Meido Cafe:Hang Out! And Initial Review

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Ok normal service is resumed. I finally have a day of peace and quiet in the security of my own room. Black Lagoon 24 was great, I wonder if there would be a third season.

Last night was my first visit to the much maligned Cosafe Maid Cafe. I heard some really polar views on it, ranging from the drooling trolling farmers at to the secret agent from Tsubaki’s blog, and even Bjorn’s "interview" with the manager. For today’s post, I’ll just describe my first impressions and discuss some of its merits and demerits.

Pictures are provided by the worm Bjorn and EOS-400D equipped Windbell, as well as ripped from the Sgcafe’s Spikeout.

Due to the time being New Year’s Eve, the place was horrendously packed. It wasn’t helped by the fact that it was some Cosplay day and a lot of cosplayers and supporters were there as well to hang out. I heard from my friend, a regular, that the normal crowd is about half the capacity and so would naturally lead to a far more relaxed and peaceful atmosphere.

Crowded like hell.

My group was interviewed by Channel U, a local TV station. You’ll be seeing us on tv if we make the cut. I doubt so though, judging from the expression on the crew’s face. 2 years in a similar job and it gets easy to tell when reporters will actually use the footage. There was a mock-up of a waitress serving us food too, so we may still be on tv. Watch out for Darkmirage’s "Hi, I am Darkmirage" shirt.

The maids, oft derided as being "not pretty enough" by people viewing mere pictures of them, were actually very attractive girls in person. The girl serving our table was Shayan (or Shine, Shayin etc), the tall one with the sporty, tanned and healthy image. The cafe actually changed their working system and now have one maid responsible for a table, to facilitate accuracy of orders. While this also decreases the interactions with other maids, I found the overall efficiency to be quite good.

All the maids each have an individual style. I could remember their names and faces straightaway, so kudos to the hiring manager for the effective selection process.

The lovely ladies in the midst of bombarding our table with hot load

I was caught in the crossfire. They were aiming at two of their favourite regular customers, Anal and Koka. See that candle? It ignited the propellant from the spraycan and my pants caught fire. But I’m soooo COOL that it got put out straightaway.

The maids were mostly very friendly and struck up a good rapport with the customers. The great thing about this cafe is that all the staff, except the Manager mother, are close to my (and friends’) age and hence it was a fun place to just chill out. Where can you find a restaurant run by teens and twenty year olds, whose service staff can talk to you as friends? I don’t know about some other pervy nerds but I do find the maid concept in Japan very disturbing. Why would I want people to call me Goshuujin-sama? So the less-maid and more friendly attitude of these girls are in fact preferable.

The music was naturally, all in Japanese. I suspect it was some Inuyasha soundtrack though. A suggestion would be a request feature, where customers could play their own favourite songs. I must have heard "Change the World" by V6 at least a trillion times lol. But J-music is always good.

The manager, (pink) Floyd, did a great job in ensuring the comfort and satisfaction of his customers. Plus he has the looks to pass off as a host lol, so that’ll be a boon for the girls too. I’m always impressed when service staff remember the names of the customers.

The maids actually prepare the orders for you. At least that’s what I’m led to believe. So every cake and drink has a slight variation in presentation depending on their styles, which is quite interesting really. I like this personalised touch, where you actually know who prepared your order. She also hangs around and asks if it’s good, to which all the males would either say "YES!" or lie and say "YES!". I ordered a smoothie only, as it was after dinner. And the drink was called Strawberry Dream. I recommend they change the name to Ichigo Complete (lol).

I didn’t try the other food, so I can only comment on my drink. It was ok, like any other smoothie. BUT I DID SENSE SOME GIRL LOVE IN IT. I think, haha.

Price-wise, everything in the menu is very comparable to other establishments at the mid-price class CHIJmes. I see lots of people complaining about the price but these people are fucking peons and should just stick to their hawker centres if they want cheap food. But that said, I don’t think anyone can afford to go and have full meals at the cafe too often. I need to try the main courses first before I can pass any judgement on the cuisines actually.

The location is very convenient, and a tiny walk from my workplace. Perhaps I would go there to have dinner next time?

