is/are ordinary 2:09 AM lelangir: http://i44.tinypic.com/219au7n.jpg yeah, subplots Ghostlightning : the setting is awesome, a great romantic sweep lelangir: but wait that&#8217;s just what we said metaphorical content, subplot, secondary plot, etc. 2:10 AM style comedy, romance, drama, suspense Ghostlightning : is metaphorical content in kannagi a subplot? lelangir: yeah or so I think Ghostlightning : or is it a &#8220;sub&#8221; in terms of depth, but not necessarily subordinate in value it is &#8216;beneath the surface&#8217; lelangir: former 2:11 AM only in depth all kinds of plot being equal Ghostlightning : yes lelangir: epistomologically equal i suppose or however we phrase it Ghostlightning : subplots in kannagi: jin (not) finding himself in art 2:12 AM tsugumi&#8217;s trust in jin (relationship) lelangir: equal in form but not in effect those are more rhetorical for fanservice Ghostlightning : zange&#8217;s competition with nagi lelangir: at least the cliche childhood friend thing hmm 2:13 AM so this suggests subplots are hierarchical Ghostlightning : yes lelangir: zange/nagi is really just a contribution to nagi&#8217;s idolatry christianity vs. shintoism Ghostlightning : yes lelangir: ok, so that&#8217;s just a complex form of story-telling 2:14 AM I still don&#8217;t get it&#8230;.its the 2nd paragraph of the article Ghostlightning : rather, it&#8217;s just the use of forms 2:15 AM lelangir: i was trying to theorize a 2nd form of plot vis-a-vis genre Ghostlightning : this one: Kannagi isn&#8217;t so easily reducible to polarized styles precisely because of its plot. On the one hand, we could say that the plot functions as an adhesive that produces sensibility within the anime, but this perspective pigeonholes us back in the thought that genre is linearly coextensive with plot, which is to say that distinct sections of the progression of the story will be accompanied by correlating genres - comedy, drama, slice of life, and so forth. When we view Kannagi this way, we already set an expectation that ? lelangir: yeah that genre is linearly coextensive with plot or&#8230;. and that&#8217;s where i went blak blank Ghostlightning : explain &#8216;coextensive&#8217; lelangir: in tandem 1:1 2:16 AM Ghostlightning : i see lelangir: http://i44.tinypic.com/219au7n.jpg Ghostlightning : it isn&#8217;t i think lelangir: me neither so what&#8217;s the second form? Ghostlightning : but it can be, in a contingent way lelangir: and that&#8217;s where I thought the heirarchy of plot/genre was upset Ghostlightning : particular to specific works 2:17 AM lelangir: ok yeah Ghostlightning : yeah lelangir: so which form does kannagi utilize I&#8217;m just having a hard time articulating this Ghostlightning : i can imagine lelangir: the first case is how plot is a glue that connects genre the second is how everything is already cohesive in the first place but it&#8217;s not visible it takes something more to realize it Ghostlightning : connects genre to what? lelangir: to each other this is why people are like &#8220;emo jin is stupid&#8221; 2:18 AM its not because it&#8217;s directly related to plot emo jin isn&#8217;t irrelevant at all poorly directed perhaps but I construed viewer displease as &#8220;i dont get how this has to do with anything&#8221; 2:19 AM Ghostlightning : yes lelangir: how comedy is disparate to drama but&#8230;.are they really disparate at all? Ghostlightning : they go together well when done expertly the comedy in kannagi is done expertly imo lelangir: ok ooooo so i just had it&#8230;. Ghostlightning : the drama - the jury&#8217;s still out 2:20 AM lelangir: when things aren&#8217;t viewed as disparate, it becomes hierarchical, one becomes the vehicle for the other Ghostlightning : yes lelangir: and plot isn&#8217;t the railway anymore plot isn&#8217;t the cohesive force&#8230; it&#8217;s like a product now or something Ghostlightning : wait lelangir: yeah that&#8217;s not right&#8230; Ghostlightning : plot, formerly is the railway to deliver the laughs, the tears etc? 2:21 AM i can agree with that but that&#8217;s not necessarily subverted by the metaphorical content which is &#8217;srs bsns&#8217; neither necessarily comedic or tragic 2:22 AM dramatic lelangir: http://i41.tinypic.com/2hzibmu.jpg Ghostlightning : i don&#8217;t get the second example (the line below) 2:23 AM lelangir: that doesnt make sense what i posted neither do i the first line does Ghostlightning : yes lelangir: but i feel like there is a counter example Ghostlightning : plot is the vehicle yes lelangir: but i need a way to view genres not as spatially distant and the only way is to make it hierarchical 2:24 AM not on the same plane then, something,the glue, doesn&#8217;t &#8220;connect&#8221; Ghostlightning : the points along the plotline can be comedic or dramatic in themselves, but there will be cases where the characters or other elements produce the emotional effects lelangir: it just &#8220;produces&#8221; Ghostlightning : when points, are &#8216;twists&#8217; like code geass 2:25 AM twists are funny, ludicrous, etc whereas kannagi&#8217;s reveal lelangir: hmm Ghostlightning : that she&#8217;s not sure of her divinity is dramatic only because her character made so much of it 2:26 AM not that dramatic in itself 2:27 AM or, let&#8217;s take a big plot twist example: &#8220;LUKE, I AM YOUR FATHER&#8221; is that in itself dramatic? or is it made so by the reaction: &#8220;NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!&#8221; dramatic = sad 2:28 AM opposite of comedy never mind the narm/unitntentional comedy of the scene lelangir: ok 2:29 AM though&#8230;im still having a hard time seeing how that contributes to the relationship between genre/plot or rather a specific type of rel. Ghostlightning : use sets 2:30 AM all genres have plots lelangir: what I parced from vader example was that we cannot separate the event and the reception the reception &#8220;enacts&#8221; the event or at least amplifies it I think even if Vader said &#8220;I am HIS father&#8221; directly to the audience in a soliloquy the audience would be &#8216;OMFGWTFBBQHAX&#8217; Ghostlightning : yes lelangir: would still be* Ghostlightning : i agree 2:31 AM it&#8217;s still dramatic lelangir: hmm lol lemme ask do you get what i&#8217;m trying to get at? the two specific kinds of relationships between genre/plot Ghostlightning : genre and plot relationship lelangir: in the first, plot is all-encompassing it contains genre Ghostlightning : ok lelangir: it acts as an adhesive so the 2nd must upset the 1st 2:32 AM the 2nd is a counter theory Ghostlightning : okay lelangir: but i cannot articulate in such a way that it makes sense Ghostlightning : but to say that, would mean&#8230; that genre can make plot irrelevant? i sense the sense in it&#8230; but lelangir: yes&#8230;.when there is no plot hidamari sketch 2:33 AM lucky star Ghostlightning : ahhh yes lelangir: minami ke (1st season) Ghostlightning : but kannagi has a plot, yes? lelangir: mmhm&#8230;subplots too, as we established Ghostlightning : two, arguably right? lelangir: yup 2:34 AM Ghostlightning : so it&#8217;s difficult to use it an example to prove the counter theory lelangir: &#8230;how so? Ghostlightning : sort of like, &#8220;it works great with lucky star, it works too with kanagi if you read deep enough&#8221; 2:35 AM is this what you&#8217;re saying now? lelangir: the fact that &#8220;non-plots&#8221; exist shouldn&#8217;t refute this binary because it&#8217;s not even in the same paradigm &#8220;non-plot&#8221; isn&#8217;t in the &#8220;plot&#8221; paradigm our &#8220;plot&#8221; paradigm can be constituted of several theories &#8220;non-plots&#8221; should be irrelevant here I think Ghostlightning : ok, list lelangir: wait&#8230;&#8221;it works great with lucky star, it works too with kanagi if you read deep enough&#8221; no&#8230;hmm&#8230; 2:36 AM no, like i said, it cant &#8220;work&#8221; because that&#8217;s a theoretical paradigm shift apples and oranges Ghostlightning : or, the enjoyment of kannagi is not shackled by its plot limited by its plot and subplots lelangir: right yes ah yes 2:37 AM shiet oh god then what is the rel. between COMEDY and plot???? (needs&#8230;.to&#8230;.read&#8230;.aristotle&#8230;.nao) Ghostlightning : hmmm lelangir: oh shiiiiet so&#8230;.is comedy like microplot? Ghostlightning : again, the events in the plot can be comedic (situational comedy) lelangir: like a shitload of 4-komas inserted together? Ghostlightning : or jokes lelangir: nearly in a nonsequiter fashion? 