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My Digicam’s Here! Cleaning up! Found new Store! and other news…

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I have finally gotten my Digicam!! Wheee. It’s in red and silver, and looks EXACTLY like my portable hard drive. Just smaller. It also looks like my mp3 player. Just bigger. I now have a family of red machinery. I’ll take a pic of them all together.. like a family photo when I get to the office on Monday. I wonder who names their tech equipment here?

The three brothers are not ranked by age, but rather size. The big brother of the family, the 2.5 inch 80 gb hard drive, is called Traveller. I was watching Kino no Tabi when I got this guy. The youngest is my mp3 player, he’s called Cocoon. After Break the Cocoon which seems to be permanantly playing on him. The middle child, my new Fuji Finepix Z-2, has not been named. But I was thinking along the lines of Speed Grapher or something hahah. Any suggestions?

I’m in the middle of spring cleaning now. So I used Speed Grapher (lol) to take a couple of shots, showing the RIUVA library and inventory.

A bed of roses. Note the chick pillow is a new purchase. It helps relieve my chronic back problem. I spent 2 hours cleaning all the large figurines… man. Seras Victoria took the most effort, thanks to her curly hands.

These are the on-going manga series. I keep the completed ones in my cupboard, with a dehumidifier. Look at the Seed Merchandise. Anyone wants to purchase the trading figures? I hate Seed now. The racquet thingy is an electric insect killer. The voltage is so high that it’s a one touch, one kill. Scary.

Graveyard of Gundams. The freedom was painstakingly airbrushed too. I have about 5 brand new unopened Master Grades too. Sigh.

Cleaning up is tedious. I need glass cabinets.

When I was collecting my digicam at Funan “the Digita Mall”, I chanced upon two figure stores there. The first was a small store called “Urban Attic”. I have heard of it but Funan is out of my ecological niche. The guy at the store was friendly at first, and I wanted to find out what his prices were like, so I asked him for the price of Alter’s Meg. He said it was 80 Singapore dollars. IThat’s a pretty normal price, I wouldn’t say it’s expensive but I did get mine for 75.

His store had quite a bit of interesting stuff, selling mini UFO catcher machines and a Doraemon toy dispenser. I wanted to use my new digicam to get a photo of his store and I asked him, but he refused to let me. Too bad, maybe he thought I was a competitor or something, cos all I did was ask prices. Does anyone know why he refused to let his shop be photographed?

The other store, Alprics or Alfrics, I couldn’t read the name with the weird font, was more focused on Western comics and action figures.

I was informed that my usual stores had brought in a massive amount of new stock, so I’m going to check it out tomorrow.

Finally, I was on the way home when I saw an shampoo advertisement that stated, “Organics is now known as Sunsilk.” Ok, they take the coolest shampoo name ever and change it to a retarded cheesy cliche. What shampoo has the same name as the sword Cloud uses during his first visit to the Northen Crater?

Popularity: 26% [?]

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6 Responses to “My Digicam’s Here! Cleaning up! Found new Store! and other news…”  

  1. 1 T_T||| 780 comments

    I retain my reservation for that Peace@Pieces pair of figurines. Hope I have money for them by July. I have no money now thanks to your ‘healthy’ influence. Can’t get enough of Ito Noizi’s characters.

  2. 2 tj_han 1440 comments

    Yeah I’ll be going on a diving trip in July, so I’ll need lots of money then!

  3. 3 T_T||| 780 comments

    You sound really rich. First it’s car racing, then now it’s diving. Next? Piloting a copter? BTW what’s the price for the pair again?

  4. 4 T_T||| 780 comments

    I got a suggestion for your camera. Since you want it along the lines of Speed Grapher, why not label it as Euforia? Sounds cool enough to me. Why? ‘Cos it brings you ecstasy when you take photos of your figurines.Or if you’re feeling gay, name it after the red doll Shinkuu in Rozen Maiden. For its cuteness, compact and red appearance.

  5. 5 Ariadne 2 comments

    Am I seeing things, or are those Ichigo Mashimaro figurines?

  6. 6 tj_han 1440 comments

    Yeah those are the new ones I haven’t opened. The biggest Ichigo Mashimaro figurines yet.. all my trading figures are on my office desk.

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