Urban Attic Sale Again!! March 11 11 am Onwards! 111 Items and More!!11one

Here’s the list of discounted items!!!!!

The list is tentative and has a few errors since I got it about a week ago. Some of the pictures are wrong too, but just check out the text.

The figurine store at Funan Centre, Urban Attic, is having a massive sale tomorrow at 11 March starting at 11 am!

But this sale isn’t like the usual ones where all the goods are available from the start… instead due to space constraints, the discount items will be released in waves (like a female orgasm).

The three waves are at:

11 am
The store will close for half an hour at 1.30 pm to prepare for the next wave at:
2 pm
And all stocks, if remaining, will be brought over to the final wave at:
4 pm
The final wave will be special, for there will be a NAME YOUR PRICE sale, where you can buy any item, even those not included in the list above, at your desired price. Just point out the item to the store guys and ask if you can have it for XXX price if it’s acceptable for them.

To quote the owners, "Everything Must GO!"

I’ll be there probably 11, and there are a few cosplay girls too!

6 Responses to “Urban Attic Sale Again!! March 11 11 am Onwards! 111 Items and More!!11one”

  • You, sir, are waaaayy too late to sleep, man.

    (BTW, I thought something was amiss when I went down to Funan this evening and found the shop closed. Of course, there were people inside discussing about something, but I didn’t know this was the plan.)

    Unfortunately, though, my wallet’s empty, I’m too tired walking around the IT Fair (& climbing up Fort Canning Hill just to reach Dhoby Ghaut MRT), so you go. (And blame NS liabilities too.)

  • Fllay sucks.

    She should go for a fuggin’ dollar.

  • ha..more damage to the wallet…XD

    Downloading the document now..why the heck is it so big?

  • ok never mind, i figured out why the file size is so large…XD

    hmm….some are really pretty cheap..

  • I wish I were in Singapore right now. ;__;

  • if you convert the file to a pdf, it should turn out to be about 5 mb. try the free pdf converter, “cutepdf writer”. ^_^

    wished i was at the sale!

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