Figure News: New GSC Releases… MASSUGU GO?? That’s quick.

That’s right, the new loli anime Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight has got a new figure announced for its effervescent protagonist, Manabi! That’s bloody fast if you ask me but heck, it’s an awesome figure in any case.

Sculpted by 緋路 (can’t read this lol), Manabi’s on her flying scooter thingy in a totally insane and dynamic pose! It really just screams "Massugu GO!" (GO STRAIGHT, her pet phrase). The face, details, cool vehicle and interesting pile of exhaust fumes all add to the already overflowing energy of this figure.

This 19 cm PVC figure is set for a June 2007 release by Good Smile Company and will retail for 5800 yen. Btw, they are robbing us even more now. 5800 is now like the average price of ONE figure when 3000 yen used to be able to get you one.

And while I have never played Muv Luv, this figure is quite awesome. It’s evil, detailed and scifi. Good enough for me, despite its 5800 yen price tag. Also a June release by GSC, this 1/8 scale figure is sculpted by Abe Takumi,who has done quite a few PVC figures such as GSC’s Eri (phail though). I wouldn’t say she’s good looking but the edgy overthetop scifi feel coupled with the good old katana is alluring.

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