Remember the insane sale I was talking about yesterday? Well, here’s the list of items that are to be cleared. Due to the damn Taiwanese earthquake, I can’t seem to access most of my figurine sites at any decent speed and so am unable to bring you the pictures for these. I highlighted the ones that I have already reviewed here on this site, in blue and those I intend to buy, I highlighted in red. Try not to snatch these items from me lol!

I strongly recommend the Nadesico Yurika, since it’s a mail order exclusive. It’s that orange bikini version and going for half the price I bought it for. But the other stuff are pretty much dirt cheap. With the exception of Meg, you can actually get all the Burst Angel girls from Alter. I think Meg is obtainable at Aniplay. Other interesting items are Shizuru and Natsuki action figures, Banana is a Snack (always sort of wanted these) and the 70 percent discounted Lain figurine.

The sale has NOT BEGUN so people don’t get too nervous yet.  The sale will start on Sunday 31 December, at about 12 noon. The venue is the fifth floor of Funan Centre at Urban Attic and will be on a first come first served basis.

Item Price (S$)
Shuffle Series 3 ~1/8 Nerine~ by Atelier Sai $10.00
Neko-Miko-Tama by Toy Planning $10.00
Relvotech ~Dougram~ by Kaiyodo $10.00
Tsukiyomi ~Kotomiya Yuki~ by Goodsmile Co. $10.00
Final Fantasy Creatures Fan Book + Figure Vol 2 by Square Enix $10.00
Canvas 2 ~Sumire Misaki~ by Toy Planning $15.00
Growlanser ~1/7 Ruise Foyer~ by EnterBrain $15.00
Magical Kanan ~1/7 Chiragi Hiragi~ by Max Factory $15.00
Da Capo ~1/8 Tamaki Konomiya~ by Toy Planning $15.00
Capcom Gals ~1/8 LeiLei~ by Ensky $15.00
Ai Yori Aoshi ~Sakuraba Aoi~  DVD Exclusive $20.00
D.C Capo ~1/8 Aishia~ by Max Factory $20.00
Dijibril ~1/8 Aries~ by Alter $20.00
Futakoi Alternative ~Sara Shirogane & Soju Shirogane~ by Wave $20.00
Gun X Sword ~1/8 Wendy~ by Max Factory $20.00
He is my Master ~1/6 Anna Kurauchi~ by Clayz $20.00
He is my Master ~1/6 Mitsuki Sawatari~ by Clayz $20.00
Dijibril ~1/8 Aries~ by Alter $20.00
Grendiser ~Duke Fleed Cockpit Version~ by Inspire $20.00
Magister Negi Magi ~Evangelin~ by Konami (Hobby Magazine Exclusive) $20.00
Votoms ~1/35 ScopeDog~ by Max Factory $20.00
FineScenery ~1/8 Shino~ by ToraNoAna $20.00
Real Action Heroines ~Scryed Sherrice Ajarni~ by Megahouse $20.00
Full Metal Panic~1/8 Tessa Testarossa~ by Goodsmile Co. $25.00
Banana is a Snack ~White Panty Version~ by Solid Works $25.00
Banana is a Snack ~Blue Lined Panty Version~ by Solid Works $25.00
Pinky St ~Episode Kei Ichiro~ by Vance Collection $25.00
Pinky St ~Episode May~ by Vance DVD Collection $25.00
Rumble Roses ~1/8 Evil Rose~ by Konami $25.00
Rumble Roses ~ Anastasia~ by Konami $25.00
Rumble Roses ~Igle~ by Konami $25.00
I’S Pure ~1/10 Iori Yoshizuki~ by CMS $25.00
Real Action Heroines ~Overman King Gainer Sara Kodama~ by Megahouse $30.00
Final Fantasy VII ~Vincent Valentine Action Figurine~ by PlayArts $30.00
Genshiken ~1/6 Ohno Kanako~ Swimsuit Version by Kotobukiya $30.00
Serial Experiment Lain ~1/8 Lain~ by Vice $30.00
To heart ~1/8 Irufa~ by Kotobukiya $30.00
Alice Rondo Kagihime ~Arisu Arisugawa~ by Solid Works $30.00