2:38 AM wait Ghostlightning : yeah lelangir: so have you seen okawari? Ghostlightning : micro-plots sorry no lelangir: hm ok but yeah you get it miniami-ke is microplot a bunch of unrelated microplots Ghostlightning : yes lelangir: but okawari is macroplot one plot per episode thats why everone hates it vis-a-vis first season Ghostlightning : event a, b, punchline event lelangir: yeah 2:39 AM x6 per ep. [a, b, punchline][a, b, punchline][a, b, punchline][a, b, punchline] like a train Ghostlightning : yeah lelangir: tangent&#8230;.hmm so Ghostlightning : in ls, through the series of microplots, the value is&#8230; getting an intimacy with the characters 2:40 AM lelangir: hm i dont see how micro/macro affects that Ghostlightning : they are not &#8216;developed&#8217; rather, they are revealed lelangir: &#8230; i dont think there&#8217;s any char. dev LS development nor revealment Ghostlightning : yes, exactly lelangir: ok 2:41 AM Ghostlightning : reveal is simply this: no sruprises how exactly tsundere is kagamin lelangir: what about I am yuor father? that&#8217;s surprise + revealment Ghostlightning : how MUCH of an otaku is konata lelangir: yeah precisely it&#8217;s just amplification Ghostlightning : yes, as opposed to starwars 2:42 AM the linear plot, twists in a new direction instead of MUST DESTROY VADER, it becomes MUST SAVE VADER, there is good in him lelangir: ah 2:43 AM Ghostlightning : from the viewer&#8217;s standpoint, there is value in both one can say ls is entirely exposition lelangir: yeah Ghostlightning : but somehow, there is value in that lelangir: &#8220;value&#8221; Ghostlightning : because it is entertaining, funny 2:44 AM lelangir: so&#8230;.going back again lol Ghostlightning : value = the utility the viewer experiences from the subject lelangir: mmh mmhm plot is the vehicle for genre Ghostlightning : so there is value in the experience of watching kannagi, if one ignores the plot lelangir: plot doesnt discriminate between genre slice of life is an exception 2:45 AM Ghostlightning : yes lelangir: but&#8230;i&#8217;m concerning people that took plot into account and were disappointed is there a way to say that their disappointment wasn&#8217;t &#8220;properly directed&#8221;? Ghostlightning : they were looking for plot, or were forced to look at the plot 2:46 AM nagi pun! lelangir: that kannagi disrupts the notion that plot is a conduit for genre lol Ghostlightning : &#8216;properly directed&#8217; lelangir: lol&#8230;that they were wrong guy a: &#8220;dude this plot sucks&#8221; gu b: &#8220;no, you&#8217;re just looking at it the wrong way&#8221; guy c: &#8220;this different perspective is _____&#8221; Ghostlightning : the game here is that it is foolish to immediately dismiss kannagi 2:47 AM lelangir: right Ghostlightning : due to what you failed to see lelangir: but we said that already that there are subplots ok bu..ksalfkjasf hmmmm right so this is where I said that its subplot disrupts &#8220;plot&#8221; itself subplot disrupts plot as a conduit for genre subplot disrupts genre ??? Ghostlightning : no 2:48 AM that&#8217;s confusing lelangir: genre is already overgeneralized &#8230;.nice pun? Ghostlightning : you can simply say, that underneath all this, is an essay on religion (idols, commodification) 2:49 AM and the fact that it was entertaining to watch, makes it awesome because essays on religion aren&#8217;t supposed to be entertaining lelangir: &#8230;but&#8230;.it&#8217;s incidental perhaps no&#8230;. 2:50 AM there&#8217;s too much evidence to say it&#8217;s incidental..they knew what they were doing ok Ghostlightning : yes it&#8217;s not incidental lelangir: ok, so, all metaphor aside, kannagi is awesome because it&#8217;s funny and has naked DFC&#8217;s Ghostlightning : yes lelangir: but its plot sucks 2:51 AM the religion metaphors weren&#8217;t properly connected - or is what we&#8217;ve read but they were connected it just wasn&#8217;t spoonfed Ghostlightning : yes, not spoonfed lelangir: the karoake episode was in fact subplot it was, in and of itself it was nagi getting faith it had to be it was incidentally or otherwise because that&#8217;s what the metaphor sets up 2:52 AM Ghostlightning : i don&#8217;t know what to make of that ep tbqh lelangir: the metaphor sets it up so everything contributes to the subplot incidentally or otherwise Ghostlightning : i know i was entertained ahhhhhh yes wait lelangir: so it&#8217;s really a convenience Ghostlightning : nagi&#8230; wasn&#8217;t trying! zange was forcing it 2:53 AM lelangir: oh shiet bring her into this now lol hmmmm from what i remember Ghostlightning : so nagi, &#8216;not trying&#8217; by virtue of song choice lelangir: it was just a double cat fight for jin ok so that ep was slice of life by nature Ghostlightning : maybe not not trying, just doing it wrong yes 2:54 AM but in the context of the idol/god metaphor lelangir: but&#8230;.doesn&#8217;t everything constitute idolatry? Ghostlightning : nagi was doing it wrong lelangir: making friends she was evensaying how she had to look over her friends because she&#8217;s the goddess of the land Ghostlightning : doing it wrong lelangir: formed from the land Ghostlightning : doing it wrong lelangir: doing what wrong? Ghostlightning : the whole time lelangir: idolatry? Ghostlightning : taking care of the land lelangir: &#8230;. Ghostlightning : dealing with the impurities acting like a goddess lelangir: &#8230;.and that&#8217;s the part that confused me in general 2:55 AM Ghostlightning : making friends this is new to me too lelangir: what&#8217;s interesting is the hospitality metaphor Ghostlightning : she had an idea of what she&#8217;s supposed to do lelangir: jin saying &#8220;stay here!&#8221; &#8220;is my house not good enough?&#8221; Ghostlightning : but she&#8217;s doing everything wrong lelangir: ok she needed the freaking wand as an excorcism tool since she lacked power and that somehow stems from her container the tree as opposed to zange Ghostlightning : figure out the rules, steps required for her to do her mission lelangir: who is a parasite 2:56 AM but&#8230;. Ghostlightning : what did she do right? lelangir: both have no identity no memory remember the shrine is nameless nameless god which makes some weird pun Ghostlightning : right lelangir: kannagi, nagi nagi means &#8220;calm&#8221; Ghostlightning : yes lelangir: but yeah that&#8217;s irrelevant Ghostlightning : the more i think about it, the direction of your article needs to change 2:57 AM lelangir: or just expand Ghostlightning : you can do it this way: enjoying kannagi: ur doin it wrng lelangir: lol Ghostlightning : then play off on how nagi is getting everything wrong and THAT is the plot lelangir: hm&#8230;. Ghostlightning : all of you have been fooled lelangir: eh 2:58 AM i was going for a general disruption of &#8220;plot&#8221; &#8220;all ur plot belong to me&#8221; Ghostlightning : or THAT is the point lelangir: &#8220;cuz DIS is reel plot&#8221; Ghostlightning : substitute point for plot lelangir: ? Ghostlightning : make plot irrelevant lelangir: hmmmm 2:59 AM Ghostlightning : while everyone is looking at jin&#8217;s emo, it&#8217;s nagi&#8217;s story after all her ridiculous failure lelangir: but what&#8217;s the relationship!!!!!???? Ghostlightning : plot and genre? lelangir: which is the product of the other!!! yesssss Ghostlightning : neither! lelangir: that&#8217;s precisely what i was saying people view them as intrinsically separate connnected by plot Ghostlightning : not a cause and effect thing necessarily 3:00 AM lelangir: ok and thus, the 2nd counter theory lol doo doood dooooo listen to my song&#8230; guruguru mawaru&#8230;. 