A Huge Round Up of Anime on the Riuva Watchlist

Apparently I have "stopped" watching anime. But I realised this was not entirely accurate, for I am still following 16 series at the moment. A lot have been dropped or put on hold, such as Manabi but there’s a high chance I’ll pick those back up when I feel like it. The following list are the elite shows in no order of merit. Warning, may have spoilers!

I realised Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny is far superior to its first season. I don’t know why… maybe I should go back and watch the first season. I suspect it is due to my having watched Agent Aika after Ikkitousen, and that gave me super strong antibodies to counter the horrid fanservice. This show makes me want to re-read the epic Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Kekkaishi is a shounen series, and a damn good one at that. To put it simply, it has the merits of Hunter x Hunter combined with Shaman King. And McDonalds’ is the sponsor for it. Imagine a world where almost everyone fights with boxes. LOL, it’s just awesome how many ways a box can be used.

Busou Renkin the anime is quite burning. Tokiko is a dream girl and Kazuki is GAR so when they finally make out, it feels like the world has become a better place.

I can’t believe I’ve lasted through 49 episodes of KIBA. Wow. It’s quite amazing how this show tethers on the edge of being dropped but never does. There are only five countries and following the heroes, we’ve visited them all, some more than once. And the show still refuses to end! Oh yeah, Zed’s mum is senile. This show frighteningly mirrors real life, where many children find it difficult to take care of their senile old parents. Dementia is the number 1 killer of fillial piety. My favourite key spirit is the bow guy, whatever his name is.

I only watched this show cos Zer0 recommended it, via an epic synopsis of the original plot. Well, I’ve seen only one episode and I’ll be watching more.

I’ve never in my whole life dropped a mecha show but Reideen shall test my STEELY SPARTAN resolve. The mecha move as fast as a dead cow. Production IG,what have you done??

Irohanihoheto is starting to test my patience with the snailish pace of the story. It’s difficult to get into the plot with sufficient depth of Japanese Bakumatsu history.. of which I know only from Kenshin and Gintama. Akitsuki is starting to talk A LOT these days, compared to the early episodes where he was a male Nagato Yuki. He even SINGS! The funny part was, that Kakunojo chick cut him off cos he sucked at it.

Keroro Gunsou is never-ending. When I’m bored, I’ll just watch an episode or two. The thing is, half the episodes are really bad but the other half are very good. This is thanks to the rotating writers and directors. When Gatekeepers’ creator Yamaguchi Hiroshi does an episode, you can expect action-packed gungho burning plot. I like the sentimental episodes as well. Giroro is damn GAR. Tamama has the single funniest seiyuu voice ever. Momoka is cute too.

Remember my inability to drop mecha shows? I’m still watching Super Robot Wars Divine Wars. In spite of the total bullshit lack of logic in the series. Oh yeah I’m watching Dancougar Nova too. That one is quite good. Tachibana Kirara is Mint from Galaxy Angels with Forte’s personality. HOT.

Code Geass is losing the plot. The latest episodes are starting to feel more Gundam Seed Destiny. Nothing makes sense!! Why would the girls take off their clothes! When you, a terrorist, gets stranded on a deserted island, is the first thing you do to take off all your clothes and bathe? Why in the world would a princess take off her clothes to dry in a tropical climate?? And all of it too. How the hell did they get onto the island in the first place? How did Lelouch know how to pilot the Gawain, and all its functions? Who the hell digs pitfalls to catch wild animals? Without a fucking bait.

Gintama is currently the best ongoing anime series. Seriously. The manga is substandard but the anime is godly legend. Episode 20 is the funniest thing I’ve seen in years. The style of humour is crude, random and very very tripeman style. GO WATCH IT! And Shinsen are subbing this really slowly, in Japan it’s up to the late forties already.

Oh yeah, I don’t ever drop sports series. I’ve watched Major since its first season and it has gotten really unrealistic but still entertaining. Nothing beats Capeta though. Baseball is more or less purely American and Japanese (and Dominican) but I played it in school.

Shinbo-style Negima is far better than the real Negima. Negima sucks!!! But at least the Shaft version doesn’t pretend to have a story, just get the girls in cute situations saying cute things. That’s all we ask. The 40 man mass aerial kiss assault is pretty disturbing though. But couldn’t they have landed on the ground first then kissed? What was the point of aerial kissing?

Tokyo Majin is the poor man’s Gatekeepers. Featuring a similar plot with similar characters, just a lot more faux-complicated. The story is soooo Samurai Deeper Kyo/Get Backers/Air Gear style.. basically withholding critical information and bandying about unfathomable lingo to whelk the appetite of the viewers. This is why Gatekeepers is so awesome, they didn’t need to resort to such little tricks.

I dropped Pumpkin Scissors for 10 episodes then marathoned it. Alice L Malvin is the most GAR female since Kusanagi Motoko. I would love to meet her and be her underling!! And the famed Mahm double calvary blade is out in full force starting from episode 17. In fact, PS is a lot like a post WWII GitS SAC, just watered down.

History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi is my favourite action show at the moment. With non-superpowered martial arts and cute girls like Kisara the Taekwondo chick (yup the one getting her ass whooped in the pic), Kenichi gives delusional hope and joy to weak nerds everywhere.

With the end of the fillers, Bleach has resumed normal service. Normal deus ex machina that is. But it’s still pretty good, far better than the average anime. Let us now look forward to 20 episodes of "training", where everyone prepares to fight the Arrancar.

Naruto’s back too. But with new time-wasting tactics. It’s not uncommon to see a Naruto episode soak up 10 minutes of air time through recaps, useless skirmishes and some "lesson" bullshit at the end of each episode. Oh yeah, Sasuke is gay.

