Cosplay: Blood+’s Diva + Saya. Only Twins can Cosplay Them Well.

Or the same person in two different costumes. Remember the best cosplayer of Cosfest ’06 (unofficial but by popular demand)?

Lenneth, in a follow up to her Saya cosplay, also created a Diva one. Not to mention went for a second Saya photoshoot! She shares with us Riuvasians, some of her harrowing and interesting experiences during the shoots.

The Saya shoot was done at this chillingly haunted house, some Istana whatchacall it thing that is a staple in all local ghost stories. Apparently the poor girl knew nothing about it being haunted and was led there by her team of photographers eager to find a good and suitable location. Well, let’s applaud their bravery.

Lenneth said that she felt ill and nauseous the moment she entered and there were a few times when shrill female wailing and hysterical laughter could be hear out of nowhere. Ugh. I’m scared too. Anyway the backdrop was good, it had a desolate vibe suitable for berserker Saya.

She added, "Saya’s costume has a greater impact on those viewing it but yet Diva’s outfit looks more mature and by the
first look at her, you wouldn’t think she is the main antagonist." I beg to differ, Diva just looks pure wicked most of the time. But in anime, the one holding a katana is generally the good guy.

For Lenneth, Saya’s cosplay was more fun. "It was generally more fun to cosplay Saya since she has more action poses, whereas Diva mainly portrays either a child-like feel or an eerie expression. For this Saya shoot, i felt it was more easy for me to get into character because of the location. Diva, for this shoot, it was difficult to get into her playful mood as not only did it rain, I also had to worry about my white dress getting dirtied so I wasn’t in a very good mood then lol."

Diva is never in a good mood you I think you got it right on!

As for cost, she said, "For Saya, I spent about 100 only lol.diva.. 210 bucks haha."

According to my new-found knowledge of the cosplay scene, an average costume can cost up to or more than 400 dollars, no thanks to tailor fees, lavish use of expensive cloth and props. Lenneth saved money on the teddy prop by using one of her own, but….

"But I had to make a sacrifice. I decided to cut the right arm [of her teddy] so it can reveal the stuffing. It’s embarassing to say but I felt sorry for it and teared a little then. It was all to show the scene where Diva was tearing up toys."

What a pun, she teared when tearing up her bear. Anyway, a torn bear is still a bear! Btw have I mentioned that I have a love for Turtle Plushies?

Do look out for more cosplays by Lenneth, apparently she has a few upcoming projects of characters already heavily featured on this site…

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  • Sweet cosplay. Sweet Cosplayer

  • Diva gives me the creeps each time. ANime or cosplay

  • It’s Diva or Saya. But it’s the same in this situation… great cosplay

  • She’s hot.

  • I am so envious…XD

  • What’s with the teddy bear??

  • She’s both good and pretty. I like.

  • Being a fan of Diva, this amazed me. She got her creepy/cute personality right.

  • masaka…she’s singapore version of Arisa Mizuhara?…cosplay goddess of singapore!! all hail her…

  • good pics taken… i like how the ambience suiting the char…..

    tj in one of the pics….. just to check with you…. i see something blue….. that doesn’t seem to coincide with the background…. did you do something to it??? or you didn’t?

  • Prettyyyyyyyyyy … that’s a freaking awsome cosplay !!

  • Lol Singapore Mizuhara.

  • LazyShinigami

    Man…. Singapore cosplay scene is the best !!!

  • Needs to photoshop them together.

  • Wow, I must say she really is very pretty. *_* I especially like the Diva pictures where she’s standing on the otherside of the grills.

  • Wow, great shots. Did you do any photo editing? (Or did she actually go out and buy two sets of colored contacts?)

  • HEY I DIDN’T TAKE THESE PICTURES. Look at each picture, there’s a watermark that says who took it. I merely were sent these so I didn’t do any work!!

    And yes she’s hot.

  • I feel for poor Steven Wang.

  • Ahah, sorry. Didn’t read.

  • nice cosplay

  • Good stuff as always :)

  • Wow that’s some awesome cosplay! OO

  • Excellent – she returns, and with double the cosplay. :D I liked the blood splashes on Saya’s face and uniform there – I assume tehy’re paint or food coloring, of some sort? OR stage blood?

  • Very impressive cosplaying, she really brings across the feel of both characters, not to mention the actual costumes. The blood spatters look amazing.

  • I wanna marry that person *0* Her Saya cosplay is aweosme, but her Diva one just pwned me, Diva is like my favorite character ever, and she pulled it off amazingly @_@

  • So many cosplay pics aren’t very ‘artistic’ but these are great!

  • OMG I want the dress, did she get it made? Or did she buy it? Eeeee it looks great!! I WANT THE DRESS!!