3:01 AM Ghostlightning : wait, whose song is that? lelangir: from school rumble means &#8220;going in circles&#8221; lol or so I&#8217;ve read Ghostlightning : ah yes school rumble had plots a bunch of romance arcs 3:02 AM and harima&#8217;s manga career lelangir: yup 3:03 AM Ghostlightning : ok, are you clear re your article now? or did i just mess it up for you? lelangir: I still haven&#8217;t come to the conclusion i was searching for a different relation between plot/genre wait Ghostlightning : interdependent 3:04 AM lelangir: i think im obfuscating it for you microgenre genre within the same series shifts from comedy to romance to drama Ghostlightning : rendering genre meaningless 3:05 AM lelangir: whoa&#8230;.maybe that&#8217;s it Ghostlightning : or calling for lame portmanteaus like dramedy lelangir: one sec&#8230;. Ghostlightning : brb, waifu calls 3:06 AM lelangir: ok i&#8217;ll keep talkin so it&#8217;s like, microgenres are hierarchical in kannagi, drama takes a backseat to comedy they cant be viewed horizontally Part 2: Superfani on art Show &#9660; 3:15 AM Ghostlightning has joined Pontifus has joined lelangir: better now? 3:16 AM Ghostlightning : ok Pontifus : can i close the other one? lelangir: yeah sweet we&#8217;re good Ghostlightning : ok lelangir: ok so the question was 3:17 AM what is the relationship between genre and plot wait, pontifus, have yuo seen kannagi? Pontifus : yeah Ghostlightning : you bastards are keeping me from writing my post (i don&#8217;t entirely mind) lelangir: lol you&#8217;re telling me&#8230; http://i44.tinypic.com/219au7n.jpg 3:18 AM Ghostlightning : this is not going to end well lelangir: that&#8217;s Kannagi, essentially Pontifus : and, regarding genre and plot, cuchlann would be the one to ask&#8230;i don&#8217;t really like genre, and i&#8217;m trying to make an argument for genre being a superfluous construct (though i haven&#8217;t really figured it out yet) lelangir: yes Ghostlightning : bwahahahahaha lelangir: but for all intensive purposes genre not as discursive as &#8220;style&#8221; &#8220;approach&#8221; Ghostlightning : we got to that conclusion too lelangir: fuck where is that guy Ghostlightning : after so much wrestling 3:19 AM lelangir: need total superfani jerk circle Pontifus : what are we calling genre here? comedy? lelangir: comedy, drama basically the distinct elements in kannagi Pontifus : alright lelangir: wait up one sec Pontifus : lol, should i bust out some aristotle? Ghostlightning : please save lelangir the trouble lelangir: lol 3:20 AM go ahead if you want http://lelangir.dasaku.net/ Pontifus : norton anthology of theory and criticism, GO! lelangir: the kannagi collection look at kabitzin&#8217;s remarks he&#8217;s like &#8220;this sucks, i dont get it, it doesnt make sense&#8221; so why dont the distinct elements make sense? 3:21 AM grrrrr, uguu~ 3:22 AM Pontifus : did either of you not like nagi very much? or am i the only one in the universe? Ghostlightning : read from a framework of failure, it all makes sense! lelangir: i liked her lol oh jesus&#8230; Ghostlightning : i like her so much more now lelangir: HELP ME ANSWER MY QUESTION LISTEN TO MY SONG Ghostlightning : NAGI, THE ROMANCE OF FAIL lelangir: fucking UGUU Pontifus : i didn&#8217;t DISlike her, but she didn&#8217;t make me fangasm, either 3:23 AM alright, back on topic! lelangir: right so plot is a conduit for intraparadigmatic genre which is to say when an anime deploys several genres within the same series kannagi ie the plot connects comedy and drama but what is the counter theory 3:24 AM theory1: plot is vehicular theory2: genre isnt really disparate at all&#8230;.so how does plot function? i dont know&#8230;. 3:25 AM Pontifus : northrop frye is suddenly relevant&#8230;i need to find something, give me a minute 3:26 AM http://edweb.tusd.k12.az.us/dherring/ap/consider/frye/indexfryeov.htm genres sort of bleed into each other so you&#8217;ve got tragic comedy, romantic comedy, and ironic comedy Ghostlightning : yeah, and code geass is the best example Pontifus : but not really comedy &#8220;by itself&#8221; 3:27 AM Ghostlightning : if one includes anime-specific genra e such as mecha, harem etc lelangir: so there&#8217;s a distinction here between style and genre style is romance genre is mecha mecha romance slice of life romance mecha comedy &#8217;slife comedy Pontifus : well, tragedy and comedy are kind of opposed as per frye, i guess he&#8217;d call tragicomedy ironic comedy Ghostlightning : style&#8230; hmmm 3:28 AM lelangir: sooo frye says they&#8217;re in the same paradigm opposed but comparable Pontifus : right lelangir: that&#8217;s good Ghostlightning : oooh that frye model got me wet Pontifus : damn, we really need cuchlann lelangir: lol Pontifus : he knows so much more about frye than i do, lol lelangir: he&#8217;s got like over 9000 degrees lol 3:29 AM Pontifus : right unlimited degree works lelangir: haha man those are two REALLY complementing memes Ghostlightning : off topic: capt. global of the macross is stupid. there, i said it sorry lelangir: but anywa&#8230;. Pontifus : lol also off topic: ghostlightning, you&#8217;ll be proud of me&#8230;i downloaded macross the other day 3:30 AM the first one Ghostlightning : protip: DO NOT WATCH MACROSS AFTER WATCHING LOGH just save yourself the anguish Pontifus : i haven&#8217;t/won&#8217;t logh still scares me lelangir: today i downloaded: zoku zetsubou, g gundam oST, bokurano, kaiji, giant robo ova, logh giaden NO WATCH LOGH Ghostlightning : wooo Pontifus : i will eventually, lol Ghostlightning : GIANT ROBO WILL FULFILL YOU lelangir: eeeeexcellent oh yeah i&#8217;m gonna write about kino&#8217;s journey at some point 3:31 AM Ghostlightning : watch macross first Pontifus : i bought kino&#8217;s journey, and it&#8217;s just collecting dust lelangir: about travel and ethnocentric imperialism it probably applies to more anime as well Ghostlightning : it doesn&#8217;t take itself seriously for the most part, so don&#8217;t - but when it does, it does really well imo lelangir: the whole &#8220;vagabond&#8221; trope Pontifus : though i&#8217;ll feel inspired to dust it off if you write about it, probably lelangir: Kino????? from what i&#8217;ve seen Kino is totali srs Ghostlightning : any of you fans of military history? 3:32 AM lelangir: not really Ghostlightning : like breakdowns of great battles and shit? Pontifus : not so much Ghostlightning : okay Pontifus : lol, i do books lelangir: but&#8230;.logh tactics are sexy Pontifus : pretend ones Ghostlightning : PERFECT that&#8217;s my new series on WRL military history: breakdowns of great anime battles 3:33 AM lelangir: i can see it already 21stcenturydigitalboy: &#8220;I JUST CAME&#8221; Ghostlightning : i&#8217;m doing battle of saturn&#8217;s rings (SDF-Macross) now lelangir: ad naseum Ghostlightning : to launch it Pontifus : i submit that you should call it &#8220;tactics are sexy&#8221; lelangir: oh yes tactics are sexy especially in geass Ghostlightning : okay, I WILL lelangir: KEIKAKU DOORI, YUO GOT IN MAH WATERFALL TRAPS Ghostlightning : yeah, i&#8217;m doing battle of narita from r1 3:34 AM lelangir: I thought the Chinese gorge thing was badass &#8220;xingke&#8230;..nooooooo&#8221; pontifus must feel excluded Ghostlightning : but lelangir, if you feel like doing any of the great ones from LOGH, lelangir: you missed soooooooo many memes TOO MANY Pontifus : oh shit, that mythoi circle i linked is kind of wrong lelangir: geass = trope gold mine Ghostlightning : YES lelangir: i dont like analyzing logh in that way 3:35 AM crusader does that get crusader to write for ya Ghostlightning : okay lelangir: he&#8217;d do it Ghostlightning : the template is easy anyway Pontifus : it says comedy, romance, tragedy, irony/satire&#8230;but i think the right order is romance, comedy, tragedy, and irony/satire Ghostlightning : tha&#8217;s the plan Pontifus : so comedy and tragedy do overlap Ghostlightning : yes lelangir: how so? wait yeah Pontifus : mythos of summer/mythos of autumn lelangir: they can&#8230;. like&#8230;.monty python or something well&#8230;.&#8221;tragedy&#8221; 3:36 AM i&#8217;m not so familiar with grecian tragedy Ghostlightning : shakespeare even lelangir: oh shit Ghostlightning : unless you dismiss comedic elements from let&#8217;s say romeo and juliet as mere &#8216;relief&#8217; lelangir: but that speaks directly tot he difference between style/genre &#8220;tragedy&#8221; can be either totalizing or not Ghostlightning : combo breakers for teh drama lelangir: tragedy as in &#8220;everyone is sad&#8221; or tragedy as in &#8220;everyone dies&#8221; they&#8217;re not mutually exclusive Pontifus : i think putting the mythoi on a circle might be too restrictive of them anyway 3:37 AM oversimplification Ghostlightning : IN SHAKESPEARE: tragedy-everyone dies, comedy-everyone gets married lelangir: ok 3:38 AM man&#8230;.i&#8217;m done with this kannagi post lol for another day&#8230;. Pontifus : in any case, when you said &#8220;plot connects comedy and drama,&#8221; i&#8217;d say they&#8217;re all connected anyway lelangir: how so? comedy and drama aren&#8217;t intrinsically connected it&#8217;s a non-sequitor as it is it needs something &#8220;logical&#8221; or &#8220;syntatical&#8221; to make it fit 3:39 AM Pontifus : well, &#8220;drama&#8221; is a hard term for me to deal with as a genre anyway i think drama is just a device Ghostlightning : UNIVERSAL SET: PLOT, inter-connecting sets: style, genre lelangir: drama as in dorama drama = emo Ghostlightning : style:device right? Pontifus : comedy has drama, tragedy has drama, everything has drama lelangir: for all intensive purposes here but in kannagi they&#8217;re very distinct emo doesn&#8217;t equal comedy they dont even self-satirize their emo 3:40 AM Ghostlightning : but to categorize a subject as specifically drama, one must ignore the intentional fallacey Pontifus : you think so? Ghostlightning : and go by how it&#8217;s marketed lelangir: yeah marketed as comedy with harem undertones Pontifus : i think that, maybe, if the drama (dorama or emo though it may be) serves comedy, ultimately, then it falls under comedy&#8230;it&#8217;s just not funny yet, but it promises humor 3:41 AM and if it isn&#8217;t ultimately funny, then it&#8217;s tragedy lelangir: &#8230;hmm&#8230;. Pontifus : funny and/or generally happy lelangir: i dont get it&#8230; &#8220;generally&#8221; but it isn&#8217;t monolithic Ghostlightning : so people who dismiss kannagi, dismiss it within the framework of the market lelangir: kannagi utilizes different approaches in tandem with the progression of its plot &#8220;the market&#8221; Ghostlightning : they are the consumers - the target market that kannagi &#8220;missed&#8221; 3:42 AM lelangir: which is different than the author (oh SHI- barthes) Pontifus : now, i don&#8217;t know about the market lelangir: wait mike hold on &#8220;[t]his is my first original work. Whenever I thought it was a joke, it became too serious. And whenever I thought it was serious, it became a joke. That&#8217;s the kind of manga I&#8217;m aiming it to be.