This is some freaky coincidence. Some random dude on IRC, (ok it was jinyamato but he’s a nobody lol) moaned about the lack of decent Last Exile ship models. And the next thing we know it, Good Smile Company announces a non-scale 19 cm long Vanship! ALL HAIL JESUS!

Anyway, this isn’t diecast but rather made of ABS. There are immense details though, like the control panel, footpedals and joystick etc. Note that this is Claus and Lavi’s Vanship (ok Alex’s rather), so these two will be included as mini-figures which can fit into the craft.

The hefty price tag of 8190 yen will make us bankrupt but I suppose a Last Exile Fanboy’s gotta put his foot down and spend once in a while. It’s like, you’re a devout Tom Cruise fan and you get the chance to purchase a cup of his semen! How wonderful is that??

This will be released in May 2007. I do already have a little figure of the Vanship courtesy of the Last Exile Grandstream Trading Set by Alter, but it’s just too tiny to be cool.

Oh and when I announced this epic piece of news to a certain IRC channel, Kwok-sensei had an awesome comeback.

<tj_han> have u guys seen this
<tj_han> vanship 19 cm long
<kwok> aiyoh vanship is just the monopoly car
<Paper> LOL owned

9 Responses to “Figure News: Vanship Coming Your Way! Last EXILE!”  

  1. 1 DrmChsr0 83 comments

    Shiny… … …

  2. 2 LianYL 330 comments

    Monopoly car. I never realised that. Great stuff from Kwok as always.

  3. 3 TedFox 69 comments

    Hmm… shldn’t be too bad an idea to purchase a bunch of these to use as monopoly pieces.

  4. 4 CherylHew 3 comments

    Wow, that’s cool >_O I wish I could get it myself… Aah, I’ll just have to be content with the photoshoot you’ll do later =p

  5. 5 Deranged 1 comment

    Monopoly Car LOL… but the thing looks awesome, and the detail on that has me very interested… XD

  6. 6 Tsubaki 318 comments

    I want the red vanship instead. But the details on this is win.

  7. 7 Zeroblade 27 comments

    If the monopoly car was this big, I’m scared to imagine a monopoly set that’s built to scale.

  8. 8 Zer0 40 comments

    哈哈. It does look like a Monopoly car

  9. 9 jinyamato 46 comments

    i am seriously considering getting this…….. well time to pray that someone will bring it to singapore

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