  • Quiet Man Talking

    She’s absolutely stunning, beautiful, breathtaking, or whatever you want to call it, but then again she’d have to be in order to cosplay as my beloved Diva

  • Sorry for the really late reply but first and foremost, I’d like to thank tj_han again in his interest of my cosplays. And I really thank those who have commented on my cosplays! They are greatly appreciated. I’ll just take the time to reply some:

    Rakugakid: Diva has this scene in the anime where she was tearing up toys.=)

    Haesslich: I used acrylic paint for both my shirt and blood splatter this time round. And thank you for your comment!

    Whoa: I tailor-made it, buying the materials myself. You can do so too!

    I will actually stop cosplaying BLOOD for a little while, well, not Saya at least.(Considering I just cosplayed her most bloodied costume, the army wear she wears in episode 11-13.) I just wish to venture into other characters.. So I thank you all again for the support!

  • OMG, these were simply beautiful!

  • I love divaaa *-* She´s so cute XD

  • I love Diva She rocks. The photos… Wow I have to say the photographer is pretty good and diva looks just like Diva. Where are these people getting their costumes from??

  • estan muy lindas las dos diva y saya muy lindo cosplay

  • :D muyyyyyyyyyyyy buen cosplay! :O identicas! -Saludos!

  • saya is under apreciated-.- though….i do like diva somewaht more then saya:\ mroe codl hearted…i love it:D

  • This cosplayer is just Ok, not great but just Ok. Since she doesnt have a cute face,
    her face look like pig but her cosplaying is ok.

  • Masaka >:O how dare you :P

  • I love these pictures. I seem to can’t find any clothes that Diva wheres can some tell me where i can find the dress that she is wearing?

  • I love both cosplays! my friend next to me agrees as well. We are doing a saya and diva cosplay: one with saya in her school uniform and diva in her white dress and the second one is saya in her pink dress at The Zoo and Diva in the same one but blue. Plz give us some tips and little secrets if you can on making our cosplays successful. we got contacts and our own hair….. all we need is the clothes T.T

  • Wow. I am envious of ho amazing the cosplay is. I am an aspiring Diva cosplayer, my friend is doing Saya. We’ll definately use her as an inspiration. Her expressions for Diva… Wow, and the dress, I love it. So great! Most definately an amazing cosplay goddess!

  • I was wondering if they made contacts for Saya and Diva when people cospaly as them

  • Ok i got to no wat material did u use? and r u waering a wig? and if so were did u get it? im srry for all the questions but my friend and i r being saya and diva for halloween and we need to plan ahead…well plz answer my questions if u can Lenneth…by the way…BEST COSPLAY EVER!!! UR AWESOME!!!…well again plz answer my questions if u can…thnx =)

  • The Diva ‘postcards’ look sweet because the colour theme is consistent. Does Lenneth have to wear blue contact lenses? All in all, the best cosplay I have ever seen.

  • Wow. This is incredible! I’m kinda new to the concept of cosplay, so I don’t know how good the average cosplay is, but I never imagined that it could be done so effectively. The characters are EXACTLY like they are in the anime (with the obvious difference that this isn’t drawn).

    I sort of wish Lenneth had an identical twin who could join her for a scene of Saya and Diva fighting. Maybe even throw in some chevaliers…

    Anyway, I like the blue rose, teddybear and contacts (both on Saya and Diva). It gives the pictures a nice feel.

    Keep up the good cosplaying!

  • diva es la mejor es grandiosa

  • Kriezl Santos

    whoa,,what a nice cos play ,i really love Diva as well Saya ,where do you bought those clothes? Also the contact lens. I am so envious of you… but it is a great cos play…. Well, keep up the good work…

  • Fujioka Haruhi

    umm,, it is not good, although here in japan there was so many diva and saya cosplayers. sorry to say but i don’t like your saya cosplay its a little bit of odd.. Also they said that you are not fit for that kind of cosplay.. Sorry to say..

  • whoa, you are not cute.. You look like a pig. Buta in japanese. They are saying that you are pretty, oh my, what kind of people you are, Lenneth looks so awful. Everyone is saying that. Do you agree with me Haruhi-san? If I know Diva’s hair is a bit wavy,.. My.. What do you say about my comments, Lenneth? You are such a loser Lenneth, we hate you, Ugly bitch girl.. Feeler, you are not suited for that kind of cosplay.. What do you think of yourself? Beautiful? Sublime like Diva.. Don’t kid yourself. Kriezl-san, do you think her as a great cosplayer? I think no. Umm. those people saying LENNETH IS A GREAT COSPLAYER. WAKE UP FROM YOUR DREAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I didn’t like her at all as saya, but as diva, she kinda pulls it ok … just like someone said: not great, just ok, cuz diva has to be beautiful , really impressive…but except for her, the costume is good and the attitude needs a bit more evilness, the playful thing was good too. i’ll actually cosplay saya in her purple coat, and i think i’ll do it good, but if anyone has tips i’d love them

  • Kriezl Santos

    Well, for me, her cosplay is as diva was good, as you said akatsuna-san,. Actually I will cosplay Diva in her white clothes. I think the other comments was a little bit of cruel.. I hope lenneth will leave a reply..

