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Poster Mega Giveaway?

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For some reason, I have a shit load of posters and in the sharing and caring spirit of Christmas, I shall give them away! Merry Christmas guys and girls!

Oh yeah, I’ll only give it to people that I’ve met or are meeting in real life cos shipping would be impossible for such large posters worth less than a can of coke.

This is a clear and out of print ORIGINAL poster. I think only I deserve to have it. The rest are bootleg.


This is such an awesome poster. I should’ve bought a few more. Haruhi was the hottest female character of 2006.

Handsome Souseiseki.

Great looking Blood+ poster!

Uncool Eureka seveN. Nirvash sucks. Terminus, Devilfish and Theend are far better.

Maj Armstrong is GAR.

Popularity: 13% [?]

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41 Responses to “Poster Mega Giveaway?”  

  1. 1 tik 62 comments

    how i wish i’m in singapore right now

  2. 2 TedFox 85 comments

    I like your paper weights

    so uh. how do we get those posters! I want blood ! eureka 7! ouran! FMA! uh. in that order.

  3. 3 AsouKai 85 comments

    Well done using your harddisk drives as a paperweight.

  4. 4 Tiny Red Man 148 comments

    u damn rich guy. hard disk as paperweights. watcha use for dumbbells? CPU or PS3?

  5. 5 Forwho 3 comments

    I got the Blood poster from Comics Connection for 1 buck xD I want the Ouran!

  6. 6 Skh 20 comments

    Maybe it’s just my eyes, but that doesn’t look like hard drives to me…

  7. 7 hotchanbot 13 comments

    OMG. can i have the rozen poster? willing to buy ouran poster as well. can i contact u by mail?

  8. 8 DrmChsr0 182 comments


    Also I get dibs on the Eva one =3

  9. 9 MistaYoH 39 comments

    Hmmmm…… i want the Rozen poster and EVA posters too T_T…..

  10. 10 tj_han 1361 comments

    oh btw have I mentioned that the evil CC (not the Code Geass one) is having a 1 dollar sale (again)? Those who really want cheap posters can go there. Go hunt for yourselves. If not, meet me on Saturday at Sunshine plaza or something.

    And those aren’t hard disks. IIRC it’s the ethernet card and sound card, or graphic card.

  11. 11 Xak 66 comments

    uwah i want the rozen maiden one too!!!


    but it’s ok i’ve still got my calender to comfort me :P

  12. 12 TedFox 85 comments

    Oh. No lucky draw? No contest? How boring.

  13. 13 Tsubaki 515 comments

    I want Ouran’s Haruhi and Busou poster!

  14. 14 alafista 34 comments

    ah Y.U.A. … brings back good old memories …
    I’m talking about you are under arrest … not yua aida .. LOL

  15. 15 Ashram 29 comments

    That lain one is nice, but I’m outta luck :(

  16. 16 XD 8 comments

    I want ouran! OMG T__T
    It was from comics connection? rly? I raided loads of their shops but I didn’t see any ouran ones. .__.

  17. 17 rdrake 69 comments

    I bought the Haruhi one for a dollar. My friend stocked up three…

    Yea, most of those can be found at the evil CC anyway, though I’m noticing some that aren’t….

  18. 18 Ashley 12 comments

    tj, you’re a major cocktease.

  19. 19 tj_han 1361 comments

    LOL Ok this Friday we shall all go and hunt cheap 1 dollar posters together. Raid all the CCs.

    The offer ends on 31 Jan.

  20. 20 ZeroG 82 comments


  21. 21 Randall Fitzgerald 62 comments

    All these posters suck. I’m just saying. I wouldn’t want them even if you were shipping them. You need some more of that like… Kamichu mizugi poster action.

    Oh and also, if any of you Singaporeans have friends in the states that you like to keep in touch with, I know of a way that they can call you for free (well, it’ll cost cellphone minutes or for a US call to Iowa.). Check out http://www.allfreecalls.net. It is kick ass and real (due to some screwy American telco subsidies and tariffs). No I have not turned into a spammer, I am just trying to tell everyone about this to help Americans get all their tax money back by using this pwnz international communication loophole. I plan to mention it in a post later. Fucking goverment took $2400 from me in taxes and only gave back $1000. I am poor. BASTARDS!

    Also it works to more countries than Singapore (UK, Ireland, Sweden, China, just a ton of places (Although Japan isn’t on the list yet)). PRAISE ME FOR BRINGING YOU GUYS SUCH A SEXY COMMUNICATIONS TOOL! Oh, and remember, the American needs to call YOU, not the other way around. I know han isn’t that stupid… but some of you guys (Drm) I worry about.

  22. 22 bj0rN 153 comments


  23. 23 Lenners 32 comments

    HARUHI POSTER! RM POSTER!! ;A; Omfg, you have a treasure trove of posters D::: ‘Tis a pity I live in Canada D:

  24. 24 Crest 99 comments

    Ouran Haruhi is

  25. 25 Crest 99 comments

    what the hell.. it does not show symbols..

    Anyway I was saying Ouran’s Haruhi is much love and zomg Roy too

    But nothing beats the duo from YUA

  26. 26 Sasa 81 comments

    You shall die for doing this kind of tempting thing! RAAAWR! (My favourite are the second Ouran poster and the Evangelion one *hrr*)

  27. 27 jinyamato 100 comments

    i want……. busou and rozen…

  28. 28 sentinel011 33 comments

    I want the kaoru and rei poster please pretty please. lolz.

  29. 29 Os 60 comments


  30. 30 jay 2 comments

    Purposely putting these aesthetically-pleasing poster scans up to create a stampede of fans yearning to live near you? How interesting.

  31. 31 Lenners 32 comments

    Be lucky the ocean seperates us hoards of fans from rampaging XD

  32. 32 Chicken


  33. 33 elohir 28 comments

    for free?? Really? Wah so kind~~~ I WANT THE RM AND FMA ONES.=D

  34. 34 Melvin 3 comments

    Lawl but be wary the Singapore fans. >:D

    I am in Singapore, btw. Trust me, living here is pretty heavy on the wallet too. Small island over 5000 people/sq. km = $$$.

  35. 35 Hige 5 comments

    I’d maim and kill for the Eva and Lain posters. How much would shipping them to the UK cost, assuming they’re still available? :x

  36. 36 Saviour 24 comments

    Love the Evangelion and FMA posters. As for the rest, no wonder you’re giving them away…

  37. 37 tj_han 1361 comments

    Hige: These are rather A3 and not worth it. Besides, they are bootlegs and cost about 1 dollar each. If you really wanted some, I could get more from the store for you and ship it over. Just email me.

    Randall: whats wrong with Skpye?

  38. 38 Randall Fitzgerald 62 comments

    Skype has shit call qualily/awkward exchange timings. Oh and REAL PHONES WIN! :D YAY REAL PHONE CALLS!

  39. 39 Phineas Lucis 1 comment

    DIBS ON THE LAIN POSTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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