Who Attended the CS Battle Royale? THE NERD HORDE!

I’m sure most of you all would’ve already read Tsubaki and Bjorn’s post match reports and commentaries, so I shan’t go into that.

As the organiser of the inaugural Singapore Nerds Counterstrike Convention, I would like to say a few words to mark the closing of the event.

First, a big thank you to the anibloggers Tsubaki, Alafista, Bjorn, Tedfox and Darkmirage for the additional publicity. We didn’t need it. Next, well done to the manly First Otaku Battalion for their manly attendance. AsouKai saved the day with common sense. The Battalion are all hiding at the back of the picture actually.Finally, everyone who showed up deserves a good assrape for daring to show their nerdy faces in public. Or rather, it was good fun playing with you guys!

The group photo above was taken after several of the combatants met their demise, so we are about 10 men short. I don’t have the list of people since a couple didn’t show and a hell lot more than expected came! It was indeed, a Nerd Horde.

Instead of doing a recap, I’ll just state first impressions of the new people we met that day. Won’t be counting in the familiar people.

Somatic: Cosplay as Oreld from Pumpkin Scissors.
Jinyamato: Hey weren’t you a 12 year old?
Konoekonoka: Tanaka Rie is not a virgin. He is harmless in real life but a menace online.
Impz: Impz looks like a scholarly university boy but has an awesome phobia of releasing his pictures online. So we have photoshopped him out of the picture.
Alafista: Poor chap paid 10 bucks but didn’t play. But he has to blame his high-pitched voice and sexy girlfriend.
Tedfox: Not new but he’s really just a tiny small boy who skipped grades to go to university.


This was the biggest event we have organised and I don’t think I’ll do anything like this again for the near future until we secure a proper location.

At 11 pm, the gungho nerds trooped down to the Cosafe Maid Cafe for a drink. There we heard Bjorn’s tragic Romeo and Juliette-seque love epic. Poor boy.

And from tomorrow, look out for a new feature on RIUVA! It will be the RIUVA BAZAAR! Where I sell some rare figurines/toys/other merchandise at massive discounts to everyone worldwide!

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