New Poll: Are You a Male, Female or Geek?

I have received rave feedback about editorials on Otakudom. And through the comments, I note that there are quite a few geeks, both male and female here.

So I would like to find out, are we Male, Female or Geek?

The choices are as follows:

Manly Man. If you vote this, I better see you watch stuff like Last Exile, Ghost in the Shell, Planetes and Capeta or Slam Dunk. If a single of those wretched "moe" shows is found on your hard disk, you PHAIL.
Sexy Female. If you vote this, you are probably a geek male. But I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.
Geek Male. I expect 90% of the votes to be this one. Geek is good.
Geek Female. Geek females are every geek male’s dream. If you vote this, leave a comment here so you can get yourself some hot geek guys.
Trap. Impz‘s exclusive choice.

Choose one Now, the poll is on the sidebar.

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