[Riuva Bazaar] 03 March KKnM New Shipment and Lots of Store Pics!

Oh oh, new stock has arrived in KKnM. It’s not that much but I do note a few interesting items like that fat President Aria and the Code Geass postcards.

CHECK THEM OUT HERE! All prices in Singapore Dollars.

Shipping will be paid for by the buyer and it’ll only be EMS if you live outside USA, Canada and Western Europe. I’ll charge a tiny handling fee depending on the amount of goods purchased (shouldn’t be more than 1-5 USD) as well. To order, just look through the form and email me at

tjhan86 AT riuva.com

Do make it quick, for the local regulars of the store have a tendency to raid all the goods away faster than you can say, "nanohaisgay". After you email, I’ll check whether the item is still available and then reply with the final price + shipping and handling. You will then pay me through paypal ( tjhan86 AT riuva.com) again and send me your full name and address. Once I get the payment, the item is officially yours. I will head down to the post office every week or when I have accumulated a decent amount of packages.

Oh and due to popular demand, I’ve gotten pictures of the store. And people requested School Rumble, Crescent Love, Kanon and Air goods so I took a few pictures of them. I don’t have most of the prices though so if you need to know, just post a comment or email. You can click on the pics and peer closely to see if there’s anything you want. The store has a large range of "bishounen" (gay) goods as this is their largest consumer base. But there are also lots of mainstream stuff like Naruto and Bleach. If there is any series you wish to get hold of merchandise for, just post a comment as well.

- Small plushies (i.e. like Bleach plushies, Kon plushies, Naruto
plushies)are usually $14.90 each
- Handphone straps are between $18 – $23.90 each
- Mugs are between $15- $18 each (sometimes got teacups in pairs which
are about $27.90 each set)
- Pencil boards: $6.00
- A4 Files: $7.90
- Clear (Transparent plastic)A3 poster: $11.00
- Portraits: $11.30
- Fastener mascots: $11.30

You can still buy from the older sales here.

School Rumble


Handphone strap with extra pendants.

18 each. These are handphone screen protectors. Eri, Tenma and Yakumo.

Pencil board. 6.

Yakumo towel I suspect.


A3 poster.

Pencil board.

Transparent character cards of the Toei version.

Pencil boards.

Crescent Love

Aw this is nice. Inukami, Feena etc hp straps.

Feena and friend. Price should be around 18.

I think this is a mousepad.

Or this is a mousepad. One of these is a pencil board.

A4 folder.

A4 folder.



Clock lol. 160.


HP strap.


HP strap/cleaner.

Pencil board 6.

Pencil board 6.

Death note clock.

Dark Saber plushy is about 60 while Melon pan is 30++.

Mikuru towel.

Louise mug.

Haruhi mug.

Pencilboards. All about 6 each.

Lots of badges. About 5-6 each.

Tokimemo A4 folder.

Enma Ai mug.


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