Figure News: Overman King Gainer + Anna Medaiyu PVC June Release

Set to be released in June 2006 by CM’s,  this is one set of 2 figurines from OKG costing a total of 3,990 yen. For those interested, the little girl is Anna Medaiyu, the Princess of the dome that the series started out in. She was voluntarily kidnapped and brought along for the Exodus. Her pose here is seen in the OP animation, where the cast including the Overmen do the Monkey.

OKG is in his flying pose, the green ring is what is known as a Photon Mat. It enables him to fly. He is equipped with a Chainsaw gun, that is both used as a melee blade and a rifle. This pose is quite cool, much cooler than the Max Factory version produced last year.

Note that Anna can change her outfit, as shown above. Her royal one is quite cute… I like it.

Anna is 10 cm tall and OKG is 14 cm tall. Both are made of PVC.

I’m definitely getting this.

Vital Stats
Maker: CM’s
Height: 10 cm and 14 cm
Price: 3990 yen for a set
Material: PVC
Scale: Non-scale

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