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Update! Slowing Down for Some Major Transformation

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Some of you may be wondering why I’ve abandoned my old rule of "one post a day keeps Satan away". Nowadays, I seem to be having an update every two days, with pretty scanty content.

Why? Because I reach home at 11.30 pm every night. And I haven’t watched anything besides Code Geass 13 (WHICH WAS MOTHER FUCKING SNAKES GOOD BTW) for at least 4 days. As for why I reach home late, it’s a combination of work and other commitments. Not to worry, for normal service will resume probably next week.

As for the next item of the bazaar, i have yet to find a suitable item.

Oh and I realise the quality of posts seem to be decreasing and I’ve stopped talking about anime lol. No worries, for soon, other areas of Japanese fandom will be covered in detail. For now, I have several features and plans in the works. Big big projects! You guys better look forward to them.

Expect Riuva to be renewed and rejuvenated starting from the month of February!

Popularity: 10% [?]

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13 Responses to “Update! Slowing Down for Some Major Transformation”  

  1. 1 DiGiKerot 57 comments

    You haven’t watched anything other than Code Geass? Well, its not as if there is anything else airing at the moment thats worthwhile…

  2. 2 LianYL 783 comments

    I’m a salesman now

  3. 3 Chicken

    the new op of code geass suck

  4. 4 tik 67 comments

    ya, I don’t like the new OP either

  5. 5 Tsubaki 519 comments

    How about you just ditch this site for good and go dedicate yourself to her. lol.

  6. 6 tj_han 1441 comments

    Digi: Partially true, but there’s also Kenichi, Busou Renkin and a few others.

    Lian: Mother fucking snakes!

    Chicken: Hey Jinn did Raion, the fantastic OP of Blood !

    Tik: Hello TT, didn’t know you were following Code Geass too. It’s damn good eh?

    Tsubaki: I should.

  7. 7 scottfrye 17 comments

    I know what you mean about not posting much. I’m sort of in the same place at the moment with school starting and the crap that comes with it. Anyways, I look forward to the big big projects.

  8. 8 Crest 99 comments

    Riuva, are you addicted to that phrase or something… zomg.

  9. 9 bj0rN 153 comments


  10. 10 KittenMisoRamen 2 comments

    Bah. The 4th OP for Blood by Jinn was crap too. Sorry, tj_han.

    Just because it has Saya and Hagi being badass doesn’t make up for that OP. Now it’s tainted Code Geass. Get it off! Eww!

  11. 11 tik 67 comments

    ya Code Geass is damn good so far !
    hopefully sunrise can keep it up though…

    talking about OP, I really like the OP of Manabi Straight for some reasons
    both the song and the video

  12. 12 alafista 34 comments

    haha … and to think you spend precious time making that tripeman

  13. 13 rdrake 69 comments

    I think most of us are having trouble in the new year already, lol. I can’t keep up with the posts either…

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