Where Have All The Butlers Gone?

27th January was supposed to be a special "Butler’s Night" at the maid cafe Cosafe. But due to apparent no-shows by the three manly butlers (fever and other ailments, allegedly), the event was cancelled. That did not stop the otaku HORDE from descending down to the place, all decked out in suits like a high school PROM NIGHT.

All photos from Windbell’s Canon EOS-400D.

A few of the attendees, with Shianne the sporty-type maid. She’s a head taller than Tsubaki and had to crouch for fear of offending him.

There was no official organised event, but through word of mouth, many nerds started showing up at the cosafe in the hope of catching a glimpse of celebrity anime bloggers. Ok maybe not. But the group swarmed to the size of about 30 people, including luminaries such as Zer0 (who’s newly added to my feature feeds section), Darkmirage (who wore his school tie), Lian the troll and his twin sister (not a troll though. Troll genes must be a mutation and not hereditary).

About 40 percent of the group were in full formal attire, with the other half choosing to adopt a classic otaku image. The remaining ten percent were naked.

Poor Bjorn and KonoeKonoka wore their suits so straight, they looked like salesmen/diplomats. Pity Bjorn was blocked. The maid on the left is Ferlyn, the owner of Cosafe, while the right one is Joie, who’s known as Smart and Musically Talented Maid.

In the end, the big screen showed the Tiger Cup Singapore vs Malaysia football match and that was by far more exciting than all the maids put together. Yeah, like most outdoor establishments at CHIJmes, the maid cafe now has a big screen for footie fans! Now that’s another reason to head there on weekends. It’s also a good time because there will be far more maids on duty than compared to regular weekdays.

I had a full dinner there for the first time, ordering their char grilled Sirloin steak with red wine sauce. It was great actually, despite the smallish portion. I asked for medium rare and they did give me just that, which automatically puts the standard superior to 90% of steak places here, which toss up a random variable between rare and welldone whatever you order. The price is heart-breaking but that’s to be expected for a eatery of that location.

But the interesting thing was, all the suited fellas didn’t talk about anime or its related topics at all during the whole night while the otaku-costumed lads were up to their ears in conversation about it. This just shows that clothes really do change a person.

I don’t really have pictures during the event so too bad. I’ll just list down the main points.

  • Lian the troll’s sister is yuri for the maids. Lian is Sasahara from Genshiken, totally. While the sister is naturally Sasahara’s sister. The resemblance is uncanny.
  • Konoekonoka’s fake American accent is as cool as a brain-washed monkey feeding on the remains of Kira Yamato.
  • Darkmirage wore his trademark "Hi I’m Darkmirage" jersey underneath his long-sleeved shirt. And ripped it off a la Superman.
  • Some cheapskates failed to pay their share of the massive combined bill and MitsukiHayase (the guy above the two maids in the picture above) had to overpay by forty dollars. Could we all chip in a dollar or two each to cover his loss?
  • Zer0 is always at the cafe playing chinese chess with his cousin. For some reason, they don’t play at home.
  • Bjorn was cursing and swearing online that he wouldn’t wear formal clothes and wanted to come in "rags". But he showed up in a full suit with a tie. Rags lol.

A few of us, namely Tsubaki, Windbell, wife and myself, met up early for a mock-cosplay photoshoot at Raffles Place. How would these figure photographers fare when they themselves are the subjects?


With only four of us, how did we get these shots?

Trader Windbell closes a deal.

"I want those stocks sold NOW!"

Adjusting his tie

Sporting a formal punk look, the coconut is reborn.

Award-winner for most fashionable Singaporean nerd ever.

NOT a bridal shot.

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  • :V

    Also, LOL @ SEED advert.

  • lawl in the first pic at raffles the coconut looks like he has paunch :P

  • infernal affairs


  • hahaha, you guys look like such gangsters XD

  • we shall name this Infernal Affairs SGanimeblogger style…. nice pics though…

  • Kinda reminded me of the TURKS~ haha

  • GITS:SSS live action. -.-”

    Some just looks weird… Perhaps it’s the post. Like one where Tsubaki looks like he’s thrusting his penis out.

  • Kevin(Timecal?)

    Our split table got served… by a Tsun Tsun type… or maybe she was just peeved at us… and… was I the only one from 1OBn that was in a suit?!

  • The pelvis thrust is a powerful posture of male power. Lol.

    It’s a damn waste that some people, despite repeated warning on the channel that we will excommunicate them, turned up without suits and still carried on sitting on the same table with us.

  • Oh and Lian’s sister is hot. What on earth happened to Lian? Somewhere along the line, the genes didn’t get to him. Hahaha. The troll deserved better.

  • Looks like the meidos are constitutionally tougher than the butlers. boo.

    When you reach my age, you’ll be dousing your suits in lighter fluid when the corporate chase catch up with you. But it’s never too early to start. (Tsubaki should wear something else other than a black tie – unless it’s part of some cosplay motif. perhaps, he could start the corporate punk fashion. has this genre been invented yet? Windbell looks more like a Scholarly Bureaucrat rather than a Corporate Warrior.)

