[Sticky]Riuva Bazaar 2: Pencil Board Mountain

For the second installment of the Bazaar, I’ll be selling these pencil boards of popular new anime. For those who don’t know what a pencil board is, it’s basically a slightly smaller than A4 sized plastic card with pictures printed on it. It can be either double or sided sided, solid or translucent. Most of the double sided ones have only a monocolour backpage.

Leveraging on previous experience, I have decided to charge a small handling fee for all overseas customers which will pay for the manpower of packaging, transport (to the post office) and paypal. This fee is dependant on what you buy but since these are mere pencil boards, shouldn’t exceed a few dollars. Prices are all in Singapore dollars, but I’ll just convert to US dollars for overseas customers. And for this occasion alone, I’ll even do you the favour of popping by the local stores and helping you buy stuff from them. These have quite the selection which many overseas people have been eyeing.

Remember, I only have one each of the following items, so just send an email to tjhan86 AT riuva.com if you want them. I don’t really want to play an auction game so it’ll be on a first come first serve basis. All these are 100 percent original.

The struck out ones have been sold out. But do check back in case the buyers change their minds.

1. Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu, single sided translucent board. S$10

2.Suzumiya Haruhi, double sided. S$10

3. Honey and Clover, double sided. S$8

4. Aria, single sided translucent. S$8

5. Petopeto-san, doublesided. S$6.

6. Fate/Stay Night, doublesided. S$6.

7. Gun x Sword, doublesided. S$8.

8. Canvas 2, doublesided. S$6.

9. Full Metal Alchemist, doublesided. S$6.

10. Kamichuu~, doublesided. S$10.

11. One Piece, doublesided. S$6.

12. Kiddy Grade, doublesided S$6.

13. Eureka seveN, doublesided. S$7.

14. Eureka seveN, Eureka and Anemone, singlesided. S$7.

15. Demonbane, doublesided. S$6.

16. Rozen Maiden, Shinku and Suigintou. S$10.

18. Jigoku Shoujo, doublesided, S$6.

19. Sousei no Aquarion, doublesided, S$6.

20. Nanoha, doublesided. S$6.

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