Figure Review: Happiness is No Longer Just PVC!

Remember a whole season back when I was raving about how awesome Happiness the anime was? With its reallly normal and beautiful female lead Haruhi, the show had the right mix of light-heartedness, comedy, romance, school days, magic, osananajimi, traps and chicks. But scrap that, cos the ending arc was stupid and ruined the show. As with almost all short comedy school romance series involving magic, the final arc HAS to be some contrived bullshit involving the main male being some sort of untapped powergod. And nobody ever dies. GAY!

Anyway I bought this figurine at the height of the Happiness craze. Produced by Solid Theatre, famed for their substandard soft-ero figurines, the 1/8 scale PVC figurine of Kamisaka Haruhi comes with two heads and two torsos. With a hefty price tag of 6000 yen, you would expect some sort of decency in terms of quality but no, the bastards at Solid Theatre, for the trillionth time, decided to justify this pricejack by adding SCANTILY CLAD OPTION PARTS!! OOOO HOW EXCITING!! Not.

Anyway, as with all figures that come with option parts, there are issues with the joints and sloppy quality. And Haruhi comes with a cheap PVC mirror base. I hate mirror bases cos they are despicable.

The interesting thing about this photoshoot is the location – it’s on the southern most point of continental Asia. Or at least, that’s what they claim.

Haruhi’s pose is quite cool, depicting her using her magic. There are sweeping winds as a result of her spell and her magic school uniform is blown about. Her cape, skirt, trumpet, head, arms and torso are all removable. She’s leaning slightly backwards from the recoil but judging from display pieces I have seen in stores, there should be no warping.

Haruhi comes with two heads, one a serious open eyed version, the other a wincing "I’m able to be raped" face. As expected of a eroge main heroine. I prefer the serious one. Because I’m so decent and cultured. Her hairstyle is nice – crisply sculpted and moulded. It may be on the short side but the multiple layers and asymmetry make it look great.

I like Haruhi’s flowing robes, which are boringly flatly painted. She comes with two torsos as I mentioned. The first is the normal one while the second is ripped off, exposing her large breasts (with the trademark lacy pink bra loyal to the game CGs). Let’s just call it the Ikkitousen Battle Damage syndrome. How in the world can the top layer of an outfit be ripped off yet leaving the bottom layer, a mere couple of milimetres away, completely intact? GOD KNOWS!

Another reason why we should shun optional parts is that the paint colour, especially of skin, has the consistency of a drunk on rollerskates. Look at the colour difference between Haruhi’s arm and second torso.

Now let us look at Haruhi’s underpants. Maybe it’s just a lack of female lingerie knowledge on my part, but aren’t the garters supposed to be worn OVER the panties? In any case, the pink panties are quite well painted complete with realistic cloth wrinkles.

This figure could’ve been much better if we were spared the option parts and instead, given a better base and face. Somehow, the figure just doesn’t have the same level of awe-inspiring greatness that many of its peers possess. I blame the cheap-looking base, the loose joints caused by having option parts, the flat and toneless painting and most of all

All pictures below!

Oh and the title of this post has a dual meaning. See if you can catch it.

22 Responses to “Figure Review: Happiness is No Longer Just PVC!”

  • Happiness is being handsome.

  • You mean like dual monitor support?

  • Lol you didn’t mention about those zealots that were blocking the shots.

  • I saw that female lead somewhere before, but I don’t know which series she is from till now. Maybe I should start watching Happiness, and skip the last few episodes.

  • Happiness is having 400gb of porn.

  • Happiness just can’t be complete without the trap-a-licious Jun :P

    Oh and Haruhi IS the school idol. For a good reason. ;)

  • Happiness is… Wait… wat happiness?

  • is it me or is the figure, in some parts, are quite unclean sometimes? i mean look at the painting of her hair!!…and her pink bra part is nice…but it seems dirty…someone must have forgotten to clean it after using it…………….*cough~ somehow, i also do not like the “i’m about to get raped face..” NO BLUSHES!!! and ya..huge painting flaw overthere….but its moe~ enuff to turn me on…XD

  • Not about the trap? Damn. Isn’t Happiness about traps? They led me into it.

  • I take it you are back to using your old camera? Also seems like the paintwork on Haruhi is a bit rough especially around the hair and ribbons. And yes, optional parts like that suck!

  • To tj_han,

    More like Hap-penis with trap Jun.


  • “… garters supposed to be worn OVER the panties?”


  • Now that I started buying figures, I thought about getting that during my “4-5 figures won’t cost me THAT much” stage. I’m glad I didn’t. For the price tag that it goes for and her badly depicted face, I just couldn’t do it.

  • Adun: This set was taken a couple of months ago lol. I just never got around to posting it cos of the overall suckage. As with all leaning back figures, the head looks tiny in proportion when taken from the front view. The painting isn’t that good too.

    Deft: You win. That’s the right move.

    Crest: YOU TRAP! Anyway, Jun might just have a figure soon. With the bulge.

    Tiny: Dirt is pretty common, especially for factory made figures. What you are seeing on camera isn’t really visible in real life cos of the sheer lack of size.

  • Windy…Isn’t it? Funny how the garters are under the panties. There much be a reason.

  • I’m still waiting for that waitress Anri figure but I sure hope it wouldn’t be Solid Theatre carrying it.

  • I’ve seen that character on image boards (cute), but never made the connection that this figure was her until this post. They seemed to have a lot of ideas for the figure, but from the pictures it seems like they didn’t get any of them to where they should be. So yeah, I’d rather have well done with no optional parts, than so-so with optional parts.

  • Another lovely set of photos – love the colors.

  • Super rats: “So yeah, I’d rather have well done with no optional parts, than so-so with optional parts.”


  • I think the theory is that the panties go over the garter belt so that a woman can take her panties down in the bathroom without having to disconnect her stockings from the garter belt. That’s what I’ve heard. (Never having worn a garter belt myself, or ever seen one on any of the women I’ve dated, I can’t testify to that from personal experience.)

  • Wtf… cheapo neh neh mirror base… can see the reflection of your hand holding the camera….
    That is a big minus point when taking pic for this pvc

  • Happiness is a state of mind that really depends how we see the situations in our lives each day. you can have all the riches in the world but still see it as a lonely place.-,”

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