Now You Can Buy Figures With MERE COINS! BIG SALE!

That’s right, now’s the time to buy plenty of PVC figures! Word just came in, that Urban Attic (the toy store on the fifth floor of Funan Centre) will be clearing ALL their PVC figurine at insane prices. I have the list of items and their prices, but will post them tomorrow.

The time and date is not confirmed but I hear that items will go for as low as ten dollars. From the list, I see great stuff like Clayz’s Rin Tohsaka 1/6 for 40, GSC’s Tessa 1/8 for 25 and other rather amazing prices. Oh yeah, Burst Angel’s Jo is also going for 40… now I feel like hoarding them up and ebaying them.

Seems like the first X number of people at the door when the store opens will also receive some figures or gifts for free… heh.

Will keep you guys informed as more news comes by. Check back tomorrow.

Nope, not one of the figures for sale.

I wonder if I can buy the cheap stuff and then send it over for the hungry overseas people?

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