2nd Wave of Legendary Riuva T-Shirts! Five New Designs!

Due to a favourable response, we are now able to purchase quality t-shirts in bulk and hence this cost savings shall be transferred to you, the customers! I know some of you guys out there don’t mind wearing stuff that loosens around the collar after one wash, but I sure as hell want my shirts presentable. That’s why we got proper shirts that we would be happy to wear ourselves.

This time we have three designs from the Cospray series. These are all available in sizes of S, M, L and XL and will cost SGD 24. To order, send an email to tjhan86 AT riuva.com or use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Feeling emo? Be a hollow. Show off your inner hollow with this sexy tee! You can choose either font to use. This is an easy one-step cosplay which will show the masses you aren’t some Shinigami fangirl. Support the underground by going Hollow!

Cute is Justice. Kawaii wa Seigi! Let the world know all about otaku truth and justice! Again, there’s a choice of front design if you can’t understand Japanese.

A shirt that will strike fear into the hearts of little girls.

And the below three designs are original Riuva style.

Institution Wear

Street Style

Strike Out!

Don’t forget our older designs too!



25 Responses to “2nd Wave of Legendary Riuva T-Shirts! Five New Designs!”

  • Okay the lolicon shirt fucking pwns.

  • The Institution Wear is really nice, I think I might be getting one.

  • LAWL at hollow.

    Kawaii wa Seigi no Tameni~!

  • Lol…love the lolicon one. Hey question. For those who live in singapore, would we have to directly collect it from you or will you still deliver it? Thanks.

  • For those who don’t see me often, I can deliver it via mail. Local postal is extremely extremely cheap, like 1-2 or less?

  • haha..the hollow one is totally laughable…in a good way. But I seriously doubt anyone doing anything serious would wear the lolicon one..the streetwear one is neat. Nice to see you decided to reduce the price too. Thanks for that. Then, are the long sleeved ones 24 now too?

    By the way, you designed these yourself? That would be cool.

  • Hm. I seemed to have mistaken the order box above for the comment box. Either way, if you see it, I’m considering getting the lolicon one. or if you somehow “censor block” out the penis for tripe man, I’d like that also.

  • The riuva shirts are surprisingly class (official and institute namely.. strike out aint too bad but it’d probably look better on a colored tee)

    Hollow is pretty funny, although it’s a shame that the only available place to stick the writing was at the bottom of the shirt :/

    I like the lolicon back as well, but the front logo is a little plain.. and perhaps a little too suspicious for me hehe o_O;

  • oh btw, may i suggest mosaics for tripeman?

  • Thanks for your many suggestions friends!

    I’m not the guy who designed this. Let’s just say I’m the consultant on otaku subculture while Bhha does the actual stuff.

    Ok I think the Tripeman one can be censored… lol. As for the text on the Hollow, we were thinking of doing it like L’s.. but we noted it was more accurate to have the black hole on both sides. So what say you? Remove the black hole on the back and shift the text up?

  • 24.00 SGD = 15.7346 USD

    GAWD I’m so tempted to get the Lolicon shirt. It’s pretty cheap too. I might check back in a couple weeks.

    Maybe rationality will set in by then, OR MAYBE NOT.

    BTW, I don’t see your URL on any of the designs. Oversight, or conscious decision?

  • Wow….. Your design is so mch better now I would really consider buying your shirt

  • Tsubaki supports the lolicon t-shirt. I’ve made my purchase.

  • Hm. I find myself really wanting one now. This isn’t some premature April Fool’s Joke right?

    Could I have the hollow one with the font slightly bigger and higher? I’d like it to be obvious so that ppl would go “o.O” upon seeing it. The text needs to be obvious if not it won’t get the response I want.

    Next to just find myself some white pants.

  • Shit the authentic looking text on the back upwards and remove the text on the front for the hollow tee.

    And next you just have to print me a hollow tee on a polo tee.

  • Ok, will see to the changes. Anyway, if you guys really want the shirt, you’ll have to send me a mail to confirm it. If not I won’t know if you’re just saying for fun or what.

  • Damn i love the Lolicon 1..

  • i so want that hollow tee…XD

  • The Lolicon design wins. Hands down.

  • I want 1… Can you print me something nice?

  • I kind of want the Lolicon one, but am undecided as to whether it’d be safe for me to go out in public wearing it, considering the people I hang out with…

    Oh, and tj, are you offering the censored Tripeman one to everyone now, or just Os? :X

  • the hollow shirt looks great
    maybe you can tag the espada numbers too if we ever know where all of them are locating ^^

  • w00t the lolicon one is awesome.

  • Thanks for sharing this post, it was insightful.

  • Amazing. I’ve now seen the light. In fact, I am going to definitely need to wear my sunglasses now.

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