Feeling all frustrated that your school life sucks? No meido, no seifuku, no tsunderes, no mahou shoujos and worst of all, no School Rumble style complex love webs. I chanced upon one special school here in draconian Singapore, whose school authorities embrace the policy of a great student experience with open arms. I’ll surely send my sons over to the amazing Fuhua Secondary School (equivalent of middle school)!

So what’s so SUGOI about this particular Co-Ed school? The school uniform is all-white, with a brass-buttoned large-pocketed top and a pleated skirt (for girls duh). It’s not the Japanese sailor costume that so many of you have come to adore right? But here’s where the sexy part lies. The school rules are insanely beneficial to the male students - all students caught wearing non-white brassieres will have to strip those off and go bra-less for the rest of the school day!!

The Fuhua School Uniform:Not the most moe but a good blend of old-style oriental militarism and light-reflective heat-sinking. This girl is bloody hot too.

Young, nubile 13-16 year-old sweet lasses in white (and hence translucent) uniforms running around the whole day without their underwear, with their perky nipples unleashed for the benefit of every ball n’ stick wielding human within the compound. Now that, as the old saying goes, IS EVEN BETTER THAN HARUHI. I expect the enrolment rate of the school to skyrocket now, particularly for the guys. Maybe even lolicons like Darkmirage and Lian will attempt to transfer schools so they can participate in this glorious institution.

No coloured pantsu allowed! ALL WHITE ALL WHITE, the school principal cries!

Oh and to prevent the rules from being flouted, all jackets are banned. So even if Nagato Yuki were to attend Fuhua, she would not be able to don her trademark cardigan (and cover the nipples). Brilliant countermeasure by the school, to pre-empt any potential cheating.

Imagine if it rains? I think many tents will surely be pitched, lol.

Another bonus by the school authorities, designed to perhaps boost the flagging population of the nation, is the total lack of lighting in the restrooms. I understand this must be to provide a conducive environment for the fornication of young couples. Damn I curse my fate of having attended a all-boys’ school. Our toilets were so well-lit, we could see the shadows of people masturbating in the cubicles. This is a total violation of our privacy, so kudos to Fuhua Secondary for remedying this problem.

For sports class, it’s not just the balls that are bouncing.

With schools like these here, I’m predicting that Japan will no longer be the continent’s premier producer of fresh high school girl meat in the near future. But who knows, the crafty and ingenious Nippons may just come up with the ultimate - Meido High School and pwn us all. Or just naked apron high school.

News Source: Stomp! (the internet belongs to the government.)

Japan 2010

48 Responses to “This is a School That You Will Want to Go to!”  

  1. 1 Windbell 17 comments

    Oh lol. I’ve heard of this one. The female students had to wear white bras only

  2. 2 modorenai 1 comment

    This may be totally random, but…

    White bras are sometimes just as bad as coloured ones under white uniforms especially if they’re particularly translucent (the uniforms, not the bras. :p). Skin-coloured would actually be better.

  3. 3 Tallon 5 comments

    Too bad Singapore has like….5 good looking girls in total, if even that =/

  4. 4 Faust721

    wow….damn….are you serious? (maybe its just the way you said it to make it sound more than what it is)

  5. 5 Ronin 4 comments

    This is an insanely hilarious school. :lol: Never heard of such a policy biased towards the sausage population. Wonder if there will be feminist countermeasures. XD

  6. 6 Dan 1 comment

    You should be ashamed of yourself.

    For attending an all-boys school.

  7. 7 jinx626 1 comment

    What sort of parents would send their daughter to a school like that unless it is a highly prestigious school? I am betting the female population of that school is so low that it is almost like a sausage fest instead of a co-ed school.

  8. 8 Zer0 36 comments




    I never had a fetish for the cheongsam looking uniforms (SCGS, Nanyang Girls) - but Nanyang Girls High’s school building is very moé is the stuff of fantasies. I’m sure the overhead bridge makes a very good observation post.

    MGS school uniform is the closest thing to a sailor-fuku. But MGS girls are not as moé as the girls in pinafore. Convent school pinafores are the best. Don’t you love it when the girls hitch their skirts up? woo hoo.

    As for the best designed JC school uniforms - RJC girl’s are the best - the white tops are so transparent that you can see through them. Back then at the Mt Sinai campus, the canteen is so windy that the green skirts will go hirari.