&#8221; that upsets it Ghostlightning : goodbye barthes Pontifus : nooo, barthes, come back! lelangir: lol he is gooooone now eri has spoken BUTTTT 3:43 AM its different than the anime! oh shi- Ghostlightning : but the thing is, the author HAS LESS POWER lelangir: vis-a-vis the viewer ye the market appropriates it &#8220;the market&#8221; which is just discursive Ghostlightning : because the means of production is held by someone else Pontifus : i can&#8217;t really agree that anything the author said is relevant here at all, lol 3:44 AM i don&#8217;t care what the creative process was, or even about the manga at all Ghostlightning : the relevant thing here is what the marketers are intending Pontifus : kannagi the anime is what it is Ghostlightning : they invested in it they distributed it lelangir: ok Karl Karl-chan Ghostlightning : but the market has spoken: we dun liek it Pontifus : they created an authorial consciousness, that the reader/viewer fills lelangir: Marx-tan yes Ghostlightning : marx-tan yes lelangir: [i&#8217;ll stop lol] Pontifus : really? kannagi wasn&#8217;t well recieved? lelangir: yeah it was 3:45 AM dvd sales high across the sphere too Pontifus : yeah, i thought it was Ghostlightning : oh so only teh bloggers are whining lelangir: http://lelangir.dasaku.net/?p=928 no only a few it&#8217;s not like index Pontifus : ugh lelangir: lol Pontifus : don&#8217;t remind me those six episodes were traumatic 3:46 AM lelangir: i was kinda sad i missed out a red haied loli tsundere with hot pants but&#8230;.i got tsugumi red haired [at times tsundere] with seifafuku Ghostlightning : i&#8217;m possessed by cuchlann and ghostlightning: the market received it well, implying they are entertained and have been recommending it to firends, high entertainment value = high literary value lelangir: er, seira&#8230;. 3:47 AM Ghostlightning : so bloggers, STFU lelangir: huh? Pontifus : nonononononono noooooooooooo lelangir: since when does entertainment value = literary value Pontifus : all things have the same value lelangir: ? Ghostlightning : cuchlann quotes this michael guy lelangir: &#8220;value&#8221; define&#8230;&#8230;. Pontifus : literary value lelangir: idealistically not politically Ghostlightning : value = utility that a readery experiences from the subject lelangir: in essence anime is not deep 3:48 AM Ghostlightning : reader/consumer lelangir: [oh shi- calling omo] because its controlled by the industry completely different histories the history of literature vs. the history of anime Pontifus : fuck, i need cuchlann&#8217;s aid! lelangir: totally different Pontifus : i&#8217;m telling him to jump on google Ghostlightning : pontifus, i get what you&#8217;re saying 3:49 AM lelangir: me too but i&#8217;m not up for it we&#8217;re in a very political situation so disregarding it is like&#8230;.fljalewrjfoi Ghostlightning : but the context here is that the readers/bloggers value shit the way they do heirarchies and all taht lelangir: yes the discourse produced by the industry/market 3:50 AM the literary value paradigm is irrelevant Ghostlightning : but i&#8217;m with you ponti lelangir: [hence &#8216;anime is not deep&#8217;] Pontifus : &#8220;the literary value paradigm is irrelevant&#8221; Ghostlightning : nothing can be invalidated Pontifus : AAAAAGH lelangir: zach, what &#8220;literary value&#8221; doesnt seem to take into consideration is discourse in that discourse produces value Ghostlightning : no need to scream, you can&#8217;t be invalidated LOOOOOL Pontifus : right lelangir: value is predicated upon discourse Pontifus : but here&#8217;s the thing 3:51 AM no, wait, scratch that lelangir: muahauahauahuah you cannot beeat foucault Pontifus : yes discourse produces value, but i think one could pretty much talk about anything&#8230;i think that latent value is basically value lelangir: latent value? 3:52 AM oh shit chuchlann is on! Pontifus : a thing around which there is no discourse COULD have discourse, and that&#8217;s enough Ghostlightning : hmmm, even latent value is put there by a &#8220;prime valuator&#8221; Pontifus : i don&#8217;t think it&#8217;s &#8220;put&#8221; there, i think it&#8217;s just there lelangir: no wait nonnonnonononono Ghostlightning : hence, value is relative to valuer RELATIVE lelangir: things have no meaning until it is represented representation is CONSTITUTIVE of meaning Ghostlightning : YES 3:53 AM lelangir: there is no &#8220;thing&#8221; before it is represented representation MAKES the thing Ghostlightning : there is NO KNOWLEDGE WITHOUT LANGUAGE lelangir: yes Pontifus : yeah, i know hang on, let me process lelangir: just to let you know Ghostlightning : tihs is funner tahn i thuotgh 3:54 AM lelangir: i&#8217;m like, in a constant state of jizzing right now lmfao &#8220;tihs is funner tahn i thuotgh&#8221; Cuchlann has joined Cuchlann has left Ghostlightning : owen&#8217;s post resonates within me lelangir: the amount of typos makes that hilarious for some reason Ghostlightning : but that typo is artifice lelangir: llololowwwwwwww Pontifus : alright, i&#8217;m ready Ghostlightning : synthetic comedy 3:55 AM Cuchlann has joined Cuchlann has left lelangir: oh my jizzzzzzzzzz FUCK Ghostlightning : greg come baaaaaack Cuchlann has joined Cuchlann : Oh Jesus that was too complicated&#8230; Pontifus : narrative art doesn&#8217;t need discourse to have value, insofar as discourse is communication between art experiencers&#8230;in fact, discourse is only possible to a point 3:56 AM it only needs, in my estimation, one person to experience it Cuchlann : Okay, so what&#8217;s happening here? Pontifus : how to summarize, lol lelangir: well Ghostlightning : DISCOURSE can be between the subject and the viewer/reader lelangir: we&#8217;re talking about kannagi if you&#8217;d believe it discourse is emepheral Ghostlightning : DESHO?! 3:57 AM Pontifus : everyone, summarize your position! Cuchlann : Well of course you are. And clearly, this is why the next podcast needs to happen soon. lelangir: wait&#8230; discourse is between the things subjects are constituent of it they create it and anime is its objec the discourse ON anime Pontifus : right, and i think that isn&#8217;t necessary for art to have value 3:58 AM Ghostlightning : like right now, i&#8217;m having a righteous discussion with ep 06 of SDF macross. Global you are an idiot. lelangir: you think eh? but that&#8217;s your discourse Ghostlightning : value is not necessary value is contingent lelangir: the discourse in which you are situated take away your discourse, it takes away your meaning then, what is value? an empty signifier Ghostlightning : value = is the utility of a being experiencing a subject 3:59 AM the utility being gained lelangir: just because your &#8220;value&#8221; means to say that discourse is irrelevant&#8230;that in itself is irrelevant because it NEEDS discourse to in itself have meaning 4:01 AM er, i didnt mean to come off as offensive.. Pontifus : i&#8217;m not saying that ALL discourse is irrelevant, or that discourse is even irrelevant at all, but that the value of art isn&#8217;t predicated entirely upon discourse between people, and that i don&#8217;t necessarily think there are variant &#8220;levels&#8221; of value Ghostlightning : off topic: macross is a pilots&#8217; show, not a generals&#8217;, so i&#8217;ll go easy on global nao there are levels of value! lelangir: so art has an intrinstic value&#8230;. Pontifus : assuming that the relationship between reader and text is discourse, then, sure, discourse is required no lelangir: but wait Ghostlightning : i value macross over other anime lelangir: that&#8217;s the discourse split 4:02 AM political value vs. philosophical