    Cuz and I play chess at Cosafe because we always seem to end up at that place on our Losers’ Nights Out (LNO). LNO is a long running tradition with the Brotherhood of 3vil Couzins. We can be losers at cosafe without looking like real losers because we’re among the kindred. heh. Otherwise, we’ll be distracted by other guys’ girlfriends/single girls groups when we camp at the ippanjin hangouts such as Holland Village.

    Lian’s syster is pwetty.

    anyway, does the cafe have anything planned for valentine’s day?

  • it would be interesting though to go there again….

  • Your wife was Kimimaro from EOY 06 and Soi Fong from Cosfest 06 right?

    Cool girl. :D

  • why didnt you just volunteer urself as the butlers?! and you can call it:(nerds) Butler Night..its gonna be fun…..cos you guys are just freaking famous. go there and they know you,,, WHERE’S DM?!

  • In that first raffles pic, tsubaki is clearly not your average male. Maybe I just need a brighter lcd.

  • I would say NO WAY U GUYS ARE BUTLER…. more of a highflying white collar. So how much are u guys paid hourly now? lol

    YL!! i didnt know u got a sister and its a TWINs. OMG, so cool, both of ur looks like each other sia. I suggest u to crossdress and u can become a girl~~too~~

    JH in the last picy should had looked at the camera lah…… how can he think of other things when he’s with his girl?! Where is the romanticness!!

  • ZeroG: Yeah we aren’t butlers lol obviously. You never knew Lian had a twin sister? Shame. And for the last pic, the film director instructed me to look that side lol.

    Waista: LOL I relooked at the picture and it was so funny.

    Tiny: Famous? Only to you. lol.

    Couchpotato: That is correct.

    Zer0: Black ties are cool what. I suspect the cafe will have a “Super Singles Night” for Vday hahaha, if you consider the average customer.

  • Fuck la. She’s not my twin. Just a sister who wanted to check out the cafe.

  • Black neckties might be cool on its own (depending on the texture and thread pattern) – but do avoid wearing a black tie, with white shirt and a plain black suit and pants if it’s for a job interview. It may work if its for an appointment at Singapore Casket :-p

    Wouldn’t it be sad for the meidos if they have to work on Vday? Heh. Maybe the 1st Otaku Bn might want to do a collective rose/flower presentation to the meidos at the Cafe? It’s not so intimidating if its done in in a group. Each member of the battalion may want to buy a rose for all the meidos working at the cafe (don’t forget aunty’s share) – and maybe a small card for each. But that person might write something different in the card for THAT meido in particular…

    Let’s say someone among you might have a crush on Michelle/Joie/Sheena/Shianne/Ferlyn etc. but dare not show it too explicitly, and might not dare to confess your feelings so readily – this is a chance for a trojan horse attack. Buy gift/flower/card for every one of the meido. But you write something different in the card for Michelle/Joie/Sheena/Shianne/Ferlyn. But if you want to step on many boats at the same time, just make sure that they don’t get to see the message you wrote to the other meidos. Geddit?

    The S2 from the Bn would have to find out who’s working that day – so that you can customise your cards to those meidos on duty. Do bring extra cards and pens in case there’s a last minute change in roster. its bad morale for that meido who didn’t receive anything that night.

    I suppose such s gesture is sweet – and it might touch the meidos who have to work on Vday (I checked – Vday is on a Wednesday. They should be open) You might want a cash advance from your ang pow receipts for that night.

    In Japan, it’s common for patrons of maid cafes to show their appreciation to their favourite meido with gifts.

  • zer0, i approve.

    Now who’s gonna do the planning? i’m not gonna lose another $40 bucks though LOL.

  • The last shot is really pretty! She just lacks a bridal gown to complete the picture. =P

  • Nicholas> Why wait for others to plan when you can seize the initiative. Remember, Densha Otoko picked up the courage to make his first call to Hermes!

    As for the 40 bucks, sometimes you have to trade your chariot for a cannon. Think of it as an investment.. Ganbatte ne ;-)

  • I think there’s too much in the way for that to work, but it’s your loss anyway..

  • YL: But but but, both of ya looks really like each other! Tell me, are u 2 connected by blood?!!??

    hmmm… but is there anyone here really have a favorite maidos here? Cos i juz feel that ppl go to enjoy the maidos company, not the “specific maido” company.

  • zer0: Erm, after I get my pay la huh. I’m surviving on scraps currently.

    zerog: They are siblings you dick.

  • Nic-chan: OIC… nice lah… i dunno why YL is denying it lor (SHOOT KILLING UR OWN SISTERS WHEN THEIR HEALTH IS RED!!)

  • Gee – your wife looks so cool in those photos (I though she was a feminine serial killer boy)

    - love the formality here – Really makes you seem like the mafia

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