  9. 9 jinyamato 43 comments

    this policy was implemented last yr in a various amt of school…. it was a hot topic last yr when a female sch’s DMistress told a student to take off her bra since it’s colored…

  10. 10 Zer0 36 comments

    I’ve heard a story of a SCGS PE teacher making one of the students run around the track in her panties because she forgot to bring her PE shorts to school. And this is the time when SCGS is located at the Whitley road campus (the track is just next to the main road). I heard this story from an ex-SCGS girl a couple of years back - so this incident took place probably in the late 90s.

  11. 11 Tsubaki 313 comments

    Lmao, it’s like reading an sh blog entry with all the hype included. Me thinks color bras are the way to go.

  12. 12 tj_han 675 comments

    Eh doesn’t anyone get sarcasm around here?

    Tsub: White has a certain appeal along the lines of school uniforms. Schools shouldn’t exploit this anymore than they already have. The way to go is granny pants, which nobody ever likes.

    Zer0: That’s a pretty crazy story. Is it as crazy as that RGS girl who use a test tube as a dildo but cracking it with her contractions and had to be rushed to the hospital in an ambulance with her birth canal bleeding?

    NY uniform isn’t very flattering, it makes the girls look fat. But SCGS’s ones are all tailor-made to fit, so it’s a lot better. Apparently woodgrove secondary has a full Japanese sailor suit, so MGS is pwned. I never liked those fake sailors anyway. Neither am I a fan of pinafores, everyone wears them like maternity costumes. As for our alma mater’s xiao bai cai, sorry I prefer SAJC’s handsome ties. I studied at Mt Sinai (lol) as well and there was indeed a lot of unintentional, be it for good or worse, upskirting.

    Jin: Yeah it was a hot topic. I saw it in the newspapers last year but looks like there are more cases on the way.

    Jinx: You don’t get it do you. Lol.

  13. 13 Lenners 17 comments

    Sexist D:

  14. 14 MistaYoH 8 comments

    Hahahaha this is totally hilarious. Yeah im looking forward to 2010 =)

  15. 15 Waterfall 114 comments

    Gonkigenyou tj_han,

    This would make Lilian High School (from Mariasama ga Miteru) sooooooooooooooooo much better. LOL Clothing is overrated for bishoujo-tachi anyway.

    On the other hand, I love it if the school became like Manabi Straight~seamless camera/phone/textbook with instant connectivity and networking. ^_^Also contains hoverboard chubby chibis who spray-paint the school. But that won;t happen in Australia because spray-painting is BANNED! (in Sydney anyway)


  16. 16 Nicholas 50 comments

    Oh. What. The. Fuck.

    It was a wrong decision to read your site to while away time in office. I hope no one saw the pictures.

  17. 17 Matt, The Lord of all Kobuns 3 comments

    Are you SERIOUS?
    If this isn’t a joke than
    I need to change schools.
    (No, I’m joking. JOKING. Don’t kill me!)

  18. 18 Zeroblade 25 comments

    We need something like that in the Philippines (referring to the last picture).

  19. 19 jinyamato 43 comments

    lol.. tj look what ur entry had done to the ppl reading ur blog……

  20. 20 galen 4 comments

    quote: “Zer0: That’s a pretty crazy story. Is it as crazy as that RGS girl who use a test tube as a dildo but cracking it with her contractions and had to be rushed to the hospital in an ambulance with her birth canal bleeding?”

    Really? That story comes from RGS? Personally, as an RGS student, I heard that the story was a convent school girl. *amused*

  21. 21 tj_han 675 comments

    Galen: We thought it was an urban legend. Until I went to JC (that was like, 4 years ago), then we discovered the identity of the girl. LOL. It’s RGS alright.

