Call me Mister! I Have My Life Back!

Or in the native tongue, "ORD LOHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"

Today marks my official retirement from the army. I am now a free man! For those not from this island, all Singapore males must serve for a period of two years in National Service upon the age of 18. On the day of enlistment, the king confiscates your identity card (it’s pink, and affectionately called the PINK IC) and hands you a green military identity card called the 11B. And on the final day of NS, your pink IC is returned to you, having been safely locked away for two years.

This event is one of the greatest and happiest moments in a typical Singapore male’s lifetime, commonly inducing them to run around with tongues hanging out waving the pink card screaming "ORD LOOOOHHHH!!" (as in Operationally-Ready Date). The acronym means that you are now ready to fight, having completed your training.

To celebrate this joyous event, I went and got myself a new hairstyle and colour straightaway after leaving the base. This is me! 5 years ago. As you can see, tj han is actually my real name.

What this means is, I can now go to university or get a job. I did the latter and start work this Sunday, since the next university year is in August.

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  • i haven’t enter yet..

  • 2 more years till i enter

  • So you were a governement sponsored reporter, eh? In the US military that is one of the more cushy desk jockey jobs, highly sought after because in certain services. The American PA gets to travel to a gamut of places for free and if you keep it cordial with the pay guys you can actually get the sweetness of commercial rations which equates to nice bonus if you don’t mind eating cheap. Besides you don’t have to be that great of a writer, but I’ll let the articles speak for themselves.

    The great thing about having an all volunteer force is that even if the pay sucks the benefits I get for school and medical are sweet, US 4500 a year for college, 10 dollar dental insurance, 29 life insurance, and 10,000 towards graduate school. All in all the amount of benefits totals to more money than i could ever hope for as a worker with a HS diploma and a bit of college. Thank goodness in the US they can’t just grab Johnny next door.

  • damn u and happy ord
    i still got 1yr to go

  • if you are pes E, then won’t you ROD instead of ORD?

  • practically yes

    technically no

    ORD LOH!!!

  • Congratz ! Suckers like me still have a long way to go, haha.

  • Congratulations on ORD and Happy New Year. Look forward to a new year without it being stained with the words Army/NS.

  • ONOZ! This day marks the two-year countdown to NS…

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