Everyone seems to speak Mandarin. WHY?? I can speak Mandarin as well as the next guy but English is still my language of choice. Btw, "Goshuujin-sama, okaerinasaimase" doesn’t translate well. "Welcome back my master" sounds weird.

All the maids wore so much makeup, they must be adding on 0.5 kg of pure chemical each time they dressed up. Personally, since these are all 17-20+ year olds, they don’t really need 20mm thick foundation and powder.

I didn’t really fancy their maid costumes, since I’m not a maid lover myself. But seeing them in their civvies, I have to say that they ALL look far better out of uniform.

Most of the seating area is outdoors, which makes it susceptible to rainfall. A large tree also stands smack in the middle of the seating area, and this botanical giant actively sprays water even after the rain subsides. If I recall, the other CHIJmes eateries have either umbrellas or large tentages, so perhaps the Cosafe would be adding those soon. I’m also a air-conophile, so I prefer an indoor location.

They ran out of vanilla ice cream. I hate vanilla but DM had his order involuntarily changed thanks to this shortage. But the waitresses did ask first and apologise, so it was alright. I blame the crowd.

The waiting time for my drink was about 20-30 minutes, which was fine for me since I was feeling extremely full after my dinner and didn’t really want to order. But the average customer may not be that pleased. Again, I blame the crowd. I really need to go back on a normal day.

They were hawking beer. Now, the reason why I don’t frequent the bars and pubs at CHIJmes (other than the fact I have the alchohol tolerance of an E.Coli, thanks to my genetic makeup) is the constant pressure to buy this foul yellow drainwater, particularly Tiger beer. Now, we all know beer is a lucrative business, but considering the customers are pretty much kids, this was one aspect of the cafe that I found not that great. Or maybe the maids thought my group were like awesome manly and capable of downing 5 jugs each. The first part is true.

I would certainly go again. I like the pleasant, jovial and friendly atmosphere, with staff and customers all in my age group. It is certainly worthy of being the outpost of 1 Otaku Bn. There are a few niggly bits that aren’t perfect, but I have yet to encounter an eatery I totally love. This comes pretty close though!

I haven’t been to an authentic maid cafe yet but the authority on such establishments, Darkmirage, actually says he likes it here better! Now that is some endorsement.

PS: I heard many complaints of the maids not treating their customers as well as they treat some others. For example, some complained that the maids didn’t pull their chairs out for them. I find it a disgrace that a man would whine for a young girl to pull out a chair for you. Others moaned about how some tables got better treatment, such as more time conversing with the maids. Conversation is a two-way thing - if you’re friendly yourself and actively partake in conversation without being too much of a stalker, chances are, the girls’ll reciprocate. Perhaps some (NERD) people are expecting their social disabilities to magically disappear in the company of maids. LOL. And I meant that seriously.

More to come from the Maid Cafe series when I visit again…

Popularity: 8% [?]

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36 Responses to “Meido Cafe:Hang Out! And Initial Review”  

  1. 1 kwok 51 comments

    Yeah, Tiger really tastes horrible.

    Who is this socially-challenged friend of yours who calls himself KeoKepa? Sure has a lot of sarchasm there.

  2. 2 bj0rN 153 comments

    Once again. My thoughts exactly. If you want to be served well, you at least need to be nice to them first too. They ain’t your slaves! T_T

  3. 3 Xak 72 comments

    lol i usually feel very embarassed when they call me master…so i keep thanking them profusely for everything they do…

  4. 4 Somatic 33 comments

    I agree with you han, sometimes people just ask for too much. I was actually feeling bad when they keep approaching us to tell us they were sorry that they run out of milk and ice cream or when our orders were delayed. I even told my friend to stop making noise as its not easy to fullfill all of the customers needs when the way things are going on is so messy.

    BTW, Nice hair.

  5. 5 Zer0 135 comments

    “Shayan” is known as Shianne or Annie. She’s good friends with Olivia and Sheena (妹系meido).

  6. 6 tj_han 1442 comments

    Oh, here comes the true expert on Maid cafes. I know she’s your fav Zer0. I do not have any favourite one yet, none of them are my type.

    Somatic: Giving positive advice is far better than just whining like an overgrown baby. That’s why Singaporeans are scum.