  22. 22 rdrake 68 comments

    I’m too used to a peaceful school life, I guess. Having horny bastards running around me in circles after the girls would be, truthfully, kinda scary, I think…

  23. 23 Lss 5 comments

    wtf its real??? i heard about that in 2000 or 2001

  24. 24 Tiny Red Man 27 comments

    who knows, the principal is an Otaku…he just loves manga and anime so much, he is slowly slowly starting to change the school uniform of the school…next thing you know, fufufufu….”When you wear skirts, there must be Absolutely, ZETTAI, NO PANTS IN IT!! *currently most schools have pants in skirts…”

    “Imagine if it rains? I think many tents will surely be pitched, lol.”
    erm..which tents? lol….

    my personal fav: sleeveless nanyang girls high…..*blush,,,turns me on,,,,*blush…btw, lets have a poll of the most moe~ school female uniform…and ppl from outside singapore and look at how the sgp Ministry of Education (M.o.e…aka..Moe~~) are doing to the creativity of the young hot-blooded singaporean male!!!
    and they can really take into consideration on the currently PE attire…like the one in pic 4 would be nice…who cares anw…cos i;m in poly now..anything goes…wich boy school were u from? i;m from one too…..

  25. 25 CHICKEN 44 comments

    Tjhan play dick everyday

  26. 26 Crest 16 comments

    White is a lovely colour but definitely not in this context….. what’s with Tripeman?

  27. 27 galen 4 comments

    quote: “Galen: We thought it was an urban legend. Until I went to JC (that was like, 4 years ago), then we discovered the identity of the girl. LOL. It’s RGS alright.”

    Ooh really? Because when I was in RGS (I left like, 7/8 years ago) it was already an urban legend. Or did someone else try it out? *scuttles off to check it out with other RGS sources*

  28. 28 Aheda 1 comment

    wtf? So either i heard about that story 2 years later (i heard it about 6 years ago) or some RGS girl actually heard of the story and tried it out AGAIN? Omg that’s going to be so.. O.O

  29. 29 Asteroth 7 comments

    Is the gal in the first pic ur wifey?

  30. 30 Charlie 1 comment

    Man, you need to target JCs, not Secondary schools. Noting against lolicon, but if anyone from the gahmen were to see this - *mimics throat slitting*

    But yeah…. target some high schools (JCs) for a change !

  31. 31 tj_han 675 comments

    Lol this is the power of urban legends. Now I’m having doubts about the validity of my own source because it was one JC friend from RGS who told me the actual identity of the test tube girl. Hmmm.

    But somehow it seems pretty dumb that with just a test tube, you can have contractions strong enough to crush it. Let’s submit this to myth busters.

  32. 32 Zer0 36 comments

    Looking at the alumni that boast luminaries such as Beatrice Chia, Emma Yong and Grace Quek (Annabel Chong), don’t underestimate what RGS girls are capable of….

    I think secondary school girls’ uniform are more moé than JC girls uniform. But if I were to rate JC girls’ uniform:

    #1 - RJC
    #2 - ACJC
    #3 - VJC
    #4 - HCJC
    #5 - CJC (it’s the legacy of the convent school factor…)

    I suppose JC girls are already of consensual age? that makes it legal then (but that doesn’t make it right though…especially for an ero-jiji to say it)

  33. 33 Zer0 36 comments

    tj_han has “666 comments”

    does the number forever stays at 666?

  34. 34 tj_han 675 comments

    As much as I would like it to stay at 666, it’s now 667.

    RGS had Stephanie Sun and Kit Chan as well.

    I don’t really rate JC uniforms, but if I had to, RJ would rank very low. I hated the female school uniform lol. Zer0 must have had a happy time in JC.

    1: SAJC
    2: ACJC

    That’s all. Lol. RJ is the only JC with a pleated skirt.

  35. 35 sh90 1 comment

    Tiny Red Man: The current Fuhua principal is a woman.

  36. 36 Zer0 36 comments

    Fuhua rhymes with Fubar

  37. 37 Charlie 4 comments

    Btw…. I just realsied something.

    That last image was from Naked Apron, a game by Sekilala. Just mentioning it, out of pure curiosity, because I wonder just how you got to know about it…… maybe I’ll ask you personally…..

  38. 38 cyw1988 5 comments

    I don’t really get it… Whats the point behind not wearing a coloured bra? Is it to you know prevent guys from fantasizing about what the girl is wearing? Or is it just a “rule” that everyone must follow? If its the previous point then what now is the point of getting the girls to walk around braless(but with clothes on I mean)? And if its the latter point then I don’t see the point of this “rule” at all.

  39. 39 galen 4 comments

    About the rating of uniforms, I agree with tj_han, no jcs other than ACJC and RJC deserve to be ranked. I hated my uniform; it was my one regret for not going to RJC.