value Ghostlightning : levels are subjective, but they exist lelangir: both are right but irreconciaibly different Pontifus : art has no intrinsic value, which makes it infinitely valuable Ghostlightning : OOOOH, PARADOX Cuchlann : At which point am I meant to enter the conversation? O_o lelangir: nao Pontifus : whenever, lol Ghostlightning : just jump in lelangir: wait so okkkokkkokko Pontifus : lelangir lelangir: we cant explain philosophical value with political value&#8230; Pontifus : you&#8217;re like a brick wall 4:03 AM i love it lelangir: -_- Cuchlann : I have two responses to this conversation: one is in the same spirit, and one is in my usual asshole, reductionist spirit. Pontifus : seriously, test the fuck out of my views i don&#8217;t get a chance to do this that often lelangir: oh lol i thought you meant i was STOOPID lollolololo Pontifus : no, lol lelangir: stop being a tsundere greg 4:04 AM and call me dan&#8230;. or w/e Ghostlightning : uh, greg maybe we should leave lelangir: i like one syllable names greg zach dan mike Ghostlightning : these two are gonna fuck Pontifus : i get into the habit of using internet names Cuchlann : Which one&#8217;s the uke? Pontifus : if that&#8217;s the first thing i learn me, i think lelangir: seme&#8230;I R ATTACKAR? Cuchlann : Now, remind me of which role uke is? Ghostlightning : oh no, you have seme really written all over you Pontifus : bottom fuck why do i know that Cuchlann : Written in what, I wonder? lelangir: ore ga sasahara&#8230;omae ga OGIUE 4:05 AM Pontifus : haha Ghostlightning : oh i got it wrong Pontifus : I&#8217;LL SHOW YOU HOW AGGRESSIVE I CAN BE Ghostlightning : uke is below right desho? Pontifus : yeah lelangir: ok&#8230;.so going back to value etc. Ghostlightning : ok, your wish to be challenged is an act of spreading your legs Cuchlann : Okay, here&#8217;s my reductionist answer: I cite Dark Side of the Moon. lelangir: lmfao 4:06 AM and&#8230;. Cuchlann : And what? That&#8217;s the anwer. ; ) Okay, yes, I will explain. lelangir: [dont look at me, im the only guitarist i know that&#8217;s never heard it before] [that and the fact that i dont like hendrix] Pontifus : :O it&#8217;s acceptible though, you&#8217;re a jazz guy lelangir: DUN DUN DUN still Cuchlann : I wouldn&#8217;t compare Hendrix and Pink Floyd at all, actually. But anyway. Ghostlightning : me too 4:07 AM Cuchlann : No one listens to DSotM in a group. At any rate, not stereotypically. lelangir: i dig radiohead now though ok computer is beast Cuchlann : You always hear it alone, when you&#8217;re like fifteen. lelangir: at any rate, i&#8217;m listening on loop to the kimi ga nozomu eien OP lol Pontifus : lol 4:08 AM Cuchlann : For a whole lot of American teenagers, at any rate, it&#8217;s the most meaningful thing they&#8217;ve ever heard. It &#8220;speaks to them.&#8221; Much as the voices do, I&#8217;m sure. lelangir: lol like stairway to heaven backwards? Cuchlann : This is without contact with other fans of Pink Floyd. Now, the OED tells me that &#8220;discourse&#8221; has a lot of different meanings. lelangir: OED? 4:09 AM i think i read that in a book just no now Cuchlann : Oxford English Dictionary. lelangir: ohh Ghostlightning : one can discourse with the subject! lelangir: discourse in the foucauldian sense Cuchlann : Okay, hold on. Pontifus : see, this is hard for me because i don&#8217;t know focault yet, lol Cuchlann : That is one sense of the meaning of &#8220;discourse.&#8221; Another is the conversation afterwards. Ghostlightning : lelangir, distinguish focauldian discourse plz 4:10 AM lelangir: oh jezz ok so discourse is the bounds of thinkable thought things outside discourse have no meaning like anamolous categories gay mulatto they dont fit into the binary Cuchlann : We need to clarify our terms here, and &#8220;discourse,&#8221; in my opinion, isn&#8217;t useful in describing anything other than conversation. lelangir: of straight and/or black/white foucauldian discourse describes, in essence&#8230;&#8221;sociolinguistics&#8221; 4:11 AM Cuchlann : Of course, that assumes the discourse works in terms of a binary, which isn&#8217;t necessarily true. lelangir: in a broad, instituationalized sense not necessarily true yes but works for those cases Pontifus : i am now stepping into greg, who is also mobile suit cuchlann-gundam, and setting him on autopilot lelangir: ok here&#8217;s an example Cuchlann : I propose that we should use a different word, and not &#8220;discourse,&#8221; as academically the word is typically used to mean the setting within which people discuss topics. lelangir: the subject does not produe knowledge 4:12 AM Ghostlightning : binaries are just asses waiting to be raped by deconstruction lol lelangir: &#8220;setting&#8221;&#8230; i&#8217;ve been inculcated into discourse as like, the godliest device ever Cuchlann : Or group. As we are busily quibbling over words, I will admit &#8220;setting&#8221; is not the best choice. lelangir: ok well 4:13 AM what is the poit of not using discourse as an analytic tool? Cuchlann : Yes, I can tell. I think you&#8217;re in the place I was several years ago, when you discovered a good critical theory and decided it was the holy of holies. lelangir: what were we talkinga bout again? Pontifus : in my mind, what you&#8217;re calling discourse is just existential existence&#8230;it&#8217;s the only thing worth considering, imo, so there isn&#8217;t even any need to discuss anything &#8220;beyond&#8221; it there is no beyond Ghostlightning : LIEK ME AND DECONSTRUCTION LOL Cuchlann : Discourse the act of using analytic tools, in my terminology. lelangir: discourse is the act? Cuchlann : I&#8217;m trying to make sure you know what I&#8217;m saying when I say it. Yes. 4:14 AM Ghostlightning : i realize that i no longer contribute value to this discussion lelangir: well discourse is also practice me shooting a basket contributes to the discourse on basketball Cuchlann : Any act, repeated, is practice. Ghostlightning : but i will derive value from it by LURKING LURK MODE ON lelangir: system of agreements language Pontifus : right, but, correct me if i&#8217;m wrong, it seems like you&#8217;re saying that discourse is the entire range of possible actions, thoughts, etc. Cuchlann : No, it doesn&#8217;t. You shooting a basket and learning a new way to consider the act, then telling others &#8212; that contributes to the discourse. lelangir: discourse neednt be &#8216;active&#8217; you&#8217;re actively participating in it 4:15 AM by subjugating yourself to it Cuchlann : I&#8217;m trying to copy-paste what Pontifus just said, but it won&#8217;t let me. lelangir: the only way to avoid discourse is to scoop your eyes out and slit your ears off &#8220;right, but, correct me if i&#8217;m wrong, it seems like you&#8217;re saying that discourse is the entire range of possible actions, thoughts, etc.&#8221; &#8220;possible&#8221;&#8230;.yes, sort of Cuchlann : Here&#8217;s the first point of my poly-pronged point: if everything is discourse, there&#8217;s no point in discussing it, as it&#8217;s everything. Thus, it&#8217;s nothing. Pontifus : exactly existentialism ftw Cuchlann : It has nothing to contrast it in the chain of meaning. 4:16 AM lelangir: no Cuchlann : Not even existentialism, just pragmatic defining if critical terms. lelangir: discourse points out holes in itself Cuchlann : *of Pontifus : i just like that word lelangir: discouse expands, contracts Ghostlightning : existentialism 4tw lelangir: reconstitutes no yesssss Pontifus : sure, but anything outside of it doesn&#8217;t exist, right? Cuchlann : All right, let&#8217;s go on to prong number two&#8230; lelangir: discourse theory takes into account silence booya 4:17 AM it contains in itself its antithesis without synthesizing Cuchlann : Do we all agree that a piece of art has no meaning without a viewer? Ghostlightning : LELANGIR: WHAT IS NOT DISCOURSE? lelangir: silence no meaning i&#8217;m being sophist probably Pontifus : but if silence is the opposite of discourse, and discourse is all that is, all i can concern myself with as a human being is all that is, and therefore science doesn&#8217;t exist Cuchlann : Silence is a perfectly acceptable answer, and thus part of discourse. Pontifus : *silence lelangir: i didnt say discourse was all that is 4:18 AM discourse is, paradoxicaly, everything and nothing take race for instance you MUST have rae race Cuchlann : Which means it&#8217;s not very good for conversation. lelangir: but is is NOTHING it doesnt exist O_o Cuchlann : Actually, it&#8217;s not necessary to have race as a construction, it&#8217;s just habitual at this point in human history. lelangir: nationalism too Ghostlightning : silence in the context of a conversation is not