  7. 7 mthchan 2 comments

    sounds like maid cafe’s in tw are still better. >D bwahaha~!!! that’s what you get for not sharing the ub3r cool figurine sales… ;-; still, i wish i were in singapore instead…

    yea, Goshuujin-sama sounds a little awkward in mandarin. O.o

  8. 8 tj_han 1442 comments

    Kwok: He’s not my friend. He’s Nic’s worst enemy. The two of them are always fighting out there in sgcafe.

  9. 9 Windbell 25 comments

    Nicely written post :)

    I do enjoy that place as it is. Friendly maids there.

    Probably it’s the process of give-and-take in any relationship that those nerds to do understand.

  10. 10 Zer0 135 comments

    Erm. I is not expert. I is the ero-jiji stalking the meidos.

    Oh how I wish that they would make me coffee strained through their stockings.

  11. 11 elohir 28 comments

    Zer0 : It would be soo unhygenic! D:

    I seriously need to check this place out..but i’m dirt poor so its no go (for now).

  12. 12 LianYL 785 comments

    Zer0 >> You are Bill Clinton. Cabinet Harem™.

    And I’m quite sure I sensed your presence yesterday at the cafe. There was this ero-jiji who kept looking over to our table. Or my float.

  13. 13 RDrake 69 comments

    Meh, I am but a peon who cannot afford such a thing…

    Yea, but truthfully, high level of service like this might kill the recluse in me. Even in Osaka, I found it hard not to begin to thank everyone profusely for every little bit of help they give…

  14. 14 shiachan 57 comments

    nicely written post, today was my turn to go again, i hate crowds, what i have to recommend is the earl grey , i have nvr had such good earl grey tea anywhere else(that i know of). i rate it 10/10 for the earl grey tea. it smells so sweet that sugar isnt really needed. its the perfect complement to the desserts i have.

    For dessert i shared with my friends from JCG(Japanese Cultural Group- From TP) tried coscafe’s Baked cheesecake(i assumed it is what they baked today) their strawberry ice cream(which i forgot what is it called(i think maiden kiss), and their milky way(vanilla ice cream),

    Cheesecake was indeed cheesy and GOOD, I felt it warrants a 8/10 Rating as a cheesecake, The way they tried to arrange the cheesecake to me was like they were trying to put in effort to arrange the dish so that it looked good, what i recommend next time (which i would tell them the next time i visit if i remember.) is to switch to a smaller plate, other than that its great.

    Maiden’s kiss was like, 2 scoops of icecream, a side of strawberry and peaches, and a nice dribble of strawberry sauce. and not forgetting 3 marshmarrows dusted with cinnamon powder. again, the plate was too big for the dessert , making it look like a very small dish. the well i felt that the strawberry icecream strawberrysauce was too overkill for the tastebuds, like sweetxsour the marshmellows were a nice touch though. i rate this dessert at 7/10 and recommend it for people who like to have frozen strawberries.

    The last was the milkyway, it looked similar to the maiden’s kiss but instead of strawberry icecream , its vanilla icecream with almond flakes on top . instead of the strawberry sauce it was a chocolate sauce, and the marshmellows were there. vanilla icecream really tastes good with the chocolate and almond, the only thing i disliked about this dish was again , the big dish problem. i rate this dessert 9/10 and recommend it for people who cant decide what desserts to eat.

  15. 15 alafista 34 comments

    I went last week and tried the cheesecake because of some recommendation I read … should be either bj0rn i think …. it was pretty good … maybe next time i would drop to have a proper meal instead

  16. 16 Nicholas 336 comments

    Who is Keokepa?

    I don’t remember insignificant beings.

    Oh btw, manly tjhan acted as my shield as his pants caught fire. LOL.

    And yeah, its shianne. Thanks for the info though, cheeky old stalker zer0.

  17. 17 ubu 4 comments

    Too bad we don’t have cafe’s like that in the mid-price range here in the U.S. I think there’s one or two meido cafes on the west coast, all high priced.

    Of course, there is always Hooters….

  18. 18 Nicholas 336 comments

    I’m hesitant on mentioning Hooters in the same breath as the meido cafes actually. Heh.

