Figure News: 3D Design Figure: Petopetosan slated for March





Secret and Konuri

Yet another 3D design figure set from Happinet Robin, this time its the very moe Petopeto set. This looks much better than the Ichigo Mashimaro set, the 3d Design style just fits it a lot better.

We have 4 characters with two costumes each, 1 secret and the super cute bonus figure Konuri. Konuri is found inside the boxes of 4 specific characters (3 normals and the secret). As with all from the 3d design series, the bodies are interchangeable for permutation fun.

These come in blind boxes, so you won’t know what you’re getting unless you order the set from your local hobby store.

There are limited edition versions only available from the Kotobukiya hobby store too.

Vital Stats

  • Release Date: March 2006
  • Height: 9 cm
  • Maker: Happinet Robin
  • Price: 630 yen each
  • Material: PVC and ABS

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