Excellent Core Model ~KaraKuri Circus Saiga Elenole~ by Megahouse $30.00
Mazinger Z ~Sayaka Yumi~ White Translucent Colour by Yamato $30.00
Onegai Sensei ~Mizuho Kazami~ Wedding Dress Pink Version by Yamato (HKCC Exclusive 500 Pcs) $30.00
Alice Rondo Kagihime ~Kiraha Kirihara~ by Solid Works $30.00
Bakuretsu Tenshi ~1/8 Amy~ by Alter $30.00
Auction ~Marikouji Honoka~ by Toy Planning $30.00
Elf Girl by Toy Planning $30.00
Nadesico ~1/8 Misumaru Yurika~ by Chara-Ani (Hobby Japan Mail Away Exclusive) $30.00
Samurai Spirits ~1/8 Mina Majikina~ by Toy Planning $30.00
Real Action Heroines ~Harman Karn~ by Megahouse $35.00
Robot Action Heroine Series ~Four Murasame~ by Megahouse $35.00
Real Action Heroines ~Aina Sahalin~ by Megahouse $35.00
Monsieur Bome Vol 14 ~Kasumi Blue Version~ by Kaiyodo $35.00
Fate Stay Night ~1/6 Rin Tohsaka~ by Alter $40.00
Fate Stay Night ~1/6 Rin Tohsaka~ by Clayz $40.00
Full Metal Panic ~1/6 Tessa Testarossa~ Black Version by Atelier Sai $40.00
Genshiken ~1/8 Ohno Kanako~ by Goodsmile Co. $40.00
Hinatabokko/Hinataruto ~1/8 Hiragi Hinata~ by Solid Theater $40.00
Ikki tousen ~1/7 Ryofo Housen~ Damaged Version by Griffon Enterprise $40.00
Mai Otome ~1/10 Arika Yumenia~ Action Fig by Atelier Sai $40.00
Mai Otome ~1/10 Nina Wong~ Action Fig by Atelier Sai $40.00
Mai Otome ~1/10 Shizuru Viola Meister Robe Action Figure~ by Atelier Sai $40.00
Mai Otome ~1/10 Erstin Ho Coral Robe Action Figure~ by Atelier Sai $40.00
Mai Otome ~1/10 Natsuki Kruger Action figurine~ by Atelier Sai $40.00
White Angel ~Angel with White Wings~ by Clayz $40.00
Dead or Alive ~1/6 Hitomi~ by Kotobukiya $40.00
Forever Heroines Series ~Full Metal Panic 1/6 Chidori Kaname~ Black Lingerie Limited Edition by Atelier Sai $40.00
Full Metal Panic ~1/6 Tessa Testarossa~ Yellow Version by Atelier Sai $40.00
Girls Bravo ~1/8 Miharu~ by President Japan $40.00
Shakugan No Syana ~1/8 Shana~ by Kotobukiya $40.00
Sumomomo Momomo ~1/8 Nakajima Sanae~ by Solid Works $40.00
Tandem Twins Animal Girls ~Lynx Ruby~ by Yamato $40.00
White Angel ~Angel with White Wings~ Pink Version by Clayz (HKCC Exclusive 180 Pcs) $40.00
Bakuretsu Tenshi~1/8 Sei~ by Alter $40.00
BubbleGum Crisis ~Action Figure~ by Atelier Sai $40.00
Fate Stay Night ~1/6 Saber Casual Version~ by Alter $40.00
Bakaretsu Tenshi ~1/8 Jo~ by Alter $40.00
Capcom Girls ~1/8 Chun Li~ Blue Version by Organic $50.00
Capcom Girls ~1/8 Chun Li~ Pink Version by Organic (Miyazawa Version Limited 700 Pcs) $50.00
He is my Master ~Mutsuki~ by Toy Planning $50.00
Ikkitousen ~1/6 Kanu Unchou~ Gothic Version by Orchid Seed $50.00
Tsukasa Bullet ~1/6 Mariko Imai~ by Megahouse $50.00
RAH DX ~Cagalli~ by Megahouse $50.00
RAH DX ~Meryn~ by Megahouse $50.00
Dead or Alive ~1/6 Kasumi~ by Max Factory (Black Version) $50.00
RAH DX ~Lacus Clyne~ by Megahouse $50.00
Super Robot War Original Generation ~1/44 Alteisen~ by Unifve $70.00
GX-09MAB Minvera Black Version by Bandai $110.00
Soul of Chogokin ~GX-12MAG Venus A~ by Bandai MediaWorks $110.00
Macross ~1/48 VF-1A Hikaru Ichijo~ by Yamato $120.00
Soul of Popynica Series 1~Yamato Space BattleShip~ by Bandai $180.00

42 Responses to “STICKY UPDATED! Figurine Mega Sale: TIME, PLACE, LIST, ALL HERE!!”

  • Okie. Thanks for the list!