NOT DISCOURSE Pontifus : race in the sense of different kinds of human beings? Ghostlightning : right? lelangir: yes Pontifus : because, yeah, i don&#8217;t think that&#8217;s necessary lelangir: black/ white w/e &#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;yeah it is 4:19 AM Pontifus : it&#8217;s habitual lelangir: in this specific political history it is well discourse is inert it doesnt move it is specific yes Cuchlann : Answers, though, real quick: does a book have content if no one reads it? Pontifus : no Cuchlann : I use &#8220;read&#8221; in the broad sense. Pontifus : well, not really lelangir: oh god&#8230;uhhmmm yes it needs an author Pontifus : granted that the author has read it, probably Cuchlann : Not necessarily. Pontifus : it doesn&#8217;t have meaning &#8220;by itself,&#8221; no Ghostlightning : the author who rote it? read while writing 4:20 AM lelangir: [again to reiterate, i&#8217;m jizzing] Cuchlann : And anyway, the &#8220;reading&#8221; of the author violates the terms of my question. lelangir: wait iin your sentence Cuchlann : If no one&#8217;s read the book, does it have any content? lelangir: is the author the subject or the object Cuchlann : The author is outside the scope of my question. Ghostlightning : sybilant says hi to you all lelangir: hello kagami Cuchlann : You&#8217;re in a room with a book. You&#8217;re illiterate. lelangir: i mean Pontifus : no, it doesn&#8217;t have meaning on its own, says i lelangir: ok 4:21 AM Cuchlann : You&#8217;re unaware of the social mores concerning books. Pontifus : well, then the book might mean firewood, but we&#8217;re talking about the text, i guess, lol lelangir: but wait false dichotomy? Cuchlann : Pontifus has hit on where I&#8217;m going, at any rate. lelangir: shit owen term sorry Ghostlightning : she gave me the tsun tsun treatment for telling people she&#8217;s kagami lol lelangir: in the absense of one type of meaning is there total lack of meaning? Cuchlann : Without reading, a book is merely paper and ink. lelangir: &#8220;specific&#8221; social norms arent everything Cuchlann : I&#8217;m talking about artistic meaning here, sorry. lelangir: it could reprsent that the reader is stupid oh ok 4:22 AM yes so if you&#8217;re illiterate artistic meaning is impossible wait no not necessarily not if you&#8217;re inculcated into the SOCIAL DISCOURSE that books are inherently beautiful Cuchlann : Artistic meaning from reading is impossible. I said outsid that. outside lelangir: LIKE FRANKENSTEIN&#8217;S MONSTER???? Cuchlann : Yes. lelangir: if i remember&#8230;. Cuchlann : This is a philosophical hypothetical. Pontifus : GOTHIC, OH SHI- lelangir: lol 4:23 AM Cuchlann : Excellent example, actually. If the Creature hadn&#8217;t learned to read, what would the books he found have meant to him? Pontifus : it makes me really happy that, for the most part, i can just reach over and grab the pertinent examples off my shelves lelangir: i have stuart hall et al. sitting here&#8230; Cuchlann : I would have to go to another room, and step over, uh, other books, but yes. Pontifus : which i hope means i&#8217;m doing pretty well as far as collecting, lol lelangir: oh shit and some mary shelley too! Cuchlann : I think I have my Aristotle in here right now&#8230; 4:24 AM lelangir: poetics is right here collecting dust Pontifus : poor poetics Cuchlann : Yes, in the stack with the Shakespeare essays, the grammar book, and the Norton critical theory text. lelangir: so yeah&#8230;.. Cuchlann : Okay, so in our hypothetical situation, the book is drained of all artistic meaning. lelangir: insofar as you are illiterate Cuchlann : Yes, that&#8217;s given. lelangir: incapable of directly producing experiential meaning 4:25 AM but that is not social meaning Cuchlann : Now, here&#8217;s the part that pleases lelangir: this means that discourse is necessary for art to function. lelangir: /jizz isn&#8217;t art discursive anyway? me farting is art Cuchlann : Here&#8217;s the part that doesn&#8217;t please him: the art itself must necessarily be outside the discourse itself, as it has no meaning. lelangir: socrates raping a young boy is art Cuchlann : If done before an audience, yes, both can be true. lelangir: ah yes! 4:26 AM the audience is abstracted reduced to a feeling Ghostlightning : the audience could be the boy itself lelangir: &#8221; the art itself must necessarily be outside the discourse itself, as it has no meaning.&#8221; i dont get that part Cuchlann : The audience must necessarily be removed from the art, as art has no practical purpose &#8212; and the boy would have practical concerns at that point. lelangir: how is it necssary? no wait it&#8217;s not removed 4:27 AM because the discourse created it Cuchlann : Discourse is about making meaning. Art makes no meaning on its own, and cannot take part in discourse, as discourse is a two-way street. lelangir: as we said before representation is constitutive of meaning there is no meaning outside representation Pontifus : ok, hang on there Ghostlightning : activities with practical purposes cannot be read as art? how come? lelangir: it did not exist prior to representation Cuchlann : I cite Oscar Wilde. Pontifus : how analogous is the phenomenological idea of the author consciousness dispossessing the reader to discourse? Cuchlann : &#8220;All art is quite useless.&#8221; I&#8217;ll dig up a link&#8230; lelangir: getting a bit marxist here how does art make no meaning? 4:28 AM what if its social commentary via play? Cuchlann : Art makes no meaning. The audience makes meaning. lelangir: the art of being earnest it&#8217;s good to be earnest Cuchlann : http://classiclit.about.com/library/bl-etexts/owilde/bl-owilde-pic-pre.htm lelangir: yes&#8230; so how does that make art situated outside discourse does discourse &#8220;osmotize&#8221; it? Ghostlightning : i&#8217;m familiar with the quote, but tieing a bow-tie for the purpose of looking good at a dinner party can be &#8216;artful&#8217; or can&#8217;t it? Cuchlann : Discourse observes art. It must be outside to be observed. lelangir: no 4:29 AM what? Cuchlann : Yes. lelangir: observing is irrelevant to position Cuchlann : No it&#8217;s not. lelangir: how? Pontifus : insofar as art isn&#8217;t practical? Cuchlann : Let me line my ducks up for a second&#8230; lelangir: if art is outside discourse it has no meaning in that discourse no intrinsic art meaning but it has social meaning like mulattos they are weird Cuchlann : The meaning is within the discourse, because it&#8217;s not attached to the art. lelangir: they dont exist in the discourse on blackness Cuchlann : It&#8217;s in the space between. Pontifus : but if the subject is the art, and the object is the discourse 4:30 AM lelangir: ah Pontifus : they&#8217;re inside the same semiotic construct, sure lelangir: oh ok isee that Pontifus : but separate lelangir: nice hmmmm Cuchlann : This is all reader-response and phenomenology, that the art doesn&#8217;t have the meaning, the audience does. Ghostlightning : the audience, rather, creates the meaning you mean Cuchlann : Or at least, my interpretation of those schools of thought. Yes. lelangir: i like chuchlann&#8217;s thought that meaning is attached to the audience Cuchlann : That&#8217;s why it&#8217;s possible to have different opinions on art. 4:31 AM lelangir: i&#8217;d like to view it as art being vacuum pockets in discourse Ghostlightning : LELANGIR I&#8217;VE BEEN TRYING TO TELL YOU THIS SINCE MY FIRST COMMENTS ON YOUR POSTS AT THAT lelangir: &#8230;though different opinion is discourse in itself Cuchlann : I don&#8217;t think I&#8217;d see too much of a problem with the very slight difference in that interpretation. Yes, it is. lelangir: but discourse defies quantum physics per se Cuchlann : @rubio: haha. lelangir: you can have multiple discourse in the same geopolitics @mike&#8230;.O_o Cuchlann : I think that defines, not defies, quantum mechanics. 