Some Colourful Otaku Christmas Carolling

Hung’s Karaoke Competition has brought out the siren in all of us nerds.

It’s easy to download some home-made clip and laugh at how others suck compared to the real singer, but have you ever tried it yourself? Most people roll around in a protective shield of self-dismissal, with a "I can’t sing" but then proceed to take the piss out of those who give it a try, despite their limited abilities. I was one of those but thanks to encouragement from friends and all, I have been enlightened – We are bad singers but can still sing!

This is why karaoke is one of the best friend-bonding activities around. It forcefully removes one’s act-cool facade, and forces everyone to come to terms with their inner voice. You can get laughed at, and in turn, you get the chance to laugh at people. Some people just love to stand behind in a safe spot where they can snipe others and still escape unscathed – such people we call "hypocrites" and these will not be able to get any presents from Santa.

I have a group of friends, aptly named the First Otaku Battalion, since we were all soldiers (we were soldiers, stand or die, lol). Together, we created an anthem, which is set to be changed monthly. This month’s instalment, the inaugural one, is Colours, the OP of Code Geass , so well sung by Flow, and not-so-well sung by six members of the battalion.

In no order of volume: ME (Tj), LianYL (the troll who waged war with Darkmirage), Kokanaden, Analitez, Xak (who you can see on the School Rumble forums) and CH. We recorded this individually at home and then compiled it as one mp3 file with the karaoke track of Colours.

ENJOY! (it’ll bring joy and laughter to the land)

Oh and I submitted a rather hilarious entry for Hung’s competition. Look forward to it! The choice of song was spot on.


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