  19. 19 Zer0 135 comments


    One day, Sunshine Plaza will fall into a state of disrepair like People’s Park. There will be a bunch of old men sitting around the tables at Parklane Zha Yuntun trying to chew fried wantons with their toothless gum, while at the same time peering up the skirt of their PVC bishojo figurines….

  20. 20 Chicken

    Tiger is nice :)

  21. 21 Nicholas 336 comments

    Yeah, and LianYL the troll will send you my best regards at your next Jap lesson together. LOL.

  22. 22 bolt 14 comments

    >>”Welcome back my master” sounds weird.

    I dunno. Raising Heart as a maid would be pretty damn hot.

  23. 23 Analitez 34 comments


  24. 24 ZeroG 82 comments

    Analitez. Like wat i had always said. It’s ur PERSONAL SPECIAL SERVICE that will only be received by u and only u. Quit complaining and enjoy it :P
    I gotta agree that those maidos are friendly. Man, even my SP meimei (nope, nothing to do with singapore poly, guess ur way thru on wat is “SP” urself) works as parttime dere. And i didnt know!! OMG (wat kind of brother am i?)

    That night is rather interesting as there’s a mixture of maidos and cosplayers servicing us. Good eye candy i would say. The very cosplayer/maido tat caught my eye is the lady in green with a bear bear hanging behind her bag. She has very “sian/shagged” look which makes her looks kinda adorable. Awww…. On the first glance she looks as if she is sian1/2 of her job. But after awhile, she looks darn attractive. LOL. But i’ve no idea what she is cosplaying as. maybe someone who went can enlighten me?

  25. 25 Analitez 34 comments

    Lol Zerog, her name is Sheena, shes attached. So.. all you can do is enjoy your eye candy and cream in your pants :P CH was attracted too.. but poor thing to u both :P

  26. 26 ZeroG 82 comments

    hmmm… for my eyes only
    i already got HER in my dream, so dun worry.

    Who is she cosplaying anyway?

  27. 27 exalt dragon 163 comments

    hygiene fails though…I wonder if anyone else saw what I saw…a certain pest friend which was quickly put to death with a boot.

  28. 28 Julia 3 comments

    Thanks so much for your kind comments ^^

    THis is Julia here.
    one of the owners of this cafe.

    I have to apologise for tons of mishaps that happened along the way.

    We have planned for a much better cafe…but given the circumstances, everything u might have experienced were only half-way through!

    but glad you enjoyed it anyway….

    You hardly see me at the cafe,
    because of tons of fleeting problems on my side and to do with them as well.

    people’s expectations are what calls for improvements…though not to please everyone but its time we do things professionally and to standard =)…

    Thanks for all your support thus far. ^^

    Houtouni Arigatou Gozaimasu! *bows*

  29. 29 Julia 3 comments

    ahh…sorry typo…lolz…


    *Houtouni..Domo Arigatou Gozaiimasu! *bows*

    (i dun wanna get keeled for saying or typing the wrong things…Many people will come after my heads if i mis-spell or said things unformally etc..oh well….~.~)

  30. 30 Julia 3 comments

    I mean…

    *head (typo again ~.~ sighz)

    Sorry Sorry >__

  31. 31 tj_han 1442 comments

    Julia: Typos are ok. I could edit it for you haha. But if the service is going to get twice as good, I’ll surely go again.

  32. 32 ZeroG 82 comments

    now… tat’s kinda cute. LOL

  33. 33 Rukia-Chan 1 comment

    hiya~ sheena was infact cosplaying as Kagura Sohma on that day~ hiak hiak~ and i wonder if anyone know who am i cosplaying~ =x

  34. 34 ZeroG 82 comments

    oh…水果篮! i dun remember her wearing a bear bear behind until doing some research on internet sia… memory is failing me. the last time i watch fruitsbasket is like 3-4years ago. HMM… now tat’s interesting. LOL

    Rukia: HMMM….. u have a photo? i dun quite remember ur outfit tat day (Sorrie!!!). WAHH~~ *trying to recall*

  35. 35 Alison 1 comment

    I watched it on WikiBlast . n e t for free and I LOVED it :D

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