4:32 AM lelangir: oh yeah lol oops Cuchlann : Given that only in quantum mechanics can you have superposition. Ghostlightning : no, that the readers create the meaning, agreeing amongst themselves lelangir: yeah&#8230;.. Cuchlann : Well now, it&#8217;s not that they&#8217;re agreeing amongst themselves. Pontifus : or one reader agreeing with itself lelangir: that&#8217;s so IKnight from last winter Cuchlann : Go back to Dark Side of the Moon. Okay, Pontifus got it, basically. Never mind. Pontifus : i wish i had nexisted last winter lelangir: no way Cuchlann : I did, it was like any winter. ^_^ lelangir: from june-december 4:33 AM craziest time ever or so owen tells me but anyway yeah, Greg has convinced me Pontifus : this is why i wanted him here, lol lelangir: art&#8217;s lack of intrinstic meaning must implicate that discourse is attached to it. blah blah blah Cuchlann : Art is, ultimately, an aesthetic experience. It can carry with it thoughts and opinions, but they won&#8217;t be worth anything if the art doesn&#8217;t make the audience feel. 4:34 AM Ghostlightning : the reader agrees with something as to waht a sign means, and communicates that meaning to others, the meaning strengthens, pending agreement from such others Cuchlann : Hence Wilde&#8217;s line: There is no such thing as a moral or an immoral book. Books are well written, or badly written. That is all. lelangir: so&#8230;there&#8217;s a split between what art really is and what art is perceived to be &#8220;modernism&#8221; is discourse but that has no effect on what the art really is Cuchlann : Yes. lelangir: which n ever changes Cuchlann : Art is basically art, always. lelangir: yup 4:35 AM Cuchlann : That&#8217;s also why you get different readings of classic texts in different eras. lelangir: yes Cuchlann : Skim through a history of studies on Hamlet to see it in action. lelangir: discourse is historically dependnat Pontifus : now here&#8217;s where i jump in and be disagreeable&#8230;mike, i think that, once an agreement is established, there&#8217;s no making it stronger or weaker, it just IS 4:36 AM Cuchlann : But the aesthetic experience is not. Or at least, the strength of response. a differing system of mores could alter the particular aesthetic experience. lelangir: ok well now that greg has upset my notion of what things &#8220;are&#8221;, there are two routes Ghostlightning : stronger in teh sense that more people agree, it becomse temporally on top of the heirarchies of meaning lelangir: the &#8220;existential&#8221; route&#8230;and the social route Pontifus : these agreements have relative strengths in different people&#8217;s artistic experiences, but no &#8220;ultimate&#8221; strength/weakness value Ghostlightning : like for example: CODE GEASS = TRAINWRECK lelangir: yep Cuchlann : Oh, you youngsters (yes, I realize all our ages). Because I would say X = trainwreck 4:37 AM Pontifus : geass is a trainwreck = true, geass is awesome = true, period Cuchlann : But you guys probably don&#8217;t know anything about that. Ghostlightning : it has power over code geass = not trainwreck, at present at least wow, am i a youngster nao? LOL lelangir: lol 32 ancient Ghostlightning : both are true, but in practice, the former is more resonant Pontifus : now, prevalent opinions, that&#8217;s a social thing, and isn&#8217;t related to artistic value lelangir: wait&#8230;how&#8217;s that in rel. to an argument isn&#8217;t an argument just a statement? 4:38 AM Ghostlightning : i argue even artistic value is a sign agreed upon by a society Cuchlann : A statement that can be argued with, but yes. lelangir: what it is directed at seems irrelevant Ghostlightning : &#8230; a society of art theorists lelangir: vis-a-vis its existential value which is immutable but its discourse potency&#8230;.that&#8217;s different Pontifus : &#8220;artistic value&#8221; as a term, sure, but not artistic value as applied Ghostlightning : so art has no intrinsic value, as a meaning, has less power in practice 4:39 AM lelangir: i dont get it Cuchlann : Actually, the lack of intrinsic meaning gives it more power. Pontifus : agreed lelangir: how? Cuchlann : A crafted chair can be beautifully wrought, but ultimately it is a tool. Ghostlightning : to use a cruder example, atheism (no theo) has less power than theism (yes theo) Cuchlann : And as such, eventually even the most sensitive person will view it as a chair, to be sat upon. lelangir: I guess I&#8217;m confused by greg&#8217;s use of &#8220;power&#8221; 4:40 AM Cuchlann : But art, with no use but to be art, to be &#8220;beautiful,&#8221; can never be written off as anything else. lelangir: which is a loaded word in foucaultism&#8230; oh wait hold on art is art insofar as it has a definition where did that definition come from? Cuchlann : Ah. Power to affect an audience aesthetically. Ghostlightning : if i sit on that artful chair, even artfully, am i reducing its artistic value? Cuchlann : My definition comes from Wilde. lelangir: oh shi- barthes again&#8230; 4:41 AM Cuchlann : I would say you aren&#8217;t affecting it, unless you break it. lelangir: hmmmmmm sosifdkjsosjsojKJ!J!OIU$(*&amp;(U93wt5w94u so Cuchlann : You simply occlude it, like standing in front of a painting. lelangir: we&#8217;ve created art such that it has the agency to cast off structural hegemony sorry i love that terminology art has become art Ghostlightning : the viewer, cannot experience the art the painter made, BUT HE CAN EXPERIENCE THE ART OF ME STANDING ARTFULLY IN FRONT OF IT 4:42 AM lelangir: yes Ghostlightning : &#8220;ghostlightning&#8217;s shadow over cubism&#8221; lelangir: but what is &#8220;art&#8221; art came from where? we say &#8216;art is art&#8217; but that&#8217;s circular i think&#8230;. Cuchlann : Wilde again: We can forgive a man for making a useful thing as long as he does not admire it. The only excuse for making a useless thing is that one admires it intensely. All art is quite useless. Art is a thing to be admired intensely. lelangir: but&#8230;. that doesn&#8217;t consider its origin or is origin pointless Cuchlann : The origin is unimportant. 4:43 AM lelangir: why? Cuchlann : The art stands before you. The author does not. lelangir: no Cuchlann : What is the origin of Beowulf? lelangir: not origin as in author origin as in meaning of the meaning of art Cuchlann : The meaning is between you and the art. That isn&#8217;t the origin. Ghostlightning : etymology of art plz Cuchlann : It&#8217;s the product of you consuming the art. 4:44 AM Pontifus : @mike observe, if you will, a battle of gods lelangir: but art has to be predicated upon something everything is predicated nothing is ahistoric hence, from whence did art arrive Pontifus : right, so if nothing is ahistoric &#8220;ahistoric&#8221; is nothing lelangir: art cannot just exist all of a sudden Pontifus : it doesn&#8217;t exist Cuchlann : Art entered English through Anglo-Norman, from Old French. Pontifus : so how is that important? Cuchlann : It is created, but the artist effaces the creation with the completed work. 4:45 AM lelangir: wait I mean even art in an existential sense Cuchlann : An orchestra doesn&#8217;t reveal its practices to the audience, only the performance. lelangir: it must have a discursive root Cuchlann : But it doesn&#8217;t matter to the aesthetic experience. lelangir: correct me if i&#8217;m wrong (i probably am) its exisentialism needs discourse guh so many types 4:46 AM no Ghostlightning : the aesthetic experience is also up to the viewer/reader Cuchlann : Art can be considered a product of discourse. lelangir: but the aesthetic experience can be discursisve Cuchlann : True. Pontifus : insofar as discourse is one person agreeing with himself&#8230;is, i think, the idea, correct me if i&#8217;m wrong, o mighty cuchlann Ghostlightning : i derive a lot of value watching practices lelangir: ok Cuchlann : Well, I&#8217;m generally inclined to say discourse requires at least two people, you folks came up with that one. Ghostlightning : one person agreeing with the self, i find nothing wrong with it 4:47 AM i probably do it a lot Pontifus : not i, lol Ghostlightning : NONONO Pontifus : it&#8217;s those focauldians over there lelangir: lol Ghostlightning : the discourse with the self is between one&#8217;s memories lelangir: nice Ghostlightning : and the idea at hand lelangir: your habitus oh shi- your habits your consciousness Ghostlightning : YES YES Cuchlann : Hm. Okay, not bad, I can see that, I suppose. lelangir: because your identity is not stable Ghostlightning : does the idea at hand, FIT? lelangir: always morphing 4:48 AM being changed by external forces Ghostlightning : with my past conceptions, etc? lelangir: yes Cuchlann : It works with the phenomenological idea of creating a second consciousness, which is one&#8217;s perception of the art. lelangir: exactly Ghostlightning : lelangir: IS THIS ART? lelangir: oh shi- i dont get that&#8230;. Ghostlightning : or: IS MY IDEA OF ART&#8230; LIMITED? lelangir: why does one need a 2nd con. for art?