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Nagato Yuki and her Spacious Cabin

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The fellows at HLJ must hate the environment. Or maybe, they want to reward this loyal customer with bags of fresh Japanese air, for the occasional euphoria-inducing sniff?

Today I received this package. I couldn’t remember what it was but it seemed pretty large.

I opened it up. Guess what I found?

Yes, AIR! Digging deeper, nestled in between the 20 packs of fresh Fuji oxygenated nitrogen was an alien.

It’s like showing up in a big ass BUS with the passenger seats all empty.

But this sure is a cute badge.

Popularity: 7% [?]

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35 Responses to “Nagato Yuki and her Spacious Cabin”  

  1. 1 Adun 43 comments

    What the?? That’s a first I’ve seen something like that from HLJ.

  2. 2 Skane 57 comments

    Oh gawds, I wish I was that lucky with my shipments. ^^; Mine never seem to have enough packaging.


  3. 3 Kurogane 115 comments

    OH LAWL.

    Someone in HLJ must be a huge Nagato fan.

  4. 4 rdrake 69 comments

    Lolz! Free big box!

  5. 5 XD 8 comments

    lol! waste of space! D

  6. 6 tj_han 1097 comments


    I can’t believe this shit man.

  7. 7 sinistral 17 comments

    That postman that delivered the package must have thought why the box is freaking light. Lol.

  8. 8 Zyl 24 comments


  9. 9 Bridge Bunny 53 comments

    My god, the volmetric weight charges. You should send a mail to HLJ and do like all Singaporeans do, complain.

  10. 10 V2 18 comments

    i think you’ve been had…

  11. 11 Tsubaki 492 comments

    It’s to ensure she doesn’t get dented!

    But LMAO. Best post ever.

  12. 12 Windbell 25 comments

    Lol. That’s crazy. They should have packaged it in a smaller size. Or you could have ordered more, and had HLJ to send everything in bulk!

  13. 13 TripleA 5 comments

    Maybe the oxygenated nitrogen is a gift from them to you for being such a good customer? :P

  14. 14 super rats 101 comments

    That’s funny, unless they charged you some insane shipping fee.

  15. 15 TedFox 85 comments

    I got the same packaging for a shirt. They must think their goods are very fragile

  16. 16 sentinel011 33 comments

    winz. the people at HLJ that is.

    Or did you do that on purpose to get some ‘viewership’ increase? haha just kidding

  17. 17 Lss 5 comments

    lol thats a lame size how much did you pay for shipping?

  18. 18 Chicken

    wtf .. the box

  19. 19 ZeroG 74 comments

    Its must be that they only have boxes of 1 size

  20. 20 笑い男 8 comments

    LOLz, maybe they mistook tjhan for a large-scale Nagato Yuki distributor and prepared the large box in advance… =P

  21. 21 DiGiKerot 49 comments

    I guess thats the only box they have left in stock, probably having shipped out all the smaller ones over X-mas. HLJ have smaller boxes than that - I’ve ordered magazines and other smaller items from them before and I’ve never had such a ludicrously sized box.

  22. 22 OneTonMii 1 comment

    It’s not exactly clear how large the box is from the photos, but I found the label “small packet” extremely amusing

  23. 23 Lenners 32 comments

    Lol, they must be out of small boxes.

  24. 24 Jesse 23 comments

    Nagato Yuki’s aura is just too powerful for a small box.

  25. 25 Spiritsnare 6 comments

    I’m with OneTonMii — I LOL’d at “small packet”.

  26. 26 tj_han 1097 comments

    Lol the box is not as big as the picture implies it is. I suspect it IS HLJ’s smallest already. But still a giant compared to its contents. The strange thing is, shipping was very cheap as well, about 300 yen most of which went to the box and the air.

    I wonder if they could hve used an envelope instead.

  27. 27 Os 57 comments

    Meh. It isn’t solar powered like my Yuki keychain.

  28. 28 bj0rN 141 comments

    If you don’t want the box. I would like to have it… To keep my stuffs that I need when I rennovate my room.

  29. 29 exalt dragon 159 comments

    haha really dumb of them…::D

  30. 30 Tiny Red Man 126 comments

    maybe yuki-ism is too strong for HLJ. lol..and how did 20 packs of fresh Fuji oxygenated nitrogen smelled like?

  31. 31 JKL 19 comments

    Wow…just wow!

    Looks like you paid for a lot of air there!

    Fortunately the shipping was cheap.

  32. 32 -st@rgaz3r- 38 comments

    lol…ive never had japanese air b4…..is it good?

  33. 33 tj_han 1097 comments

    Stargazer: Japanese air tastes a bit like a mix between strawberry and marshmallow.

    JKL: Yeah it was airflown. LOL.

  34. 34 alafista 34 comments

    haha I got a package from them that has the same size as well .. its just their standrard size i guess .. lol

  35. 35 dgfdgdf 1 comment

    hey and what’s up the kyoto conference about this ? =) =) ……

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