EX Figure Review: Sawachika Eri in The Black Bikini

Everyone knows how badly the GSC version of our favourite tsundere goddess turned out. But in a show of brotherly ties, Alter shows them how it’s done, with a positively sexy Eri in black bikini. This 1/8 scale figure is the first of the upcoming SR swimsuit girls series (I hope), with Suou Mikoto getting released in May.

There are three major improvements this Alter version made over its GSC predecessor. The hair style and colour is vastly more accurate, with a less orangy and duller shade of yellow used. Next, Eri’s face is also, distinctly Eri. Particularly her eyes, which are sculpted in a fine replica of Kobayashi Jin’s artwork. The final improvement is in the body sculpt and pose – it’s now far sexier and elegant with a lot more detail on the fleshy bits.

The base is a very unique one. Instead of the usual flat platforms, Eri’s is a L-shaped black ABS ramp that lets her pose like she’s lounging around on a deck chair. I wouldn’t have minded paying a bit more for a deck chair though. To prevent her slipping down the ramp, there are two little pegs which go under her forearm and between her thigh and calf. These pegs are non-invasive so there are no holes on Eri (not even in the proper places).

As usual, swimsuit figures are photographed in the pool. But it was raining that day so the colour looks a bit dull. New tip: You don’t have to use macro mode all the time (if you’re using a compact camera, that is). I learnt that stepping back and then zooming in works too. With this, you can get a deeper depth of field, since compact cameras don’t let you control aperture most of the time. I forgot about my water spray. The rain was too heavy.

Her black bikini has a purple lace which we imagined we could undo. Imagination is a good thing. Her bottom has laces as well, so the bikini isn’t as plain as it looks.

The best part about non-attached figures is the variety of photography angles. And the fact that they won’t lean.

And while she can’t stand on her own, there’s still some good looking standing angles.

Eri can’t swim, as explicitly stated in SR. So she clings to the side of the pool sexily.

And when bikini babes cling to the side of the pool, this is the angle most men view them.

For swimsuit figures, the body sculpt is what makes or breaks the whole package. For swimsuit Eri, you can’t help but admire the fine muscle tones and little anatomical details that go into an accurate anime figure. Note the word anime, because if a real girl had such a bodyline, she would be very rich from modelling or playboy.

Eri’s slim shoulders, subtle shoulder blades and vertebral line (did I just invent this term?) are sexy. At the point where her waist is kinked, there’s even the general shape of the ribcage. On her chest, we have large boobs and ample cleavage, but nothing too big since the princess is supposed to be a C cup. Is that a C even? Doesn’t look C to me, more D. Anyway, the sculpt also does the armpit area well, with the pectoral muscles connecting to the shoulders realistically replicated. And we have legendary collarbone of course.

The tummy area is flat and toned, like all anime girls. There’s a bit of navel and pelvic bone outline too. Oh and have I mentioned the butt? Good butt. Legs-wise the shape is great and all with nice clean moulding on the toes. Her feet are subtly detailed, you can feel the ball and heel on her sole.

But all’s not well in the land of Erikingdom! With all the positives above, there are also some negatives. Eri’s skintone is just a tiny bit too yellow. While there are no seamlines, there are multiple obvious moulding lines, most prominent of which is on the insides of her calves and thighs, places where our dedicated Chinese assembly line QCers didn’t remember to check. Her thighs suffer badly from this lack of attention. There are also TWO large injection scars that I’ve noticed, one of her hip and the other upper thigh, which look like, large sunken pits. Pfft.

But on the whole, this 4800 yen figure is a must-get for all School Rumble fans and even casual figurine collectors. The little negatives are too insignificant to dent her title as the "Best School Rumble Figure so far". So get it now!

You can get this figure from Treasureland, located at

18 Cross Street, #01-25/26

China Square Central

Singapore 048423


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