Figure Gallery: Mig-60 Mechamusume to Celebrate the Burning of Strike Witches!

Has anyone seen Strike Witches? It’s an eight minute long OVA with 20 minutes of Omake. And fittingly for this occasion, I present this ancient batch of pictures that LianYL took of his Mig-60 Mechamusume 1/9 figure. Which you can get for dirt cheap (25-30?) at Urban Attic, only because it’s a rotten figure.

This Mig-60 girl was part of an earlier Mechamusume trading figure set and now she’s blown up to a larger scale with a slightly altered pose – her leg is bent, revealing mechanical bits. If you know British slang, you’ll find the previous sentence really hilarious. Go figure. Released by Tora no Ana under their Fine Scenery line in October 2006, Mig-60 unfortunately looks like crap especially when compared to the trading figure version.

Some photos first! I’ll just caption the pictures as they go along for a quick review. I have amazingly little free time these days, barely even watching one episode of anime every couple of days.

Man-machine interface: A mishmash of fetishes ranging from World War 2, fighter planes, garters, blondies, Russians, nekomimi, pantsu and lolicon.

THE RED ARMY! The plane is well done, with neat panel lines and a rotatable propeller.

Her face however reminds me of a deranged Dragonball character. Not DbZ mind you, those annoying little bosses from the first few arcs.

The bent knee was a new addition from the scaleup and it’s quite a good one. The revealing of mechanical interior further strengthens the hybridisation of musume and machine. And apparently, Russians don’t wear skirts. Ask Hinano.

She has an extra item slung over her shoulder. I can’t remember what it was, but doesn’t it resemble a fuel tank? Fashionable items in Mecha-musume society: Fuel tank handbags. The sling is a cheap leathery cut of string. Ugly.

As I said, the plane rocks. But her hair is awful.

With injection scars and the blandness of uncooked spaghetti, we won’t see Mig-60 doing any shampoo ads in the near future.

As with most mecha musume, she’s a loli. In an ugly see-through top.

Permanantly attached to her base, she rests on a skid and the tail of the plane.

The skid is soooo IGPX. IGPX’s robots stand on a similar device and they are very cool. So by extrapolation, Mig-60′s foot is cool too. And what’s that Russian text there?

Black tail.

With a collar and tie on a transparent top, Mig-60 commits the biggest fashion faux pas of the century. Or maybe I’m just too untrendy to appreciate high fashion.

She has no skirt. Period.

String panties and mechanical garters. Lol.

If you blow hard enough, the rotor spins.

And for the final picture, it’s so powerful that it deserves its own paragraph. The nekomimi hat is removable. For it to fit so snugly, the sculptors concluded that there was but one way. The way of the Oyaji.

Oh my god.

Stick to the trading figures at all costs. I LAUGH AT YOU LIAN!

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