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Riddle: What type of Audience Does a Stand-Up Comedian Hate?

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Answer: NERDS. Why? Because of this.

Btw I haven’t talked about anime for at least 2 months. That is because anime is pretty bad these days and do not warrant their own posts. I will now steal JPmeyer’s idea of using a totally unrelated picture and caption it with random anime thoughts for some posts. Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny is far better than its first season and I actually look forward to new episodes. This is Ryubi or Liu Bei and she has large breasts, contrary to history records. My favourite character (out of the debuted ones) is Kanu (Guan Yu). But I look forward to meeting Dian Wei and Zhao Yun. Oh for you Chinese speaking guys, do use the Chinese subs for DD as it’s far easier to get which character they are supposed to be.

Popularity: 6% [?]

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9 Responses to “Riddle: What type of Audience Does a Stand-Up Comedian Hate?”  

  1. 1 Kurogane 116 comments

    LOL. I actually laugh for real when I laugh.

  2. 2 Mr. Mercurial 33 comments

    tj han, do YOU laugh like that?

  3. 3 Os 57 comments

    Man. And here I thought the answer was something derogatory.

  4. 4 OK USA! 18 comments

    People actually say “lawl” in real life?

  5. 5 Spiritsnare 6 comments

    I, too, actually…you know, laugh.

    As with that clip. I lawl’d.

  6. 6 JS 82 comments

    It’s not how I laugh, but:


  7. 7 Tiny Red Man 142 comments

    where did u get the chinese subs for DD? and the producers waste no time in telling you “YOU are watching Ikkitousen” cos in just less than 2 min, u see the famous White Pantsu!! XD and blood and violence comes later…woot..

    and one of my frens actually “Lol” (low~~)….

  8. 8 kacpy 31 comments

    Umm… this would be freaky if I heard someone laugh like that in RL… are there really people like that? Feels like its too much even for geeks…

  9. 9 exaltdragon 162 comments


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