End of Year Cosplay Event Part 2: Presenting… the Players!

Pizza Hut sponsors Code Geass, Burger King sponsors the world. The fucking BK bags appear in almost every picture. WTF!! Anyway, my previous post screwed up because I thought I had 99 pictures. Truth was, I had 135 of them. So here are some that didn’t manage to make it into the first post.

Al Azif tends to her little friends.

Buy original, this poster urges! Don’t buy pirated stuff! Yeah, do that. I never buy pirated stuff anyway.

In this post, I shall talk about the steak of the event – the cosplayers.

A few quick impressions before I delve into the pictures:

Some people recycle their costumes. This isn’t very nice, but I suppose it’s for getting greater mileage out of that suit. I mean, if I spend half a year doing a costume, I’m not so sure I would want to discard it after a couple of hours wear. Then again, there are the perfectionists who would sell/destroy their costumes after one use.

I actually recognise some familiar faces. Excluding those in the same costume. A Soi Fong of Cosfest was the Bone Guy in Naruto this time around. Ok, that’s all I remember. A great pity Lenneth, the Saya Cosplayer didn’t attend this event. Would’ve loved to see what good stuff she’ve come up with, considering her Kino and Saya costumes were such works of win.

I’m not sure if the number of cosplayers was higher or what, because I probably photographed like fifty percent only. Other blogs have pictures of cute girls which I don’t! This is a disgraceful day. But I pwn them anyway.

Let me just pick out and comment on my personal favourites first! I wouldn’t go as far as to rank these hobbyists, who have put their dignity and pride on the line. My criteria is :

Costume aesthetics. It doesn’t have to be accurate but rather, aesthetically pleasing. This is like Genshiken’s Tanaka, who did a costume for Kasukabe Saki as Chairman Ritsuko, and added a lot of original touches. Sometimes, anime/manga styles just don’t transfer well to real life, and this is where improvisation and ingenuity play a part. Another thing is, it’s not the grandeur of the costume that matters. Simple ones are just as good, such as that Lenneth Saya one.

Taste in women. Every reader of this site should know that I like three attributes of (imaginary) females – mysteriously mature sexy women (like Itoko, Maj Kusanagi), boyishly handsome girls (Souseiseki) and silent types (Nagato Yuki, Vanilla H, Jo). So anyone who displays such attributes will find their way into this list of fame. YEAH IM BIASED!!

Poses and partners. Interesting poses, facial expressions and team members can help add flavour and dynamicism to a picture and hence score points.

My own photographic skill and timing. If I get a good picture of the subject, chances are, I’ll like her/him. If I don’t see you, I can’t like you!

With that put aside, first up would be the Shana cosplayer who looks as Dolfie as a Dolfie. While we all know that there’s enough makeup on her face to be used as a birthday cake, it’s still a fact that her doll-like facial perfection surpasses even that bratty Shana. Never mind that she seems to be missing Alastor, her Nietono no Shana has become a Nietono no Shana-tan, she’s a bit too broad-shouldered, hair-style’s completely different, skirt’s too long and blah blah. Riuva’s policy is, as long as we know the character straightaway, and she looks good, it’s a goal!!

This Shana, whose real name or nic eludes me, was in constant companionship of Ringo from Air Gear. These two together pretty much look straight out of a high level Japanese cosplay event. But I never did like Ringo from Air Gear. I don’t like any of the Air Gear characters, maybe except Itsuki’s tuner.

She has the Sleeping Forest emblem! But I seriously laughed at Shana’s pose.. her sword is 30 cm from the ground!

I must say I took rather flattering pictures of this duo. Look at Tsubaki’s pictures below for a comparison.

Highlighting why most of our pictures are of their upper bodies.

Tsubaki forcefully separated the girls and added his own umehiko into the mix. Ha, look at the difference in picture quality!

Whew, that was a mountain of pictures for just one cosplayer. I suppose it is unfair, but that’s how the world works. Btw she’s not my favourite of this event.