    Now to spend the next few days planning what to buy.

  • Is this a members only sale? Or anyone can just walk in and grab?

  • Mai tu liao! Thanks for the list! :)

  • Soul of Popynica Series 1~Yamato Space BattleShip~ by Bandai


    Only getting one figure? That’s new.

  • damn you and your figure sales :V

  • So, where exactly do you aquire these, and how?

  • Full Metal Panic~1/8 Tessa Testarossa~ by Goodsmile Co.

    Hard to get by nowadays. The best Tessa figure I think, Atelier Sai sucks at Full Panic Panic imho. Perhaps picking up a 2nd sample *wink* and putting it up on eBay *wink wink* might be a good idea *wink*.

  • Oh, so you actually have to physically be at the store? Oh well, it is a good sale, but I guess I’ll just have to keep paying my prices :(

  • Hello tj_han,

    That’s a lot.
    Considering flying to Sing just to buy some of the figurines. HAHA


    PS. Your plan to buy and slowly eBay them may have merit. Think about this as “securing your supply line”. XD

  • i see lots i want to buy… hope i got enough money

  • Actually, if enough of you want stuff, I think I may be able to send stuff over.

  • omg, that is a ridicuously sweet list of figs. jealous -_-

  • just a question, how many stocks of each of them does UA have?

  • Now this takes the cake. I’m going to the dark side~

  • Oh oh oh! I want the He is my Master figurines! *______*

  • shit … i must camp there early.

  • send…stuff…over… hrm. i’d take you up on that.

  • Eh, I want quite alot of that…AND I GET FIRST PICK! Woah…No one can snatch Tessa and Lain now…

  • tj_han, I want the Alter Rin Tohsaka. It’s the swimsuit version right?

  • Sigh, will only be over in Sg in mid January, oh the pain X__X Would love to pick up the Alter Sei, Max Fac Wendy, Holiday Saber and a bunch of other stuff I’d probably buy on impulse if I could be physically there(actually heard about UA through your blog btw, hopped over and bought something some months ago – weiye is awesome.)

    Oh and in other unexciting news, Yuujin still makes AWESOME figures:

    At the least the hand gesture is pretty indicative….

  • Bleh, knn, I paid $100 more for altogether some of the items in the list, dun really want to count the exact.

    Tandem Twins Animal Girls ~Lynx Ruby~ by Yamato $40.00

    Anyway this figure is a good grab (if its not bootleg or factory rejects) for those who didnt get it when it was released (like me who paid $90), its one of the benchmark figure which attest to the quality that can be achieved by mass pdtn PVC figures and the things that cant be done with a GK.

  • Damn, been eyeing the Black Kasumi for ages, but can’t go on Sun due to Hari Raya Haji. :x

  • EDITOR’S NOTE!! This guy is a lying son of a bitch, but I will not delete his comment.

    Woh, i got a interesting story to tell you guys today~ It goes on like this.. Today i went to queue up for the KKnM’s clearance sales, while waiting for the shop to open, a guy approached me with one hand holding a pink/purple transparent clipboard and passed me a flyer from URBAN ATTIC and asks me to go visit them. I was thinking, ar… you are giving your flyers outside people’s shop, ok that’s fine, it doesn’t breaks any rules, and so does the owners of KKnM can’t chase or do anything to those guys at all, so i just keep the flyer. So when the shop opened, people rushing in and so do i. While browsing the items, i saw that guy who handed me the flyer from URBAN ATTIC, was joting down the prices on to the clipboard and i was like shocked, woh, firstly you issued flyers just outside people’s shop and now you so openly came into people’s shop and joting down the prices!?! Woh man, that’s gonna be so awlful and so impolite… I saw the owners’ of KKnM realised that guy is joting down the prices and somemore infront of the guy owner! They wanted to stop him but there will too many customers they need to attend to. What i wanted to say is that, i know that you will be having your shop’s sales too, but then you shouldn’t be so shameful as to copy other people’s shop’s prices and compare to yours. Sigh, another bad image of Singaporean has been seen again.

  • DEAR T_K,



  • LOL! T_K: Congrats, you met Mr FUCKYOU in the flesh. Anyway, the guy who you saw is not a staff of UA and hence he’s just comparing prices for his own shopping purposes. Anything wrong with that? It’s not like he can control the prices.

  • Lol so cheap and yet I still can’t afford. Damn it!!