&#8217; Cuchlann : It&#8217;s the same thing we said earlier, but recast into different terms. lelangir: @mike: i dont get that either 4:49 AM Cuchlann : Actually, now that I think of it, it&#8217;s probably a way to get at what you&#8217;re describing. lelangir: yes ok i see that now Cuchlann : Discourse within the self. lelangir: but that is predicated upon society Ghostlightning : yes lelangir: the self ineedss the othe THE SELF NEEDS THE OTHER Ghostlightning : instead of me listening to your words, i say it to myself, in my voice, to see if it &#8216;fits&#8217; my self-concept if it does, i probably will agree lelangir: yes 4:50 AM all that is prediated uponmemory with your contact with society Ghostlightning : memory yes lelangir: no experience = nomemory = no discourse Ghostlightning : THAT IS WHY WE REMEMBER LOVE lelangir: nothing to discoure with or upon lmfao Ghostlightning : lololololol lelangir: oh god&#8230; Cuchlann : I have no problems with any of those statements, but they don&#8217;t alter the fact that art is solely aesthetic. lelangir: in the existential sense yeah i guess Cuchlann : In the experiential sense. lelangir: if thats the right term 4:51 AM ok oh yeah definitely but then there are fakers Cuchlann : The experience is what I&#8217;m almost always concerned with, rather than the implications. lelangir: &#8220;oh duuuuuude that art meant soooo much to me! [wanna fuck?]&#8217; Ghostlightning : since we agree, the idea becomes &#8217;stronger&#8217; lelangir: but then what i just said isnt even experiential just machiavallian Cuchlann : It&#8217;s based on experience. Pontifus : sure, people lie, but i think our entire conversation here takes honesty for granted 4:52 AM Ghostlightning : um mutually exclusive? lelangir: its just transplanting experience over social goals Cuchlann : A lie is as based on experience as a truth, or else the liar wouldn&#8217;t be able to lie. lelangir: wait re@mike it gets stronger? yeah i suppose that&#8217;s where discourse gets it strength in #s Ghostlightning : yes 4:53 AM lelangir: so Ghostlightning : the grand march of ideas lelangir: I think there is no finalized definition of art Ghostlightning : never lelangir: there are always contesting theories of equal value Ghostlightning : hegel: keikaku doori Pontifus : which almost seems to be the way it has to be, but i haven&#8217;t put a lot of thought into that, so don&#8217;t ask me to back it up lelangir: what is significant is each contesting theory&#8217;s political relevance 4:54 AM Cuchlann : No, political relevance is completely unimportant. Ghostlightning : it is significant, yes, but i dunno about ultimate significance lelangir: how&#8217;s it irrelevant? Cuchlann : It&#8217;s an after-affect of the passage of art through consciousness. Pontifus : it&#8217;s sociology Ghostlightning : yea how? lelangir: [insofar as we mean political in the same way] i thought we said all theories were equal 4:55 AM one theory claims art is something beyond theory Cuchlann : And I&#8217;m giving you mine. That&#8217;s what this conversation is, yes? ^_^ lelangir: so&#8230;we agree to disagree that&#8217;s the end right? so its FOR FUNNNNN but yeah&#8230; anyway Cuchlann : It&#8217;s always the end. But didn&#8217;t you enjoy yourself? lelangir: yeah Ghostlightning : the art of conversation Cuchlann : See, in my version, that&#8217;s the point. lelangir: that&#8217;s actually the best conclusion lol to enjoy yourself ? Cuchlann : Aesthetic experience achieved. Ghostlightning : yes 4:56 AM lelangir: i still dont like that&#8230;. [i&#8217;m still pleasuring myself] Ghostlightning : and with agreement, the feeling is intensified lelangir: if one theory proclaims art above theory Cuchlann : Well, on a personal level, let me put it to you this way&#8211; lelangir: that seems contradictory it needs itself to invalidate itelf 4:57 AM Cuchlann : I didn&#8217;t start reading because of a political end (in any sense of the word political). I read habitually because I read once and the aesthetic experience appealed to me more than other pursuits. And I never claimed art was above theory. In fact, when people claim that, I get angry. lelangir: uhoh Ghostlightning : nothing is intrinsically valuable over another thing lelangir: i dont get it though&#8230; Ghostlightning : people assign values into heirarchies 4:58 AM Cuchlann : Don&#8217;t get what? lelangir: how&#8230;.art can be nothing but it needs meaning to be described in such a way no wait no it doesnt Pontifus : thus spake derrida, kinda lelangir: its nothing regardless &#8230; Ghostlightning : all this, is nothing, empty and meaningless Pontifus : art being nothing is what lets it mean anything at all lelangir: it exists if i dont see it shiet&#8230; Cuchlann : Who, like Zarathustra, found himself stinking in a cave, what? lelangir: but then it doesnt exist&#8230; Ghostlightning : its meaning is but a contingency of us meaning-makers lelangir: so does that theory merely state that things are even if they aren&#8217;t? ungh 4:59 AM Ghostlightning : and we, like the meaning, are ephemeral Cuchlann : I never said art is nothing. I said art has no intrinsic meaning. There&#8217;s a difference. Pontifus : or, yeah Cuchlann : Nothing has an intrinsic meaning. lelangir: yes Cuchlann : Trees don&#8217;t, or fire, or floods. Pontifus : it is something that means nothing, inherently Cuchlann : But they still exist. lelangir: what i was getting at&#8230;.hmmm Ghostlightning : signs exist 5:00 AM lelangir: &#8220;existentialism&#8221; describes art as meaningless do we even need existentialism for that MEANING in and of itself to continue to exist? the meaning of meaningless Cuchlann : Sartre&#8230; bleh. Ghostlightning : kannagi exists, for the people who derive meaning from it (writer, producer, distributor, consumer, critic) lelangir: so Ghostlightning : and everyone will have an opinion lelangir: but art is different i think it&#8217;s much more abstract 5:01 AM that made little sense Ghostlightning : and the majority of agreements, will have weight Cuchlann : Kannagi exists as a bunch of digital files, and possibly some animation cels &#8212; or more likely, more digital files. lelangir: waitwaitwitw go back to sartre or is that thought wrong? Cuchlann : The meaning is in the watching, not the existence. Ghostlightning : each social group/entity will make it mean something lelangir: that active knowledge is predicated upon existence of a buttress for that knowledge Ghostlightning : yes, the experience, not the existence Cuchlann : Oh, my ex just really liked Sartre, so I go &#8220;bleh.&#8221; lelangir: oh 5:02 AM Ghostlightning : not experience isn&#8217;t limited to watching selling, creating, discussing Cuchlann : Yes, the experience. And it isn&#8217;t, no. Ghostlightning : all part of it i prefer camus to sartre Cuchlann : But the thing itself isn&#8217;t part of any of those, except as a thing. It offers no special, extra value that wouldn&#8217;t be achieved with any other show in its place. Ghostlightning : yes, the thing in itself is meaningless 5:03 AM lelangir: yes but that meaningless is meaningful Pontifus : or, maybe it wouldn&#8217;t be achiever, but the important thing, i guess, is that it could be achieved Ghostlightning : all things, in themselves are empty and meaningless Pontifus : *achieved lelangir: important&#8230; Ghostlightning : AND IT DOESN&#8217;T MEAN ANYTHING that they are empty and meaningless no consequence no imnpact lelangir: ok insofar as we don&#8217;t observe them 5:04 AM maybe its meaningless inasmuch as you make it meaningless, which is sort of impossible sounding Ghostlightning : as long as when we do observe, we assign meaning, then it has consequence lelangir: how do you make it meaningless? you say &#8220;this is meaningless&#8221; but thats the same as &#8220;this is meaningful&#8221; Ghostlightning : i cannot make it meaningless lelangir: meaninglessness is another state of meaning negative meaning 5:05 AM nevertheless Ghostlightning : it is an acknowledgment that it has no &#8216;real&#8217; ;true&#8217; meaning lelangir: meaning Ghostlightning : aside from what we make for it that&#8217;s what i mean not a reduction of meaning to oblivion lelangir: yeah Ghostlightning : but an acknowledgment of the lack of ultimacy in the meaning i assign for the sign 5:06 AM Cuchlann : All right, with this new turn, I will retire. I have to get up early tomorrow. Ghostlightning : thanks for participating! Cuchlann : Someone save this and post it tomorrow. Pontifus : i plan on it lelangir: oh jesus Ghostlightning : edit plz lelangir: lmfao kaiser will cry those sweet swedish tears Cuchlann : You have only yourselves to blame. Well, and lelangir, if you&#8217;re not already him. But still. 5:07 AM Down his pinstripe suit. Pontifus : aww, he might mess up the suit lelangir: not already me? Cuchlann : You have only yourself to blame. lelangir: yep Cuchlann : They have themselves, and also you. lelangir: oh thanks! Ghostlightning : replace our names with handles plz Pontifus : yeah Ghostlightning : thanks Cuchlann : And away! Cuchlann has left', 'http://that.animeblogger.net/2008/12/31/over-9000-meaningless-words/', '1230734211', '1231435520' )

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