Next up we have a pair from god knows where. I know not where these characters come from, which probably means it’s a game. I don’t play games outside the FF, Xeno and Suikoden franchises. I particularly like the boyish good looks of the crouching lady, as well as their synergy. The weapons are intricately made too, with both size and form.

These girls have absolutely the best weapons in the whole event. Five thumbs up! I love the following two pictures because they possess a great sense of contrast – the simple vs the grand, standing vs crouching, left vs right, front vs back. Plus big ass weapons! And have I mentioned how handsome these girls look? This is why cosplay is a predominantly female thing – even the males have to be played by girls. Their posing is fantastic, which probably shows how much effort these ladies put into preparing a proper stance. BEST WEAPONs, BEST POSE!

Btw, do you know that the best poses normally don’t involve looking into the camera? Just look at interviewees on TV, they are never staring straight at you. This is why photographers always strive to take unexpected shots. People are more relaxed and look better. Also, a slight angle makes the subject slimmer and more interesting. But most people don’t understand this concept. I have gotten a lot of angry shouts because "they weren’t ready" or "I wasn’t looking", FUCKING NOOOOOBS!

But when a barrage of photographers are assaulting you, sometimes we get pictures where the pupils are in weird locations. Now that sucks.

Ok, this is my favourite pair in the whole event.

Judging from this picture, my guess is Kingdom Hearts. But what character is the left most one? U.N.C.L.E.

Man she’s just so clean-cutly handsome that I think if I were a girl, I would marry her. Wait, that didn’t make sense.

Next is a character from the fanservicey Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, Kadaj. Did you know that Kadaj spelt backwards is actually Jadak?

So like, where’s your bike? I won’t be surprised if some hardcore fanboy with technical knowhow actually builds that monster from scratch. Anyway, this cosplayer is pretty fine-looking albeit with a horrible weapon. I appreciate the badass leather and silky silver hair though. Oh yeah, I said I liked boyishly handsome girls, so on the other hand, I also loathe stupid pouty whiny poser pretty boys, which accounts for most of the popular male characters. But it’s ok if they are females in disguise.

If only the legs in the background were trees or rocks.

Behead that stinkin’ pretty boy Cloud! This pose is quite hot.

I must wonder why her hilt is in her mouth really.

I think she won second place in the competition. But considering first place’s prize is a trophy (clear piece of what seems to be polyethane) and a box of VCDs which nobody wants, I fear for her prize. Probably like, 10 percent off Burger King? You know what the prize should be? A book containing the phone numbers of all the cosplayers… so they can make friends and chat about their common interests.

And then we have a female Anbu. There was a swarm of these anbu girls, but nobody’s complaining cos ninjas are the modern day Jesus and girls rock, so the combination is pretty much a sign for celebration. Some of these girls need to build some muscle though.

People have this misconception that revealing skin is sexy. But sometimes, covering up is sexier. Nobody exemplifies this better than Rider of Fate Stay Night, with her mask. And this Kunoichi has a mask! Masks make females fall into the category of mature mysterious and sexy. Especially if you have razor-sharp eyes like hers. Her costume is terribly unspectacular, but as I said, it’s the sum of the parts, not the individual parts. And a mask is worth a lot of parts. To clarify, I don’t consider that foxmask a mask. The mouth-covering dark blue cloth is the mask. The fox is just an accessory.

If IIRC, this girl was a masked Japanese biker gang member at the previous Cosquest event. She always seem masked.

In the same clan is this little girl with a real sword. She really should watch Kenichi, to learn how to grasp a blade properly. Despite that, Ninja 2 scores points for her Kurenai-ish hair and sulky demeanor.

Ninja 3 is a darker one who does well in the following picture. I like how the picture turned out, having a sense of camouflage among the crowd.

The gang of ninjas.

OK I AM SLEEPY IT IS 4 AM GOOD NIGHT. CONTINUED IN PART THREEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! There are more great cosplayers to come.

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