  • o_O wow. sudden uproar.

    Though I wasn’t there when the thing happened, ‘FUCK YOU’ (very original nickname dude), with all tact and respect to both shops, (I’ll take TJ Han’s word of you being a non-staff of UA) and as a customer to both shops, I find the ‘rivalry’ (if there’s ever such before this incident; I wouldn’t know since I’m still new to UA’s staff) being a bit out of hand…..

    I mean, come on, giving out flyers of another figurine selling shop right outside kknm?? If it’s in the vicinity of Bugis Junction, I think it’s alright. But right outside of a shop selling similar goods? If I were the shopowner, I’d almost certainly feel threatened, irregardless of the person outside my shop giving out flyers a staff or not.

    Of course all intentions of letting the public know of another place that’s going to have a sale in UA; especially if you’re an avid supporter of either shop and you want to do ‘advertising’ on your own part But in all cases I do feel of letting the consumer know of their choices.

    In any case, I felt personally as a consumer and an avid anime-follower with a minimum amount of ethics (i’m not saying I’m a saint here) for the person giving out flyers to know and study all scenarios before doing certain actions on your own accord. You, as a supporter (i’m assuming that you are a supporter of UA since you’re giving out flyers regarding information of 31st’s sale) , wouldn’t want another shop’s supporter to come and do similar stuff to UA as well, do you? Rebuking in caps made your stand felt alot more worse.

    FYI I know nuts about any of you and your real faces /identity, much as you all don’t know mine.

  • Well, tell me another place you can find a targeted anime fanbase, smarty-pants. CAPS PWN YOUR ASS YOU PIECE OF SUPERFICAL SHIT.

    However, I know nuts about any of you and your real faces /identity, much as you all don’t know mine. So _|_

  • Shuffle Series 3 ~1/8 Nerine~ by Atelier Sai $10.00
    Neko-Miko-Tama by Toy Planning $10.00

    OH MY GOD~ i paid 3 times the sale price for the same item at the same shop~

    ok lah, if possible, maybe would grab the same piece again. this time to open up for display.

    by the way, where is KKnM?

  • Hmmm, LianYL, seems that you ish FUCK YOU, so I will trust T J’s word

    Rekseah, KKnM is at Sunshine Plaza, previously at Parklane, used to be 3 shops together (Whats COmics, KKnM and Animehouse)

  • Asteroth, thanks for the info.

    Anyway, i got a friend to go over to get Neko-Miko-Tama for me. turns out that its $15 instead of the listed $10.

    then the shop keeper told me that the list is an un-confirmed list. hmmm… then why release it to public? sales gimmick?

  • Rekseah, its not only that item, quite a few items or was it nearly all of the items in the $10-$30 have their price up by $5, for me I couldnt really be bothered abt those $5 if the items are oredi 60% off. Anyway was amazed by the queue when I reached there.

    2 surprised finds which they din put in the items list is the TECMO online shop black Kasumi $50 and the Yamato Mechanical File $35. Both items actually still have market value thats ard $70-$90 and $55-$60 respectively. I asked the owner which I think is Weiye himself why dun he sell/auction them at more normal prices but he said its ok lah.

    and BTW the one on sale is Tandem Twins Emerald, not Ruby.

  • Heehee, i’m just too cheap skate to pay $5 more.

    To me, its another gachapon piece i can get with it.

  • First post on Riuva’s site. I was at the sale too. Fifth in line and got a Shana which i think i got for pretty cheap. =) All in all i think it was a great sale with like, 30 people in queue early in the morning =)

  • Too_many_cheapos_around

    I will also say something fair….as wat T_K mentioned is true, not sure of the jolting price actions, but giving out other shop’s pamplet right outside another shop’s premise is SO wrong…..for goodness sake have some ‘manners’ & ethics. I was with another group of friends that day and they also not very happy to see this kind of action….be it ‘intentional’ or not…..really makes people wonder…..

    On another note, competition is free for all in this market,but I hope if there’s a sale next time for UA, pls do it in a considerate manner and thought of the aftermath for their actions….not that I’m sliding with anyone, just ‘buay song’ as a overall consumer….

    In the end, all it needs is to ignore this humble post of mine…Thanks for reading…

    P.S: Nice Figure reviews TJ

    [If a convict is 'innocent', the defend lawyer need not say much]

  • Way to go, Sentinel011. I like what you wrote.

    Giving out flyers ain’t the only way to advertise, you know. ;)

    Ack, no one told me about the sale. :/

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