  • not so nice i hate it.. SO UGLY AND ANNOYING>>>>>>>

  • Where did you get Diva’s contacts from? I cant find any that deep of a blue.

  • HI Lenneth.. Can you give me some advice about cosplaying? I realy like your cosplays , actually I print all your cosplay pictures and put them in my album.. ;-) .. I also like drawing animes.. Well just saying, keep up the good cosplays.. I think it’s hard to cosplay while studying bs nursing.. I hope you will leave a reply. Thanks…

  • Diva Sayas Lil Sis

    Great job I hpe I’ll be able to do diva some justice this halowwen first cosplay

  • wow, nice, very imprressive cosplay, i like the saya scenes, they’re like so … gahh jaw dropping! amazing! sugoi! but what i like most are the diva pics, i luv the fountain scenes especially the expressions on diva’s face

  • Since someone has already put my name up there…shall use a different name.

    She looks nicer as Diva….but Saya…I think she needs to lose a bit more weight?(Sorry offense…just my personal opinion)
    Her Diva is wonderful, seriously Lenneth, you look really good in Diva’s costume.
    I’d hope to see more.

    p/s:put a little bit more effort into the blood to make it more realistic. Not too bright a red or too dark.

    -Tsubaki Yoshikara-

  • That’s really good because Saya’s just hard to costplay because of the blood you got to get it just right. Like in the pictures. It’s perfect and she is really pretty.

  • diva!!my favorite charater!!!!u look pretty!! i mean every photo 100% beautiful :D

  • these are amazing >.

  • Outstanding cosplay ^_^
    I’m cosplaying diva (white dress) soon and my twin sister saya (With her long black hair in episode 1 when she loses control with the white rag on)

    Cannot wait, you make the most amazing diva and saya though ^_^

  • Que super estan los cosplay , el traje de Diva esta muy bonito n_n

  • Hey Lenneth, I loved your Diva cosplay. Im also aspiring to do it this year on october. I just wanted some advice: What material did you use for Diva’s dress and where did you find the shoes?

  • mmmm… que hermosos cosplays.. me encantaron, aunque claro… tiene unos defecitos xD

  • mmmm… que hermosos cosplays.. me encantaron, aunque claro… tiene unos defecitos xD

    Diva es la mejor!!!
    Por eso.. yo soy Diva….
    los invito a toodos a mi metr0!

  • wooow! thanks you XDDD cool…me encantó mucho el cosplay de las dos, Saya y Diva! muy originales y profesionales….eh estado pensando en hacer uno de saya :P

  • Diva And Saya *—-*’

    B E A U T I F U L !

  • i am an avid fan of blood

    i really love both cosplays. . . .

    both saya and diva,

    nice job. . . !!!

  • actually, i think that lenneth’s cosplays are very good, not only are they accurate, she also is in character.
    i think one should just ignore those pointless comments that only criticise lenneth’s looks and not her cosplay. i personally think that accuracy and being in-character comes before looks, there’s only so many beautiful people in the world right? i’m not saying that anyone of any body shape can cosplay, of course if you’re overweight, you can’t possibly pull off a stick-thin character without making yourself look like a fool, no matter how good-looking you are.

    well, enough of my ranting.
    lenneth’s protrayal of saya and diva is rather accurate.She get the character right, actually, to be truthful, when i first saw her cosplay of diva, i was like ‘nah, she doesn’t look like her”
    that was until i rewatched blood again and was struck at the resemblance.

    so i feel you people who have nothing other than cruel things to say, have no right to criticise lenneth, even if you can do a better cosplay or not.


  • hey Lenneth don’t listen to these people teling u so harssh stuff, probably they are just jealous b/c ur cosplays are really good, and besides, people who critizise like that its because they have such a low selfsteem that they need to make the others feel bad just so they can feel a little better with themselves.

    ur really good :) don’t listen to them.

  • Ahahahahahaha,…..
    Sooo ugly and I agree with them, you need to lose more weight!!! Gosh….
    You don’t look like them after all and you are such like a fool… I have seen your cosplays and I think you need to look first on the mirror, your name in is Tachibana Miu… Gah, everyone look at her cosplays there, she looked like a dorsal glutteal face..hahahahahaha

    Lenneth, do you have something to do in your life???? Gah….

  • Awesome cosplay…uhmmm…do you know where can i find a Diva Dress? i would love one. I have a Saya outfit but Diva suits me better =p

  • they are trully amazed me and i think they are damn good of being saya and diva

  • me encanta blood ya todos las q’ las gusta y las q’ no nooooooooooo a me encanta diva y su canto y solomon hay solomon a yno ma olvido de saya me ancantaaaaaaa es lamas linda pero muy seria a y haji aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa me encanta y zatya y hasly las hijas de diva me superrrr encantan =) chuuuuuuuuu

  • Wonderful story thanks!

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  • Hermoso! Son Unas Genias La Verdad! AME Las Fotos Hermosas ♥

  • wearing contact lenses is sometimes hard and you always need to clean it for hygiene .~`

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