Figure Review: UJ-14, Cyber Girl in a Cyberworld

LOL OMG I’m so slow at figure reviews these days. The amount of free time I have to do photoshoots or even blog is dwindling as quickly as the rainforests in Brazil. Anyway, it’s 10 am now and I have a bit of time before work. So here’s a review of Jesusman, Range Murata’s latest character figure – the cover girl of Ultrajump issue 14, affectionately known as UJ-14. It’s a pretty cool name, I’ll certainly call my (possible) future daughter that.

"Hey UJ-14-chan, come quick, dinner’s ready!" or "Hey UJ-14, why didn’t you beat that BJ-15 guy in your math exam!"

This figure is from the PSE Products range, produced by Beagle. The PSE products’ have a very distinctive packaging style with a lot of window dots. For UJ-14, her factory home is quite compact, small and has a giant window.

Originally released in November 2006 (gawd it’s been that long?) for 4800 yen, this little technogirl sits at a height of about 7-8 cm. Despite this apparent small size, she’s still a real 1/8 figure. It’s just her compact pose that gives the illusion of tinyness.

Superrats has already done a godly review of UJ-chan, so do check there. He went for a minimalistic white background with an egg, which looks quit awesome. I spent the longest time trying to think of something different and then I got it. Instead of a simple background, why not we have the opposite? Since UJ-14 is a technogirl, let’s just dump in her the interior of a computer. I took apart my PC, used the motherboard, sound card, disk drive, ethernet card etc as background for a heavy techno feel. Then put it together and uploaded the pictures.

Despite this indoor-esque shoot, the lighting was still natural sunlight shining in from the window. I also experimented with the few metering modes and lighting conditions so expect a variation in the picture results.

UJ’s base is a very cool translucent white tray with a black solid core peppered with pits. There is no attachment to UJ’s little butt, so you can pose her however you like. I like it! I should mass produce this and sell it as techno-drinks coasters.

The girl gives off very Ayanami Rei vibes. I suppose this is how Evangelion would have turned out if Range Murata was at the helm of character design. We all know he has three prominent syles – techno, animal moe, and extravagant. UJ is obviously in the techno school, while Pinup is extravagant and Ribbonstyle is animal moe.

What the techno style of Murata is prominent for is its man-machine fusions or heavy use of detailed outlandish hardware. UJ-14 sports an outstanding pair of headphones armed with antennae the size of a very large black man’s penis. Probably could receive satellite anime channels from Japan if you had those. I like how amazingly detailed UJ’s headphones are, since I have a HP fetish myself. From the accurate use of copper colour to a onesided cable connection to her backpack, nothing else comes close in terms of hardware representation than a work of Range Murata. Her backpack seems to be a mix between a coolant machine and an engine, with lots of coils and all that. Again, very well detailed but the shitty part is, the straps of the pack are not well painted. The sculpting is great though, you can feel the course grainy texture that comes with all backstraps.

There was an attempt to conceal the usual obvious headseam by merging it with the hairstyle. It sorta worked but for the different paint colours of the hair parts. Her fringe is a shade lighter than the rest of her hair, which makes the seam obvious unfortunately. Otherwise, the hair is great, well moulded with a pretty sharp finish. Light hair colours are always more elegant.

I haven’t seen the original illustration of UJ-14, so I can’t say if the face is an accurate representation. But it sure looks very fine and emo(tionless). She gives off a lot of "silent Yuki" vibes that are very attractive to nerds throughout the universe. Despite all figurines not being able to speak with the exception of the gay Idolls, conveying emotions and personality through facial expression and pose is of utmost importance and UJ-14 pretty much wins this handsdown.

Wearing just a white leotard resembling a high-neck one piece swimsuit, Uj’s fine body form is showed off. A notable point is her left buttcheek, which is compressed naturally by her boot. She also does not have imba Boobies, sporting some natural-looking Bs. Two sets of four black rings break up the plainness of this white garment.

In contrast to her white suit are black boots and gloves. She’s wearing some pretty large and detailed boots, and sitting in a near seiza position. One complaint – while the boots are very well done on the surface, if you flip her over you can see sloppy painting on the bottom. Also, her knees take most of the weight and being uncovered, also get blackened very quick. Oh, her hands are between her legs for more shy moe feel, which means you can flip UJ over to make it look like she’s doing the female wank.

This figure is really pretty beautiful, compact, well painted, elegant and has a sophisticated technological edge that would satisfy most nerds. Her Rei-ish facial expression is also popular with the horde. A few minor complaints aside, this 4800 yen figure will be one of the best buys you can make. She’s going to be released in a colour variant I think but that one is less hot.

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  • CooL~ I like the way you actually took your computer apart just for this photoshoot.

  • The part where you too her lying down with her butt facing up makes it look as though she was touching herself..

  • How awesome that you took your computer apart for this photoshoot.

  • ANal: THat’s the whole point what.

    Adun: BEAT THAT WOOOO. Haha. Seriously, it was tedious. But it was a great effect isn’t it!! Pity the lighting isn’t as good as it can be.

  • Ugly background. >_>

  • You must’ve cleaned your components before doing photoshoot :P

  • Only 1 ram card in the slot?

    Oh wait. That’s not the focus of this photosession.

    She’s damn hot lah. But she will stick out like a sore thumb in my collection of moe girls.

  • man u went tru the effort of taking ur PC apart … it would be funie though if u forgot to earth urself and in the process fried ur enntire mobo

  • Yeah, all around UJ14 was one of the best figures released last year.

    Using the boards in your PC is a nice touch.

  • Nice background, creative.

  • one good thing about humidity >85%
    earth? is there a need to?

  • The 5th pic seemed like she is thinking of how to fix a problem for the pc… Cool idea of a backdrop

  • Nice background.
    I don’t know about you but sometimes when i take apart my PC and put it together again. Weird things happen. The HDD cannot be detected, sound card suddenly be detected, BIOS goes dead…etc
    But everything goes back to normal when i leave it alone for a couple of days. Weird.

  • Good effort on the background sia…
    But she seems to be… having a gastric (see, i told u im innocent)

  • DM: HOw dare you insult my mother! Board.

    edogawa: I did. I hosed them down in the bathtub and dried them before using.

    Tsubaki: Yeah sharp eyes. Only one 256mb ram lol.

    rats: Now I feel like using it for all my techno-based figures lol.

    Nagamisan: I actually like the fifth picture best as well.

    Model X: That’s cos PCs are living beings who must rest after a major surgical operation.

    ZeroG AKA ROBIN: You are not innocent. Btw I saw your “MEIMEI”.

  • To tj_han,

    MEIMEI? ZeroG told Suigintou’s junk Rosa Mystica?
    btw, Radiohead is cute but why did you make her do the p0rno scene?


  • Nice figure, where do you get it? very interested!!!! keke

  • If you really took apart you PC for the sake of this photo session, you’re truly the insuperable master of figurine reviewers. I salute you!

  • Awesome I am not so fan of this kind of thing , but this I really love it!!

  • excellent background!!! gotta put that a my wallpaper. love it. i want that toy… no, better yet , i wanna make those toys.

  • Eh, PCI slots? boooring. Get a PCI-X slot/S100 in the picture and we’ll talk.

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