Sumomomomomomo is reaching its climax. And why is everyone blond?? Anyway Tenten loves Hanzo who loves Iroha who loves Koushi who loves Momoko who loves Koushi who is loved by Sanae who loves Koushi who is loved by Momoko who is loved by Tenka who is loved by his younger brother. It’s a shit show that doesn’t made me laugh since episode 2. The action is shit too.

Anyone wants to recommend me shows to watch? Wow it seems that I’m totally not into the new-fangled MOE culture crap that’s been rampant nowadays, instead pursuing the age-old traditions of mecha, shounen and sports. Surprising eh?

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  • Just a quick note: there’s an Ichigo Mashimaro OVA already out.

  • I sort of dropped Bakumatsu, but Akizuki SINGING!!? AKIZUKI!!? LOL!! Would you kindly tell me which episode so I can go laugh off my ass at him? XD

  • I agree with Gintama. No normal human should miss it.

  • What does GAR mean?

  • Ho. i paused Baku and Sumomomo. And lol you still followed KIBA? I dropped it for good already. And I’m suprised Nodame Cantabile isn’t on your current watch list.

  • Try Ghost Hunt. Gave me the creeps, it did.

  • how bout death note?

  • i’m still not taking bleach and naruto…not until 20 other not-so-maniac for these anime confims it to me that it’s bearable to watch – -;

    oh and i just watched gintama 20 a few days back…
    and i was crying….on the floor…laughing my ass off xD
    i actually dropped gintama at eps 7 but i know for sure i’m going to marathon it if i can get my hands to it :p

  • @SinsI: see: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=GAR

    @tj han: don’t tell me you didn’t watch kanon 2006? it’s basically ended though…so you might as well watch the entire series at one shot…it’s quite a visual feast..

    other than that…kyoushiro to towa no sora…(bear with the confusion in the first few episodes though..)

  • I’d recommend checking out Hataraki Man

  • Cheryl it’s episode 16.

    JS, I’ve seen it. It’s great but not a series and hence not counted.

    Exalt: I have Kanon but lost interest.

  • See Nodame Cantabile. And have you seen the Shinkai Matoko’s Byousoku 5cm? And God… 18 animes.. I rarely go beyond 10.

  • 16 I mean. Can’t edit for nuts……

  • Thanks tj! I’m downloading it halfway right now :D Gawd it’s gonna be hilarious I bet.. And thanks for spreading some Kekkaishi love! Jesus, the show deserves more attention than it’s getting right now… Just because it doesn’t have MOE doesn’t mean it’s no good =__=;;

  • Ah, I see.

    How about Tonagura then?

  • well, it has to kyoushiro then…

  • The only anime that I am watching now is Getsumen To Heiki Mina and random episodes of ‘artistic’ anime that i get off from Winny/Share. Otherwise, the only stuff that i am faithfully getting off my peers are the Kamen Rider Den-O, the remaining episodes of Ultraman Mebius and Pili: The Imperial Dragon.

    Btw, any of you heard of this ripped-off by America anime series known as Robotech? Recently, it just released a new movie that’s suppose to be a sequel to the “New Generation” aka Mospedea.

  • >> Keroro. When Gatekeepers’ creator Yamaguchi Hiroshi does an episode, you can expect action-packed gungho burning plot.

    I don’t know, but I tend to find the episode funnier when it’s written by Ikeda Mamiko.

  • have u seen deltora quest? still pretty watchable. has old skool rpg elements in it…..

  • Nodame Cantabile.

    And you ought to cut down more.

    Maybe not, you need to maintain an air of looking… busy. :)

  • Mitsuki: I’m saving that up to marathon.

    K: I deleted Deltora after 6 seconds. God nooo!! Same for Master of Epic. I can’t tell them apart actually.

    Zer0: I guess you’ve been left behind by the times.

    exalt: Kyoushiro is shit.

  • Seriously? Out of all the manly characters in that series how the hell can Kazuki be remotely GAR?

    I’ll give gintama a looksee.. hadn’t even heard of it before now.

    I thought Naruto always dragged things out like this, even before the fillers? (the memory is old though) They just had a bit more talking, coz Gaara wasn’t involved.

    And Tokyo Majin is definitely dragging, but a comparson to Air Gear is pretty harsh.. I didn’t even think AG had any critical information to withold (my apetite certainly wasn’t whelked)? Anyway, I quite like how they give the information to us in drips and you have piece it together as you go along.. it would have been much easier for them to have unnatural exposition scenes like most anime (or entertainment media for that matter) but it makes a nice change, to me personally.

  • I think you got code geass a little wrong. I kinda agree with you that Kallen didnt need to go bathe and that who makes a trap without bait but i guess with euphemia, since her clothes were wet she could catch a cold especially since she’s delicate and since lelouch is her half brother and he does care about her, he gave her his thing while her dress dries.

    you have to remember that lelouch is really smart and being in a rebellion and using all kinds of those nightmares and robots and stuff, maybe the controls are similar to the ones he has seen. and the driver is in some kind of thing that allows the driver to be ejected but maybe the while ejecting out of the robot the explosion pushed the driver into the island. i dont know about euphemia, i cant remember what happened to her.

    and the whole story didnt revolve around that episode. I think the series was really great. but i dont like how we have to wait till summer in japan, winter here (australia) for 2 or 3 episodes. im not sure if there would be more.
    sorry for writing so much

  • Negima

    Got to say the new series is not very good at all but the original one was excellent loved it all and well worth watching everyone.

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    It’s stupid, idiotic, not for children, stupid, dumb, (did I mention “perverted”)?!?!?!?!?!

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