    Anyway, the point about the coloured bra, if it is similar to the RGS rule about not wearing brightly-coloured sports bras, is that you’re not supposed to draw attention to such unmentionables being as your uniform is white. (ours was only an issue during PE, pinafores hide everything, even if you go braless no one will know.) Our schools have uniforms (including socks) of generally dull colours, and have rules against brightly-coloured shoes and all that, so I suppose the school authorities find it offensive that the girls now have a loophole to bring colour to a world otherwise monochrome and uniform.

    Of course the braless punishment is mystifying. Humiliation so the girls don’t do it again? I hope it doesn’t backfire and breed exhibitionists.

    As an aside, I wonder how Stephanie Sun managed to change secondary schools. And upgraded by so much too.

  40. 40 tj_han 675 comments

    Oh I understand the rule behind the no-colour bra thing of course. Like the first day of JC, half the female population showed up in bright orange and lime green sports bras since there werent rules. And one girl, a good looking one too, started using the public hose as a shower for the good old wet tshirt look.

    Btw the RGS Pe uniform is the most translucent piece of fabric ever. Its like tracing paper and I mean that in a good way. I hear they changed it to a thicker material, but in my time, we loved it.

    I bet this would be no issue in Europe or even the US, since they go braless often and love to flash their tits. Some of them at least.

    I don’t really listen to Steph Sun but my friend is her cousin. Singapore is small.

  41. 41 exalt dragon 10 comments

    Heya, tj_han!

    I have heard of this, it’s pretty famous now…the best part aparrently is that while the school blasts air-conditioning in the rooms even when nobody is in them, the toilets are dimmed..talk about stupidity.

    I like the way you linked this issue to semi-H pictures…lol

  42. 42 ZeroG 29 comments

    now that uniform do looks like Catholic high shirt (metal button rox). Juz that Cat High bottom is a green shorts (but now its a Ankle length pants - FUGLY)

    To create a halfseethru white uniform, the uniform must be worn for around 3 years with constant washing. Den the fabric will lose its whiteness and become thinner. Add abit of water and seeing thru is as easy as ABC.

    quote: “Zer0: That’s a pretty crazy story. Is it as crazy as that RGS girl who use a test tube as a dildo but cracking it with her contractions and had to be rushed to the hospital in an ambulance with her birth canal bleeding?”

    i do remember hearing one of such story from my JC frens in Physics class and kinda believe it(without proof). But why didnt she useboiling tube or using measureing cylinder?!

  43. 43 Zer0 36 comments

    WTF!? SINCE WHEN DID CAT HI SWITCH TO LONG PANTS!!!!! It’s time the pai kias from my batch go back and set fire to the staff room again….knn.

    To solve the bra problem, just wear cupless bras lor. so simple.

  44. 44 stupid fuhua 1 comment

    hi i in fuhua and it sucks it is in jurong and i take bus185 there evryday and it sucks

  45. 45 Tiny Red Man 27 comments

    hm..metal buttons..they should place it as near as the nipple as possible..thats for the girls la..then if wan they can shape it into it as well…this should be nicely moe~ enuff…and then, we are once again not far from creating our next generation of “Singaporn”..

  46. 46 -st@rgaz3r- 8 comments

    dam…too bad i live halfway across the world in canada…..if i didnt…wooo…..lol…joking….i dun want other guys jacking off in class everyday beside me…..im fine with just having lite sexual humor in my class……

  47. 47 jinyamato 43 comments

    don’t remind me of metal buttons…. they were painful…. but it’s nice though…. schools with metal buttons are rare and few… ithink CAT high is the last one left with metal buttons…. the rest are all plastic

  48. 48 ZeroG 29 comments

    Sorrie OOT alittle

    Zer0: Paiseh, type wrongly. Its KNEE length pants, not ankle length. But still, its looks terrible. The reason why the pants changed is becos student complaints that all other sec school wear long pants, but yet CHS is so special and is wearing short pants. Very awkward when hanging out with the other gender outside. Plus during group discussion round the table, hairy legs tickles other guys leg oso. Damn arousing to some.

    So our Caring Mr Lee Hak Boon, introduced this Knee Length Pants. The reason why he doesnt to introduce long pants is becos he felt that metal buttons shirt is not compatible with long pants. So he make a brilliant decision - A pant that is not long enough to cover leg hair and not short enough to make the uniform looks good as a whole.

    A flop i would say. And thx god im the last batch that wore shorts.

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